My First Lesbian Experience

Hello! My name is Varsha and this is my 1st story here. I am so excited about my recent lesbian encounter that I just cannot stop myself from sharing it with others!

I am from Mumbai, India. I am a housewife, but I take online cooking classes as well as dance classes for children in the evenings. I love being around kids. I have 3 children of my own. All of them are in school.

I never knew I was a bisexual until recently when we decided to shift to a better locality. We had been living on rent in Khar, Mumbai. My husband works in the Finance Department of an MNC. Finally, with our savings and investments, we moved to a more posh locality in Bandra.

We bought our own house and started living here. It took a while for me to get a new batch of kids from my area for my dance classes. Meanwhile, I continued to upload videos of my cooking. This went on smoothly for a few months.

Around a month back, I got a comment on one of my videos by a woman, giving me her email ID. She was asking me to contact her as she wanted to send me videos of her cooking. I was happy about having a chance to get in touch with a fan of mine! So I mailed her a ‘Hello.’

Her name was Madhvi Parekh. She responded with a video of her cooking mutter paneer. I replied with a few good comments. This exchange continued for about a week. Then she asked me for my number. I was hesitant and I conveyed the same to her.

Immediately, she video called me on Hangouts. (Hangouts is a chat app by Google where you can sign in using your email ID. Phone number is not required.) I saw an aged but very pretty lady in the video call. She spoke to me and this was the first time we shared details about our personal lives.

Turns out, she lived in Bandra too! Hardly a kilometer away from me! She invited me to her house and I accepted. Mind you, until then, I had no lesbian thoughts in my mind.

I went to the address she gave. She lived in a very influential society, with an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, etc. I reached her house and she welcomed me in. She had a lovely house. They were very rich! We talked for hours and became good friends.

Madhvi was in her early 50s. She had just retired a few months back from her 25 years long corporate job. Her husband had passed away and her 2 sons lived abroad. She loved to live alone here in Mumbai. She had a host of servants, but she said she wanted to learn cooking to pass her time. That’s when she came across my videos.

We started meeting more frequently. Most of the time, we would meet at her place. We started sharing intimate stuff about our past. About our past relationships. She revealed she had an affair with 3 of her colleagues when she had joined her job. (She was already married before she started her job).

I too revealed that I had an affair with one of my student’s fathers when I was teaching dance at Khar, my old house. It was then that she told me the shocker! That 2 out of those 3 colleagues she had affair with were women! I was astonished! I had never imagined someone like Madhvi having such a wild side.

I giggled and asked about her experience. As she told me about it, I began feeling wet between my legs. I immediately got up and left her home. It was a very weird feeling. I had no idea I would get turned on listening to a lesbian affair of my best friend.

Madhvi tried calling me but I ignored her calls for a couple of days. After a few days, I received a video from Madhvi on my mail, captioned ‘Russian Salad Sandwich’. It was a very large file and got saved to my Google Drive. I played the video and was shocked again!

Madhvi had sent a video of her cooking the sandwich. But she was just in her bra and panty! No other clothes on. I immediately locked my phone. But somehow, I got the intense urge to watch the video. So I played it and watched the whole video which was around 40 minutes long.

I felt unusually wet and before I knew, my fingers were already inside my panty. I parted my pussy lips and pressed hard on my spot. I paused the video where Madhvi was completely visible in her inners and continued to play with my clit.

Just as I was nearing my orgasm, my phone rang. It was a WhatsApp video call from Madhvi. I couldn’t see her on the other side, but I picked up. I could only see the ceiling as if the phone was kept on the bed. I kept saying, ‘Hello’, searching for Madhvi in the video call.

Then the phone was picked up and Madhvi appeared on the call. She held the phone close to her face so her face covered my entire screen. I asked what she wanted.

M- Did you see my video?

I- Yes.

M- Did I make the sandwich correctly? It did taste good but I wanted to know whether I made any mistake.

I- No, you did not make any mistake. It was good.

M- Just the sandwich or something else too?

I- What?

M- Oh come on! You saw me in my inner wears. Don’t tell me that didn’t turn you on even a little!

I- No it didn’t. I am straight.

M- Swear on your kids and say that you aren’t turned on at all.

I didn’t answer. She smiled and asked me to close my eyes. I didn’t but she insisted so I relented. After a few seconds, she asked me to open. I opened my eyes and… Oh! Madhvi was lying naked on the bed and the phone was being held by someone else! I was stunned.

