Hot Maid Fucks Young Guy For Money

I am Nirob, 19 years old, and live in a small city. At my age when my friends were completing their sexual needs by masturbation, I couldn’t do it. So I was getting horny by seeing all the hot women around me.

I basically like middle-aged women because of their figure. My housemaid’s name is Jori and she is sexy like hell. Her boobs are like coconuts and I wanna just suck the juice out of her! Every day I tried to stick my dick with her huge ass but she ignored it.

One day she was sick and told my mom that she couldn’t come that day. So my mom called her sister instead of her. Her sister was like 28/29 years and almost my height. She was slimmer but got some nice tits and ass. My mom told me that she was gonna come to work and went to the hospital.

I was alone in the house. Then, suddenly the bell rang and the maid came. Her name was Mazeda. She went to the bathroom first to wash the clothes.

Then an idea came to my devilish mind. I went to the balcony where my new hot housemaid will hang the clothes to dry and put the rope above so that she couldn’t reach. When she came to dry clothes, she was trying to hang them but the rope was unreachable for her. I was standing in front of her and seeing the maid’s boobs just standing!

After that, I made my new move. I put my hands around her waist and lifted her because I had the strength to lift her! She felt awkward and wanted to come down but I told her I was just trying to help her.

After that, she came down hanging the clothes. I was controlling myself a lot.

Then when the hot maid was in the kitchen, I sneaked in there and brushed my dick against her ass! She looked backward and asked what was I doing there. I just told her I wanted a glass of water. After that, I left.

But my lust was just getting worse seeing her hot body. Thus I made up a plan. When she was moping the room, I quietly went to her and grabbed her from behind! At first, she was shocked and pushed me to the other side and then angrily asked what was I doing.

I gathered a lot of courage and said that I wanted to do it with her. She was confused and asked me, “What?” I told her, “What a husband and a wife do in the bed.”

She was angry. She told me that she will call my mom. I begged her to not call my mom. Then I got an idea. I told her I will give her 2000 rupees if she had sex with me. The hot housemaid was greedy. She thought about it for some time and then said ok! She said that it should be a secret. I said, “Ok, no one else will know.”

Then we sat on the sofa. I first took off the new maid’s dupatta. I was amazed to see her nice figure. I instantly got my cock hard. I was getting horny and angry together. I was angry because of her behavior before giving the money. The monster was waking up inside me.

I held her waist and kissed her. It was my first french kiss. I was sucking the hot maid’s lips and touching her tongue with my tongue. Her body scent was just upgrading my horny level.

Then the monster rose. After kissing for a while, I was in rush. I took off my t-shirt and took her in my arms. After that, I fell her in the bed and jumped on her like a hungry tiger.

I took her dress off and saw her in the bra. The red bra with her chocolate color skin made me so horny that I couldn’t resist. I bit the hot maid’s boobs with the bra on. She was screaming slowly but I was not in the mood to be gentle. I just tore her bra and wanted to eat her boobs.

So I removed her bra and her boobs bounced. My hard dick got hard more. I started sucking the hot servant’s boobs. She was moaning which indicated me to suck more. I opened her tied-up hairs. I was charmed by her body scent.

I removed her pajamas, she was wearing black panties. I took them off as well. Now the hot maid was fully naked. I don’t know why, but the nose ring of women attracts me. I again kissed her with my nose against her. Then I removed my pajamas.

My dick was so hard. I started rubbing my dick on the hot maid’s pussy. Then I licked her whole body and after that, I put my hard dick into her pussy and started to drill her. I was fucking the hot maid like a machine. The speed just kept increasing.

I tried all positions that I had seen in porn movies. Later, I got my dick out and sat on her. I put my dick into the sexy maid’s mouth and started to fuck her in the mouth. That blowjob was awesome. I just kept my dick fucking her like it was her asshole and not her mouth.

After some time, I pulled out my dick and again started to fuck the servant’s pussy. I spread her legs and put my dick inside her pussy.

Soon, we both were really tired. We went to the bathroom for a shower together. I sucked her tits and she gave me a wonderful blowjob there. After the shower, we kissed for a while but the fire inside had not ended yet. I wanted to fuck her more but she said it was late and she had to return.

I told her I would give her some extra money if she stayed longer. She agreed. We were both naked. I sat on the sofa and she sat on me looking in the other direction. After that, she started to jump on me with my dick in her pussy and I was squeezing her tits from behind.

After a while, both of us came and later, she left. But she had left me with a feeling that I wanted to taste other women too (spoiler for the next story).

So, this was the story of mine fucking my hot maid.

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