Party In Pattaya

My name is Raam. I am an IT professional, living in Chennai. About myself, I am 5.9 ft tall and have a 6-inch tool with good width. I hit the gym daily to keep my body toned. I didn’t have a girlfriend for more than a year. So no sex.

My friends and I planned to go to Thailand to have sex with Thai beauties and release all the steam. We went to Thailand by October 2019. We landed in Bangkok and went to a strip club. We had a few drinks that night and left for Pattaya the next day.

Reaching Pattaya in the evening, we (my friends and I) went to a soapie massage place called Honey 2, where I chose a girl of my liking. The girl took me to a room, got me naked, gave me a nice bath. Then she did the soapie massage similar to porn videos and the sensation was awesome.

After that, she did clean me up. I asked her to blow my dick but she refused and accepted to do with a condom. That sensation was good. I had sex with her for almost 25 to 30 minutes. I came twice and left the massage place happily. But that’s not the point of the story. It started after that.

After having dinner with my friends, I came alone to enjoy the beach view. As I reached the beach that night, I saw Indian type girls. They were chatting happily. I approached to introduce myself. They were a little hesitant. But when they knew that I am from Chennai and they were too, we got comfortable.

We were speaking for around 1 hour generally about what they do and what were they doing in Pattaya. It seems they came to Pattaya with one more friend along with her boyfriend. As they left to do their job, they were alone. Yeah, about them. One is Anjali, she is 5.5 ft white good boobs.

And the other one is Sneha. She is 5 ft short, brown but has perfect boobs, ass, and curves. When asked about their sex in Pattaya, without any hesitation, they told that they didn’t have one till now. I asked them why. They replied that they’ll hire some male gigolo for the night.

I asked them where are they staying. It turns out, their hotel is just opposite to mine. So I asked them if either of them be interested in sex with me. They hesitated. So I gave them my Thailand number and told them to message me in case they changed their mind.

After that, I was feeling down on letting go of the opportunity. To my surprise, they messaged me the next afternoon, asking if I could join them in the city wandering. We started visiting the places and returned to the hotel by evening 7 pm.

I asked them if they changed their mind about sex. Anjali told me to come to her room at 9 o’clock. I was the happiest guy. As I don’t have to pay for sex that night and get to fuck the white Tamil girl. I went to her room wearing a tee and shorts putting on cologne and buying condoms. I rang the calling bell.

Anjali opened the door. She just wore a big t-shirt with nothing under it. I was able to see her haired pussy. I rushed to kiss her. But she stopped me and told me to close my eyes. She tied a handkerchief to my eyes and made me sit on the bed. She then sat on my lap and commanded me to feel her.

With my dick already hard and touching her pussy under my boxers, I undressed her and hugged her. I kissed her neck by cupping her left boob in 1 hand. I pushed her to the bed and I came on top. I licked all over her from face to boobs to pussy. OMG, her pussy is heaven’s smell.

I took my tool out of my pants and started stroking. Anjali took it from my hand and stroked very slowly that my precum enabled her to do. She then undressed me and pulled me to the chair by holding my dick. She sat on the chair and make me lick her pussy.

I licked it like a cat licking the milk and I drunk her milk too. Anjali came twice and she made me lie on the bed. She took my dick in her hand and started stroking it with her 2 hands. One hand rubbing the balls and the other hand rubbing the dick. She gently put her mouth around my dick head.

That caused a jerk in my body. She then took the full dick in and sucked like a pro. I came within 5 minutes in her mouth. She spat the cum in my mouth and lip kissed me sharing the cum with me. We both drunk it. As my dick was down temporarily, she came in 69 position and we licked each other.

My dick was back to form. She put the condom in my dick using her mouth facing me. She looked so sexy at that time. She fucked me riding from the top. Her boobs were shaking and it feels like heaven. I pulled her by boobs and kissed her.

Then I went to missionary and fucked her hard for about 10 minutes. She was moaning. Then we went to doggy position and I was about to cum. Anjali told me to take my dick out and cum on her body, which I obeyed. I licked the cum and shared it with her. We were tired and we lay down on the bed.

Anjali messaged Sneha to come to the room to have dinner. I was awkward as we were nude. Sneha rung the bell to which Anjali opened the door in full nude. Sneha without any hesitation came into the room and asked what we did. Anjali told everything and I was nude the full time under the bed blanket.

She asked if Sneha wants to see my dick. Sneha nodded, came near me and took a peek inside the bed blanket. She even flicked it to tease it. I didn’t mind it. We ordered food. Anjali had a thought in mind to eat the food in full nudity. Sneha got the food from the waiter at the door and arranged it.

Since I and Anjali were already nude, we asked Sneha to get nude too. She just removed her top and in 2 piece lingerie. But she was a dusky Goddess.

After dinner, we started watching some TV and got back to the mood. This time with Sneha around and she seems very interested in it. Anjali and I took the time to tease her. We made her lie on the bed. I pushed her hands down to the bed and my dick was hanging above her face.

Anjali was removing Sneha’s panty and started licking the pussy. It made Sneha moan a lot. She became so hot and my dick became rock hard. With the same position as me holding Sneha’s arm, I put my dick in her mouth. She started licking. I was doing mouth-fuck to her. Anjali made Sneha cum.

Now it was my turn and I went to 69 by putting my full dick in Sneha’s mouth. I started licking her pussy like a mad dog. Anjali and I both were licking which made Sneha cum again soon. Sneha was tired. I went to fuck her in missionary position while Anjali sat on Sneha’s face and giving her face fuck.

I put on my condom and pushed my dick in her pussy. Her pussy was very tight compared to Anjali’s. Sneha shouted but got adjusted to the pace. We then switched to cowgirl position and she fucked my dick like a pornstar. Her face was so rememberable that I even cum today thinking about that.

I had a fantasy to be sandwiched by two girls. So I lay in front of Anjali and my ass facing her and dick facing Sneha on the other side of me. Sneha was giving me a blowjob and Anjali was licking my balls. With two girls playing with my dick on both sides, I came in 5 minutes.

To my surprise, Sneha drunk all of my cum. As I was tired, Anjali and Sneha came to my dick and starting sharing my dick by giving a good blow job. I was in cloud nine enjoying with those 2 beauties. After 10 minutes, my dick was hard and I asked if I can fuck Anjali in the ass.

She thought for a while but she accepted. Sneha applied some oil in my dick and Anjali’s ass crack. We finger fucked her and put my dick in her ass hole. It was very tight and Anjali was about to cry. After a few strokes, we were enjoying it while Sneha was licking Anjali’s pussy.

After some time, I came in her ass and fell on her by hugging her. We all slept hugging each other that night. We had another session the next day morning and next day night. My dick got very tired that I couldn’t lift my dick for 3 days straight.

We didn’t exchange the real phone numbers. But these 2 days, we were in cloud 9.

Thanks for reading it. I know it is very long. Hope you liked it. I will post what happened the other day in the next post. If you girls/aunties want to have some secret fun, please do mail me at at Your privacy will be maintained. For sex chat also, I am open.

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