Adventures Of Sex In The Ibiza Club – Part 3

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Hi Readers, I am Nish, and I am back with the next part of the story. Please read the first part to enjoy it completely.

We entered the Ibiza club. God, what an atmosphere there was. People were dancing around high. I thought Riti wore revealing clothes. But when I entered and saw other girls, I felt she had a lot more clothes. The girls around were wearing almost nothing.

Many of them were just wearing transparent tops without a bra. One was wearing a side slit dress till her boobs and just some threads holding the two sides and nothing inside. Nothing was left for imagination, everything was visible. Man, it was a paradise for erect dicks.

People were kissing, hugging, smooching openly. The atmosphere was completely arousing for us. We were now in a different mood totally. We took a couple of shots and started dancing. John somehow picked on one more girl around, and she came to dance with us.

Then a romantic song was played, and Riti came to me. John held her hand and said, “Allow me the pleasure, and you pleasure my partner.” So now I was dancing closely with Bella. Then after some time, a famous party song played, and the crowd was very excited.

We got pushed by the crowd, and we got separated. Bella and I were together, and Riti and John were together on the other side. I could not find them. It was a very large dance floor. I was searching for them, but Bella pushed me to dance. So I danced with her.

When I looked at her, she was showing good cleavage. But when I saw her face, her eyes were closed, and she was damn high. I got to know that she is wasted. So I slipped out of there, and she kept dancing without even noticing. I searched for Riti and John 15 minutes. They were not to be seen anywhere.

So I came back to the table and started drinking. After 15 more minutes, I saw them. I moved to a more convenient location such that I can see them properly. I saw Riti was just dancing in her blue bra and ignorable skirt.

It was nothing extraordinary for the people around. But it was unusual to see Riti so bold. Her eyes were closed, which means she was high. I was taken aback when I saw John kissed her lips, and she easily kissed back. She wrapped her hands around his back and was kissing him.

They were sucking each other’s tongues. It was a wild smooch. They kissed in a way like it was not the first time they kissed. I was shocked. But thought maybe it’s just the atmosphere and everyone is wild and even high. It was just a kiss, nothing more. So I waited to see what happens next.

They were dancing again, and to my bad luck, a romantic song played. They both came close, hugged each other, danced a little, and then started kissing again. Her hands were wrapped around his back, and John’s hands were on her ass, pressing them. He was squeezing her hips while kissing.

Then he took her one leg and pulled it up to bring it around his waist. And now he was touching her inner thighs and also moved his hand between her legs. She was kissing, standing on one leg, and one around his waist. His other hand reached her boobs and started squeezing them from above the bra.

She was getting mad and kept on wildly kissing him. She was damn high. I don’t think she understood what was happening. And then her leg goes down, and John raised his hand. Damn, it had a red panty in his hand, which he just threw randomly.

Man, he had opened the knot of her red panty and removed it and threw it away. Damn, my wife was now dancing with another man without a panty. And they were still kissing wildly. I think she did not even come to know that her panty was removed.

John now pulled her out of the crowd and took her to a corner. I hurried there, but it was getting tough to move soon due to the crowd. But finally, I reached and searched for them. There, in one corner, Riti was sitting on a desk. She was wearing her white shirt, which was open, and there was no sign of her blue bra.

John had his lips on her boobs, and Riti’s eyes were closed. He also had one hand inside her skirt and was jerking it. He was fingering her. Now he moved down, pushed her skirt to the waist. She anyway did not have any panty, and he started sucking her pussy. She was in heaven.

I can see through her expressions. She was just moaning hard and pulling his hair. I know when my wife cums. So I think he fingered her for around 10 minutes and she had already cum twice. But she loved it, I was sure. I am not too good at sucking.

Then there was an announcement that the party will be moving to a pool party. We knew this already. But it was a sudden announcement, so everyone came to senses. There were other couples also making out. But everyone stopped and started to move out. Even Riti and John started to come out.