Just then Madhvi yelled, “Aye Poonam! Phone barabar pakad na!” (Hey Poonam. Hold the phone properly!) Poonam was one of Madhvi’s maids. I was shocked that Madhvi was naked in front of her maid! Madhvi spread her legs and began fingering her vagina.

She looked into the phone and continued to finger, moaning my name. I was frozen! I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t get myself to cut the call as I was dripping wet seeing Madhvi masturbating to my name!

I couldn’t control myself and I too removed my salwar and panty. I was naked now from waist-down. I began fingering too, moaning with Madhvi, taking her name. Madhvi laughed and took a rope that was lying next to her and pulled at it.

The rope was attached to a dog collar tied around Poonam’s neck. As soon as Madhvi tugged at the rope, Poonam fell on the bed beside Madhvi. And OMG! Poonam was naked too! Madhvi held the phone in one hand and began kissing Poonam.

Madhvi was a very fair lady. She was a healthy woman with big, sagging breasts and brown nipples. Poonam, on the other hand, was very dark, slim with average breasts and black nipples. It was way too erotic to see these maid and mistress making out, all naked!

I immediately cut the call, wore my salwar without my panty and rushed to Madhvi’s house. I couldn’t find any auto. So I ran to Madhvi’s house and reached there in less than 5 minutes. I rang her bell more than 10 times. Madhvi knew it was me so she opened the door naked!

I jumped on her and started kissing her lips. Although it was January, I was quite sweaty from the short run that I had. Madhvi didn’t care about that and pinned me to the wall, kissing me and pressing my boobs. I did the same to her. Our tongues were fighting for space in each others’ mouths.

I heard a bark and then I saw Poonam coming out of the bedroom. She was walking on fours, like a dog with the dog collar still around her neck. Madhvi laughed and pulled the rope of the dog collar. She then squatted on Poonam’s face. Poonam happily licked her mistress’s asshole.

My legs began going weak as I was highly turned on. I immediately got rid of all my clothes. All 3 of us were completely naked now. I wondered where the rest of the house servants were. But I didn’t care. All I cared about is getting multiple orgasms while having my first lesbian sex!

I went to Madhvi and started kissing her again. She responded by breaking the kiss and began eating and biting my breasts. It was heavenly to have my boobs sucked from Madhvi while watching Poonam eat Madhvi’s butthole. I put 2 fingers in my clit and started fingering.

Madhvi stopped me. She whistled once and Poonam left Madhvi’s buttocks and sat on her fours. Madhvi then made me sit on Poonam’s back and commanded her to take me to the bedroom. I was riding on Poonam’s back while Madhvi was walking in front of Poonam with the leash in her hand.

I felt all the wetter seeing the dancing, big ass of Madhvi as she walked ahead of me. On reaching the bedroom, Madhvi lay on the bed and Poonam laid down opposite her. Both the women spread their legs and shifted closer and closer to each other until their vaginas were in contact with each other.

Poonam then started rubbing her clit against Madhvi’s pussy. This scissoring session was too hot to handle for me. I immediately got on the bed, stood up on Madhvi’s thighs, such that my pussy was just near her mouth. I then held onto the wall as Madhvi played my clit with her tongue.

It wasn’t even 5 minutes before I started cumming in Madhvi’s mouth. That intense orgasm made me drop down on the bed, exhausted! Madhvi laughed at my situation. As I lay in bed, enveloped in sweat and cum, Madhvi came over and laid herself on me.

Madhvi’s weight crushed my body but I loved it! She kissed my lips and soon went down, licking my neck before settling her mouth on my breasts. She licked and bit my boobs as I was beginning to get wet again. Suddenly I shivered as I felt Poonam’s hot tongue on my vagina.

She spread my legs, parted my pussy lips and took the whole of my pussy in her mouth; she wasn’t licking but eating my clit! I went mad with pleasure and wrapped my legs around Poonam. I was close to another orgasm so I pulled Madhvi up from my boobs and kissed her until the 2nd orgasm hit my body.

I screamed and moaned as Madhvi licked my sweaty face and Poonam licked my cum-filled pussy.

I left a text on the WhatsApp group of my Dance classes that today’s lecture was canceled. I continued kissing Madhvi and then went to take a shower, even as Madhvi and Poonam continued to have sex.

That was my first ever lesbian experience and I’d love to hear your feedback. You are welcome to mail me on [email protected] Boys, please don’t try to ask for sex or anything as I won’t respond. Depending on the response I get, I’ll continue with the above incident.

Thank you, friends. Take care!

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