A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 38 (Ayesha’s new sex adventure)

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Ayesha was panting hard and was outside the foreign couple’s room. She slowly closed the door. She thought that after the sex, she would be tired, so she’d probably not come to the yoga session. While Ayesha was about to open her room, the neighbor’s door opened.

The blonde came out wearing the same top. But she was wearing tight black shorts, showing her long white legs. Ayesha was surprised to see her. Katherine told Ayesha that she was feeling a little dizzy due to travel. So she wanted to cancel the yoga session and instead asked her to join her in the morning jog.

Ayesha, who knew the real reason behind her dizziness, chuckled to herself and accepted her offer. Ayesha then entered back into her room. She found Praveen was sleeping naked with his penis covered with a pillow. Ayesha knew that the maid would have had a pleasant sight if she had been there.

Then she felt a little kinky by watching him sleeping with his eyes covered with an eye mask. He was badly waiting for the maid. His ears were plugged with earphones, and he was listening to songs. He didn’t notice Ayesha entering the room.

Ayesha was filled with thousands of thoughts about what was going to happen. She suddenly had the kinky idea of being a cuckquean. She heard the maid knocked on the door. She opened the door, and the maid was shocked to see Ayesha answering the door.

Before the maid could open her mouth, Ayesha closed it, pulled her inside, and locked the door. She told the maid that she knew her husband was cheating on her and didn’t care about it. She just told her that she had never seen her husband fucking another woman in front of her.

So she told the maid that she’d pay her a thousand extra if she had sex with her husband while Ayesha was watching without him knowing. Ayesha thought it would be a thrilling experience. The maid didn’t hesitate a moment and said yes. She also told her that she didn’t want any extra money.

Instead, she asked her to do a favor that she would ask later. Ayesha asked her what it was. The maid told her it was a secret and a mutually beneficial deal. Ayesha thought for a second and then agreed to that deal.

The maid went near the bed where Praveen was sleeping. He was naked with headphones in his ears and an eye mask. Ayesha asked her in mute not to remove his eye mask the whole time. Maid nodded, and she slowly lifted the pillow.

Praveen’s non-erect penis was just then activated. It slowly started hardening. Praveen tried to open his eye mask. But the maid grabbed his hand and whispered in his ears, “Don’t remove them. It’ll give you more pleasure if you don’t see your partner.”

He smiled and nodded his head. She asked him to go on with the headphones and not remove them. Ayesha signaled her to tie both his hands, so he didn’t accidentally remove his mask. The maid did as she was told and tied both Praveen’s hands to the bed.

Praveen was so excited that he liked the way things were happening. Ayesha sat on a cushioned chair and was excited about the session. The maid slowly grabbed his cock and stroked very slowly. His cock was now full-on hard. She removed his upper skin and slowly licked his bud tip.

Praveen moaned for that, and Ayesha’s heart skipped when it happened. She understood that the maid was a pro bitch, and she might learn a thing or two from her on satisfying a man.

The maid had her eye contact with Ayesha and slowly licked his dick. Praveen was on cloud nine, and he was chuckling and moaning. The maid was looking at Ayesha and licking his dick like a lollipop. She was looking at Ayesha as if making her jealous of the cock.

Ayesha’s body started shivering and got wet under those yoga pants. She eventually ran her hands over her body and bit her lips. The maid saw Ayesha was getting turned on. Then the maid started licking his balls and sucked them slowly and passionately.

Her sucking was so good, and Praveen enjoyed them well. The maid then played a lot with his cock. Praveen seems to enjoy it more than when Ayesha used to suck his cock. Ayesha told the maid in mute, “Teach me.” The maid smiled and asked her to come closer.

Ayesha slowly moved towards her. She told Ayesha in a husky voice to swear on her husband’s balls to do her a favor. Ayesha hesitated for a second and then convinced herself that it was worth knowing a few tricks. She said, “I swear,” in mute.

Then the maid gave out an evil grin and started sucking his cock in different ways. The pleasure Praveen had was immeasurable. Ayesha learned different ways while the maid sucked Praveen’s cock. Finally, he threw up a load of cum on the maid’s face. Ayesha is now jealous by looking at her satisfying level.

The maid then signaled Ayesha to leave the room as she was about to untie the hands. Ayesha slowly went outside without making a noise. As soon as the maid removed his knots, Praveen kissed the maid passionately and said, “You’re my favorite.” Then he handed her a 500rs, and she left the room.

He asked her before leaving, “Let’s have sex.” She replied, “I’m sorry, I’ve got some work to do, maybe next time.” Then she left the room. Praveen was drooling over her ass while she walked seductively to the door. After she left, Praveen went inside the bathroom and had a shower.

