A sexual detour with 4 men

Hi, I’m Ruby. I am glad you loved my last xxx sex story. I am a lover of straight sex. Never skip a chance to bang men. My stats are 36-26-34. I’m a DD cup and have a petite waist.

I was 22, on my way to tuition. Usually, I took the bus or an auto to go. But I had time to wait for the bus, so I did. The bus stop was right next to my building. It was a summer afternoon, so it was empty.

After some time, a boy came and sat next to me. I knew him. He stayed in my building but was older than me. We never spoke, but we were acquainted. He struck up a conversation with me, asked me what I was doing and college and all that. I was surprised but pleased. It was a general conversation.

Now I was thinking why this boy was talking to me. I had a crush on him when I was younger, but he never even looked at me. He was working while I was barely a student.

Meanwhile, 2-3 buses passed, none of them were mine. He told me he was waiting for his friends to pick him up in his car for a weekend out of town. But they were stuck in traffic. He offered to drop me at tuition. Finally, his friends were the first ones to arrive. He offered me to get in first.

He shut the door, making me sit between him and his friend. We started talking, and they were all nice to me. His friend offered to take my bag. It was sweet. Halfway through the conversation,

1st friend: So, you have a boyfriend?

Me: No, full single.

Him: Come on, don’t lie, you’re a pretty girl. Someone must be trying to be your bf.

Me: No, I don’t think so. (I was blushing)

2nd friend: Don’t lie, if I saw you, I would have been your boyfriend.

1st friend: Oh please, you’re boring. She would have been my girlfriend.

3rd friend: You both are dumb. I would’ve snatched her from you all first.

My crush: Oh come on, you guys. She said she’s single. I’ve seen her. She is very studious.

He kept his hand on my knee, on my skirt’s edge. I was enjoying all the attention given to me. I liked it. I didn’t say anything, or else he would have taken it back. We all kept talking. His friend was driving slowly. I was going to be extremely late, but I didn’t say anything. I was enjoying the ride.

We were laughing about random things, and it felt like all of them were my friends too. My crush didn’t realize his hand on my thigh was touching both my thighs. I loved it silently. I crossed my legs to lock his hand between my legs. I was feeling so sexy between all the boys. I was falling on them while laughing.

“You study too much,” One boy said. “You need a vacation.”

“Yeah totally, you should use an overnight vacation. You’ll feel better,” another said.

My crush: Hey, why don’t you come with us? We are going on vacation now. You should come.

Me: Hey, no, I’m already late for tuition. I don’t think I can come.

Crush: Tuition is for bunking. Come on. We know you’ll love it. You can go to tuition on Monday. We know you’ll love it.

Me: Where are you going? (Now I was curious too)

Crush: Lonavla. You will have a very good time.

Saying this, he slipped his hand a little more up from my skirt. I looked at him confused, “What?”

“Yeah, come na. You’ll love it there.” He tapped his fingers on my thigh, reaching my upper thigh region and pushing my skirt fully up. “Just like you are loving this now,” the guy to my right said.

I then realized his hand was around me on my waist, going up and down my back. I had goosebumps. I suddenly realized I was sandwiched between them both. My boobs were squeezed and very visible from the outside. Sneaking out secretly with boys overnight was something I had never imagined.

My childhood crush was now inviting me to come with him. It was like a dream come true. I was thinking in my head. I was in the car with 4 older boys. I had my heart and head making thrilling decisions.

“Just take this phone and tell your teacher you will come tomorrow.” Another friend said confidently.

“How do you know I will say yes?” I asked, acting hard to get.

“Because darling,” my crush said. “You haven’t said no once, and you don’t want to get down from the car.”

I looked out of the car for the first time on that ride. I had already reached my tuition building. And I had a stupid smile on my face. I smiled at them and took the phone. And the friend yelled, “Chalo, let’s leave,” and we quickly exited the lane.

Now I was on my way to Lonavla with four handsome dudes. I didn’t know who would kiss me first. They were squeezing me and checking out my boobs. I was aroused slowly. I remembered to call my teacher. I called him on the boy’s phone to tell him about my absence.

