Wild sex party with beggars

Hey, this is Hashita back with another story. Kamal turned a wild sex slut in me to please my husband. He left me and went, but soon he returned with an invitation.

Kamal: Hey, Hashita, how are you?

I hugged him tight and kissed him.

Me: I’m doing good Kamal, your teachings made my life smooth.

Kamal: I need you to come with me. I have a festival in my village only for beggars. I have told them that I would bring you as their reward.

Me: Oh, that’s great Kamal, you mean to enjoy with those beggars, right?

Kamal: Yes, but a little nasty. Are you ready?

Me: I’m very excited, though. Anyway, my husband is not in town so I can have some fun.

We got ready and got into a car. There was a driver inside. His name was Madhan.

Kamal: He’s a very trustable driver. He works for me. So don’t worry.

But I felt a little awkward sitting with Kamal, a servant in a car as wife and husband. It’s been a long since I had those humiliating sessions with Kamal. We sat, and the car started to drive to the village.

Me: So what’s the competition going to be like?

Kamal: It’s an alcohol drinking competition. Whosoever drinks the most will get you as a reward for one night.

The driver was shocked to hear that. He was looking through the rear mirror. I was seated in the back seat along with Kamal. As the driver was listening to all our sex chats, I kept mum. Kamal noticed me being uncomfortable, so he held my saree pallu and pulled it off.

Me: Kamal, what are you doing? Why here?

Kamal: Do you remember what I made you do when you felt shy? I’m doing the same again. You have lost the habit.

Then he removed my blouse knots and threw it in the front seat. Madhan’s eyes were fixed at my breasts. Kamal then removed my bra. I looked up at him.

Kamal: It’s okay. You have to feel brave and comfortable.

He removed my bra and threw it onto the front seat. Now my naked breasts are open to the driver. He never left a chance to peek through the mirror to see my breasts. I was semi-naked in the back seat.

Kamal: So, you will have to obey the winner. No matter what he says, you have to obey. The next day, you have to go along with him to beg, and by the day, end, you can return home.

Me: Okay, sounds interesting, but what about the runner?

Kamal: You have to blow his cock off, drink his cum. We’ll insert a few bananas into his ass which you will be eating directly from his asshole.

Me: Yew, Kamal. That’s very nasty.

Kamal: I know, be happy it’s not his shit. He laughed.

I, too, laughed. The cool breeze of the AC fell on my boobs. The driver was always gazing at my boobs.

Me: Kamal, what about the participants? What do they get?

Kamal: They get a kiss and a cock kiss. You have to kiss their cock.

I agreed happily. The ride went on for an hour until we reached the destination. I was trying to collect the bra and blouse from the front seat.

Kamal: Hashita, step down, leave the clothes. I shall take care.

I stepped out of the car and was covering my boobs.

Kamal: Madhan, come here, pick the inners and dress up madam.

I was shocked, but I knew about Kamal. He would do anything to get rid of my shyness. Madhan opened the front door, took my bra and blouse, and looked at me. I removed my hand, and he put on the bra and then the blouse. Then the pallu. I was ready. I thanked Madhan. He let a cunning smile.

We left to the village corner where there was a bar. There were about 15- 20 beggars. All were eager for my arrival. Then suddenly, two women came up to me. I couldn’t even get closer to them. It’s been a while me having sex with a beggar. So I got unfamiliar with their smell.

But somehow, I bore all those smells. They led me to an open area near the bar. They took my bag and kept it aside. All beggars gathered there. I was confused about what was going to happen. Kamal was not anywhere there.

Then the woman started to remove my clothes. All aged beggars were there.

Me: Why are you removing my clothes? Let the competition end first. Then I shall remove it.

Women beggar: No, you have to be naked for the competition to start.

With that, they removed my saree, blouse, bra, petticoat and panty and threw it. I was naked in front of these filthy dirty smelling beggars. I was scared but at the same time horny.

Then an old male beggar came and started to piss on my clothes thrown on the ground.

Me: That’s the only pair I have got. What are you doing?

He then completely wet my dress with his filthy piss, and he took a lighter and put it on fire. He burnt my dress. I was really scared, and I will say okay to whatever they said. I was searching for Kamal. He was nowhere around.

