My Cuckold Fantasy Comes True

Hi, friend Rohit again. After a long time, I am writing another story. It is the story of one of my readers, Soumya, of how his cuckold fantasy comes true. At his request, I am writing the story. Let me introduce the star cast of the story – Soumya, his wife, Baisakhi, and Rajesh.

Soumya is 44 years old. But due work pressure and other anxiety make him feel older. His tool size is only 5″ when erect. But it does not become hard properly and ejaculates very fast.

On the other hand, his wife is very beautiful, hot, and sexy. She is 43 but never looks more than 30. She is fair with a perfect curve. Any man can lust for her. Her boobs size is 32C. Her vital stat 32-26-36.

Rajesh is a handsome young hunk. He is their family friend residing in their area. He is only 21 years old with a huge sexual appetite. He is almost 5’11” tall, muscular, and well-built. His tool is almost 9″ long with a huge thickness. He has an extraordinary capacity to hold his juices for a long time.

He likes married middle-aged women. Rajesh already fucked so many married women in our area. Now read the story from Soumya’s narration.

Hi, I am Soumya. I always tried various kinky sex experiences. Presently I want a bull who can fuck my sexy wife in front of me and make me satisfied. I was searching for a handsome young boy who has a great capacity for satisfying women. Finally, I found Rajesh in my area.

I gathered some info about him, and I was satisfied. I made my mind that Rajesh will be the stranger who will fuck my wife. But the main problem was that my wife was not ready for such a kinky experience. I told her about my fantasy, but she was not ready for that.

I was thinking and trying to make some plan to convince my hot, sexy wife, Baisakhi. But I didn’t get any solid idea. I decided to meet Rajesh and wanted to know from his side.

One day I met Rajesh in a tea shop and told him about my fantasy. He was ready, and he told me that he has a great lust for elderly mature MILF. I showed him some hot and sexy pictures of my wife. He was going crazy and wanted to fuck my wife Baisakhi.

But the real problem is Baisakhi is not ready for that. She strictly denied and not agreed with my proposal. So I asked Rajesh for some way out. He looked at me and said, “Do you really want me to fuck your wife in front of you?

Me: Yes. But why are you asking?

Rajesh: I want to tell you something. I have also seen your wife in our area, and he is a hot and sexy MILF.

Me: Really?

Rajesh: Yes, bro, and I shagged many times by fantasizing about your wife.

Me: What are you talking about?

Rajesh: Sorry for that.

Me: Don’t be, because your word makes my dick real hard. I never imagined how it would be filled if someone shagged for my wife. But now I understand it’s aroused me a lot. I want you to fuck my wife in front of me.

Rajesh: It will be my pleasure.

Me: Why don’t you seduce her?

Rajesh: I tried that also, but she just ignored me. I seduced many mature married women. But your wife is an exception, making me hornier for her.

Me: Then, what to do?

Rajesh: We can do one thing.

Me: What?

Rajesh: Why don’t you mix sleeping pills in her drink? When she goes into a deep sleep, I will come and fulfill our dream.

Me: But with the help of sleeping pills, you can’t fuck her. She will awake then we both will be in a problem.

Rajesh: I will proceed until she is awake. When she wakes up, you take my position. Due to the effect of the sleeping pills, she doesn’t understand the actual situation. And think, maybe I will not be able to fuck her. But at least I can enjoy her soft buttery body.

Rajesh: I can kiss her lips, fondle her boobs, suck her juicy boobs. I will lick her pussy, and shag in front of you during play with her soft sexy body. I think at least that much you can enjoy.

Me: You are right. We should go with your plan. Because just hearing of the situation, I turned on.
Rajesh smiled at me. We decided that next Saturday night, we will execute our plan. Finally, the day comes, and I was eagerly waiting for the night. The night before dinner, I gave a strong sleeping pill to my wife, Baisakhi. So just after our dinner, she immediately went into a deep sleep.

I called Rajesh, and he came. Finally, the time came. I was very much excited. Baisakhi was sleeping in our master bedroom. I called Rajesh and asked him to come. Within few minutes, he came. I opened the main door. I took him to the bedroom.

