Weekend Fun With A Mumbai Couple

This is Ram, aged 50, a fair, friendly man from Bangalore. I keep visiting Pune often. I had posted last year in Locanto under category couple looking for male. I got a response from a Mumbai-based couple. They wanted to explore and make their sex life spicier with some weekend fun.

Anyone who wants to explore a similar experience, please get in touch at [email protected]

Let’s move on with the story. We planned and decided to meet at their Pune apartment. They kept it basically to spend time away from busy Mumbai life. I reached Pune around 6.30 pm and met the husband, Sunil. He is 53 years old. Quite tall, heavily built, around 5.10 in height, and fair looking.

We got the food/drinks. He and his wife Smita, aged 45, both drink and smoke. We reached their apartment at 7.00 pm. The apartment was on Koth road, Pune. And it was 2 BHK. Sunil’s wife just had a bath and was waiting for us. Sunil introduced her saying she is Smita.

She is stunningly good-looking with sexy eyes, 5.6 height, fair looking, and fully fit, with the right curves. We said. ‘Hello’tTo each other and just got settled. Slowly Sunil and Smita got ready with vodka/sprite and started drinking.

We 3 were sitting on the sofa. Smita was in the middle. Slowly, Sunil started smooching her and pressing her 34c boobs over the saree. I was just watching the TV screen wherein it’s playing a threesome video. Sunil started it before drinks.

The moods are getting hot. And slowly, she started moaning. Then Sunil said, “Ram, why are you feeling shy? Just join me. Smita is waiting for double fun today.” Slowly I also put my hands on her shoulders and started playing with her hair and cheeks.

After a couple of minutes, Smita turned towards my side and started kissing on my lips. We started kissing each other for almost 10 minutes. Then, I started playing with her 34c boobs over the saree. I removed the ‘pallu’ and started pressing over the black blouse.

She was very hot, and her breathing started heavy. We started kissing with lots of intensity. I could make that she is really becoming hot. I was pushing my tongue deep into her mouth and sucking the saliva, and she started enjoying.

Slowly I opened her blouse and found she is not wearing a bra. I saw her 34c boobs, like big apples, very firm, and cherry fruit nipples. Started teasing her, biting her nipple. And pinching the other nipple with both fingers. She started moaning loudly.

Sunil got up and went to the kitchen to fill the drinks. Now I slowly pushed her on the sofa and removed the full saree. She opened my shirt/banian and pant. I was just in my briefs, and she is in her petticoat. Slowly I removed the knot, and the petticoat fell down, giving her angel sexy goddess-like figure.

With her pussy just oozing her hot juices due to foreplay/kissing. Her pussy is visible with pink inner walls. And really made me mad. Sunil came back to the hall and said, “Oh, you guys are already advanced?” and laughed.

She slowly removed my brief, and now I was fully nude in front of her. So was Sunil. I saw him and found his dick is very small, around 4 inches. That too not much visible due to the big tummy. Being 53 and due to lots of smoking and drinks, he is not that curious about her.

He gave the impression that he wanted to watch her enjoying with another man than participating in the action. With the golden opportunity, I started playing with her boobs. I inserted my finger in her love hole. And believe me, the pussy is fully wet with her pre-cum juices.

My finger went in deep very easily. And I could feel her pussy walls. She started closing her eyes and kissing me continuously. I increased the pace of the finger and inserted 2nd finger. She started moaning at a high pitch. Then Sunil said, “Let’s move into the bedroom and have full action.”

Without removing my fingers from her pussy, I walked into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I can see her breathing got heavy, and her boobs become hard. And her nipples become fully erect. Slowly, I was biting her nipples and still not leaving my fingers in her pussy.

I was giving slow and steady strokes. She could not wait and started kissing my fully erect 6 inches long and 2 inches thick dick. I could see her happiness in her eyes. As she got a much bigger dick to play around with than her husband’s, which is hardly 3.5-4 inches.

She was like a pro in giving a blowjob. She is excellent at using her mouth. It’s almost 10 minutes. She was enjoying a blowjob and her pussy being finger fucked. Slowly, I got up and pulled her to the end of the cot/bed. I stood on the ground and slowly inserted my dick in her hot, juicy, wet pussy.

Omg, I could feel her pussy heat around my dick. She started moaning as my dick was much bigger than Sunil’s. I could feel her pussy walls trying to squeeze my dick. As I keep pumping her, she started saying, “Do not push too hard. Make it slow.”

