Garima And Girls Rock James’ World

James had lied to Garima. Garima was going to let it go. But the fact that he had also lied to Racine and cheated on her was just too much for any self-respecting woman to dismiss. The two girls gathered together four of their female friends and planned a Girl Power revenge on the boyfriend that would be discussed for years.

James was easily tricked into coming to Garima’s house. It was not hard to trick him. Let’s face it – he isn’t so smart. Once she had James in her house, Garima appealed to the things that James loved the most.

“James, if you wear lingerie and a sissy dress for me, I will have my friend Naksh feed you his big Indian cock!” Garima stated.

James’ eyes grew wide. He loved sucking cocks more than anything. He loved Naksh’s cock because it was totally humongous. James smiled and declared, “I would love to be your sissy boi if I can have his cock in my mouth!”

So James was put into a coordinated pink bra and thong panty set. The matching garter belt and black back-seamed stockings were so adorable. Then James stepped into the pink sissy dress and pulled it on, and zipped it up.

He was such a prissy sissy and looked so very femmy. Some make-up, heels, and a blonde wig completed his ensemble.

Naksh and 17 other Indian guys came walking into the room. James looked and let out a squeaky giggle as he walked towards the guys. James’ arms were held in front of him with his limp wrists displaying his sissy surrender.

Naksh approached and began to pull out his huge 10-inch cock. James dropped to his knees to signify his submission to Naksh’s superior masculinity. Naksh slid his monster cock into James’ hungry mouth and pushed it deep.

James immediately began sucking so hard as his eyes fluttered and rolled back, indicating his extreme pleasure of Naksh’s hard member. James bobbed and slurped with passion. Naksh slowly and rhythmically pumped his hips as his cock banged James’ tonsils repeatedly.

Garima and the girls laughed at the insatiable cock-hunger that James was exhibiting. He sucked, slurped, and slobbered with ferocious intensity. James’ eyes watered. His face blushed as he demonstrated to everyone in the room that he was the cock-whore of the year.

Garima doubled over in laughter as she said, “Hahahahahaha! Oh my god, James, you are more of a sissy than I ever imagined!”

Racine joined in, “Woo-Hoo! What a slutty little slurpy boi!”

Naksh grabbed James’ head and began to throat fuck him with unprecedented power and authority. James’ eyes watered profusely and grew wide as he was uvula plunged into absolute dizziness.

The girls laughed and took video with their phones. Loud slurping noises exuded from the back of James’ slutty throat. It was a brutal face-fucking.

As Naksh began to slightly moan, his monster cock exploded in James’ mouth. Naksh dumped a gallon of sticky cum down James’ throat. James gulped and guzzled the cum as he blushed at the sheer massive volume of it.

Garima giggled, “Oh My God! You guzzled a feast, James!”

Racine and Garima gave each other high-fives as Racine laughed, “Holy fuck! James is not just the cock-whore of the year. He is the cumslut of the year! What a cum-guzzling sissy!”

Naksh pulled out of James’ mouth as James fell back onto his butt. James sat on his little panties and bounced up and down as he kicked his heels in a little tantrum.

His eyes narrowed, and his lips pouted as he bounced up and down on his butt. He declared, “Oh! I am so embarrassed! I’m such a prissy sissy! I’m so embarrassed!”

Garima covered her mouth and laughed hysterically. Racine’s shoulders shook as she laughed so hard. They both were thoroughly entertained by James’ humiliation. The other girls laughed out loud with hysterical laughter.

“You deserve this so much, you cheating liar!” Garima laughed.

Suddenly, a group of four Indian guys surrounded James and took turns cock-slamming his slutty throat. As one cock rocketed down his throat, James stroked the other cocks with his hands.

About every 10 seconds, James put a new cock in his mouth. The girls laughed and gave each other high-fives as James was put into his cock-slurping place.

Each one of those four guys exploded their warm sticky cum all over James’ face. James was shocked and embarrassed and knelt motionless and in silence with his mouth wide open.

The door flung wide open, and in waltzed Nuzla. She looked and walked like she owned the place. Nuzla brought 8 black guys with her. She knew that black cock was James’ favorite to suck. Those 8 black guys face-fucked him so hard and so brutally that they actually knocked out his top two front teeth.

James was shell-shocked and flabbergasted beyond belief. After an hour of hardcore face-fucking by 8 strong men, James’ brain was totally tuned into feminized mush. After each guy was finished power plunging James’ slutty throat, the guys would cum in his mouth and then pull out.