My wife Baisakhi was sleeping in a sari. She was sleeping on her left, so from the door, we could see only her back. I moved towards her and turned her. Now she was sleeping on her back. I set my handy cam on the stand because I wanted to shoot the entire episode. Rajesh also didn’t object.

Rajesh came close to the bed and watching her from toe to head. His eyes were filled with lust. “Bro, she is more beautiful and hot than I thought.” I smiled at him. I asked him, “Now start. I am sitting beside her.” He came close to my wife and took her anchal from her shoulder.

He then removed her sari completely from her body. She was lying in her blouse and petticoat. Rajesh’s eyes were popped out. He licked his lips and pressed his tool over the trouser. I winked at him to proceed further. I was sitting beside her head and watching them.

Rajesh sat beside her and put his shaking hand on her boobs over the blouse very slowly. He placed his hand on her left boob and pressed very gently. He moved down his head and kissed her soft lips. He was sucking her soft lips one by one, licking her entire face and neckline.

His hand was busy pressing her soft juicy melons over her blouse. I said, “Open her blouse.” He didn’t waste any time and immediately open her blouse hooks one by one and finally took out her blouse from her body. She was wearing a black bra. Her creamy color and black bra made a sexy contrast.

Rajesh couldn’t hold himself and immediately start pressing her breast again over the bra. He entered his hand from the above in her bra. The first time any other man held her naked boobs. Her soft skin made him hornier. He held her soft boob and pressed them.

He was pressing her breast and kneaded them gently. Her soft melons gave current to his body. I asked him to remove her bra. He was just waiting for that. In a swift motion, Rajesh opened her bra immediately and threw it to the corner of the room.
Baisakhi was lying in her petticoat. Her upper body was completely nude. She was still sleeping, but her body was not, proved by her erect light brown nipples. Rajesh went mad by seeing such a beautiful pair of juicy boobs.

He took those juicy melons in his hand and pressed them, kneaded them, kissed them, sucked them, and licked them. Finally, my dream was going to be real. Some other man sucked and played with my wife Baisakhi’s juicy boobs and erect nipples. He was not ready to leave those boobs.

I asked him to open his shirt and pant. He immediately opened it and again was busy with her boobs. Rajesh was standing in his vest only. His bulge is seen above his vest. I put my hand on his rock-hard dick above the vests. He stopped and looked at me. I smiled at him. He understood my intention.

He opened his vest. Rajesh was completely naked, and her erected dick was saluting the beauty of my wife, Baisakhi. He got a big and thick cock. A monster cock was saluting my wife’s beauty in front of me. Precum was oozing. I held his dick in my hand and gave a small stroke.

What a scene. Rajesh was kneading and sucking my wife’s beautiful juicy melons. My wife was moaning softly in her sleep while I was giving him a hand job. Within few minutes, Rajesh held my hand strongly and looked at me. I understood that he was coming.

I freed my hand and pulled his cock towards my wife’s boobs, and stroked. With a controlled grunt Rajesh came on her boobs. His hot thick semen hit Baisakhi’s boobs, face, and navel. Rajesh was breathing hard. But still, he looked at my wife’s nude upper body.

I left his dick and took a towel, and cleaned his juices from Baisakhi’s body. Rajesh looked at me with a sad face. I know he wanted some more time with Baisakhi. I smiled at him and said, “Not yet finished, don’t worry.”

Rajesh smiled. He was happy. I asked him to make her completely nude. I already asked Baisakhi before that night to clean her armpit and pussy and made them hairless. Rajesh opened her petticoat from her waist. Baisakhi was lying in her black lacy panty.

I winked at Rajesh to come on the bed. Rajesh got up on the bed. He was moving his hand on her entire soft buttery body. He moved her head down and licked her belly button. He moved down and was kissing and licking her legs. He was licking her thigh, ankle, foot, leg fingers like a mad dog.

Within few minutes, his dick was erect again. He took out her panty. Rajesh was looking at her cunt full of lust. He looked at me for the final permission. I nodded my head. He moved down and put her mouth on her pussy lips. He was sucking, licking, and kissing her pussy.

