Ava’s New Year’s Adventure – Part 2

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I woke up the next morning with a massive hangover. My head hurt badly. I was naked and next to a guy I didn’t even know the name of. I was in one of the bedrooms. I got there the night before, during one of the sex sessions. I walked out of the room to collect my clothes.

I remember taking them off by the pool area. I got into the front hall. It was full of naked bodies. There was Rhea, lying naked, on top of a boy in 69 position. The guy’s lump cock was resting inside her mouth. White cum oozed out of her cunt and dripped inside his open mouth.

On the other side of the hall, Lena was lying sandwiched between two boys. One had his limp dick inside her pussy and the other inside her ass. As I moved out onto the pool area, I encountered a similar situation to the inside.

Sheena, one of my sisters, was sleeping on the floor. Like the rest, she was naked too. Naked boys slept on either side of her. Her hands were on their groin, and her legs were folded, revealing her juicy cunt.

I walked over to the corner and picked up my dress. After putting it on, I went on to wake up the girls one by one. I went into the kitchen after that, trying to find myself some coffee.

As I was fiddling in the cabinets, Saif came in. He was one of Rocky’s friends. He was all naked, and his big and lump circumcised cock swung between his legs like a pendulum. He held his phone in one hand.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

It startled me. I gasped, and after regaining my composure, I said, “Nothing. Just looking for coffee to treat my hangover.”

“Yeah, it’s bad, isn’t it?”

“Oh, you have no idea,” I rubbed my forehead. I swear it felt as if it was about to explode.

“You need some pills for your headache? I took one a little while ago, and I feel better now.”

“Sure, that would be great.”

He went into one of the rooms and emerged from it a little while later. He offered me the pill. I washed it down my throat with the help of some water. I asked him where Rocky was. He replied that Rocky, along with a few others, had gone out to buy some groceries.

“Why are you all dressed up?” Saif inquired curiously.

“We gotta leave now,” I answered with a shrug.

“Leaving so early! Why not stay another day?” he asked.

“Last night was fun, but we got to go now,” I said.

“Well, I guess you are right,” he sighed, “Why don’t you go and wait outside… I’ll get you your coffee,” he offered generously.

“Thank you,” I said curtly, “make it 11 cups. The rest of the girls are up as well.”

“Sure,” he said. As I left the kitchen, he called someone. I overheard him saying, “get a stronger one this time.”

I went out to the front lawn. It was the only place in the whole farmhouse that didn’t have naked bodies lying around. I sat down on the wet grass. It was around 1 in the afternoon, and the bright sun felt good on my body in the cold winters. Saif came out a few minutes later.

He handed me the coffee cup and sat beside me. He was still naked but no longer carried his phone with him. I drank coffee while he drank tea. We sat there and started talking. We talked about the night before for a while.

I guess he attempted to make me feel horny again and stop me from leaving, but it failed. Then our conversation moved to other things. He asked me about my life, my family, and my past.

As we talked, something started to happen to me. I was once again feeling the same horniness from the night before. While he explained about his family and life, all I could think of was his cock. I was unable to take my eyes off his big and thick dick. I licked my lips as he talked about his parents.

I didn’t know where this horniness came from all of a sudden. It was like someone had injected it into me. I wanted to say to him, “Shut the fuck up and give me your dick,” but I didn’t. I was trying to control myself, trying to hold back my lust.

I knew if I let him fuck me, we wouldn’t be able to leave. I fought against my own desires. Thinking about something else, I kept telling myself. But my body wasn’t in the mood to listen.

Just as all these thoughts were circling my head, I saw Krissy coming out. Or rather, was pulled out, I should say. Vaibhav had her on a leash. There was a dog collar around her neck. She was completely naked and walked on her all fours. Vaibhav took her to the hedge. He ordered her to do it there, by the tree.

Krissy lifted her right leg and peed on the tree like a dog. Vaibhav whacked his cock across her face as a sign of appreciation. He pulled her leash once more and walked her to the other side of the house. They turned the corner and vanished behind the wall.

This had made me even hornier than before. My patience was now gone. I was in no mood to hold back now. I pushed Saif down on the grassy floor. I took his cock in my hand. I wrapped my fingers nice and tight around them and began stroking them.

Saif looked happy. He brushed my hair with his hand as I took his tool into my mouth. Slurp, slurp, I went up and down his dick. The smell from it was driving me mad.

“Oh, you are such a nice sucker,” he said appreciatively, pulling his cock out of my mouth. “Do you want my cock?” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, smiling.

“Do you want it now,” he said again, after slapping me.

“Even more,” I said hoarsely.

“Then take those damn clothes off.”

I did as he asked and stripped down naked. I lay on my back. He sat between my legs and shoved two fingers up my cunt. He moved them in and out. I was going crazy. One hand combed my hair while the other pressed my boobs.

“Ahhh,” I moaned.

“You want more?” he said.

“I want your dick,” I replied, almost begging.

“You want a big circumcised dick,”

“Yes, yes, I do.”

He set his cock on my clit and pushed it in. He grabbed my boobs with his hands and moved his cock in and out.

“Ah, yeah,” I moaned.

“And you were about to leave us,” he gritted.

“I won’t, yeah, yes.”

“Will you go anywhere until we tell you to?”

“No, I won’t. Please fuck me, fuck me harder, please.”

Saif increased his pace. His dick drilled my pussy like a pencil moving in and out of a sharpener. I moaned louder. “Fuck me.”

“You like it, bitch, you like it, huh!”

“Yes, baby, I like it, fuck your bitch, fuck me.”

“You want it, baby, you want a Muslim child, give me your seed, make me a mom again, give me number 10.”

“Ah, Ava, I am cumming,” he squealed.

I felt his cock tightening up inside me. He gave two strong pushes, which were more like jerks, and shot all his load in me. He pulled his cock out after he was done and whacked it on my pussy a few times. He was done. He got up and went inside.

But I wasn’t finished. I wanted more. I was still horny. The fucking had made me hornier. I laid there and rubbed my pussy to make myself feel better. Just as I did it, Rohan and Lokesh came out. They saw me and I, them.

“Come and fuck your slut,” I called them.

They smiled and rushed towards me. Rohan laid down and made me come over to him. He pushed his cock into my vagina. Lokesh came in behind and shoved his stick into my asshole. I was sandwiched between the two. They didn’t waste time going in slow. They were hard and fast from the get-go.

“Yes,” I almost shouted. “Fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy, fuck that dirty ass,  tear it apart.”

“Ah, Ava, I am cumming,” they both said together after a while. “Sit up. We’ll cum on your face.”

I did as they asked. I sat on my knees. They both aimed their cocks at my face and began stroking it. I had my mouth open the entire time. I wanted to catch their semen. Their cocks exploded. Cum was shot all over my face. Some went into my mouth that I swallowed, but most was all across my face.

After they were done, they went around the house. I laid there for the time being. One by one, 7 more boys came out of the house, and they all took a turn to fuck my cunt.

This is my story, fellows. What do you think about it? I would love to know. You can find me at [email protected] I will let you all know what happens later in the next part. Till then, bye and take care.

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