Ava’s New Year’s Adventure – Part 1

Hello fellows, I am Abhigya Ava Sharma – Lynn. For those of you, who are wondering what kind of a name is this, I can understand your dilemma. I am a mixed-race woman. My dad was from India, and my mom was a white and blonde American.

I was born in the USA and lived there until the age of 14. It was then when my father decided to move back to India. My mom, being the loyal and caring wife she had been, left the country she had spent her entire life in (until that point) and moved to India.

I did the rest of my schooling in India and then moved to Britain for my higher education. Later, I married an Australian guy and moved to Australia with him. That’s where I currently reside.

I am quite an adventurous fucker. I like weird things about sex. And I could safely say that I have passed on those genes to my kids as well.

Now, let’s get to the story.

It was the end of 2018. I hadn’t visited India for some time back then. So, I decided to change that by celebrating my new year in Delhi. So, I, along with 4 of my daughters (Rhea, Ila, Rebecca, and Lena), booked us a flight and arrived at the capital.

One of my sisters, Krissy, decided to join us as well. Unlike me, Krissy had taken mom’s skin tone. Where I am slightly on the brown side, she is white. Krissy is 6 years younger than me.

Fun fact, she is married to my stepson as well – quite a weird dynamic when it comes to the relationship between us sisters. Five more of my sisters joined us in India.

An old friend of mine had organized a new year’s party at a farmhouse. She texted me the address. The rest of the girls and I got dressed for the party. We were excited. It was supposed to be a pool party. So, we carried our bikinis with us as well.

I booked 3 Ubers for us. The farmhouse was beyond Manaser, on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. We arrived at the given address. The place was way outside the town. There was nothing around but large fields. The Uber driver gave me a strange look as we got out of the car.

He asked me if I was sure that was the house. I checked my phone. The message said it was the address. He asked me if we had a ride arranged for our way back because finding a cab from there would have been next to impossible. My friend had told me that she would arrange for a ride for us, so we were cool.

I paid the cabs, and they drove away. We entered through the gates. It was empty and deserted. There were no guests nor my friend. I called her. She said they were on their way. It would take at least an hour to get there. We arrived a bit early for the party.

Thankfully, the lights on the outside were on. I checked my watch. It was just 8:30. It was too early for a new year’s party that usually starts at around midnight. The actual time for the party was 10.

To kill time, we decided to give ourselves a tour of the property. We walked up the driveway. On either side were lush green lawns. Beautiful flowers bloomed in the hedges. We walked around the massive house.

Right at the back, there was a giant hot water pool in the middle of the covered backyard. The door to the pool area was open, but the door that led into the house was not. By the poolside, some beach chairs were laid out. The lights on the back were on. The water looked clean and warm.

“So, what do we do now?” said Krissy, giving out a huge sigh of boredom.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“Why don’t we swim!” Rhea suggested.

“Good idea, Rhea,” Krissy replied approvingly.

We sat our handbags down on those chairs. As I fiddled through its content to pull out my bikini, Rebecca suggested that why not swim naked for a while.

“Are you crazy!” Ila exclaimed.

“Why not!” Rebecca argued, “We have more than an hour at our disposal. Nobody is arriving till 10 at least. So, why not. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been naked before each other.”

“That’s a naughty idea, Becky,” Krissy complimented. “What do you say, mother-in-law?”

“I am your older sister, Krissy,” I replied.

“But you are also my husband’s stepmother. So, that makes you my mother-in-law.”

“Oh god! Krissy!” I said forcefully. “Fine, let’s swim naked.”

So, we stripped down naked and jumped into the pool. The water was soothing and warm. Oh gosh! It felt so good! The warm water in my private parts! If you haven’t tried naked swimming, you are missing out! We stayed in the pool and chatted.

After relaxing in the water for some time, we got out. Water dripped down our naked bodies. Our wet hairs stuck to our skin. There were no towels for us to dry ourselves. I checked my watch. We still had 45 minutes in our hands. So, we decided to lay on those chairs for a bit and let our bodies dry themselves.

The clock turned 10. We put on our bikinis. A group of boys came. We thought they were the guests. As it turned out, they were the owner of the property and his friends. My friend had mistyped her address. Because of that, we had arrived at the wrong house.

