Visit To Heaven On My Birthday – Part 3

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After a great session, we slept for nearly 2 hours. I woke up and found Sona in her deep sleep. She was looking gorgeous. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. All the actions were making me feel hungry. I prepared an omelet for both of us.

I woke her up and handed her a plate. She kissed me on my cheeks and said, “Thank you, honey.” I sat next to her on the bed and started eating. Both of us were naked. She looked at my dick.

Sona: My baby is sleeping
Me: Yes. Coz you gave him hard work today.
Sona: He loves his work, doesn’t he?
Me: Yeah, so much.

Sona: Won’t he wake up now?
Me: Of course he will
Then she kissed me on lips and said you are too horny.

Sona: What’s the plan for the evening?
Me: Anything you say.
Sona: Let’s go out for dinner
Me: Fine.

Sona: Wanna invite your friends?
Me: None are available today.
Sona: I’ll invite Ria and Prateek.

Me: If it’s only four of us then let’s party here. I’ll get the drinks.
Sona: ok that would be fine.

Ria and Sona are best friends and had grown up together. I met Ria on many occasions. I used to accompany Sona to their parties. Ria liked me since the beginning. At one of the parties, Ria got a dare to kiss me, and she was more than happy to kiss me.

Even I enjoyed the moment. Sona always used to say that Ria like me very much. I knew Sona shares everything with Ria even about our sex life. Once Sona said that Ria saw a photo of my dick in Sona’s phone and was impressed. I didn’t meet Prateek a lot but Sona said that according to Ria he likes Sona.

After an hour Ria and her boyfriend, Prateek arrived. We hugged each other and they wished me. We talked for a while, during which they got to know that we had a good sex session. Then we started drinking. We each finished a peg and started the second round. We were talking about all the stupid things in the world.

We soon finished second and third round too. I played nice romantic songs and the mood was getting cozy. After three large strong pegs, everyone was high except me. I had a good appetite for alcohol. We decided to take tequila shots. We took one each. All three of them were quite high now.

We were sitting on the bed. Sona was sitting next to me with her head on my shoulder. her right leg was on my leg. Ria and Prateek were also cuddling. My dick was slightly erect and I said to Sona your baby woke up. She looked at my dick smiled and gave a kiss on my cheeks.

We had one more shot. Sona started kissing me. Even Ria and Prateek were kissing. Sona broke the kiss and asked.
Sona: Hey Ria how was that kissing my boy?
Ria: It was great for me. Ask him how was that.

Me: That was a long time ago I don’t even remember it properly
Prateek: Come on man say the truth. How can you forget kissing a girl like Ria?
Sona: We should play ‘Truth or Dare’.
Ria: Yes, we should. We’ll go one by one.

The first question was for Sona
Ria: Truth or dare?
Sona: Truth.
Ria: How many times you had sex today?
Sona: Thrice.

Ria: (laughing) Wow, girl, your boy got lotta stamina.
Sona: (laughing) Yes he is horny.

And she kissed on my lips. It was my turn now.
Ria: Truth or dare?
Me: Truth.

Prateek: How many girls did you fuck to date?
Sona: Wow that’s a nice one.

Me: (smiling) Hmmm, 8.
Prateek: you lucky bastard
Sona: And I know all of their names.

Prateek’s turn
Me: Did you masturbate thinking about Sona?
Prateek: Oh shit yes many times.

Ria: I knew it fucker.
Sona: I am irresistible.

Ria’s turn
Sona: Did you think about Raj while having sex with Prateek?
Ria: (closing her face) Oh, god, yes.

Sona: When?
Ria: that day I kissed him
Sona: Wow, you slutty girl.

Alcohol was showing its effect on everyone. Sona pulled me and kissed my lips and moved her hand over my dick. My dick was semi-erect. She said, “I dare you to kiss her.” I looked at Ria, she was eagerly waiting for my move. I pulled her and she came on top me and started kissing me.

She was sucking my lips and tongue. I was enjoying it too. I grabbed her face and smooched her. Sona sitting next to me was squeezing her right boob. After 2-3 minutes we got separated. I was aroused now. I pulled Sona and started licking her neck. She was moaning.

Ria was sitting next to me biting her lips. Prateek was pressing his dick from above the pant. I grabbed Sona’s boobs and started squeezing them. She was feeling very hot and crazy now. I whispered in her ears.

