School Friends To Sex Partners – Part 1

Hi everyone, this is Raja (name changed) and this is my first story. I am from Lucknow and I am currently working in Pune. This is a real sex story about me and my school friend whom I met recently after 10 years. So, let’s read about the sexual adventures we had.

The heroine of my story is Dipti (name changed). Dipti was a simple and studious girl at school. We were classmates back then but I never had any sexual feelings for her. Now, she has stats of around 34-32-35 and a beautiful curvy body.

Coming to the story. One day, I accidentally came across my old school friend’s Facebook profile and I sent her a friend request in January. She accepted it the next day and we started chatting normally on Facebook.

Dipti was working as an interior designer and I was an engineer. We used to chat late at night after coming from our offices. Soon we became best friends and used to share office stories and knew everything about ourselves.

I had many girlfriends in school and college. Dipti too had a boyfriend in college which she told me but they broke up when she moved to Pune. We started sharing non-veg jokes and discuss sexual topics in a casual way. However, I never had any intention of fucking my old classmate.

One day, we planned to meet after the office at a club in Hinjewadi. It was a Friday. Dipti was looking so hot in her black color one-piece with red lipstick and open hair. I realized she was no more a shy girl.

We started talking, drinking and dancing. I started to feel something inside. I was getting closer to her, touching her hands and holding her waist. All of a sudden, I pulled her closer to me and looked in her eyes and said, “You are beautiful”. She laughed and asked, “Just beautiful?” I gained more courage and said, “Sexy and hot too.”

Me – And I want to kiss those lips of yours and suck them.

I paused for a moment.

Dipti was surprised by all these sudden changes in me. But she smiled and said, “Aur?”

Me – Aur I want to take you to my place, undress you, love you and kiss you softly.

She – “Softly?” What if I like it rough?

I was getting hard on hearing this.

Me – I will fuck you so hard and rough whole night that you will scream my name a hundred times.

She – I am already wet, make sure you fulfill all my desires, then.

Me – At your service.

We both laughed with lustful eyes. I kissed her on her lips on the dance floor.

We both were horny now. I took her to the washroom and locked the door. Dipti jumped on me like a hungry tigress and we started kissing. My hands were running all over her back, her perfect ass, squeezing her body and her boobs. She looked at me and said, “Remove my bra and suck my boobs and drink from them.”

Her words made me mad. I removed her dress and her bra started pressing and sucking my old classmate’s boobs like a hungry and mad man. I pinched her nipples, pulled them and sucked them. She moaned a little, “Oo Raja, aur karo, aur dabao, aur chooso”.

We were getting hornier by every passing second. My penis was rock-hard and wanted to get out of my jeans. I was feeling the pressure building up inside my penis.

Dipti started rubbing my penis over my jeans and I was unable to control any further.

Dipti – Kholo.

I removed my jeans and kept kissing Dipti’s neck and lips.

She started jerking my penis. It was getting hot in there and we were sweating so much. We were in the washroom of a full-packed club with such loud music and Dipti was literally shouting, “I can’t wait now. Please do something. I want you inside.”

I asked her to wear her clothes and leave the club and come with me to my flat which was nearby. We went out and sat in my car. We were blushing.

Dipti – Raja, aj meri Jan fantasies poori ho rahi.

Me – I never knew you were so wild.

Dipti – I also want to have sex on the bonnet of your car and I want you so hard and wild. Wet kardo aur phaad do aj meri choot.

Her words were making me so horny. I also replied to her, “Ghar chal k chodunga, meri jaan.”

I drove home as it was not safe to have sex in the open.

As soon as we got inside, we started kissing each other like crazy. We then removed each other’s clothes and got fully naked.

Then I took her to my bed and started kissing and licking all over her curvy hot body. Dipti was moaning numerous times. Then I came between her legs and started licking her pussy which made her jerk suddenly. She shouted my name at that second.

My horny classmate was pushing her wet pussy on my face making me to lick there more and was moaning loudly. I licked it dry and loved the smell of her juices.

Dipti – Please.. I can’t wait, daalo bhi ab, Raja.

I put on a condom and started fucking her in missionary position. Her pussy was tight but I managed to get inside her and started ramming her roughly. She was moaning, “Ooo fuck… go harder… harder.. chodo mujhe..”

I fucked my classmate in many positions and fucked her all night in my building. She was enjoying it and kept kissing me. Finally, she said, “I love you Raja” and slept.

We slept naked that night.


This was just the beginning of my sex life with Dipti. The next part will be posted soon. In that part, I will tell you how I and Dipti enjoyed our weekend and what all wild things we did at that time. Stay tuned.

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