Then the competition started, and they all started to drink vigorously. Few vomited and left the competition, and few were very strong. I sat in the center of the bar and witnessed how eager these old beggars were to have sex with me.

Only three were left after an hour. They gave me some beers. The third beggar gave up and vomited right there. They all cleaned the mess. The two beggars were fighting hard to get me. The fat thug guy was very rock solid. Finally, the lean beggar gave up and rushed to the bathroom.

The crowd cheered for the fat thug beggar. He was the darkest of all beggars there. They lifted the beggar and were celebrating. Everyone moved to the ground. I saw Kamal there. He came up to me and said,

Kamal: There’s a twist in the tale. Better obey whatever they say, just control for this one day. Do whatever they say.

They pulled me to the center, where there were a dozen of bananas. The runner-up beggar soon came and became naked. He had a humongous cock, very dark.

He sat down on all fours, and then a woman started to fill his ass with bananas. I was getting vomit just on sight.

Then they pulled me a little away from where all the participants were standing naked with their dirty cocks hanging.

Woman beggar 2: Go kiss them on their lips and kiss their dick heads.

I went and started to kiss every beggar on their lips. Kissed it for a while and then bent on knees and pulled their skin back and kissed their cocks passionately. It took me half an hour, but I gave them the pleasure of their lifetime.

By the time the runner-up beggar, the lean guy, was being ass fucked with a dildo. His shit would have been mixed thoroughly with the bananas.

Women beggar: We have filled 22 bananas. We have mixed it well. So first, suck his dick and then eat his shit.

I was worried as I have never eaten shit as a whole.

Kamal: Just do it, just bear it for one time.

I went and knelt before the lean guy. He smelt like drainage. I took his cock and slowly started to kiss his dick head. I rubbed his balls and went underneath and licked it nicely. I moved in front and took a deep breath, and sucked his dick.

I kept sucking for about 10 minutes, where he held my head tightly and came deep into my throat. I drank it happily. But the time for nasty stuff came. I was made to lie down and my mouth wide open. All my acts were being recorded.

The beggar sat on my mouth. As soon as he opened his asshole, a gust of dirty-smelling air hit my nose buds. It was definitely shit inside. He left some gap between my mouth and his ass.

Women beggar: You have to eat every single piece. Don’t waste.

With that, I opened my mouth wide. The beggar slowly started to shit it out. Yellowish bananas with some brown color mass around them were coming out. It was the first time I would eat shit as a whole. It dropped.

A big turd dropped, and it was horrible. I was told to chew it immediately. I tried my best and chewed it. He let in another big turd. It was very big. Somehow I managed to get past this humiliation.

I ate all the 22 bananas which were stuffed inside his dirty ass. Then I licked him clean from behind. Everyone started to clap. Then the winner came up with a mangalsutra and was about to tie it around my neck. I looked up Kamal.

Kamal: It’s okay, just let him do it.

He tied three knots. Here I am, another beggar’s wife other than the one I met on the bus and those waiters during my wedding.

He then took me to his home, locked the door. He soon got naked and pushed me on the bed. He came over me. He was very heavy. I couldn’t bear his smell.

But it was far better than the shit I ate. He kissed me badly. He pressed my boobs as if they were some sponge ball. I moaned heavily. The driver was silently recording the action from the back window.

I let him as I was enjoying the beggar’s fantasy. He soon started to lick my pussy. He tongue fucked my pussy. I came in no time and splashed all over his face. He licked it up nicely.

He then prepared his large dark dick to enter my hot pussy. He oiled it. He kept it at the entrance,

Me: Come on, fuck me hard fuck me deep, enjoy me as much as you want.

He thrust in one go. I screamed like hell. The entire village must have heard my noise. He came up and locked his lips with mine. He fucked me hard and loud. I was enjoying every moment of it.

He then released in no time and told me to clean his dick. I happily cleaned his cum filled dick. He later fucked my ass too and loaded his cum. He fucked me all night and didn’t miss any chance.

After the final session in the early morning. He got up, and his dick was so tired that it couldn’t stand up again. He took a glass and started to fill it with his alcoholic urine. He gave it to me and told me to drink.

