Got Fucked By Two Brats After Losing A Bet

Hello friends, this is Nisha again with another story. This is a story about how my husband and I lost a bet to his friends to fuck me. This story happened 3 years back. We were still married recently and having fun with sex.

We just started adventures with sex. We usually host few parties. Sometimes we hosted parties for his bachelor friends. He has 2 badass friends, Sameer and Ashish. Sameer is fucking son of a bit. He had eyes on me. He never let go of a chance to stare at my private parts. I always felt uncomfortable around him.

And another friend of his was Ashish. He was also a pervert. I heard he had affairs with many girls. I caught him fucking a girl at a party.

One day we had a small house party, and they were invited to watch a football match. My husband is a hard-core fan of one club, and Sameer and Ashish support a rival club. I don’t remember those names.

That day I cooked dinner, which we all had. Then they sat to watch the match with a beer in hand. After dinner, I changed myself into a nightdress and came and sat next to my husband. I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt.

My shorts were a little tight, and I felt that panty lines were visible. Since it was a little cold that day, my nipples were hard too. They were imprinted on my bra and my t-shirt.

Sameer was staring at them like he wants to eat them. Initially, I was a little uncomfortable. After that, I was also enjoying it as I was getting attention from three guys. All of them were getting distracted while watching the game.

As the match went on, my hubby’s club was winning. He was teasing them. I was also taking advantage and teasing them. Both got a little offended, and Sameer puts a bet.

He says, “If my club loses, you will get to keep my Audi car for a month. You can take it anywhere. If my club wins, we will get to fuck Nisha tonight. If it is a draw, nothing happens.”

I thought that my husband’s club is leading with 2 points, and it hardly can be a draw. I became greedy too and indicated him okay. They agreed on it. But unfortunately, the game turned dramatically after the interval. As soon as the match was over, I knew we lost the bet.

I was looking at my husband. He was just kept his head down. I was helpless.

Sameer: Oh, now Nisha is ours. We can fuck her. (He took off his t-shirt and waving in the air)

Ashish: Oh man, we can’t believe this.

Me: Guys, it is his bet he lost. Don’t involve me in this.

Sameer: Oh, you were there when he bet you. You were not telling then. You also become greedy and telling him to bet, and now you are telling no. Oh, then you thought you guys would get my Audi car for a month to keep.

Me: No, guys, please spare me.

Ashish: No, we can’t do that. We can’t let go of you from our hands. You are ours for today to fuck. How can we let go of this opportunity, Nisha? You are such a bombshell. You will enjoy this too.

In no time, Sameer jumped on me. He tore my t-shirt apart. I was in front of them in my sports bra. Sameer pushed me to the sofa. He held my hand. Ashish came and pulled my shorts. I was in front of them in my white stripes, panty, and bra.

Sameer climbed the sofa, opened his pants, pulled his cock out, and tried to insert it in my mouth. It felt a little awkward at the beginning. He pushed his cock inside my mouth. At the same time, Ashish was kissing my pussy over my panty. I pushed both of them and ran to the bedroom.

They followed me back. Before I close the door, they forced me and came in. I saw my husband. He was sitting outside like a cuckold. They threw me to the bed. Sameer pushed my hands upward and locked it. Ashish locked my legs.

In no time, Ashish tore my panty. I was looking at their lustful eyes. They were in no mood to leave me.

Me: Please leave me. I can’t take this much lust. I will satisfy you both separately.

Ashish: We need you now. If we let you go, we can’t live our fantasy.

Sameer: Don’t worry, dear, it will feel awkward for one time. It will be fine. You will enjoy it. We won’t induce any pain to you.

Ashish: (laughing out loudly) Hi Sameer, look at her pussy. She does not have her pubic hair removed.

Sameer: Smell it, dude. It must be a sweet smell.

Ashish took his face towards my pussy. He started playing with my pubic hairs. Later he started eating my pussy. It was electrifying. I knew these mother fucker were experienced.

Sameer: I will make this bitch suck my cock.

Me: Please stop it, you both.

Sameer: Hi, don’t worry, Nisha, you will also start enjoying yourself after some time.