Me: Baby you like it?
Sona: Yes, honey.
Me: You want more?
Sona: Oh, yes honey.

Me: More, like, more dick?
Sona inserted her hand in my pants and said, “Yes.”
Me: You want one more dick?
Sona: Yes, baby.

Me: I dare you to suck Prateek’s dick
Sona: Oh, baby1
She stopped kissing me looked in my eyes got up and went near Prateek. Prateek grabbed her and kissed her lips.

Ria: you don’t need to masturbate now.
Me: Even you don’t need to.
I pulled Ria and in no time she was on top of me. We were kissing madly. I came on top of her and started licking her neck. She was moaning loudly now.

I unbuttoned Ria’s shirt. She was wearing a black bra. I removed them and squeezed those boobs. She pulled my face to her nipples. I started sucking those nipples. She had slightly bigger boobs than Sona. I was sucking them like a small baby.

She inserted her right hand in my pants and started stroking my dick. I was biting her nipples. After 10 minutes, I got tired and separated. I and Ria were topless. We looked at the other couple and Prateek was still licking Sona’s neck.

He was squeezing her right breast with one hand and his other hand was squeezing her ass. As we were watching them he came on top of Sona and removed her top and bra. he squeezed her boobs and started sucking them. Sona was pulling his head into her boobs. He went down and removed her shorts too.

Sona was enjoying everything with closed eyes. He kissed her pussy from above the panty. She grabbed his head and pushed it in her pussy. Prateek started sucking Sona’s pussy. I liked the scene got up and went near Sona. I kissed on her lips. She felt shy.

But she saw my hanging dick grabbed it and started sucking it. I was mouth fucking her. After a couple of minutes, I whispered in her ears, common give him some joy. She got up and pushed Prateek on the bed. She took off his pants and looked at his dick. It wasn’t as big as mine but doable.

She looked at me and grabbed it. She was breathing heavy. After jerking it for a while she took it in her mouth. Prateek closed his eyes and said, “OMG, this is so great.” She started blowing him fast. I looked at Ria. She came fast and took my dick in her mouth. She said it’s better than its photo.

She was better at blowing. She was sucking it like a pro. She was licking my balls and biting them. I grabbed her and came on top of her. I took of Ria’s shorts and gave a nice bite on her pussy. She moaned loudly. I was tongue fucking her pussy. She was moaning loudly.

I came on top and started kissing her again. Now we were kissing passionately.
Prateek grabbed Sona and came on top of her. He took his dick and placed it on her pussy. She looked at me and I winked at her. She grabbed him with her legs and pulled him. He inserted his dick in Sona’s pussy and started fucking her.

Sona was moaning. They were kissing each other. Sona was in a different world getting fucked by a different dick. In no time my dick was in Ria’s pussy. For Ria, my dick was a bit bigger. She was holding the bedsheet with both hands. I gave a deep shot and my dick was in her pussy.

I increased my speed and gave deep shots in her hole. She was moaning loudly.
Ria: Raj, fuck me, baby, fuck this pussy.
Me: Oh, yes your pussy is good.

Ria: You like this pussy baby
Me: Oh, yes, Ria.
Ria: Fuck it Raj it’s all yours.

I was fucking her brains out. She was enjoying it a lot. Her juicy pussy was screaming. I grabbed her legs and put in on my shoulder. I was licking her legs while fucking. After 10 minutes I asked her to take the doggy style position. I came from her behind and started fucking.

We both were enjoying it. Sona and Prateek were fucking in front of me. I grabbed Ria’s boobs and squeezed them while fucking. Ria started shivering and came. I whispered in her ears, “Oh, no, I have a lot to do now.” She laughed and said, “Rip me, Raj.”

Prateek was also tired. I asked Sona to ride him. Ria said you two are fucking machines. Sona was on top of Prateek riding him. I took out my dick from Ria’s pussy and came to Sona. I asked her, “Do you like one more dick?” She said yes. She pulled me and kissed me. I smooched her while squeezing her breasts.

I whispered in her ears, “Want one more dick in the ass?” She looked in my eyes and said yes. I went behind her and grabbed her ass. She lifted her ass enough to let me insert my dick. I inserted my dick in her ass hole started fucking her. She moaned loudly.

