One Boy With Four Girls

Hey guys, I am back with another story on XIS. I am 22 years old and from Hyderabad.

This incident happened on Dec 24th, 2019. A female friend of mine who lives near my house called me to help her get some liquor from the wine mart. Her name is Suma. She had planned a session at her place with 3 other girls who were her childhood friends.

I met her in front of the wine mart and she hesitated to come into the mart. So I took the money from her and asked her to stay out while I bought the bottles. She asked me to bring beer but I bought a Scotch. She told that it was the first time she and her friends are drinking. So they thought of going with something light.

She also didn’t know how to make a peg. I told her that I will show how to make a peg and also give her company. She didn’t agree because it was a girl gang at her place. On top of that, I didn’t know anyone except her. But after requesting she agreed. We went to the grocery store to buy some snacks, ice cubes, and Coke.

When I rang the bell of Suma’s house, one of her friends opened the door. She was wearing a round-necked t-shirt and shorts. She had huge assets in the front and when she turned back and started walking to the sofa, I could see her buttocks swinging. I went and sat in front of her on a chair.

And two of her other friends came from the kitchen with french fries and nuggets in their hands. Suma introduced me to her friends. The lady who opened the door was Veena. The one sitting to my right was Supriya and the one sitting to my left was Monika.

Suma sat beside Veena on the sofa. Supriya and Monika were sitting on the chairs beside me. There was a small table between us. Supriya had a little darker skin tone but she was charming and cute. She also had a good body structure.

Monika was short and fair. Her eyes made me crazy. She had well-developed breasts and booty. I never looked at Suma with bad intentions. But that day I had different vibrations in my body. Suma looked like a model, she had a perfect figure and curly hair.

I mixed the pegs for the girls and myself. We started talking about ourselves. Veena was doing a course in interior design. Supriya was an intern in a software company. Suma and Monika were working in the same advisory firm.
Finally, I got a topic to start with Veena.

I asked her if she could help me change the look of my bedroom. And we started talking and having drinks one after the other. The girls were having a buzz right after the 1st peg. Monika and Suma started talking about the problems in their company.

I and Veena got bored. And Veena asked if I could interchange places with Suma. I felt very lucky. Later Monika hugged Suma and started sharing her pain. I looked at Veena and asked, “Don’t they look like a lesbo couple to you?” We both started laughing and was looking at Veena’s deep cleavage.

Later Veena saw my dick was semi-erect. She placed her hand on my groin area and started teasing it, with a bitchy smile on her face. My tool was completely erect because of that and Veena started stroking it over my pant. The other girls were in their world.

She then removed my pants and caught hold of my dick. The coldness of her hand was giving shivers all over my body. The other girls saw us and were shocked. Supriya came and sat beside me and caught hold of my balls. Suma and Monika pushed the table aside and kneeled in front of me.

Monika placed her tongue on the tip of my dick and started licking it slowly. Suma also started licking my dick from the other side. Veena pushed both of them away and took my dick into her mouth at once. She started blowing it like a lollipop. It was a heavenly feeling.

I started kissing Supriya who was beside me. We were playing with our tongues and exchanging a lot of fluids. I went down to her neck and started licking it. While my hands were going into her t-shirt for her boobs. She pushed away my hands and removed the t-shirt.

After watching us, Monika and Suma started kissing each other. Now Supriya took my dick into her mouth and I started playing with Veena’s boobs. I put two of my two teeth on her right boobs nipple and started chewing it slowly. Veena was moaning in joy.

Meanwhile, Supriya, Monika, and Suma were fighting for my dick. Monika had my tool in her small mouth. Suma and Supriya wanted more. They gave me their boobs. I was pressing their boobs with both my hands. I cummed in Monika’s mouth and she drank it all.

Veena couldn’t control and stood up on the sofa, opened her shorts and panty and gave me her pussy. I slowly started licking it delicately with my tongue. She caught her head and was shaking with joy. After some time I pulled her down and she fell on my dick.

We slowly repositioned and I entered into her pussy. We started fucking slowly and increased the pace. Her boobs were shaking while we were fucking. And I caught hold of one with my mouth. She had her orgasm and moved away.

The other girls were all naked and have started fingering and licking each other. I fucked all the girls. It was fun to fuck Suma. When she was jumping on my dick we could easily kiss each other and I had my hands behind her ears on her hair. That curly hair of her was tingling my body.

We all had a bath together in the shower. I fucked Veena once again in the shower and slept with my dick inside her till the morning. We had many sexual encounters later. Few in private and few in groups.

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