They had left the poolside open on their way out as they went to buy drinks. They were shocked to find 11 women in bikinis in their backyard. We tried to explain our situation to them.

“Umm, that place is 30 kilometers away from here,” said Rocky (the owner), “You were supposed to take a left at the intersection. You must have taken a right.”

“Damn it!” I murmured, “we had a party to attend to.”

“Why not party with us,” Rohan suggested. “We got the booze. We can put on the music and dive into the pool.”

“What the hell!” I shrugged casually. “It’s new year’s eve. Let’s party.”

They put on bang on music on their sound system. They got into their bathers as well, and the 11 of us and 14 of them got into the pool. They had brought fine wine for the occasion. We sat in the water and chatted. Our drinks were within our reach, by the side of the pool.

“Wow! Really!” Rocky exclaimed, flabbergasted. “No way!”

“Yup! That’s true! They are my daughters,” I replied, pointing at my girls.

“But you don’t look that old! How do you have adult daughters?”

“Well, I had them when I was quite young.”

“They are fine-looking girls. I give you that,” Rocky said appreciatively.


“What’s your age now?” he asked curiously.

“I am 38 now,” I answered coolly. “What’s yours?”

“I am 21,” he replied. “We all are college students. All are roughly the same ages.”

“Youngblood, huh! Quite a nice place you got at this young age.”

“Thanks, it’s my dad’s. He is a politician,” he answered. “So, you got 4 daughters. That’s nice,” he said after a long pause.

“Not 4,” I said immediately, “I got 6 daughters and 3 sons.”

“What!” Rocky was dumbfounded. He ran his eyes all along my body. “You don’t look like a woman who has given birth to 9 kids. You are so fit and in shape. You should be fat like an elephant by now.”

I laughed and replied, “Well, apart from my last birth, all others had happened at least a decade ago. So, my body had time to heal, and I had time to get in shape.”

“Damn, Woman! Is your husband unemployed or what! But at least his stick is working,” Rocky commented.

“Not all of my kids are from my husband,” I said sharply.

“Oh! A woman of culture,” Rocky remarked approvingly. “Does your husband know?”

“He only knows about the first 3. Because they were born before I met him, he doesn’t know about the others.”

“So, how many are from him?” he asked.

“Only 2,” I replied, holding up as many fingers.

“And others?” he asked eagerly.

“They are from different men. My last one is from my stepson. My husband’s son from his first wife,” I answered proudly.

“Damn! It looks like you love bringing children into this world,” he jested.

“Yes, I do,” I replied, laughing. “It’s kind of in the genes.”

“Really! How so?”

“My mom gave birth to 15 children,” I said.

“What are you, women!” Rocky murmured, shaking his head.

As we spoke, more of his friends arrived. The count of boys now went up over 30. The wine was poured into glasses. They were all washed down, and more was poured. As time progressed, something started to happen to me. I was feeling a bit aroused.

I moved my hand around my neck, combed my hair with my fingers, scratched my side, but nothing worked. I bit my lip to hide my arousal, rubbed my thighs together, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I wanted a dick, and I wanted it bad.

I was so horny that if a guy had come up to me and said, “I wanna fuck you,” I would have dropped my clothes down, without any hesitation, then and there. It wasn’t just me. Later, when I asked my sisters and daughters, they all said the same. They all were super horny and were unable to control themselves.

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard Lena crying. I looked over to the other side of the pool. My daughter was completely naked by the poolside. She wasn’t crying. She was moaning.

Shubham, one of the boys, was over her. She was lying flat on her back, her legs were parted, and his dick was inside her. He was humping her pussy hard.

“Yes, yes,” Lena moaned. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were fixed on them. It was like porn but lived. Vaibhav and Saket brought their cameras out and started recording it. I wanted to tell them not to do it, but the idea of recording it made me even hornier.

“Fuck me, motherfucker. Fuck me like a slut,” Lena said excitedly.

The clock was about to strike 12. Rohan brought the champagne from the fridge. He popped open the cork and poured it into our empty glasses, and gave us a countdown. As midnight struck, we all gulped the champagne down our throats and yelled, ‘Happy New Year.’

Rocky put his hand around my back and pulled me closer. My hopes had risen. My breaths were fast and short. He held my face in his other hand and pressed his lips against mine, and we kissed. His kiss was long and passionate. It had made me even crazier.