She was sandwiched between me and Prateek in double penetration. We both were fucking her. In a few minutes, Prateek said he is cumming. Sona got up and I lifted her and thrown on the bed. I came on top of her and started fucking her pussy in missionary style. I gave the best shots possible.

Ria stood in front of me and I was sucking her pussy. After 10 minutes, Sona hugged me tight and came over my dick. I grabbed Ria and started fucking her in the missionary style. She was overwhelmed with pleasure. I was penetrating her pussy deep.  I gave a few more shots and came in her pussy.

All of us were naked on the bed. It was just 9:30 at night. And we knew we have the whole night to enjoy. We ate the pizza I got. After half an hour of rest, we had one more peg each. Ria was still hugging me. I hugged Ria from behind and grabbed her boobs.

I asked her while licking her neck, “Can you take a dare?” She said, “Yes darling anything for you.” I kissed her lips and said, “Kiss Sona.” She grabbed Sona and started kissing her. Even Sona kissed her back. They were naked and on each other. Ria grabbed Sona’s breasts and started sucking them.

Sona was fingering Ria’s pussy. In no time Ria started sucking Sona’s pussy. They were in 69 position sucking each other’s pussy. It was great to watch them. Prateek was stroking his dick watching them. Sona grabbed Ria’s face and started kissing her lips.

She broke her kiss and asked if Ria wants to take his dick in the ass. Ria never got ass fucked. She looked at my dick and said, “Yes but it’s huge.” I kissed Ria and said, “I’ll be gentle.” I grabbed her ass and applied vaseline on her butt hole. She had a very good ass. I applied vaseline on my dick and placed it on her hole.

Prateek came forward and kissed her and said enjoy dear. Ria kissed him back. Prateek went to Sona and started sucking her breasts. Sona grabbed his dick and started shaking it. I slowly pushed my dick in Ria’s butt hole. She was feeling pain and grabbed Sona’s wrist. She started moaning in pain.

I inserted my dick fully in her. She started moaning
Ria: Oh God. It hurts, Raj.
Me: Only for a while, babe.

I started moving dick, started fucking her ass hole. Now she felt better and started moaning in pleasure. I held her shoulder and started fucking fast. Ria was in heaven now. Prateek whispered something in Sona’s ear and we both got up and went to the bathroom.

They went to the bathroom and opened the shower and started bathing together. Sona hugged him and started kissing him. He was pressing her ass. He turned her around and inserted his dick in her ass. Sona leaned forward and placed her hand on the walls. He was fucking her with his all strength.

Sona was moaning loud. We were hearing their fucking sounds. I grabbed Ria’s waist and started drilling her hole. After 5 minutes she pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. She inserted my dick in her pussy and started riding me. She hugged me and started biting my ears.

Her breasts were crushed against my chest. She was riding fast.
Me: You like my dick?
Ria: Oh yes honey I just love it. Do you like my pussy?
Me: Yes it’s tight and tasty.

Ria: What else you like in me?
Me: Lips, boobs, everything.
Ria: Then fuck me harder. Fill my pussy with your juice.
Me: Yes, babe, I love your body.

I came forward and hugged her. She hugged me and locked my lips with her. Our tounges were wrestling with each other. I was fucking her with full force. I gave upward thrust with deep shots. She was moaning very loud. She was on me with her legs around me. We both were moving fast.

After 15 minutes, Sona and Prateek came out after fucking and taking a shower. But I was still fucking Ria. Prateek was amused that we are still fucking. He said that I have great stamina. But I and Ria were lost in our world. The whole bed was shaking and making a sound.

She grabbed my hair and said she is cumming. She released her juice on my dick. It was warm. I started fucking her with more force and with final deep thrust came in her pussy. We both collapsed on the bed hugging each other. I took out my dick and relaxed next to her.

Ria’s pussy was filled with me cum and was breathing heavily. my juice was leaking from her pussy. Sona came forward and licked Ria’s pussy. She said it tastes great. I went to the bathroom and Ria followed me. We stood below shower hugging each other kissing. We kissed for 15 minutes.

She went down and took my dick in her mouth. I grabbed her head and started mouth fucking her. I pushed her against the wall and lifted her. She grabbed my waist with her legs. I pushed my dick deep in her pussy. It was a new thing for her and she was enjoying it very much.

We were fucking like animals. I licked her neck. After 30 minutes we came out and saw Sona and Prateek are already in deep sleep. We kissed and hugged each other and slept.

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