Seduced And Fucked My Married Maid Devi

A little introduction about me before we delve into the incident. I am Raj (35) and I live with my wife rani (37) and 2 daughters Sudha (10) and Saumya (4). We are a typical middle-class north Indian family, now settled in Bangalore.

I am a decent-looking guy with an average build and Rani is slightly plump with big boobs and big booty and these are the true stories inspired from our life.

This one, is the story of Devi (25), our dark-skinned diva maid with a beautiful cleavage and a huge booty. Devi had been working for us in our rented house for several years now and it was around the time when we were planning to move to our own house.

My wife had recently started working again at a morning school, as she had the time now with both kids in day boarding school. I had the house to myself when I was working from home.

I always eyed the married maid Devi’s sweet cleavage hanging out from her deep-neck kameez (shirt). I had also noticed her wandering eyes for several years now. I always joked around with her, sometimes patting her head, playfully making fun of her, even in front of Rani but I never had the guts to make a move on her.

It happened one Friday when I decided to work from home, so I could help with some of the packings. I was moving some of the stuff slowly to the new house, before the big move in 2 months.

Today it was the turn for Devi to clear my room for some of the items. She had to clear the big boxes from the top of my almirah and also remove the curtains for packing.

I was lying on my bed and watching a movie on my laptop as I didn’t have any meetings in the morning.

Devi asked me, “Bhaiyya, move a little, I need to remove the curtains.”

I gave her a naughty look and asked her to get on with it. I was not moving.

The married maid just gave me a shrug, got on top of the bed, and started removing the curtains herself.

I was still lying down on the bed and the servant was leaning over me to reach the curtain rods on the window behind me. I could feel her legs brushing against my shoulders. I decided to take advantage as I moved my elbow between her legs to feel them better as I lay on my haunches watching my movie.

I decided to take a chance and playfully pinched her legs from behind. Devi screamed, “Ouchh..” and jumped up and looked at me with an angry face and said, “What bhaiyya, you don’t even help and now you’re pinching me as well.” I just laughed and returned to my movie.

As I looked on, she was really struggling to reach the curtain rod to remove the curtains. So I thought to myself, this was my chance, I had to make a move.

I need to tell you here that I am about 5’10” and our married maid Devi was about 5’2”. So I had the perfect chance to grab her and press into her beautiful booty from behind while “helping” her.

I said, “Devi, let me help by raising you, so you can reach the top of the curtain and remove them.”

She looked at me and said, “Thank you, bhaiyya” and she moved near the curtains.

I tentatively came behind the married maid and grabbed her midriff. I took her in a hard embrace from behind and pushed her up with my pelvic thrust as I dug my dick into her ass and lifted her.

She leaned into me for support but didn’t say anything. Devi started removing the curtain from one side as I enjoyed her yummy plump body in my arms. I could feel her soft bums pressing against my dick which was already getting hard. I could feel the essence coming from her body as I pressed my face into her sweaty back.

Once she removed all the curtain hooks from the rod, she looked back at me and I brought her down. She put the curtain down and then moved to the other side and waited for me to do the same again.

I got emboldened by her acceptance of my hard embrace and this time when I lifted her, I kept my hands just under her breasts as my thumbs pressed into her boobs from under. This was heaven as I was enjoying this dark beauty within my arms and boldly pressing into her body.

I put my face into the small of her back as I pushed her up and caressed her bare skin with my lips. I could hear a moan escape her lips as my face touched her back. She did the same ritual and removed the whole curtain from the rod.

This time after she removed the curtains, I brought her down but didn’t remove my hands from around her and kept her in my embrace.

I looked into the married maid’s face from the side as I squeezed her from behind and asked, “Are you done, or do you need some more help?” Devi was breathing hard as I kept pushing my thumbs into her boobs and she could feel my hard-on pressing into her.

She looked up at me with those sultry eyes and said, “I need to remove those boxes from the top of almirahs also,” and she pointed to them with her eyes.

I looked toward my right at the almirah, adjacent to the bed and smiled.

I knew what I had to do. I looked back at her and said, “Ok.” But, this time when I moved, I kept her in my deep embrace and brought her towards the almirah with my member pressing hard in her back and my thumbs pressing into her boobs.

As we reached the almirah, I slowly slid my palms over her boobs and lovingly fondled them as I looked at her.

I kept my chin on her shoulder and whispered into her ears, “Shall I lift you again?” I said between sharp breaths as both our bodies were trembling with anticipation. She just looked up at me and nodded.