Baisakhi was moaning lightly and jerking her body with pleasure, but she was sleeping. I asked Rajesh to put one finger in her pussy. Rajesh slowly put one finger in her pussy and start fingering. Her pussy was wet and licking. I asked him to put two fingers. He did.

But still, Baisakhi was sleeping. I asked Rajesh to come over to her. He was waiting for my permission. He jumped on her. Rajesh was smooching her lips. Her soft melons were pressing under his chest and his hard dick poking her pussy lips.

Suddenly Baisakhi opened her eyes. She looked at Rajesh and screamed with pleasure. Suddenly we both stopped. She looked at me. I was speechless. But when hormones take control over the mind, people behave differently. Baisakhi is also very much aroused and horny. There was no going back.

Baisakhi: So, finally, you make me a slut. (she looked at me and said)

Baisakhi: (Then she looked at Rajesh) You finally enjoy my body, hmm. What are you waiting for? Just finish what you started.

We both relaxed with her words. We looked at each other, and Rajesh again took position for the final count down. I held his dick and guided it to her pussy. Rajesh asked me, “Without condom?” I nodded in affirmative.

Rajesh was surprised and also very happy. He pushed his hard thick monster rod in my wife’s wet slippery pussy. It went in her cunt completely. Ultimately my dream came true. My dick was also rock hard. I opened my clothes and took out my dick in my hand.

Baisakhi screamed in pain. She never experienced such a big cock in her entire life. His dick just went half. He again took it out and thrust. He did like this several times. Ultimately it went completely in her wet pussy. She was in pain. She dogged her nails on his back.

Rajesh stopped his movement. He bent down and sucked and licked her lips and boobs alternatively. After 2 to 3 minutes, her pain subside. Rajesh then started his movement slowly. He took out his dick completely and then again pushed it inside. He was fucking her methodically.

Almost 5 minutes, he was moving his hard monster dick like this. Then slowly, he was taking speed. After 3 to 4 minutes, he was fucking her with full speed. His mouth covered her lips. I could hear their muffing sound only. Baisakhi already reached her orgasm once.

Suddenly, Rajesh stopped, and with a swift movement, he took her into her lap. He moved her ass like a doll on her hard dick. My sexy wife, Baisakhi, was moaning with full pleasure. He didn’t stop, and after a few minutes, he again changed his position.

Now he was standing and took Baisakhi in his hands. Baisakhi gave full co-operation and wrapped her hands around her neck. He was fucking her in that position for good 10 minutes. I never saw such an intense fucking session in my entire life. Then I understood why married women were mad for her.

Baisakhi: Hmmm, fuck me.

Rajesh: Sexy, I will take out all your juices from your glory hole.

Baisakhi: Yes. You are too good. Fuck me. I am coming again.

With a loud moan, she came again. Her juices were flowing through his legs. Rajesh put her on the bed again and came into a missionary position. He was now pumping her like a bull.  Rajesh was now fucking my beautiful sexy wife, Baisakhi, with full intensity.

They both were grunting with pleasure. Her Boobs were moving with his every stroke. He held her soft boobs and pressed them with full force. Her juicy melons became completely red. Several bite marks were there on her face, neck, boobs, and everywhere.

I am watching them very closely and stroking my dick. He was grunting with pleasure. He was pumping her with full pressure. After few minutes, he pressed her lips on Baisakhi’s lips and pushed his dick deep inside her pussy. He was now reaching climax. His body was jerking with pleasure.

Baisakhi also reached for her third orgasm.

Rajesh: Sexy, I am releasing my juices.

Baisakhi: Yes, Please come inside me. I want to feel your hot thick juices inside my deep glory hole.

Rajesh hugged her tightly, pressed his lips on her lips. He released his hot thick juices deep inside my wife’s pussy, jolt after jolt. He came inside her for 1 min almost. Baisakhi also released her juices. They both were exhausted and panting for breath. Rajesh moved down and laid beside her.

I was also reached my climax. I moved forward and pushed my dick inside her mouth, and emptied my ball. We three were lying side by side. Baisakhi was lying between us. We three were completely satisfied.

What happened next? I will write in the next episode. Till then, I want to know your feedback and comments about how Saumya realizes his fantasy of being a cuckold. You can mail me at ‘[email protected]’ or send a message in my hangout.

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