James looked like a humiliating bobblehead, his head spinning, his eyes crossed, and his tongue hanging out. Then the next cock was inserted into his mouth and throat, and it all started again. It was a brutal world-record-setting throat fucking.

Nuzla and Garima stood together laughing hysterically at the sight of a blushing James submitting his entire will to dominant men. He was being put in his place by the girls that knew him best.

James was so intensely embarrassed that he could not even formulate thoughts or words. He could only blush and whimper over and over again.

Suddenly the door flew open, and Carly walked in. She walked in and put her hands on her hips, and declared, “Let’s get this blushing sissy into a cheerleading uniform and make him work for us!”

Garima clapped as she exclaimed, “Yes! James is our cheerleader! Our slutty sissy cheerleader! Cheerlead for us, James!”

Nuzla giggled as she brought the cheerleading uniform over to James and demanded, “Put it on!” He quickly submitted to Nuzla while whimpering a quiet, “Yes ma’am!”

He slid the top over his head and pulled the tiny skirt into place. He then picked up the pom-poms and awaiting further instruction. Carly then commanded him, “Grab yer ankles, ya fucking sissy boi!”

James obeyed her command and grabbed his ankles. James blushed, knowing that his cheerleading skirt was not long enough to cover his butt cheeks. Carly giggled and said, “Oh, such cute little cheeks!”

She lifted his skirt, revealing his pink thong, and commented, “Oh my! Such adorable panties! So effeminate!” She then pulled his panties down and pulled out a large black dildo, and lubed it heavily. Then Carly slid the dildo a full 8 inches into his anus.

“Oh my!” exclaimed James.

The dildo made his ass feel so incredibly full. Carly pulled the panties back up and delivered a swat to his ass cheeks. James held his bent-over position. Nuzla picked up a wooden sorority paddle and swung with undisputed authority. The SMACK produced a loud echo in the room and stung his butt cheeks properly.

Over the next 15 minutes, Nuzla taught James a lesson in Girl Power. Nuzla’s paddle lit James’ ass-cheeks afire and had pushed the large dildo even deep into James’ submissive ass.

Carly then commanded James, “Okay, sissy boi, do some cheers for us!”

James immediately stood up straight. Without hesitation, he launched into a cheer with unmistakable pep and vigor. He used his pom-poms and swung his hips as he cheered.

“Ready and…
Give me an S!
Give me an I!
Give me an S, S, Y!
I’ll be a sissy for all of my life!
And I slurpy!
And I sucky!
And I gobble cocks!
I’m your Lil Rah-Rah!
And Girl Power rocks!”

All eight girls laughed so hard and clapped for a blushing James. James shoved his hands on his hips and glared through narrowing eyes as he grunted in total embarrassment, “Uggghhh!” The girls laughed even harder at this and gave one another high-fives.

Garima then mentioned, “As adorable as this is, we really should get him back to his true life calling!”

Nuzla and Carly smiled knowingly and stepped aside as a group of Indian guys came walking through. James dropped to his knees, and the guys pulled out their cocks. Without instruction, James began sucking Indian cock and bobbed and slurped with great passion.

As he slurped, each Indian guy fed James a mouthful of warm sticky cum. James gulped down the cum as fast as it was delivered. It was a demonstration of obvious cock-slurping slut

After two hours, James had slobbered 13 Indian men dry and had fallen back on his sore butt with a THUD! He sat and blushed as he licked his cum-drenched lips. Then Carly revealed a wonderfully hilarious surprise. She took a remote out of her purse and handed it to Nuzla.

Nuzla smiled and held the remote in the air for James to see. She then pushed the button on the remote, and the dildo deep inside of James’ ass began vibrating hard. James’ teeth chattered and his eyes crossed, and he howled, “Whoa!”

As Nuzla turned the vibrations off and on. James grew more and more embarrassed. When the vibrator was engaged, James would slightly bounce on his butt cheeks. He blushed as his butt cheeks grew sore.

Nuzla laughed harder and harder. It was like she was personally in charge of administering his butt pain. Nuzla left the vibrator on and left James bouncing on his bottom.

Nuzla, Racine, Garima, and Carly blew kisses to James as they left the room. James, blushing and bouncing on his butt, could only roll his eyes and blush bright red as he whimpered with sissified girly-ness! Cock-gobbler James had been stripped and completely humiliated.

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