Fucked Bhabhi Like A Bitch

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The experience I am about to share is about my sex story with a hot couple.

This is the story of when I was staying in Delhi. I was staying in a one-story building. On the ground floor were Mr. and Mrs. Singh, and on the floor above them was me (staying alone). I was working in an MNC, and my office was only 20 minutes from my home.

In Mr. Singh’s family, Praveen (bhaiya 38) was working in a call center company. Due to foreign clients, he has to work at night, and he sleeps in the afternoon. Sunita (33) was a housewife. She is the beauty to mesmerize. She has a perfect body, where her figure would be 35-32-38.

She was a little bulky from the lower back, which made her look sexier in a saree. Praveen and Sunita have been married for 5 years, but they don’t have any kids. Praveen looks like more of a gay type of guy (the way he speaks and behaves).

Sunita and Praveen were both very friendly. On weekends, if they make anything special, they never forget to share it with me. I also helped Sunita bhabhi with the groceries and sometimes taking her shopping. Bhaiya took me as his family member.

I was also getting attached to them. But one thing I was not aware of, that Praveen and Sunita both wanted to share me with them.

How did I come to know of this?

One day, when I was coming home from the office, I brought jalebi with me. I thought of taking it to Sunita bhabhi’s home, where we all 3 will eat it together with tea. When I reached their window, I heard them talking about me.

Praveen: Why don’t you do something so that he can be attracted to you?

Sunita: I tried, but he never looks at me that way.

Praveen: If you will always wear full clothes, how will he see your figure?

Sunita: So, what do you want me to do? Roam naked in front of him?

Praveen: Not naked, but at least you can show him your cleavage. He will definitely fall for you.

Sunita: If you had not been impotent, I wouldn’t have to go anywhere, asking to fuck me for a baby.

Praveen: Today, I will try to convince him, you be with me and help me. Also, he is a good choice to be my child’s father. He is alone here, strongly built, 6 ft height. He is also trustworthy, so he will not leak your secret too

Hearing their chat, my dick was erected and made a tent inside my pant. I adjusted my dick and asked: Bhabhi, are you in?

They heard me, and they stopped chatting and asked: Sambhav, come inside.

I then covered my dick with my bag and went inside with the jalebi in my hand

Praveen: Wow! A treat today- Jalebi

Sunita: Sambhav, you think so much for us,

Me: Why not, you people are my only family here, and I love you both.

Sunita: (with a kinky smile on the face)  Ok, you two talk. I will bring tea.

Me: Praveen bhaiya, what’s new?

Praveen: Nothing, same old stuff. By the way, what are you doing tonight?

Me: Nothing.

Praveen: Then let’s have dinner tonight.

Me: Sure. Who wants to leave the delicious food of bhabhi’s hand.

Then after taking the snacks, I went back to my room. At around 9 pm, I went down for dinner, the arrangement of sitting was changed. Bhaiya has removed the sofa’s, and now there was bedding on the ground.

Me: Wow! Praveen bhaiya, the changes look amazing.

Praveen : (Took my hands in his hands) Yes, it’s a big occasion for Sunita and me

Me: What is it?

Praveen: Patience, my boy.

Me: Where is bhabhi?

After listening to their chat, I started looking at bhabhi in a sultry way. She came in a red saree and was dressed like a newly wedded girl, only without jewelry. I couldn’t take my eyes from her, which bhaiya and bhabhi noticed.

Praveen: Looking for something, Sambhav?

Me: (looking down) Nothing, bhaiya.

Then we 3 sat together and had our dinner. I was able to see that they were planning for some action tonight

Praveen: Sambhav, let’s play a game today.

Me: What game?

Praveen: Truth and dare.

Me: Sure, I am good at it (and I don’t have anything to hide)

Sunita: I am also good at this game.

Praveen: There are only 2 main rules

1- Once chosen truth or dare, you can not back out
2- You have to complete the task given in any condition.

We both nodded yes to the game, and we brought an empty beer bottle.

Praveen started, and the bottle came to me first.

Praveen: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Praveen: How sexy is Sunita on the scale of 1 to 5? Which part do you like most? Don’t lie. Just tell the truth.

I thought, let me be honest. I said, “Bhabhi is absolutely 5, and I like her ass very much.”

Sunita was smiling when I said this. I was getting heated up, and my confidence was increasing. Next again bottle was rolled, and now it was Sunita’s turn.

Praveen: Now you are gone (she chose truth). Tell me how many boyfriends you had sex with before marriage.

Sunita : 3 people, it’s a simple one.

Praveen: Wow.

I rolled the bottle, and it came to Sunita. She chose dare.

Me: Out of these 3, how many have fucked you in your ass?

Sunita: Well, I loved taking dick in my ass, so all three have done it.

Praveen and I were both looking at each other.

Sunita: What? Isn’t this game is about telling the truth?

Now Bhabhi rolled the bottle, and it came to Praveen, and he took a dare.

Sunita: Hahaha, now you are gone, Praveen. Get naked and show Sambhav how small your cock is.

Praveen: (with hesitation, he got completely naked) Sunita, I will make sure you pay for this.

To my shock, Praveen’s dick was only 3.5 inches, and it was erect. I can see why bhabhi was looking for fun outside. We both started laughing at him for nearly two minutes. Now Praveen rolled the bottle. It was my turn, and I took the dare.

Praveen: Go and give Sunita a French kiss.

