Being A Slave On A Trip To Digha – Part 4

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Hi everyone. This is Riya (real name changed) again. I hope you already know that I am from Kolkata (North; Near Dumdum). I am 23 now. I am fair, 5’3” tall. My stats are 34b 28 36. I am in a relationship for the last three years. His name is Jay (real name changed). We both are Bengali.

2nd day – (Afternoon to Evening)

It was 3 pm when we reached the hotel. Vikram was looking for Raju. As soon as Vikram found him, Vikram asked him to come to our room after 15 minutes with the lunch menu. Then we went to our room.

We all needed a shower. So I went into the washroom but left the door open and got naked. Jay and Vikram were looking for something. I asked, “What are you looking for?”

Jay said, “Where is the pack of cigarettes?”

I replied, “That pack was finished already.” Then Vikram told Jay to go and buy another pack. Jay went hurriedly. After 2 minutes, Vikram said, “Hey Riya, I gotta make a quick run to the ATM. If Raju comes with the menu, you order on behalf of us, please.”

I said, “Sure, no problem, any preferences?”

Vikram said, “Rice, salad, and any seafood.”

I said, “Fine.” Then he went out. I focused on taking a shower. I closed my eyes and tried to feel the water cooling me down from head to toe. I guess I got caught into some kind of trance. I opened my eyes and looked behind. I found Raju standing near the door with the menu.

I got startled. I turned off the shower and came out of the washroom, wrapping myself with a towel. Raju handed me the menu. I went through it and ordered rice, salad, prawn, and crab curry.

Then I asked him, “For how long have you been watching me?”

Raju said, “Few minutes.”

I said, “You should’ve knocked first.”

He said, “Well, I actually did, but you didn’t hear. So I thought of entering. Even the door was open. Anyone could’ve come in.”

I realized that Vikram left the door open as he knew Raju would be back in a minute. I got confused. Did Vikram want me to do something with Raju or not?

I asked Raju, “Vikram sir sent you in when he got out, am I right?”

Raju smirked, “Yes.”

I became sure of it. So I stood up and dropped the towel and locked the door and turned to Raju and said, “What else?”

Raju said, “I also heard from Ashok and Atul what happened here.”

I replied, “So you want something.”

He said, “Just a taste,” and stood up and came to me.

I parted my leg, and he sat under and pushed his tongue in my pussy. His tongue was faster than anyone I ever had. It felt like a drill. Within minutes my juices started to flow again.

But I had to control. So I stopped him and told him to go. He went, and I locked the door. Within a minute, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and there was Jay and Vikram both. They got in, and Vikram asked whether I have ordered lunch or not. I nodded positively. Then he went into the washroom.

Jay and I jumped into the bed started cuddling each other. We kissed, caressed, and hugged each other. After 10 minutes, the doorbell rang. Jay opened the door. There was Ashok and Raju with our lunch. Raju asked Jay, “Where is Vikram sir, sir?”

Jay pointed his finger towards the washroom. At the same moment, Vikram opened the door and stepped out of the washroom.

Ashok said, “What you want as a drink at night, sir.”

Vikram said, “Beer for us, but are you guys free tonight? It’s our last night in Digha. I was hoping you could join for a drink.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Ashok replied, “Yes sir, of course, we would like nothing more than to join you.”

Raju said, “I will tell Atul also.”

Vikram replied, “Okay, just the three of you then.”

Raju nodded, and they both went away. Then Jay went into the washroom for the shower. Vikram came near me and said in my ear, “Tonight, you will wear a skirt without panty and a transparent top without a bra.” I said, “Fine.”

After having our lunch, we all slept together. Maybe an hour passed, but I couldn’t sleep due to the previous encounter. I was horny as a devil. So I slipped my hand inside Jay’s shorts and started to rub. Then I took it out and started to suck.

Jay opened his eyes, held my head, and started to fuck my mouth. After few minutes, I rode on him and took his dick in my pussy. He grabbed my boobs with both his hands and started giving hard and long thrusts. I was shivering in pleasure, and my pussy juices were flowing rapidly.

His fucking was making a lot of noises if you know what I mean. Then a few minutes later, he left my boobs and held my waist. Then my boobs were bouncing like balls, each in a different circular motion. I guess my jiggling boobs made Jay insane.

He started to slap my boobs while thumping me from below. My boobs turned blood red. Suddenly he pulled me closer. He grabbed both my hands from behind and took my left boob wholly in his mouth. He started to suck, more like chew. I was quite shocked to see his wild side.

Then he took my right boob in his mouth and also started to spank my ass roughly. He was fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t remember how many minutes have passed as it seemed like an eternity. I had no idea that my humble boyfriend had a beast hidden.

Even I had 2-3 orgasms in that rough round of fucking. A few minutes later, we changed position. I got on four, and he started fucking my pussy in doggy style and spanking my ass thoroughly. His every thrust was fast, strong, and full.

Then suddenly jumped into bed and pushed my head against the bed with a hand. He withdrew his dick from my pussy and spat on my ass. In one go, he pushed his dick inside my asshole and started giving me long thrusts. As soon as it got more slippery, his pace increased.

Then he put his leg on my cheek and kept my head against the bed. He stretched my ass cheeks with his hands and kept on fucking. I was like having my fuck of the century with my bf.

After few more minutes of hardcore sex, he released his cum inside my ass. I am sure that I gaped when he took his dick out. He slapped both my ass-cheeks very hard and went to the washroom. I stayed in that position until he came out.

My full body was aching, but there was a satisfaction. I went to the washroom and cleaned myself, and then came to bed. I dozed off in an instant as soon as my body touched the bed.

To be continued in the next/final part. I hope you like the story. I am sorry that the last two installments were delayed. I was busy in studies as it was my final year in college. Please comment and let me how much you liked it.

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