Married Maid Becomes My Sunday Wife!

My name is Kiran, an IT employee living in Bangalore. I find myself too busy in my work and I don’t get time for any other things. I masturbate a lot to get rid of tensions. In fact, jerking off is one of my favorite hobbies. Girls with big round ass attract me. This incident happened last month and that was the first time my cock was inside a pussy.

That Sunday, I was a little bit relaxed and I decided to watch a movie. Our new maid usually clean rooms on Sundays and that was the first time I was seeing her. She had an attractive figure and she looked so traditional and has a very beautiful face which made me look at her continuously for a few minutes.

She was sweeping the floor and was flashing her cleavage unknowingly. Slowly, my dick started to rise from my shorts. The maid felt my attention and she became uncomfortable with my looks and covered her cleavage with one hand. I followed her after she finished cleaning my room but that day, I couldn’t even talk with her.

Next Sunday, I wrote on my floor, “I love you” and I sat on my bed. She came. I was worried that whether she will understand or not but after seeing that, she became a little emotional and her eyes got wet. I didn’t know what to do at that time except saying sorry.

I don’t know how our conversation started but soon I found myself chatting with that beautiful maid woman.

We talked for a few minutes about her family, work, blah, blah. I only watched how her sweet lips and that sweet sound coming from her mouth.

Slowly, the maid became more comfortable with me. I was confused thinking whether this was love, lust or something else.

We started sharing everything. She showed more care and affection towards me and I deeply fell for her. She used to bring me her own cooked food. Our chats lasted from minutes to hours. It became like Sunday was the only day that makes me happy and makes me lovable.

The maid was always in a saree and I had a desire to see her in a modern dress. So, I booked a few casuals from Amazon for her.

The following Sunday, I gifted her those clothes and told her about my desire to take her out for a movie. It took a lot of effort for me to make her accept my proposal. She was damn beautiful in modern attire. I haven’t seen such a beautiful woman like her even in my office.

It was the first time I was taking a woman, that too a beautiful woman on my bike. I was praising her beauty so much as I had lost all my control after seeing my maid in modern clothes. I was having a temptation to cuddle with her.

The movie began. The maid wasn’t feeling comfortable in the ac and was shivering slightly. Then a romantic scene came on the screen. I slowly kept my arms on her shoulders to make her feel comfortable from the cold.

That moment, I was uncontrollable and I planted a kiss on her lips! She did not resist. I was in ecstasy until she pushed me with her soft hand.

Tears rolled out of her eyes. I got scared. We couldn’t complete the movie because she wanted to leave. When we reached home, it was very late. She was really worried and started crying. My consoling words didn’t work but staying with me was the only solution for her and she also understood that.

It was a late night and we were hungry. We ordered food from outside and started chit-chatting as usual. It seemed like she had forgotten the incident at the movie theater or she really loves me. I then got the courage to ask her, “Will you marry me?”

Maid: How come you forget that I am married?

Me: But I think you are happy now than never before. Why can’t you live like this forever?

She didn’t speak a word. Then I kissed her again in her lips. She sat there with eyes closed. We lip locked for a few minutes. The sexual heat was building in our bodies. All of a sudden, she hugged me tightly. Her boobs crushed onto my chest which made my cock erect instantly.

I lifted and carried my married Indian maid to bed. Then I slowly undid her top. The exotic fragrance from the maid’s white bra drove me crazy. Her breaths were getting heavier. Her chest was rising up and down in a wild rhythm.

Slowly, I removed my servant’s bra straps. She started touching my fully erect cock from outside my pants. I removed her bra and her soft breast and pink nipples came into my view.

I placed my head on her chest. The smell of the maid’s sweat was like a new fragrance for me. I saw her navel, it was sexy and was deep. My thumb went inside her navel and then I filled her navel fully with my saliva. My navel licking was pleasuring her and my hands were still on her breasts.

She wasn’t wearing a pantie and so she told me to unzip her pants carefully which I did. My housemaid was a little hairy down there. I thought she didn’t bother to shave her pussy.

I started licking the maid’s hairy pussy which made her moan like hell. She moaned uncontrollably for some time and then she started shivering and came all over my face. Her love juices tasted so good.

The maid then took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. My cock started growing to a more than usual length. She then moved her head close to my cock. She opened her sweet lips to insert my cock in her mouth. Slowly, she sucked my cock inside her mouth.

I was feeling the warmth of her mouth. She was taking it deep inside her mouth that my cock head touched her throat. She then took it out and licked my balls like a slut. She swallowed my balls fully inside and again took my cock shaft inside her mouth.

After a few heavenly minutes, my legs started trembling and the next moment, I came in full load on the maid’s breast and belly.

Then we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. We bathed together. In between, the maid told me how cruel her husband was in bed and how her husband did anal with her against her will.

I took my razor and helped her to shave her pussy hairs. We hugged and kissed each other.

While leaving she said, “You know what, I can’t be your regular wife but I can be your wife on Sundays”.

I don’t more details about her but still, we are in love.

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