A Wife Becomes A Slave To The Servant

Hey, this is Hashita, a respected and loyal housewife. I have huge pairs of boobs and ass, and I am fair in complexion. My husband is a businessman, so he stays out of town most of the time.

Coming to the story, we had a male servant named Raj. He’s a fat thug with a huge belly, heavy, dark complexion, and dirty smelling. He has some idea about technology. Well, that’s the reason I became his servant.

He used to help me with all the work. He used to glance at my body every time. But what he did was unexpected. On a Monday, I went to bathe. After half an hour, I returned from my bathroom to see Raj lying on my bed with a laptop. The bedroom door was closed so were the curtains.

I was very angry and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?” He showed me the laptop in which I was bathing naked! He had put in a camera in the bathroom and recorded it. I started begging him to delete the video. But he didn’t listen.

He told me to do everything and anything that he says. Else he would post my video online. I had no other option and agreed. He then told me to remove my towel. Hesitantly I removed it, and  I have been naked in front of a man for the first time.

I didn’t allow my husband to see my naked body nor feel it. Now I’m completely naked in front of a dirty-looking servant. He told me to stay naked all the time. No matter who’s at the door, I have to be naked. I said that might put me into trouble, and he said that’s not his problem. I said okay.

He then told me to finish all the housework and bring him breakfast quickly. I nodded and went to clean utensils, cleaned the rooms, and then made breakfast. I brought it to him, and then I was heading out of the room. He said, “Stay and sit down on the floor.”

I was humiliated. The servant was sitting on top eating food, whereas the owner sat down at his feet. Then he told me to press his foot and massage it. I took an oil bottle and hesitantly took his foot into my hands. They were very dirty and rough. I started applying the oil.

As soon as I finished it, he ordered me to keep his foot on my head until he finishes his food. He told me to sleep with my face facing the ceiling, and he kept his dirty foot on my face. He used my face as a footrest and be constantly kept pressing my head. It was disgusting.

He suddenly got up and went to the bathroom. He then called me inside. I was hesitant to enter inside the bathroom with my servant. He urged me. I stepped in. He told me to pull his cock out as his hands are unwashed, and he wants to piss. I was standing there, and he shouted at me.

I got scared and went to him. He told me to kneel, and I did. Then slowly, I pulled his shorts down and then his underwear. His cock was so dirty and smelling very bad. Then I was planning to go, and he told me to hold his cock while pissing. I was very disgusted.

I held his cock. And he started to piss. Warm dirty yellow piss came out. It was a lengthy one. Then he told me to clean his cock. I took some soap, and he told me to stop and use my mouth to clean it. I fell on his legs. I begged him for mercy. He said to do it.

I held his cock and tried to pull it away from the toilet. But he told me to bend over the toilet and suck my dick. I felt humiliated. I went a little above the toilet, and the smell of his piss was turning me on. I pulled out my tongue and kept it under his dick.

Suddenly a drop of his leftover urine fell on my tongue. He told me to take his dick inside my mouth fully. With a lot of difficulties, I put his dick inside. Suddenly he pressed my head very hard against his dick and locked me. To my shock, he had some piss left.

He started pissing inside my mouth and close my nose. So to take a breath, I had to gulp it in. It was very weird. Then he told me that next time he would use me as a toilet.  Then he told me to bathe him. After the bath, I was leaving the room. He caught me and pushed me on the bed.

He came over to me and started kissing me. He sucked my boobs. I was moaning in pleasure that I was getting from a dirty and ugly-looking servant. He licked my pussy and fucked me for about an hour, and released his sperm inside. He told me that I would beg him for sex after that.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Raj peeped through the hole to see that it was the garbage picker. And he told me to open the door. I begged him as that might put her life at risk. He didn’t give a shit about that. He gave me a punishment that I have to suck the garbage picker’s dick outside the house at the door.

I was shocked. But all I knew is if I resisted any further, my punishment would be that worse. So if anything wrong happens, I shall say that he has blackmailed me into doing these things. I went and opened the door. The garbage picker was shocked to see me naked, and his jaw dropped.

Then Raj told me to make it quick else everyone might see me. So I stepped out with the garbage bag and knelt before his pants – a very awkward feeling. Then I signaled him to stay quiet with my finger on my lips. Then I pulled only the front portion of his pants down so that his back doesn’t get exposed.

