New Hot Maid Helps Guy In Lockdown By Opening Her Legs

Hey guys, hope you all are in good health.

Let me begin by giving you a brief introduction about myself. I’m Sahil. I’m 21 and I live in Mumbai. I am a gym freak and love to workout. Another notable hobby is that I like to read ISS a lot and it has helped me get lucky quite a few times if you know what I mean.

Now, getting to the story, after the government decided that the nation had to be put in lockdown to control the spread of the virus, I was pissed off just like most of our population.

I’m a guy who has a really high sex drive and the lockdown really made it difficult for me to control and work on that.

My parents had actually gone to our native place in Rajasthan about 15days prior to the lockdown and they were stuck there. I convinced them that it was no big deal and they need not worry about me as I can take care of myself. I had already planned on getting girls over and having fun.

I had the house was all to myself. Little did I know that the government had other plans. As soon as the lockdown was imposed, everything was shut, including my college and the company where I was interning. So, I was sitting idle at home all day watching movies.

The first few weeks were manageable, but then as my company reopened, the extra workload meant I couldn’t do the house chores and manage work at the same time.

I called up my mom to ask if I could get a maid and through her contacts, I found a maid and asked her to start working from the next day itself.

The next morning, I was up around 6 am as always, and was working out when I heard the doorbell ring. It was somewhere around 7.

I opened the door to find a short, yet beautiful, a fair lady standing in front of me. Her hair was dark black with complimentary brown eyes. She was wearing a salwar suit tightly hugging her lean figure. She was no supermodel of course but she had an amazing body compared to the average females.

She introduced herself as Rashi, the new maid. For a moment, I was shocked as she didn’t come off as a maid at first. I was staring at her when she snapped her fingers to get me back to my senses. I apologized and welcomed her inside.

I showed the new maid around and explained what work she had to do. She listened to all I had to say and got to work immediately.

I got back and completed my work-out after which I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself. There I saw Rashi on her knees bending down to get something that was stuck under a shelf. The scene reminded me of a step brother-sister porn movie except that I didn’t make a move on her.

The new maid’s ass was huge and perfectly shaping up in that pose and it was really difficult to control myself but somehow I did.

A few days went by, we used to have casual talks and joke around. She had an amazing personality. I found out that she was about to get married next year.

She was 24 although she looked more like my age or younger. Her fiancé was a drunkard and would call her late at night somedays and harass her. But she had to marry him because their family’s reputation was on the line.

I was definitely into the young hot maid and her awesome body was inviting me to feel her all over and fuck her but I was a little scared.

I’d just record her when she was sweeping or washing dishes and get a glimpse of her cleavage and ass in the process and jerk off to it after she left. I even got a view of her nipples once. I was happy but I wanted more. I wanted to fuck the sexy housemaid nd I needed a plan.

I’d casually let my dick loose in my boxers and make sure she notices it. I’d workout without a t-shirt to show off my body to her. I did catch her staring at me a few times. She was interested and I had to make my move now.

One day before the maid was about to come for work, I got naked and wrapped a towel around my waist, after getting my dick hard. I wrapped it such that by a small pull my dick would peep out of the towel. She was on time as always and rang the doorbell.

I opened the door and she was a little surprised to see me in the towel. I had sprayed some water on my body so that it looked like I had taken a bath.

She was looking at the water droplets flowing down my chest over my abs right till the towel.

I then moved the towel just a little so that my dick was peeping out. The maid was shocked, her expressions changed completely after seeing my dick. I could sense lust in her expression.

She quickly got back to her senses and I asked her to come in. After she came in, I moved to my room and asked her not to come there as I was changing.

Although I could’ve locked the door without saying anything, this was part of my plan. I went in and dropped the towel and was waiting for the moment.

After a few seconds, I saw Rashi peeking through the half-open door. She didn’t know I could see her through the mirror. I was happy, my plan had worked. She was staring at my semi-erect, hanging penis. I took it in my hand and started stroking it a little. I saw her bite her lips and that was my signal.

I quickly turned around and caught her watching my dick. She was shocked and said, “Sorry,” and ran into the kitchen.

I put on my boxers and followed her. I went in really close to her. She was against the kitchen table and her boobs were almost touching my chest.

I asked her, “What were you doing back there?”

She replied with a trembling voice as she was afraid, “Nothing, I accidentally came there while sweeping.”

“Don’t lie to me,” was my immediate response.