Now I thought to intervene and reached them after they were a little normal. I reached them and asked, “Guys, where were you I was searching for you.” Riti just stood without saying anything. John said, “Hey, we were just dancing and did not see you anywhere.”

Me: Yeah, a lot of crowds. Anyway, let’s enjoy the pool now and stay together.

I held Riti’s hand, and she leaned on me. I asked her surprisingly, “Where is your bra, baby?”

Riti: I don’t know I think I lost it in the crowd while dancing, it might have slipped out.

I knew she was lying, but I ignored it. We moved to the pool. Man, a new surprise for the atmosphere again. Let me tell you, all nude was allowed. Man, at least 80% of people there, were already nude.

We first sat at the side of the pool, dipping legs in the water. Riti sat in the middle of both the guys. I excused myself and Riti for a bit because I wanted to talk to Riti.

Me: Riti, what were you guys doing for such long? Didn’t you try to find me?

Riti: Baby, we searched for a little, but it was a very big floor. So John said we will meet later. So we drank a couple more shots. And I was feeling really good. So we started to dance.

Me: OK, only dance or something else?

Riti: Well,, I won’t lie to you. Yes, we did make out a little. But I was really high, and the atmosphere around was all so sexy. People around me were making out, so I got turned on. I am sorry. John is so tempting to control. But I assure you I did not make the first move and we did not have sex.

Me: OK. Right now, I am also not in the frame of mind to get annoyed. I would just say to keep in mind we are married. I won’t stop you from a little fun, but you are a better judge.

Riti: Thanks for that. I really love you.

We came back now, and John was already sitting there. And he asked to go inside the pool, so we agreed. But he said, “Guys, we need to remove the clothes to go in. Clothes are not allowed only underwear or swimming costume.”

So we went to the locker to keep the clothes. Riti was already excited to go in. She jumped up, stripped naked, and asked me to keep her clothes in the locker. She was already naked. I asked her what is she doing.

She just replied, “You told me to have fun. Please, you too have fun and don’t worry about me. I won’t annoy you.”

She changed from the atmosphere around and maybe from John around. But then for the moment that she and even I was waiting. John removed his shorts and damn God. He was very fair below and had good cuts there. His dick was half-grown, seeing naked Riti.

Even his half-grown dick would be around 7-8 inches long. I only have 7 inches dick when fully grown. He had beaten me in and out. I saw Riti was awestruck at his dick. John gave me his shorts and asked me to keep it in the locker. So I went to keep the clothes in the locker.

I came back in like just 5 minutes, and what I saw was his dick had grown full hard, and the foreskin was pulled back. I doubted what had happened here. Did Riti jerk his dick? Or he stroked it? I was not sure. But then we all jumped in the pool. We enjoyed in water for some time.

I saw due to so many drinks, Riti’s behavior changed, and she grew very bold even in front of me. John held Riti by her waist many times. One time he picked her up by hips and threw her back in the water.

They were now getting real bold. I saw John went underwater and came back out very near to Riti.  I am sure he must be touching her pussy.

After some time, we just stood in the pool, resting our back at pool walls and took a drink. Riti was in between us.  I felt Riti’s right hand was below the water, and her arms from the top were moving a bit. I suspected she might be stroking John’s cock.

Then she started stroking my cock as well. And now I was sure she is stroking both the cocks because she was looking at me and then looking at John as well. It was already 5.30 AM, and I asked John to head back. They both were not in the mood.

But since we had our flights to catch the next afternoon, I insisted on going back. After some discussions, they asked me to bring a towel and clothes to them. So I left the pool and went to get the clothes and towel. It took some time, and I came back in like 10 minutes.

John was still standing there, and Riti was not to be found. Then suddenly she appeared from below the water very near to John. Her hand was still inside, holding something. I got to know that she is blowing John. I was damn annoyed, but somehow composed myself and thought to let her enjoy tonight.

So I came to them, kept the clothes and towels near them. I said that I am going to the washroom and will meet you guys outside. I somehow put a stone on my heart and thought let them enjoy for a bit more. Maybe due to me, she is not able to enjoy her time and give a proper blowjob.