Now I grabbed both her boobs with my hands and pulled as I thrust my dick into her behind and pushed her up again. Devi drew a sharp breath and moaned as she looked up at the almirah. Her stretched hands still couldn’t reach the box on top. She looked back at me with her soft face and whispered, “Bhaiyya, a little bit more.”

I didn’t want to let go of her but still, I had to bring her down. I started to lift her again, this time from her waist to push her further up. I had locked my hands around her waist as the fingers of my right hand were pressed between her legs as I propelled her up with all my strength.

The boxes were all down now and I brought Devi down next to me and held her in my arms. Both our bodies were hot from trepidation. We were both tired and shivering a little from the workout but more from the electricity between us.

I slowly turned Devi around as I brought my hands from her waist down under her kameez (shirt) from behind and placed them on her big beautiful bums. I grabbed hard, pushing her body into mine, and asked

“Is it done or is there more?” My married maid slowly looked up to me and could only mumble, “Hmmm.”

I could hold myself no longer as I grabbed her hard and pressed my lips against hers and started sucking on them. Devi was thirsty and responded by holding my back in an embrace and reciprocating my kiss.

I sucked on her sweet lips for several minutes and then slowly moved my hands from grabbing her booty and brought her sweaty face in my palms as I kissed her some more. Devi looked at me with her hungry eyes. She slowly put her hand on mine and brought it down and rest on her boobs as she made a soft moaning sound.

I started fondling her boobs as I kissed her hard again with our tongues entwined and swapping saliva . When we separated, I slid my hand under her kameez (shirt) and into her blouse and felt her soft plump boobs for the first time.

I fondled each boob briefly and pinched her tits, all the while kissing her soft lips and Devi started moaning softly. One by one, I brought her perky boobs out of her salwar (top) and bra as they hung out over the kameez, giving me tits-salute.

I couldn’t wait anymore as I brought my salivating lips around her areoles and started sucking each of her nipples in turn. Devi was in full heat now and was moaning hard as I sucked on her tits.

I brought Devi down on the bed while sucking on her boobs like a hungry child. She had supple and perky breasts with big dark tits, perfect for my mouth. I sucked on each tit for a long time and started biting her breasts and tits in between.

Devi was enjoying the attention which she probably never got from her husband. I started undressing her on the bed as I removed her salwar kameez (shirt and trousers) and took off her bra and panty.

She had what could only be referred to as thunder thighs, nice limbs, and a slightly large tummy with a large stitching mark where it was cut for a cesarean birth she had given.

To my surprise, she had a nice clean-shaven pussy which was already dripping as I uncovered it. I caressed her dark beautiful thighs and slowly moved my fingers near her honeypot.

As I gently swiped my hands up and down her pussy and wet my fingers in her juices, Devi made sweet “Aaaahhh and hmmmm..” sounds.

I came near her face and she too opened my jeans and boxers and held my dick in her soft hands. She cupped my bald balls (I am always clean-shaven) with one hand while squeezing my shaft with the other.

As she started to guide it toward her deep cave, I stopped Devi’s hand and brought it to her face, and said, “Take it in your mouth.”

My married maid promptly obliged and started playing with my shaft. I had already developed a precum which Devi nicely licked with her tongue and swallowed like a pro.

She licked it like a candy, swallowed it whole in her mouth and removed the skin and sucked it hard like a lollypop. She licked my ball and swallowed them one by one. Her saliva was all over my shaft and my balls. (Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as I had thought).

After sucking at my dick for long I finally allowed her to get fucked. I opened her legs and slid my dick into her pussy and started giving her super slow thrusts while fondling her boobs.

I placed wet kisses all over her neck and cheeks and breasts. Devi’s eyes were closed and her face thrust up toward heaven. This was driving her mad as she kept saying “Aaaahh bhaiiyya, aaaaaahh bhaaiyyaa..”

I decided to up the gear and started sucking and biting on her one nipple and crushing the other between my fingers as I fucked her harder. She was in seventh heaven now as she made loud noises. This excited me more and I started fucking her in full throttle going deep in her pussy and biting both her tits one by one.

I was over the moon as her young tight pussy kept grabbing onto my thick dick and I was going deeper and deeper with every stroke.

We finally came together after about 7-8 minutes of hard fuck as I lay on top of her and filled her up with my lava.

We stayed in this position for a few minutes. Finally, Devi decided to move as she looked into my eyes and smiled a mischievous satisfied smile. She went into the bathroom to clean herself up and came back and asked me to move.

“Time to clean up as Didi (Rani) is about to come back. Time to get back to work.”

I played with Devi regularly after this, more to cum.

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