Father-In-Law Became My Man – The Leave Day

Hello everyone, this is Sunitha. Thanks for the responses. I am back with the experience of Pushpa with her father-in-law. After your awesome mails, Pushpa has shared details about what happened the next day. Please find her story in her words.

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The next day morning, I woke up. I was completely naked in my blanket. I turned aside, and my father-in-law wasn’t there. I had a bit hangover. Suddenly My father in law came. I covered my naked boobs with a blanket.

While sipping coffee, he said, “Good morning Pushpa, it was a memorable night.” I smiled. He sat near my legs and moved the blanket aside. My leg was exposed to my thigh.  He rolled his fingers on my leg, pressed my calf. He immediately pulled the blanket down.

I covered my pussy with my hands and said, “Mavayya, please not now. I have to go to the office.” He kept a sad face and pleaded, “Please, Pushpa, stay home. Please.”

I said, “I have a lot of pending work to do. I have to go, Mavayya.” He took my leg into his arms and kissed my toes. He hugged them, placing them near his chest. I could feel his heartbeat and plead. I smiled, took my phone, and messaged my manager that I am unwell and cannot attend the office.

I said, “As you wish, I have applied for a leave, Mavayya.” I found a bulge in his lungi. I kept my foot on his dick and said, “Mavayya, it looks like your little soldier is in the mood.” I pulled the blanket to my neck and said, blushing, “Mavayya, Can you please give me my clothes?”

He laughed loudly and said, “Clothes hamper your beauty. You are like an Ajanta sculpture. You are more beautiful when you are naked.”  I was awestruck at his flirting skills. I got down to bed naked. He froze seeing me. I pulled my hair back and tied it.

I walked to the bathroom and shut the door while giving a complete glimpse of my boobs and pussy. I brushed my teeth, wore a very small mini and spaghetti top, and came to the hall. My father-in-law brought me a coffee and handed it to me.  I was surprised.

I said, “Ayyo, Mavayya, Why have you prepared coffee. I would have prepared it for us.” He placed his hands on my thighs and said, “No more formalities Pushpa, we need not behave as father-in-law and daughter-in-law anymore.”

I gave a wicked smile and asked, “So how do we behave? What would be our relationship Mavayya?” He thought for a while and said, “I don’t know what to name it. Maybe we are fine as the father in law and daughter in law but with a little add-on.”

I laughed out loud and said, “Wow, Mavayya, is this the solution you give after a long thought? I will be your naughty daughter-in-law, who will take care of your everything. I will be your wife when you want to see me as your wife. I will be your lover when you want to feel loved. I will be your bitch when you want me to show you my bitchy side. Don’t worry, Mavayya. I will keep you happy and satisfied.”

He immediately held my face and gave me a passionate kiss. I felt the bitter coffee taste moving between our tongues. I clearly understood that my husband’s absence and getting physical with my father-in-law has started feeling for him. I broke the kiss, held his hand in mine.

I asked, “So what’s the plan?” He pressed my boobs hard and said, “Do we need to plan anything? Let’s crash on the bed.” I said, “No, Mavayya,  if we have it now, what will we do in the evening? Let’s go out, please.” He said, “It sounds a good idea, but I want you to wear a saree.”

I kissed his forehead and said, “Sure, Mavayya. As you want it.” I took a head bath, came out, wrapping myself in the towel. To my surprise, my father-in-law was sitting on the bed. I smiled and asked, “Mavayya! Please wait outside. I have to get dressed.”

He pulled me over to him. I fell on his lap. He kissed my neck and smelt it and said, “What an aroma! It drives me crazy.” He moved his fingers through my wet hairs. He pulled me close and gave me a gentle kiss. He slightly sucked my lower lip. He then kissed my shoulders.

I have lost complete control over myself then. He pulled the towel, and I was naked in seconds. He kissed me over my boobs. The warm sensation of his tongue gave me goosebumps. My nipples became erect. He held them in his hands and pressed them.

He said, “The most beautiful pair I have ever seen, I am going to eat them for sure.” He began to suck them violently. I cried, “Mavayya, slowly, don’t bite.”  I was still on his lap. He turned my face and kissed me. This time he was violent. I kept one hand on his face and rubbed it.

With one hand, he spread my legs. He began to finger my pussy. He pressed my boobs violently with one hand, and he kept kissing me at the same time. I gave out wild moans, “Mavayya, it’s hurting. Please stop.” He kept on doing that violently. My pussy became wet as I was oozing fluids out.

His fingers became completely wet. He then began to finger rhythmically. As per his pace, I have out sounds. I completely enjoyed the fingering session. He removed his lungi, and there was his erect dick standing. I couldn’t be away from that and placed my hand and began to stroke that.

I pushed him on the bed and sat on his chest. I kissed him on his forehead, got bit down and felt his hot breath, smoothed his lips, and bit further down and kissed his chest. He rubbed his hands over my waist. Later I sat over his dick and adjusted myself so that his dick could pass into my pussy.