And I trusted her. She won’t go far than this. So I left them and hid at a place where they could not see me, but I could see them. My heart was not allowing me to leave my wife alone there. But I left them.

They saw me for some time. After seeing that I went out, I saw John jumped up and sat on the side of the pool and pulled Riti towards his cock. Now Riti again started blowing him, and she was doing hard and very fast. She was really enjoying it.

John was pressing her boobs and also sometimes squeezing her ass and pushing hands between her legs. She blew him for around 20 minutes very hard, and damn, he did not cum yet. Great stamina. Now he went back in the water, pushed her to the wall, and started sucking her pussy inside water.

She was moaning like anything. Then he turned her back and again licked her pussy and ass. Suddenly he came up again, and he had already inserted his dick in her pussy. Damn how wet she would be that his 9-inch long dick went in just one go.

And he started fucking her from the back. She was leaning on the pool wall and just yelling. There were so many other couples too who were fucking. After around 15 minutes of fucking, he sat on the pool wall and pulled her like a toy to his lap. He inserted his tool into her pussy while sitting.

She was just jumping with joy, and he kept on fucking her harder and harder. After 15 minutes more of fucking, he stood up, took Riti in his arms. He went to the corner table and made her lie down on that facing upwards. He again inserted his dick in her pussy while he was standing beside the table.

My God, it was already more than an hour of total sucking and fucking, and he had still not cum. I felt Riti had cum at least five times already. He was playing with her like a toy. Now he turned her back and again inserted his dick in her pussy and started fucking.

After around 15 more minutes, it felt like he wants to fuck her ass. But she denied it, and he was forcing her to fuck her ass. And it was too much as she was an anal virgin. I did not want that, so I called John on his number, I knew he wears this smartwatch all the time which vibrates on call.

She saw the call and stopped and messaged me that they are coming out. They wore their clothes and started coming out. Riti had no underwear left, so she just wore the white shirt and the small skirt without bra and panty. I ran outside and stood near SUV.

I was already shattered. Riti did not see eye to eye to me. I understood the guilt. Because it was alcohol and lust that made her fuck John. Mind you, John had not cum yet. Anyway, we sat in the SUV. I told I will sit at the back as my mind was heavy, and my head was reeling after all the show and drinks.

I almost slept as soon as I sat inside. I woke up a little, and I heard them talking.

John: Baby, I m still not satisfied, I want you to fulfill your promise.

Riti: You made my pussy sore. I did not know you have such great stamina, or else I would have never promised you this.

John: I don’t know, now you did. You have to fulfill it.

They were arguing on some promise. I had no more mind left to think about these things, and I slept again. After some time, just for a little conscious time in sleep, I felt Riti is again blowing John in the car. I slept again. I was so out of sense due to so many drinks.

In some time again, I woke up. This time, the car stopped somewhere, and I heard some voices. And damn, Riti was lying naked on the bonnet of the car, and John was fucking her hard. Our car was stopped on the side of the road, and it was totally dark.

Riti was yelling loudly as he was fucking her real hard. I was so weak to think now. I just thought about why she is doing this to me. And in some time, I saw John pulling his dick out and pushing Riti down to suck his dick. He ejaculated in Riti’s mouth. She drank his cum, which she never did to me.

Alcohol and lust can make you do anything. She cannot even count today how many times she came. She acted like a real slut today. It’s just that she did not do anything in front of me. At least she was left with such shame.

Anyway, after all this, they cleaned themselves sat in the car, and in some time we reached the resort. John dropped us and hugged me, and while hugging Riti, he even kissed her on lips. Yes, they had become this bold.

We reached our room without talking, and after the shower, we went to take some rest. We had our flight in the evening. So we got up, had lunch and left for the airport. I did not even ask her what happened there, nor did she mention anything. But yes, she was feeling damn guilty I can see from her face.

So this was all about our adventures at Ibiza. I hope you guys liked it.

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