She was afraid now and seeing this I went even closer and held her by the waist and moved close to her ears, “Did you like what you saw?”

The unmarried maid had a blank expression and was shocked. She was about to mutter something when I planted a kiss on her neck. She let out a slight moan and closed her eyes.

I was sucking on her neck and after a few seconds, she got back to her senses and pushed me back, and said, “We cannot do this. This is not right!”

I pulled her towards me and said, “I’ve seen the lust in your eyes, I know you want it,” saying I kissed her lips. She was opposing me and trying to push me lightly. But eventually, she gave in and now our tongues were playing with each other. It was quite a long kiss and she dearly enjoyed it.

I lifted her and made her sit on the kitchen table. I sucked on her neck again while she was scratching my back in pleasure. I tried to take off her kurti but she stopped me.

She asked if I was sure about this? I said, “Yes,” and she moved her hands away.

I got her kurti off and she was sitting in her white bra in front of me. Her boobs were round and firm. Not the biggest, but enough to make a man want to suck on them for a long time. I got rid of her bra in a flash and her boobs were now free.

Her pink nipples perfectly pointed up towards me showing that she was enjoying our little adventure.

I sucked on her boobs for a while, circling her nipples with my tongue and biting them. Simultaneously, I was rubbing the hot maid’s pussy over her salwar. She was already wet and I could feel it.

I undid her salwar and pulled it down and then slid her underwear to reveal her pink hairy pussy. It was well kept and not very hairy, perfectly trimmed, you could say. I went down to her pussy and could smell the juices already.

I told her to sit back and enjoy and started licking her. She was going crazy. This was the first time someone had licked her pussy and she was moaning very loudly.

I played with her clitoris and rubbed it while licking her pussy all over, moving my tongue in all directions in a rhythmic manner.

Soon she squirted out all her juices on my face. The poor girl started apologizing for that. I said, “I loved it, and don’t worry.” She hugged me tightly.

I lifted her from the table and we moved to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and got on top of her. I started kissing her and sucking on her boobs again.

My dick was rock hard by now and she was stroking it. I asked her to blow me and she readily agreed to it. She couldn’t take my whole dick in her mouth so I held her hair and pushed her towards it and deep-throated her. She absolutely enjoyed it.

After a few minutes, I wanted to get on with the sex as I was desperately sex-deprived. I pulled the maid up towards me, pushed her on the bed, got on top of her, and put my dick near her pussy.

I teased her a little before pushing the tip in. She moaned in pleasure. I gave a thrust and half my dick was in now. Her pussy was very tight so I took it slowly.

Her fiancé had a 5 inches dick, so mine was really big for her. After a few slow strokes, I began to pick up the pace. The young Indian maid was moaning loudly and biting her lips.

We fucked for around 10 minutes after which I asked her to get on her knees and entered from behind. I was now fucking her in the doggy style. I gave my dick a big push and it went in really deep. She screamed and tears came to her eyes but she was enjoying it and asked me not to stop. I obeyed and fucked her harder.

I gave the horny servant deep thrusts and now her pussy had started opening up a little. Her pain had transformed to pleasure as she was moaning like crazy.

I then got on the bed and asked her to ride me. She rode me like a badass cowgirl, no-one would think she is a maid. She was fucking like a high-profile prostitute.

She was about to cum again, so I took over and started thrusting my dick as deep as I could, and with a shiver and a loud moan, she came all over my dick.

I made her cum twice while fucking and after around 40 minutes of fucking in different positions I was about to cum. I told her to get on her knees and I came all over her face.

Rashi drank most of it and cleaned up the rest. I then asked her to lie on the bed with me. We both lay there exhausted and satisfied.

She said it was the best sex she has had and wishes her fiancé would fuck her like me. The next few days were the same, we’d fuck daily and try out a lot of things.

Roleplay, BDSM, I even showed her some porn movies and we’d jerk each other off while watching them. Eventually, we got a little bored and after a few months, we reduced our sex frequency.

We do have sex even now but only once or twice a week to make sure we don’t get completely bored of it.

That’s it from my side, guys. I hope you liked the story and it made you horny. If it did do feel free to give me your feedback on [email protected]

If any girls out there are feeling horny, y’all can text me on hangouts. I’m usually online most of the time and we could have some fun.

Until next time, goodbye!

P.S. – Guys please do not ask for the maid’s pictures. I won’t be sharing them. Thanks.

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