Innocent Wife Rides Neighbour’s 2 Sons As I Watch

My name is Partap. They call me Pat, and I am 50 years of age. I am married to my second wife Jas who is nearly 20 years younger than me.

We have no children through Jas as she did not want kids. Although my second wife loves me, Jas has never really been one for physical love. She is a kind of, once a fortnight, lie on her back, missionary kind of woman. I however have a very high sex drive and find other places to get my pleasures.

One of these places was my next-door neighbor, Daliya. Daliya is approximately my own age and lives next door with her two sons – Raheem about 30 years, and Jaimal about 25 years.

The boys are pleasant enough, and I’m sure they know what I get up to with their mum, but they don’t mention it. In fact, they hardly speak to me other than, “Hi and bye.”

The younger one Jaimal had a few learning issues. Although he was a fine specimen of a man, tall, handsome, and in great natural shape, he was not much of a talker.

My neighbor Daliya told me that her boys were very open with her sexually and Raheem had a few girlfriends but Jaimal was a virgin.

One day after my next-door neighbor Daliya and I had spent most of the afternoon fucking, she suggested that I let her sons play with my wife Jas. I didn’t really know how to take that. I was feeling a bit possessive, but also liked the idea of my wife being naked with another cock.

I told Daliya that Jas would never agree, but if her boys could persuade her, then why not? Also, as long as they didn’t hurt her or do anything she didn’t want, and as long as I could watch her discreetly, I was okay with her idea.

A few days later, my wife was outside hanging up the washed clothes. Raheem came to the fence and said, “Aunty, can you come around, please? Mom has passed out, and I don’t know what to do.”

Jas being the caring person she was, immediately went to their house. As she walked into their front room, she found Jaimal sitting on a chair in the corner looking at the floor. Raheem was standing in the middle of the room in his shorts and t-shirt but there was no Daliya anywhere.

Daliya and I were upstairs watching the whole scene unfold on camera.

Jas asked, “Where’s your mom?”

Raheem replied, “She’s gone over to her aunty’s place. Let me show you.”

He approached her and put his hand on her shoulder. Then he led her towards the sofa and asked her to sit down. Still not suspecting anything, Jas did just that.

Raheem sat next to her and said, “Aunty, it’s like this. Mum won’t be home for a long time. I’ve always liked you from the time when I saw you.”

“I thought we could get to know each other a bit better. I’m sorry I had to lie to you to get you here, but I didn’t know how else to do it.”

Jas replied, “Raheem, this isn’t right. What if someone saw me coming to your place. If you want to get to know us better, then you should come over to our place when my husband is at home.”

“But I don’t want to get to know him, it’s you that I want to be ‘friends with,” said Raheem.

At this point, I think my wife actually realized what kind of friend Raheem wanted. She got up to leave, but Raheem gently pushed her back onto the sofa.

Raheem: Please aunty, just let me kiss your feet, then you can go, please.

I haven’t told you what Jas looked like. She was 5 foot 4” tall, medium-built, long black hair, and 34b bust. That day, she was wearing jogging pants, a sweatshirt, and delicate flip-flops on her perfectly sexy feet.

Jas: I can’t let you do that, Raheem. Also, think of your brother, he is sitting here. What effect will it have on him?

Raheem: Please aunty, you have to agree, otherwise I won’t let you go.

And with that, he grabbed my wife in a hug tightly with both arms. Being no physical match for him, she said, “Ok..Ok, kiss my feet, but hurry up boy.”

With this, Raheem pushed her onto her side on the sofa and started kissing her feet, whilst removing her flip-flops. She actually seemed to be smiling at first, then after a few seconds, she seemed to relax a bit and her body seemed to go a bit loose.

Raheem, the sod, was kissing her feet as he slid her joggers further up her legs and started feeling up her legs up to the knees. My wife seemed to be enjoying this even more.

After a few minutes of this, Raheem stood up and dropped his shorts to expose his rock-solid 8-inches cut cock. He offered it to her mouth. She pulled away saying, “Don’t be silly. I am going home now.”

To which he said with real lust, “You will go home when I say bitch and not before.”

She said in a shaky voice, “I am not sucking your cock but I will give you hand relief.”

Raheem: What about my brother?

Jas: I am not doing anything with him at all!!

Raheem: Aunty, here’s the deal. You give me a blowjob and give him a handjob afterward. If he is hard, you can go, but I want to taste your pussy too.

She knew she was stuck now, so she agreed.

Jas: You lick me first then, you little bastard. Then I will suck you off.

Raheem couldn’t get between her legs quick enough. He whipped off her joggers and knickers and threw them at his brother who smiled and held onto her knickers. Raheem spread her legs wide and started eating her pussy. He sucked on her clit for what seemed like ages.

Upstairs, I was rock solid and my neighbour Daliya was sucking me off. Downstairs, my wife shuddered to a climax only to find that as soon as Raheem stood up from her soaking cunt, he pushed his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her throat.

He didn’t last long and was soon shooting his load into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

Jas: Now, give me my clothes. I am going home.

Raheem: Aunty, you are forgetting that Jaimal has to have a go yet.

Jas: Bastards, get him over here and get his bottoms off.

Jaimal walked over to her not daring to look at her. He sat down and pulled down his sweatpants.

I kid you not. This boy had the biggest, fattest, angriest looking cock I have ever seen. It was at least as big as my wife’s forearm!!

“Fucking hell,” she said, “I am not sucking that.”

“You are right, aunty,” said Raheem. “It’s too big for your pretty little mouth. It is best that you sit on top of it!”

Jas: Ok, I will ride it. Here, hold me up while I squat over it.

Raheem the sly sod said, “But aunty, I want something in return to help you. As you didn’t let me fuck you, I want you fully naked, so that I can play with your tits.

My wife didn’t even object. She stood up and stripped off, getting fully naked, and started kissing Raheem while standing with her back to Jaimal and his massive horse cock.

Raheem gently led her back and helped her position her pussy over the throbbing, red-head of Jaimal’s circumcised cock as she slowly got the head inside her. Jaimal grabbed her hips, and Raheem grabbed both her boobs, and together, as if had pre-planned, they both pulled her hard onto the full length of his cock.

My wife let out a massive scream, at which point Raheem stood up and shoved his semi-hard cock in her mouth again.

These two brothers rode my shy, sexy, innocent, wife like this for a full half-hour before they both seemed to come at the same time.

Raheem came down her throat and Jaimal with his sled-hammer of a cock up inside her womb. Upstairs, I fucked the daylights out of their sexy mom. Only Jas knows how many times she came that day!


I hope you enjoyed my story. Based on your comments, I will tell you further sexual adventures with the family next door.

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