Well, I got what I wanted. But to make them feel they are forcing me, I asked, “Are you sure, bhaiya?”

Praveen: Well, it’s your dare, and none can back on this.

I went ahead and placed my lips on her and rolled my tongue in her mouth with sucking her lips hard. I sucked them as a vacuum pump was sucking them out. With this, I moved my hand behind her neck, and she closed her eyes and started enjoying.

At the same time, Praveen also started to rub his small dick. After 5 minutes, Praveen said, “Ok, it’s over now. You both can leave.”

Now I rolled the bottle, and it comes Praveen’s turn. He took a dare.

Me: Tear all her clothes so that she is naked in front of us and lick bhabhi’s ass for 5 minutes.

Bhaiya tore her blouse and then her red color bra. He pushed Sunita down and then took out her sari and then a petticoat. Now she was only in a red panty. Praveen moved and then ripped her panty as well.

She was looking like a white angel. Her pussy was nicely shaved. She had a plump ass and the perfect shaped tits. She was looking like a reward you can fight for.

Me: The dare is still incomplete. Bhaiya, lie down. Sunita bhabhi, you have to place your asshole on bhaiya’s face and sit on it.

She did what was asked, and now I can see her pink pussy. It was completely wet, and juices were flowing out of it. While she was sitting and bhaiya was licking her hole. She was moaning and looking at my dick.

Without wasting my time, I said, “You both will be my slaves tonight and will do whatever I say. I will be your master, and my command would be your order.”

I always had a fantasy to fuck a lady before her husband and I got a chance. Sunita bhabhi nodded her head in yes. I slapped her face, “Say yes, master.”
I asked Praveen and Sunita to be on their knees, lick my feet, and suck my thumbs.

While they were doing this, it was making my dick rise again. I asked Sunita to come and sit on my lap, keeping her face towards me. Praveen was to keep licking my feet. I kissed Sunita’s neck and moved behind her ears. She started moaning.

I held her one hand behind her back and then kissed her red lips. I was sucking them like a ripen mango, and she was increasing her moaning sound. I then slowly went below and licked those dark brown nipples. Sunita started saying, “Suck them hard.”

I took my left hand and started pressing the left boob and was sucking the right boob. She started jumping with pleasure. I then asked Praveen to stand near the wall and, “See how I fuck your wife like a whore.”

I took Sunita in 69 position and started tasting her wet pussy. She was moving her mouth around my dick. The smell of her wet pussy was arousing me. So without wasting time, I started licking it. I can hear her moaning like crazy.

Sunita: Fuck it, fuck it with your tongue.

I started licking her clit, and she was in cloud 9. I licked her pussy, her clit for almost 10 minutes, and she came to my face. I picked her with her hair and asked to lick all her cum from my face. Now she was eager to taste my hard dick, but I wanted to take some more time.

I asked her to come and lick my asshole. My asshole is very hairy. She came near my hole and started to lick it as a dog does. I was enjoying it and loved the way she was doing it. She was rolling her tongue around my hole and then putting it inside it. This was my first time which I will never forget.

Now I went behind her and kept my thumb on her asshole. I slapped her on the ass. The ass was shaking, shouting in pain and pleasure. I then spat on her asshole and pushed my thumb inside. I think this was the first time anything went into that tight hole.

I then grabbed her hair and pushed my erected dick in her ass. I heard a scream, and a tear rolled out of her right eye.

Sunita: Master, I beg of you, don’t cum in my ass. I want to remain your bitch for a lifetime. I request you to cum in this pussy so that I can be a mom.

Me: Ok bitch.

I took out my dick and moved towards Praveen to lick it clean Praveen did a decent job, and then I turned towards Sunita. This pussy was like a virgin pussy for that large dick. I first moved my two fingers in her pussy and then placed my dick in the opening.

She was lying in a missionary position, and her pussy was wide open. This is a dream for any bachelor to fuck a pink pussy of any bhabhi. I accepted the good luck I had and inserted my long black dick in her pussy.

She was screaming and saying: Please master fuck me like a bitch. I am your slut.  I have never felt a dick so good. Fuck me hard. I have never felt this before

Sunita: Bhosdike Praveen chhakke. Look how a pussy is fucked, nor you have a big dick, nor you know how to fuck. From today onwards, you are my master, and I am your bitch. You can use me anytime, anywhere.

Me: Shut up slut, today I will tear this virgin pussy.

I fucked her for 15 minutes in the pussy, and her eyes were closed. She was making sounds that were turning me high. I then changed her position. She was now in a doggy position. I inserted my dick in her pussy and my thumb inside her asshole.

We were making a loud clap sound, and she was helping me by putting her ass towards me. After 5 minutes, we both came together, and she fell in bed like a dead body. I asked Praveen to come and lick us both clean.

Praveen did a great job and cleaned my dick, Sunita’s pussy, and asshole. We lay there for 20 minutes. After that, I saw Sunita, and there were tear in her eyes. She said this was the first time after marriage that she felt alive again. Sunita was so happy that she again hugged me and kissed my lips.

Sunita: Sambhav, you made me a woman again, and I am in debt for that. You can anytime come and enjoy me as your prize.

This was the day first where I made her like my bitch. But that thing also made me think about how women are empty in today’s environment. They love their husband a lot but are not sexually satisfied.

In the next story, I will share how I fulfilled this sexy woman’s hot fantasy. Till then, take care

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