The maid came out and saw Ayesha sitting on the lobby sofa. There was no one in the reception. The maid came and sat near Ayesha, and she lit a cigarette and smoked. Since no one was there to see them, she daringly smoked sitting on the sofa. She looked at Ayesha like a master.

Ayesha found that the maid was bolder than before. She looked at Ayesha and said, “You owe me a favor for that.” Ayesha said, “Ok, I’ll do it if you teach me more of your sultry satisfying tricks.” The maid said, “I’ll teach you if you do me more favors.”

Ayesha thought the favors must be financial, so she agreed. Then for the next 1 minute, the maid was staring right at Ayesha’s boobs over her tops. Ayesha was reading a magazine and noticed her looking right at her boobs. Ayesha felt awkward and asked the maid, “What are you staring for?”

The maid didn’t say a word. She dozed off the cigarette and came near Ayesha. She grabbed both Ayesha’s boobs and squeezed them to feel them. Ayesha was shocked by her acts. Ayesha slapped her hands and told her, “What the fuck!”

Then the maid laughed and said, “You have some fine boobs, too bad your husband is an asshole to cheat you over other women.” Ayesha took her words as a compliment, and she smiled.

Then the maid told her, “The favor I was talking about, now is the time.” Ayesha eagerly waited to know what it was. The maid told her that she had never fucked a white man before, so she wanted to fuck Katherine’s husband. She needs some time to seduce him.

So the maid wants Ayesha to distract Katherine and lure her someplace else so that the maid can do what she wants. Ayesha asked her, “How?” The maid replied that she heard them talking about some jogging. She asked Ayesha to take Katherine to the sacred hot water pond.

Ayesha told her that she didn’t know where it was. The maid told her to wear an ear-pod to guide her throughout the journey. Ayesha asked, “Then what?” The maid said, “It’ll give me approximately 2 hrs which is more than enough for me to seduce the man.”

Ayesha liked the plan and accepted it. Then she went back to her room and slept the night. While sleeping, Praveen occasionally rubbed his erect penis over her thighs and asked her for sex. But Ayesha knew she had a long day ahead, so she slept away.

The early morning came, and the sky was still dark. She woke up and got ready for the jog. She wore a panty, track pants and a tank top with a sports bra inside. The maid said she wore the ear pods and knocked on Katherine’s door.

Katherine opened the door. She was also ready for the morning jog. She was wearing shorts and a sports bra exposing her navel. Ayesha liked her attire, and they both came outside the resort. The reception was empty. Then, the maid called her via ear pods, and both started jogging on the side of the road.

It was a single long forest road with dense forest on the sides. The maid in the earpod told Ayesha to proceed along the road for about a km. And she asked her to take a right in a narrow path into the woods. Ayesha was shocked and asked her if it was safe.

The maid told her, “Trust me.” Then both started jogging and reached the narrow path. Ayesha told Katherine, “Let’s take this way.” Katherine said, “Oh no, it was a bad idea.” Ayesha replied that this way leads to a small temple and a sacred pond that heals our ailments.

Katherine liked what she said, so she agreed. They are now inside the forest and jogging towards the sacred pond in a narrow forest path. The sun wasn’t up yet. They jogged for about 2km, but they couldn’t find the temple or the pond.

Katherine asked Ayesha if they had gone lost. The maid on the other side told her to go further for 500m to find the temple. Just like she said, there was a small temple amid the forest. There was no one in that temple, and there was just a small oil lamp burning.

The tribals in the forest must have lit the lamp. Katherine saw a signboard across the temple with few local language writings. Katherine asked her what was written on it. Ayesha read them and was shocked to see them. It said, ‘Only girls and women are allowed in the temple and its pond.”

Which also had another sign saying that people entering the pond and temple are not permitted to wear clothes. Katherine hesitated as soon as she read it and asked Ayesha, “Are you trying to prank me?”

Ayesha replied, “No. Why would I?” Katherine told her, “You go first.” Ayesha was in a bit of shock. But she loved it as she always fantasized about going naked in the forest.

Ayesha slowly removed her attire. She then stood in her sports bra and a cheeky panty. Katherine was enjoying the view. Ayesha looked like dusky Disha Patani. Ayesha paused for a moment and removed her underwear, and became naked.

Katherine was now convinced that it was not a prank, and she also removed her clothes. Ayesha was so happy as she was about to skinny dip with a white woman. Katherine looked like porn actress Abella danger in blonde hair, with smaller tits and a bigger round ass.

Katherine saw Ayesha was still holding the ear pod. Katherine told her to lose the pod, or it’ll get soaked in the water. Ayesha waited for the maid to say something, but she didn’t say anything. Now to avoid suspicion Ayesha had to remove the earplug. She did and placed it among the clothes.

The two naked girls looked at each other and giggled. They walked towards the pond, about 100m away from their current place.

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