The garbage picker was shocked! A very dirty smell was coming from his dick. Making it worse, Raj came to the door and said, “Make it quick, Hashita, and drink his cum, too.”

The garbage picker was even more surprised because the servant was ordering a naked owner. I took a deep breath, took the garbage picker’s dirty dick into my mouth, and sucked it. After five minutes, he released his sperms. I drank it all and closed the door.

Raj laughed at me and told me to clean myself and serve him lunch. Same he was sitting on the table. I was sitting at his legs and eating food in a dog bowl. Then the bell rang. I peeped out to see the electrician I had called to fix a tube light. I felt my fate was in a very bad phase.

Raj told me to get the light repaired, be naked, and kiss the electrician on the lips. I had no other go. I opened the door. And the electrician was damn shocked! I told him to come inside and showed him the tube light. His eyes were fixed on my body.

Then I pulled him close and kissed him hard for about two minutes. I told him to make it quick. He finished and tried to get close to me, and then Raj came and told him to get out. He went off. Raj then said that I was a good slave.

Then the very next night, a beggar came and rang the bell. This time Raj had some weird plans. As it was late in the night, he told me to take the beggar to the road near to the drain and drink his piss. I was heavily resisting it as someone might see me.

He looked at me seriously, and I knew that the punishment would be increased. I said okay, and he followed me with a camera. He said that he has to witness it and record it. I opened the door, and to my surprise, there were three beggars. I looked up at Raj.

He gave me a choice to select one beggar and drink his piss. I felt disgusted that I have to select a beggar whose piss I shall drink. The beggars are drunk and not conscious at all. So Raj told me to select one quick.

I selected a lean guy, maybe aged forty or fifty. I thought he must have a very little piss, but that was the biggest blunder I ever made. Raj then told the other beggars to leave and the lean one to stay and started recording. I slowly took the lean guy out of the house.

He was heavily drunk. We then reached the open drain outside the gate. I knelt before the beggar, and besides the drainage. The smell was making me vomit. Then I pulled down the lungi of the beggar and his dirty and torn underwear. He hadn’t had a bath for ages, maybe, and it smelled very bad.

Raj told me to rub and tickle his cock so that he will piss. I started rubbing his dick and tickle his dick head with my nails. Raj was recording the act so closely so that the piss is seen. Then the beggar slowly started to pour out. It had a very bad taste. And then he continued to piss for about five minutes.

I thought such a lean guy wouldn’t have that much of piss inside. But he had a lot more than I expected. Somehow I drank it, and I quickly ran inside the house. I went to the washroom to vomit. But Raj told me not to.

We had dinner, and later, he fucked me in the ass. We slept like husband and wife. I’m a human too, and I, too, have sexual desires. So I started enjoying myself with Raj and hugged him tightly, and slept.

After that, one day, he told me to have sex with a beggar in the bushes. It was fun, and he recorded that too. One night, it was two in the midnight. He told me to wake up, go naked to the wine shop nearby, and get him a couple of beers. I was like, this is a huge risk.

He said, “Trust me, it will be fun, and yes, get it free.” This means I have to let the shopkeeper use me and get the beers for free. I said okay, and he followed me with the camera. He was recording my swinging ass, and dogs were barking at me. I somehow made it quick, and I went to the wine shop.

The shutter was closed. I knocked at the shutter. And one middle-aged man opened the shutter. He was in utter shock to see me naked. Unluckily there were two others too. I went inside and closed the shutter. I told them to have sex with me and give me free beer.

They all agreed in happiness. Raj was recording everything from the window. They all became naked and fucked me mercilessly. All my slutty act was recorded. They all released their sperms on my boobs and mouth. I spread them and licked the rest, and sucked their cocks clean.

Then they packed me a dozen beers, and I left. Raj and I went home, and we had a sex session again. I truly enjoyed being a slut to my servant. I completely surrendered myself to him and did whatever he told me to. He deleted the video upon seeing my acceptance.

Later he got a marriage proposal. He left after having a final sex session with me. I told my husband that this city is unsafe and forced him to shift to another city. I have exposed myself to many people around my locality. It might be risky to roam around them. And the luckiest part is I didn’t become pregnant.

But I truly enjoyed everything, and I allowed my husband to fuck me regularly. And yes, I’m pregnant. I hope you liked my sexual adventure with my servant.

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