Sameer put his hard cock inside my mouth. He started moving it in and out. At the same time, Ashish was eating my pussy and playing with my pubic hair. I opened my mouth to scream. Sameer inserted his cock even deeper. They were in no mood to leave me.

Ashish also started fingering me. Ashish started inserting his tongue and suck my pussy. Though it was difficult, my slutty side was aroused. In no time, I orgasm. Ashish unzipped his pant and inserted his cock inside my pussy. I was taking two dicks, one in mouth and one in pussy.

For some time, they did jerk their dick in my mouth and pussy. I was experiencing this helpless electrifying fuck. This was a new experience for me. I heard about BDSM before. It was almost like that with less pain and more pleasure.

After some time, Sameer splashed his cum in my mouth. He didn’t show mercy to take his dick out. He released all his cum in my mouth. I was forced to drink some. He then released my hands. I pushed both Sameer and Ashish and ran to the bathroom. I spat some of the cum out.

After that, I came out of the bathroom. Ashish held me. He pushed me onto the bed, and he started inserting his dick into my ass. I told him not to fuck my ass.

Me: You mother fucker, don’t put your dick in the ass. Put that in my pussy. Or give me I will suck it.

Ashish: You slut take it and suck.

I lay down on the bed, and he came forward and started sucking his dick. After some time, I felt something near my pussy. Sameer came and started giving me giggles. I was enjoying it. I just watched my husband. He was outside, dropping his face down.

I was really mad at him because he didn’t say a single word. After some time, Ashish took out his cock and splashed his cum on my boobs. I went and cleaned myself. I came out. I went to the kitchen to get some water.

While coming back to the room, Ashish pulled me to his lap. He started kissing my boobs, squeezing them, and teasing my hubby. I was also silent. He then bent me over and spanked me hard for few times. Then he made me sit next to him. I was naked in front of 3 men.

That time all my shyness went off. Slowly Ashish pulled his pants off and took out his cock. He gave that to me. I started stroking it. In some time, he cummed. He went to the bathroom to clean, and I went to the room. I wore my panty and bra and then slept for a while.

After some time, I went and slept in the room. After some 2 hours, I sensed something next to me. I opened my eyes I saw. Both Sameer and Ashish are sleeping next to me. Both were playing with my boobs. I just felt helpless and decided to go with the flow.

Ashish jumped on me and started kissing me. He kissed me deeply. They were high. I noticed that. His toughness was all over my mouth. The Sameer started kissing my stomach and pussy area. After some time, Ashish started kissing my neck. Bloody asshole gave me a lovebite too.

He then went down and started kissing my boobs. He pressed them hard and bit my nipples. I moaned a bit. By then, I understood that nothing could save me from them. I just had to go with the flow. Later, Sameer pulled my panty and started inserting his dick. I felt good.

He kept on stroking for 10 minutes. I was almost tired. I told him to stop. Later they took me to the bathroom. Fuckers took me to the hot shower. In there, they made me go down and suck their cocks. I took one in hand and another in mouth and stroked for a bit.

Both fuckers splashed load on my face. Later they only cleaned me and gave kind of sandwich bath. I felt really good. After that, I told them I am exhausted.

Me: I am fully tired.

Sameer: Okay, dear, you can get ready.

Ashish: We want to fuck you one more time.

Sameer: No, Ashish, she looks exhausted. We did too much. Sorry, Nisha, in excitement, we were harsh on you.

Me: Now you are showing mercy.

Sameer looked reasonable that day. Ashish wanted one more round of fucking. But Sameer took him away. A threesome was no new to me, but this time they were a little harsh on me. I was fuming internally on my husband.

At around 5 am both motherfuckers left, and I took some rest. The next day I had a big fight with my husband. I went to my native place after that. Later he came and convinced me, and we became together in 2 months.

After that incident, of dared to explore sexual adventures. But after that, we decided to go ahead only if both had consent to do it. Whenever I have these experiences, I seldom care about his expression and feeling.

I always go on full-blown. This experience gave me that courage. Please provide your feedback on this story of a hardcore threesome at [email protected]

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