My horniness was now beyond measure. If my cunt were spitfire, the whole pool would have been ablaze by then. Rocky seemed to have read my mind, or I should say, my body.

As we kissed, he pulled the strings of my pantie, and off it went floating away in the pool. We were in the shallow zone. The water was below my waist. My bare ass faced the others in the pool. Then he pulled the strings of my bra, and it came off too. I smiled and pushed him back.

I pulled his trunks down and released his young cock. It was of decent size. Probably around 7 inches or so. I took the brown tool in my hand and gave it a nice jerk. It was rock hard. I smelled it. It was intoxicating. I wrapped my lips around it and moved my head up and down.

I was bent over as I sucked his nice and solid cock. Those behind me had a nice view of both my holes. Rocky pulled my head up after a few minutes. He turned me around and made me bend over. He rubbed the head on my pussy lips to tease me.

“Don’t, don’t tease me. I am way too horny. Just put it in,” I begged.

He rubbed it even more, to tease me further.

“Please, it’s torture. Just slide it in. I want it bad,” I pleaded.

He laughed and, this time, pushed his hard rod inside. He grabbed me by both of my arms and started ramming my pussy. He didn’t waste time going slow. His fucking was hard. Like a hammer is drilling a nail into a wall. Just like I wanted at that time.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes, just like that,” I moaned.

“You like it, babe, you like it.”

“Yes, Rocky, I like it,  give it to me. Give it to me hard.”

“You are a whore, aren’t you! A breeding whore.”

“Yes, I am, yes, I am, fuck me. I am a whore, fuck my whore cunt like that.”

He rammed my pussy hard for a good 10 minutes.

“You want my seed, you whore!”

“Yes, I do. Give me your seed. Give it to me.”

“Take it, bitch,” he grunted, and his cock exploded inside me.

His cum dripped out of my cunt. It got mixed up with the water and floated away. Rohan then pulled me out of the pool. He, too, was naked. Everyone was naked by then. He laid flat back on the concrete floor and made me come over to him and ride him.

I put my one leg over to his other side and took his cock in my hand. I carefully guided it inside my wet cunt. Once in, I began bouncing on his shaft. My fingers combed through my hair, and I bounced on his dick. My boobs juggled up and down.

“Oh yeah, Ava, you are a nice fuck slut,” said Rohan. “You and the rest of the girls saved us money on prostitutes tonight,” he added.

Normally, I would have been annoyed at such a thing. But I was so fucking horny that night. I didn’t even care that for them. I was just a cheap substitute for a prostitute. I just wanted a dick in my pussy, and I wanted it all night long for some reason.

Thankfully, there were plenty of dicks to be had. Rohan then held me by my waist. I remained fixed in my position while he moved his long stick in and out of my cunt.

“Oh yes, fuck me, give it to me,  fuck me, fuck me hard,” I moaned.

“Oh, Ava, I am cumming,” Rohan cried.

“Cum in me, please, cum in me, give me your seed, make me pregnant,” I mumbled out in the flow.

One moved away, and the other one took his place. It went on like that the whole night. The collective moans of my sisters, my daughters, and mine had filled the whole farmhouse and the fields around it. It was a good thing that no one lived nearby, or else things would have been different.

On a cold winter night, we were hot as hell. The fucking continued into the morning and the following evening and night. It continued for the next bloody 10 days. Later, they dropped us at our house. We all were sour.

After coming back, we slept for several hours. Later we went our separate ways. My daughters, Krissy and I, took the flight to Australia, and the rest of my sisters went to their homes.

It was after 2 months that I found out that I was pregnant. That evening, Krissy called and told me that she was pregnant too. But the shock came when Rhea, Ila, Rebecca, and Lena too found out that they were pregnant.

Throughout the next couple of days, it was revealed that all 11 of us, who had been on that farmhouse around the new year, were pregnant. It was now no doubt that the kids belonged to those boys. But who? That was impossible to tell.

This is my story, fellows. What do you think about it? I would love to know. You can find me at [email protected] This is just the first part. I will let you all know what happened during those 10 days. Till then, bye and take care.

Next Part: Ava’s New Year’s Adventure – Part 2

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