Memorable time at the spa with a friend

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another sexual fun experience of mine.

I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories, please read them on this link.

This started during the first lockdown. One of my friends had asked me whether I could help a friend of his get a job. I told him that I would forward the resume to my known circles without assurances. He told me that he would ask the person to contact me directly.

After a few days, I got a message on Whatsapp stating that her name was Sujata. She was asked by my friend to contact me. We texted a while, asking about her work experience and her preferred job. I had forwarded her resume to a few known people, and I had forgotten about that.

After a few months, the lockdowns were relaxed. I got a call from Sujata asking if I was free that evening and she needed to meet me. I went to the CCD, where we decided to meet. Though I had seen her face in her DP, it was the first time I saw her fully.

She was tall, slim, and had a nice structure. She was in a shirt and jeans. She was waiting for me at the entrance and shook hands, and followed her. I wondered if the jeans gave her ass a nice shape or her ass fitted the jeans well. We ordered a drink and sat.

She was happy and thanked me for the help. She told me that only because of me did she get the job. We talked for a while, and then we parted ways. She used to message me once in a while, and then the frequency of messages increased. We have become quite close.

We used to talk and message daily whenever we had free time. We meet once in a while. Once, we planned a movie on a weekday evening. We went to the theater, and it wasn’t crowded. We took our seats and started watching the movie. After a while, she was adjusting herself on the seat.

I looked to find that she saw somewhere other than the screen. I turned to where she was looking and found a couple kissing. That guy’s hands were on the girl’s boobs and pressing it. After a while, the guy started to finger her, and the girl arched backward and was enjoying it.

I patted on Sujata’s shoulder and asked if we needed to change seats. She looked at me and blushed. After the interval, we changed seats and watched the movie, and left the theater. The next day when we talked, she told me that people are so bold nowadays.

I asked her what she was referring to? She told me about the incident in the theatre. I told her that it’s common nowadays, and maybe she would be doing it if she had a boyfriend. We didn’t talk about that afterward. The second lockdown had started, and we both were working from home.

I used to go to her hostel and take her shopping for essential things. The lockdown was being relaxed. After a week, she asked me to come to her hostel as she was vacating the hostel and moving to a single bedroom house. We shifted the items and had set her things in her new apartment.

She said she was feeling tired, and her body was aching. I told her to get a massage. She told me that she always wanted to get a massage but was afraid to go alone. So I told her that we should go together and let’s get a couples massage.

She was hesitant at first, and I assured her that it would be great. She agreed to it after a while, and we went to a spa that offered couples massages.  We paid and were led to a room. The masseuse told us to change into the disposable and wrap on a towel if needed. She was excited and shy.

I told her to change her dress in the attached bathroom. She took the towel and the disposable panty and was searching for something. I asked her, and she told me that she was searching for something to wear on top. I told her that they don’t generally wear a bra as the straps will disturb the massage.

She halfheartedly went inside to change. I used that time and changed into a disposable and tied a towel around my waist. After a while, she came out with a large towel tied above her breast, ending just above her knees. I told her to relax. If she was so tense, how would she enjoy the massage?

She was holding her shirt and jeans in her hand. She walked to the hanger to hang her clothes. I couldn’t see her bra or panties. It looks like she hid her bra and panties inside her jeans. When she walked, her panty slipped through the jeans and fell. It was a red-netted one.

I picked it up and told her that red would suit her. She turned and saw the panty in my hand. She blushed and pulled it from me, and hid it inside her jeans. The masseuse came inside after knocking. Since she was reluctant to choose a male, we opted for a female masseuse.

We were asked to lie on the bed upside down. Then they removed the towel. We had to raise our hips a little, and when the towel was removed, I could see her boobs from the side. I could see her only in a disposable panty. She had smooth skin and slender thighs.

Since the panty was a loose one, I couldn’t judge her ass. The towel was folded and put over the butt, and the massage started from the legs. From the legs, they went to the thighs. I could see her enjoying the massage with closed eyes. In the low light, her thighs were glowing in oil.

I could see her twitch when her inner thigh was being massaged, and she widened her legs involuntarily. Then the hips were done and the shoulder, and then they came to the hands. When they took one hand up, I could see the boobs from the side. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

We smiled, and she started to look at me from top to bottom.  The masseuse was standing on the outer side of the bed. The towel was taken from our butt. They held it, covering them, and asked us to turn. It was like they couldn’t see us, but we could see each other.

I turned and lay on my back. She also turned with her hands covering her boobs. When I looked at her, I could see most parts except for the nipples she covered with her hands. Seeing this, I got an erection which showed. She rested on her back and saw me and lowered her eyes and saw my erection and blushed.

The masseuse then covered my crotch area and breast area for her with the towel. When they did the inner thighs, the massage was awesome, but they didn’t touch the private parts. When they came close to the crotch, it was exciting, and the erection grew.

