A Lustful Noon With Neighbor Bhabhi

Hey guys. Myself Jay 22 years old. I’m from Pune and with average height and with a big dick. Due to some work issues now I stay in Mumbai. But I often visit my home. So this is one is a real story and not a fantasy one. The incident took place 5 months ago with my neighbor.

So let’s start the story. Let me introduce her to you. Her name is Mamta, her age is 32. She has two kids and her boobs size is 34B. From firs,  when she was married and started living on the next flat I had a huge lust for her. I always wanted to have her on my bed. I used to masturbate thinking of her daily.

Sometimes it also happened I had masturbated more than 3 times in a day just because of her. So whenever she used to come to my home I used to stare at her boobs and ass. She never noticed that. Her husband is working in a company so he used to have different shifts to work. So I thought I could get a chance.

But her in-laws are very orthodox and strict. So they don’t allow her to go out and not also visit the neighbor. They were very strict. So whenever I got a chance to see her I wouldn’t miss that chance. So one fine there was a festival name Ganesh Utsav and it was the last day.

So normally on that day all the group (Mandal) take Ganesh lord idol, form a rally and do Visarjan. So all the manuals with their murtis were in the rally. So all our neighbors came to my house to see that. Soon there was no place to stand. So I decided to stand behind her.

I control myself a lot not to do anything. But in the end, I couldn’t control and I decided to make a move tonight. So as one by one everyone started to go, they started chit-chatting in the living room. We both were alone in the balcony. She wanted to leave.

But as she was with her child, her child wanted to stay and see the rally. I was feeling lucky. So I made my move as I was standing behind her I moved ahead and placed my dick on her ass. I was afraid that she will shout and make a problem. But that didn’t happen. She doesn’t react to anything.

I thought she enjoyed. So I make my other move and placed my chin on her shoulder and placed my hand on the shoulder just like I’m standing. I was enjoying the moment. I was praying just that she doesn’t ruin that moment. I was about to kiss her back so that I can have her and make the final call.

But I was unlucky because when I was about kiss her back I heard her mother-in-law’s voice. She was coming in the balcony by shouting her and her granddaughter’s name. I thought was very angry with her as she was disturbed us. After that, she left.

But while leaving she hasn’t given me any sign that she is angry or she enjoyed it. It made me a little bit confused about my next move – should I make it or not. But in the end, I was happy as I made the move and masturbated my thinking of her. I was eagerly waiting for the next morning and to have a word with her.

But it was my bad luck that after that night I didn’t see her for a few weeks. I don’t know why but I can’t see her. I was waiting for some reason to go to her but I didn’t find one. I was feeling very low and started to read some stories on ISS and passing the time watching some porn.

So one fine day while I was at home watching some web series, I heard the sound of the bell. I opened the door and my eyes were full of lust after seeing Mamta. She told me that

Mamta – Jay actually I need your help for some work. So can you help me?

Me- How can I help you?

Mamta – Actually there is nobody at home. I wanted to take some stuff from my storeroom which is on a little height. But even with the chair, I can’t get up there. So can you help me?

Me-Of course I can.

By hearing this that nobody is there at her home I totally got charged up and went with her.

Mamta- Let’s go then.

After reaching her home she told me, “You stand on the table and I’ll hold you so that you don’t fall down.”  In my mind, I told that I have already fallen in love with you. So I stood on the table and removed all the stuff which she wanted and got down.

She said, “Thank you, Jay. If you weren’t there than all household work would have been stopped.” I said, “It’s not an issue. I will be available to you.” She just smiled and was doing her work. I didn’t leave as I have some other plan in my mind.

We just had some chit chats. Suddenly she asked me that what happened to you on that night?

Me- On which night? What are you talking about? I didn’t get you?

M- Oh come on you know that you poking your dick on ass why did you that? (in an angry way)

I was afraid that that see might say to my mom or to her husband. So I told the truth.

M- Say fast, I want to know the reason.

Me- Actually from first day I had a huge lust on you and wanted to have you. That’s why I did that.

M- That’s shocking but how?

Me- You are very beautiful and hot. I like your eyes and hair.

So while saying the stuff I was moving forward towards her and I’m explaining to her. I was near her I grabbed her waist and kissed her on her lips. While kissing she didn’t respond and pushed me away. She said, “This wrong and I’m married I can’t do this.”

While she was saying all the rubbish thing I again kissed her. But she was again pushing me. But I resisted and was kissing her. So after 1-2 minutes she lost and started kissing me passionately. We both become made and kissing all over the body. While kissing I was squeezing her ass which made her crazier.

So after that, my one hand was her right ass and another on her left boob. As she was wearing sari I remove her pallu. I opened her blouse and she removed my t-shirt and pant. So I was in a boxer in front of her. Then I again started to press her boobs over her bra. She was moaning which made me hornier.

I remove her bra and her petticoat and her panty also. So we were naked standing in front of each other for the first time. As we were in the kitchen, I lifted her and moved to the bedroom. I threw on the bed and moved on to her. I again started kissing her on her boobs and in her navel area.

While moaning she said, “Jay please make me your slave. Fuck me like that and tear my pussy and my ass, darling.” That drove me hornier. So I went to the kitchen and brought some Nutella and spread all over her body. Especially near her vagina. I started licking her slowly which made her more aroused.

She was making me lustful sounds. Slowly I licked all Nutella on her body and came near her vagina. I started licking her vagina which made her cum. She had with her first orgasm. Then I stood up and placed my dick in front of her face. Frankly, I thought she would refuse.

But I was shocked. She started to play with my dick and gave me a mind-blowing blowjob. She put my whole dick in her mouth withinin a second. I think she is an expert in giving blowjob. After 5 minutes I cum and she drank it with all the taste.

Then I told her let my small brother have some fun. So I put some vaseline and rubbed my dick on her vagina and teased her. I put a little bit inside her vagina and removed it again. I didn’t purposeful for 5-6 times. So she shouted and said, “You bastard don’t do like that. I want your dick inside me.

So I started pushing inside her slowly and started increasing my speed and doing it fast. She was moaning loudly. I kissed her and also rubbed my finger near her vagina. While doing this I become faster. As I was about to come I informed her and asked inside or out?

She told, “Darling, inside.” I cummed and lay beside her and hugged her. She said, “I never got satisfied like this before.” I replied to her it was my pleasure to have sex with my sex goddess. And kissed her and press her boobs and press her nipples also.

After lying for some time I asked for another session. She nodded her head with a naughty smile. So we did it again on the same day. So after having a good sex session, I was about to leave. We promised that we will have it whenever we got the time and satisfy each other. I kissed her and left.

After that, we had sex many times. We had some sessions of kissing sometimes on the stairs also. I would like everyone to give feedback on a story in the comments section. Or mail me or hang out on my id [email protected] Thank you, guys.