But the dick fully went inside. I could see she closed her eyes and fully enjoying my dick in her pussy. I started pumping her slowly and feeling her pussy walls. Biting her nipples in between and kissing her lips. Kind of fully in action.

Sunil was sitting next to her and slowly made her hold his dick in her hand. She took his dick in her mouth. Now she is busy with 2 dicks. One, I am pumping with medium strokes, and her husband’s dick is in her mouth. She really started enjoying it.

As she has already had a couple of pegs, she started moaning heavily. After 10 minutes, the strokes in her pussy, I told her to get onto fours. She understood and lifted her hips. I took her pussy from the backside. She was at the edge of the bed.

It was very convenient for me. I could push my dick into her pussy without much difficulty. I increased the strokes, and she was shouting and sucking her husband’s dick. Suddenly I could feel my dick was squeezed and understood she was about to get orgasm.

In 2 minutes, she made a loud noise and squeezed with her pussy walls on my dick. Her face was fully glowing. I kept giving strokes and, after another 10 minutes, said, “I am going to cum. Where shall I cum?”

Her husband said, “Let her feel your cum in her pussy and as such no danger as she is operated.” I was very happy and shot my cum in her pussy. She felt the hot cum in her puss and was moaning. It was an amazing experience.

In the next 2-3 minutes. My dick became small and came out of the pussy. She just laid down and relaxed. Sunil and I were playing with her boobs. He started kissing her. After 10 minutes, she went into the bathroom to clean her pussy.

I said that  I will also join and went inside the bathroom. She held my dick and washed it with warm water from the geyser. Then, I made her bend and started cleaning her pussy with my fingers pouring warm water. She was feeling the tickling sensation in her puss and make her aroused.

I slowly pushed my dick in her mouth. She was ready and took my dick fully inside her mouth. Sunil started asking, “What happened to you guys?” And we slowly walked back into the bedroom.

Then we decided to grab dinner. We all 3 are nude and did not wear any dress. After the dinner was over. I asked Sunil if he has any cloth clips. He said yes. They were kind of surprised what for this stuff.

They had another peg and finished 2 cigarettes. Slowly I started playing with Smita’s boobs. I clipped 1 clip each to her nipples. She said, “It’s hurting.” after a minute or so. I said, “You just keep it as you do not have any choice.” She was just bearing the pain.

Slowly, I used 2 clips to her pussy lips (labia) and inserted my fingers again. Meanwhile, Sunil got the ice cream and asked us to have it. Then I got an idea and said, “Let’s make it special.”

I took the ice cream stick from him and inserted it in her pussy.  She started screaming. Her hot pussy could not adjust to the ice cream, and the ice cream started melting fast. I started licking the ice cream from her pussy lips, and she was kind of enjoying it to the core.

We licked the full ice cream, which got totally melted in her hot pussy. I could feel her pussy was so cold due to ice cream. Then I removed the cloth clips from her nipples. I made her be on her fours. I asked her if she is comfortable taking in her ass.

She said. Yes. She had taken earlier Sunil’s. But skeptical whether she can manage mine as Sunil was very small and lean. I inserted my dick in her ass. It was really tight, and she screamed with her full voice. With that scream, I removed my dick from her ass.

She was very happy to take me in her pussy. I banged her for 25 minutes. I got fully exhausted so was she. By then, it was almost 12.30 am at night, and we decided to sleep off. The next day being Sunday, we decided to get up late.

With these nice fucking sessions, I got wonderful sleep. At 7.30, I got up and started playing with her boobs as she was sleeping in the middle. Slowly she got up and started giving a nice blowjob. I had a nice morning session with her.

With the bed moving up and down and she making moans, Sunil also got up. He said, “Oh, you guys are already in action?” She said, “Haa. I am enjoying the dick. As I will not get this opportunity again.”

We got up around 8.30 am and had a nice bath. Meanwhile, Sunil went out and got the snacks. We had nice snacks, and they started drinking alcohol and me with sprite. With the hot movie / blue film on the screen, we all started action.

We had another 2 rounds before 3 pm and finished lunch. By 4 pm, they started their journey back to Mumbai as she worked in a school.

“It was so memorable,” she said, “Ram, I never had such pleasure.” And she said thanks to Sunil for his understanding and for arranging a wonderful weekend.

As we all are fully matured, though we have each other’s phone numbers, we never disturb one another. Our plan is again to meet in the coming summer holidays. We all hope it would be another memorable threesome with the Mumbai husband and wife.

So, any ladies, widows, divorcees/unsatisfied ladies, or couples who want to explore similar fun, either from Pune/Bangalore or other places, want to explore fun-loving and great sex.

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