The masseuse just smiled, looking at me, and said that it was normal. There was nothing to feel bad about about it. Hearing this, she looked at me and then at my erect dick and turned her face away. She was massaged above and below the boobs. Soon the massage ended, and we were left to take a shower.

I asked her to shower first. She went inside, covering her boobs with a towel. I could see her full-back with just the panty covering her. It was awesome tight, which made my erection stay. Before entering, she turned to see me looking at her ass, and she smiled.

I could see her gaze fixed on my dick. After a while, she came back from the shower wrapped in a towel and asked me to shower while she changed. I took a shower and came back to see her fully dressed. She looked the other way while I dressed and came back to her flat.

She changed into a skirt and T-shirt, and we started to watch a movie. We were sitting on the bed and kept the laptop on the cot on a portable laptop table. After adjusting a few positions while watching the movie, she rested her head on my shoulder, and I had my arm around her.

The movie was boring, and we started talking. She thanked me for taking her to the massage, and she had a wonderful time. She raised her head and kissed me on my cheek. She thanked me for not taking advantage of her in the spa where the bathroom didn’t lock.

She then raised her head and kissed me on my lips. We kept on kissing while our hands explored. We hugged and kissed. I lowered my hand and caught her hips and then her butt. It was so soft. She pushed her hip towards me and felt my erect dick on her pussy.

She removed my shirt while I removed her T-shirt. I could see her in a red-netted bra. I could see her nipples erect. While we were kissing, I unhooked her bra and removed it. When I lowered my head to look at her boobs, she hugged me tightly.

I could feel those twin globes hitting my chest. I wandered my hands on her naked back. While we were at it, I removed the knot on her wrap-around skirt and removed it. When she realized it and released me, I got to see her awesome boobs.

She was wearing a red netted panty which I saw in the spa. She covered her boobs with her hands as she did in the spa and lay down on the bed. I hugged her, put my leg over her, and caressed her butt over the panties while kissing her back.

I got away from her and removed my pants and came over to her, and hugged her. I could feel my erect dick between her butt. I Slowly moved up and down. She took her hand and caught my head, and pressed. I got down from her and caught her to turn around.

She turned in a swift, and I hugged her. I could feel my dick hitting her pussy over the panties and her boobs pressing my chest. We started to kiss each other, and slowly she relaxed her hold. I lowered my hand to catch her boobs and her erect nipple.

She bit my lips a little. I lowered myself to take her boobs in my mouth and sucked them. I was flicking her nipples with my tongue. She pressed my head more. I alternated between her breasts. Then I came down and kissed her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and teased her.

I then lowered myself and kissed her legs and then her thighs and then on her pussy over her panties. I could see that her panties were wet. I caught the panties at the sides and pulled them down. She slightly raised her butt. I lowered it to see a clean-shaven wet pussy.

I kissed on the mound and positioned myself between her legs. She widened her legs. I lifted her legs and spread it and saw her beautiful pink pussy. I started licking her from bottom to top. I used my fingers to separate her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside.

She kept pressing my head. While licking, I inserted a finger and started fingering. Soon she cummed heavily, and I licked it and cleaned it. I lay next to her, and she was catching her breath from a massive orgasm. Then she turned and hugged me.

She put her hands over my chest and her legs over my dick. Slowly she brought her hands down and caught my dick over my brief and was rubbing it. I removed my brief, and she caught my dick in her soft fingers and was shaking it.  She got up and masturbated at me.

I could see her boobs shake. That was a wonderful sight. I pulled her and asked her to sit on my chest.  She sat on my chest and continued masturbating. I was looking at those awesome butt cheeks. I pulled her back a little and raised her till her pussy was near my mouth.

She got my idea and adjusted herself so that her pussy was in my mouth. I continued licking her. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth. We were performing oral on each other at the same time. Soon we were nearing climax. I told her that I was going to cum.

She pulled herself out and shook my dick, and cummed while she too cummed. She turned, and I could see my cum on her boobs. We went to the bathroom, cleaned each other, came to the bed, and slept, hugging each other nude. We woke up after a while, had another round of oral.

We didn’t want to rush things and didn’t have intercourse. We didn’t have condoms, and also, she wanted to take it slow.  We dressed up, went out, had dinner, and then dropped her at her flat and came back home. We couldn’t meet during the weekdays.

On Saturday, she told me that she is leaving for her native as her granny is sick. I dropped her at the bus stand. It’s been three weeks, and she is working from home from her native. We continue to chat, call, share pics, and sometimes we masturbate to nude calls. We both are looking forward to meeting again.

Girls, feel free to contact me. Let’s catch up for a coffee, and let’s see where it proceeds. It can be just a movie with a friend or a fun time with your friend. Let’s not plan too much ahead. Shed your inhibitions, and let’s catch up for fun.

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