He pushed his dick inside. I gasped my breath, it felt a lot of pain, but I controlled it. He lifted my waist and gave a pull and push. I cried, “Ahh, Mavayya. Slowly. Please.” He further increased his pace of pushing. I could feel his dick was hitting the correct pleasure spot.

I bit my lips, and he pressed one boob with his hand. He slowed his strokes and asked, “Are you happy with me, Pushpa?” I was at the peak of pleasure. I just replied, “Hmm.” He further asked, “Do I satisfy you more than your husband?”

I was horny. I just shouted, “Yes, yes. You fuck me better than your son. Just stop talking and keep stroking.” This made him go crazy. He violently stroked. I kept moaning, and finally, I felt the juices inside. He gave a sound. I got the state of satisfaction, and I fell on him.

He hugged me tight and kissed me on my cheeks. I felt our juices oozing from my pussy. He pressed my ass cheeks and said, “You are amazing.” I kissed him on the lip and said, “No, you are.”  I tried getting up while saying, “Come, let’s get ready and go out.”

He held up a hand and pulled me and said, “Why go out? I want to see you naked the whole day.” I slept on his chest, hugged him, and said, “Even I don’t go out, but we need to buy condoms and safety pills. If you fuck me at this pace, you will end up making me pregnant even before your son comes.”

There was a vicious smile on his face, which I liked. We got dressed up and went to a mall. While coming back, we went to a medical shop. I asked for a safety pill from the medical shop girl. She handed it to me and left. I wanted to ask her for condoms. Now I was shy to ask the guy inside for condoms.

Meanwhile, my father-in-law suddenly asked that guy for condoms, and he was surprised. That guy saw his smile. He gave him a small pack. My father-in-law, in turn, asked for a big pack. He gave a strawberry flavor one. My father-in-law turned to me and asked if I was ok with strawberries.

That was a lot embarrassing. The shop guy was surprised. I left the shop without uttering any word.  He paid the money and came out. We couldn’t talk for a moment, and we both joined the laugh. That was a very embarrassing situation.

While returning home, I went to a beauty parlor. I asked him to wait at the lounge. I went inside. I got a special Brazilian wax done so that I will be smooth even at my private parts. It took a very long time. My poor darling had to wait at the lounge for a very long time.

I apologized for making him wait, and we headed back home. We reached home, and he went to his room, and I went to mine. I spoke to my husband, and I just wore a t-shirt and lingerie. I went to the hall where my father-in-law was watching TV. I laid on his shoulders and held his hand.

He kissed me on my forehead. It was a very romantic moment. He stood up and said, “I got something for you.” Staying this, he went inside and got a red wine bottle and two glasses, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. I was surprised.

He gave them to me and said, “Thank you, Pushpa, because of you, my physical thirst has quenched. Even in my dreams, I never thought I would sleep with a beautiful woman like you.” I blushed and said, “Even you have satisfied me a lot. You turned me into a complete woman.”

I opened the chocolate box and began to eat. He kissed me on my lips and sucked the chocolate. He said, “Now it tastes sweeter.” I playfully said, “Come on, Mavayya, you got me already, now no need to flirt with me.” He smiled and said, “No, sweetheart, it’s true.”

I began eating another chocolate. He did the same. Next, we opened the wine bottle and poured it into glasses. We had cheers, and he raised the toast, “To your beauty!” I replied, “At your service!” We both laughed and drank.

We completed one glass, and we poured another glass. He took a sip immediately. I kissed him on his lips and sucked wine from his mouth. I sucked his tongue, which gave out a wine flavor. He rubbed my back, and I rubbed his tummy. He pulled out my t-shirt and kissed my boobs.

I pulled his shirt off. I kissed on his chest and rested my head there. He hugged me with one hand, and we continued drinking and watching TV. He rubbed my bare thighs. I placed my leg on his and rubbed against his. I felt the rough tickling sensation of his hair over my smooth skin.

I was sure he was enjoying my smooth legs. He drank a sip and bit my boobs. I gave a sound, “Ouch, you are turning naughty, Mavayya.” He smiled and said, “Your chocolate color nipples are making me crazy, don’t ever cover them at home.”

I replied, “As your wish, darling! I will make all your fantasies come true.”  We deeply kissed, he pressed my boobs wildly. His dick was completely erect then. I held his dick and said, “Your dick never fails to amuse me, Mavayya. You have great stamina.” I got down and kissed his dick.

I felt I got habituated to dick smell. I didn’t get that awkward smell and taste.  It was a joy having his dick in my mouth. I enjoyed the salty taste in my mouth. I kept moving up and down. He further pushed me down, holding my head. I deeply sucked.

He held my head with both sides and began stroking into my mouth. He gave a moaning sound. The next moment I felt the salty cum inside my mouth. I gave a naughty smile and swallowed it, even licked the droplets that were there on my lip. He was amazed.

He said, “Pushpa, you are a fast learner.” I replied, “Of course, learning from an experienced teacher as you made me a pro.” We both laughed. I washed my mouth and sat beside my darling, and watched a movie completely naked while having wine. We had sex before having dinner and slept together.

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