Lust Experience With One Of My Readers.

Hello readers. I am back with another exciting sexual adventure. I hope you all will enjoy this as you did my previous one. But before that, I want to thank all the readers for their overwhelming response to my previous story.

Your appreciation gave me the confidence to further share my sexual experiences and fantasies with you all. For those who are reading my story the first time, I am Roshni from Delhi, 26 years old, single girl, with 5’5 height. After my first story was published, I started getting many emails.

I had mentioned that I like matured men. I found an email from a guy named Prakash (name changed) who was really interesting. We started exchanging emails and slowly started chatting on hangouts.

He told me that he was 47 years old from Delhi, and married with 3 kids. But his wife had inclined towards worshipping a lot these days and they had zero sex life.

Slowly, our chats turned exciting and he started to share his sexual fantasies with me. He also lived in Delhi so he was perpetually asking me to meet him once. I had never in my life met an unknown person like this. But I decided to give it a shot. I told him that I would meet him at a coffee shop first.

I wore jeans and crop top with a jacket to meet him. He had sent me his picture before. So I recognized him the moment I entered the coffee shop. He was sitting in a corner waiting for me. He was 47 years old, about 6 feet and well-built and handsome man.

We started talking about random stuff as we already knew everything about each other from our chats. I noticed that while talking, he kept staring at my boobs. I decided to tease him a bit and took off my jacket saying that I was feeling hot.

He became very excited and could see a small bulge growing between his legs. I never had sex with a person with this much age difference. But the thought was exciting to me and making my panties wet. I started tying my hair in a bun so that he got more excited.

Since I was wearing a sleeveless top, he got a very nice view of my sexy black lace bra from the side. The bulge in his pants started growing. He asked me if I would like to visit his home to view his collection of paintings. I knew what he wanted but I decided to act innocent and said yes.

We came out of the coffee shop and sat in his car. I purposefully didn’t wear the seat belt. When he saw it, he asked me if he could help me put the seat belt on and I agreed. While helping me with the seat belt, he rubbed his chest over my boobs and took a lot of time to close the seat belt.

My nipples became erect with excitement and were clearly visible over my top when he moved. He saw them and gave me a naughty smile and said he was happy to see that I am as horny as he is. He gave a small peck on cheeks and pressed my right boob a bit.

My excitement knew no bounds. He started driving and we soon reached his home. I asked about his family and he told them that they were away for vacation and he was alone. He asked me if I would like to see those paintings. I said that I just wanted to see his dick! He said, “Not so soon.”

We sat on a sofa in front of his TV where he played a sexy movie. The movie began to play and he started caressing my cheeks. Then he made me sit on his lap with my back facing toward him. From behind, he put both his hands on my boobs and started to squeeze them. It felt so good and made me hornier.

He started to kiss behind my neck and started biting my ears. I started to moan with excitement. He slowly moved his hands down and unbuttoned my jeans and lowered it. I turned to face him and he started to kiss me on lips and pressed my buts.

He kept squeezing my sexy ass and removed my jeans. I opened his shirt and threw it. We both were super excited. We kept smooching each other and the hall was filled with our moans. Without breaking the kiss, he lifted me in his arms and took me in his bedroom.

He threw me on his bed, removed all his clothes and pounced on me like a hungry tiger. He removed all my remaining clothes and started kissing all my body. He kissed my toes, thighs, and stomach.

Then he turned me over and kissed my back and ass. Again, he turned me over and started to kiss my navel. Slowly, he went down and reached my neatly shaven pussy. He started to kiss me on pussy and I was going mad with excitement.

He inserted his tongue in my pussy and moved it. I felt on top of this world. Then I took his dick in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. He was pulling my hair and moving my head on his dick. He came inside my mouth and I drank everything. It was great.

He again started kissing me all over and fondling my breasts. His dick was erect in no time. He inserted his long 8-inch dick in my pussy and started fucking me in missionary position.

While fucking, he kept pressing my boobs and it felt so good. He came inside me and laid on top of me. He started to kiss me on my lips and I felt his dick growing again. Then he lay behind me and inserted his dick in my pussy from behind and started fucking me. It was awesome.

I came many times that day and enjoyed a lot. I left after taking some rest. We are still in contact and have fun whenever his family is away.

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