I happily drank it as I was exhausted. Frankly, it was far better than the original beer. We then were getting ready to go on for a begging session. He told me to be naked and covered with a bedsheet. I did.

We moved out, and everyone was really happy as if we were married and we had just had our first night. But this was the best night ever in my life. We started to walk towards the main road. We had a plate in both hands, and I was begging.

Upon seeing my lustful body behind the bedsheet, people were jealous of the beggar for having such a beautiful wife. I was enjoying it, though.

I have been fucked by many beggars, but I have never begged in real. So it was fun. We roamed different places, and we slept on footpaths.

He took me into the deep woods and fucked me. He made me drink his urine as well. The driver recorded a video of me begging too. Wonder what he was up.

Finally, the day was over, and everyone bid me goodbye.

Kamal: Madhan is waiting outside for you. Tell him to buy a dress on the way. I have some unfinished work here. I will meet you soon.

I got in the car completely naked. Madhan started the car.

Madhan: So Hashita, how was your nasty session with beggars?

Me: That’s none of your business. Just drive me home and on the way, get me a dress.

Madhan: Better behave properly. I will drop you here naked on this highway.

Me: Madhan, please, drive me home. I will pay you more money. Get me a new dress on my way, please.

Madhan: Okay, but you have to follow whatever I say for that then.

Me: Okay, what should I do.

Madhan: Suck my dick and make me cum.

Me: No, Madhan, I’m already very tired.

Madhan took his mobile and showed me all my sex videos.

I didn’t have any other option but to suck his dick. I bent over his thighs and opened the zip of his pants, and pulled down his pants along with underwear.

He had a huge cock too. I sucked his dick and ate his dick completely. It was a busy road. I was feeling worried. Then to my surprise, Madhan pulled down both the front windows down. I was about to get up.

Madhan: Don’t dare even to leave my dick. I have your video.

I continued sucking his dick. Everyone around was seeing my naked sex scenes. Some were recording my act also.

Madhan: Don’t mind them, just keep doing.

After some time, he released his load in my mouth. I drank it. I hesitated to get up as I might expose completely.

Madhan: Get up, Hashita, keep your boobs outside the window. There are so many people outside.

Me: Madhan, this might put my life at serious risk. Please.

Madhan: You didn’t have this shame while making those loud moans getting fucked by a beggar? Shut up and do what I say.

I slowly pulled my boobs and put them out for the public view. Everyone was curiously looking at my boobs. Few were recording. I was doing this. I pulled my ass slightly up. Madhan kept his hands under my ass and started to fuck my ass from behind.

It’s been more than 10 minutes of hanging my boobs out of the car. He told me to come in. He closed the windows. I had a slight relief. He then stopped at a shop and went in and both a chudidar and leggings. He threw it in the back seat. I was going to get it.

Madhan: Stop Hashita, step outside and enter through the back door.

Me: Please, Madhan, please.

He didn’t show a sign of concern. I slowly opened the door and stepped out. Many vehicles stopped and were witnessing my naked act. I immediately went inside, wore the dress, and came out to sit in the front seat.

He then started the vehicle. He pressed my boobs over the chudidar. He stopped at a highway and told me to enter the back seat. I did. He locked the doors.

Madhan: Hashita, remove your clothes.

I did, and he also removed his dress. It was very hot. He didn’t put on the AC. Our bodies were really hot. We hugged each other tightly. It was very hot, and we were sweating. He then laid me onto the seat and got over me.

He licked my pussy. He folded my legs. Oh god, what a feeling it was. He then inserted his dick inside and fucked me hard for half an hour. He released me inside and told me to clean it. I did it and hugged him tightly.

We then dressed up and started again. We had some more action before I reached home. I invited him inside, and we had another sex session where I drank his urine.

While we were having sex, Kamal entered the room and laughed at us.

Kamal: Won’t you even leave anyone, Hashita? He laughed.

Me: It’s you who have turned me into a slut. Come on, join us.

We had a threesome. Later they had dinner and left.

So this was the story of a gangbang festival. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you too must have enjoyed it. Thank you.

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