But just as he picked up, one friend squeezed my boob. While talking, I moaned. I was scared and horny at the same time. Both boys were pressing my boobs and pinching me. They made sure nobody saw it from outside. They were pressing my thighs and making me moan.

I could barely hide the horniness in my voice while talking to sir. I was heavily breathing and answered only yes and no. The boys were purposely doing so I could not talk properly to sir. Finally, I let out a little moan when I said, “I’m not well.”

I think sir got suspicious. I cut the phone suddenly, but that idiot called after a few minutes.

“Are you okay, dear? anything serious?” He asked.

“No sir, I’m fine, a little cough, so I took off,” I said, still breathing heavily.

“Ok, take care.” He said and cut the phone

I hit the boys playfully for putting me in such trouble. But they just laughed at my situation. I sat between them the whole ride, and they played with me. They were flirting with me and passed lewd comments at me.

“So explain to me why a girl goes to tuition with no panties,” my crush asked as he suddenly pulled my skirt up. I was embarrassed; my face got red.

“How did you know?”

“I saw your skirt get caught in your ass when you stood to see which bus came. That minute I decided you are the perfect one.” He winked
I giggled and told them how my boyfriend kept my panties after making out. I was thankful that it took me on this wild, adventurous day that had just begun. They were shocked. But they had no idea how much of a treat I would be to them.

We reached their villa. It was a small cottage made of 4bhk. And only 1 servant. They hid me in the loo every time the servant came to deliver the food. We got fresh and had our dinner in the biggest room of the villa they had.

We watched a movie in the dark, and they sat on both sides. My crush started making his moves on me. We started making out there itself. He made his way into my shirt, and I started moaning. He took me upstairs, where he fucked me.

Oh, I loved it. He made love to me in the most awesome way possible. He was just like I thought he would be. I sucked his dick and heard his praises while I got lost in the horniness. I was uninhibited. I felt like a desperate girl who wanted to get all the pleasures fulfilled.

He wrapped up in an hour, and he told me to wait for the 2nd guy. I freshened up and lay on the bed with my arms propped up naked. The 2nd one fucked me with his cigarette mouth. He was smelling heavily of smoke and fucked me rough.

His heavy dick fucked me so bad. I could barely keep quiet. He finished sooner than expected. But I liked his dick, so he kept me down there even after coming. I sucked the semi-hard dick with my boobs while he took a smoke. He came all over me and called me a good whore.

Each boy fucked me once before moving on to the next one. I came to know that all of them were 30-34-year-olds enjoying free time with a 22-year-old slut. The 3rd one tied my hands to the bed and fucked me doggy style. I loved it.

He was huge and put his weight on me the whole time he fucked. I felt like the whole gang was on me.

By the time the 4th came, I was exhausted. Horny but had little energy. But he was having none of it. I could smell his alcohol from afar. He wasted no time in foreplay and started dick work right through. The second he saw me slowing down, he pinched me and said, “Come on slut, is that all you got? Beg for me.”

He turned me over and spanked my ass as I had seen in porn. I had to bury my face in the cushion to keep my screams down. He continued to fuck me like a horse. He held me by my neck and fucked me hard from behind. In the end, I gave up.

I was moaning like a slut in heat. My squeals were audible in the house. My boobs were swinging in the air. I had no shame left. I was rubbing my clit as he fucked me.

As soon as he finished fucking me, the boys made me kneel and tied my hands in my back. They stood around naked, waiting for me to blow them. One guy put a belt around my neck and pulled me to him. I blew them even though I was so tired.

While I sucked one, the other guys played with my body. I was kneeling and walking on all fours. I came over and over again. I didn’t mind. They continued spanking and squeezing my boobs.

I was the happiest, horniest slut that night. And that too for free. I don’t know who, but someone spanked my ass with a belt. We continued our fuck-a-thon till late at night. Only 2 boys made it to dinner. Others passed out by smoking and booze. I slept tired and naked.

The next day I woke up early, very hungry. I ate the leftover pizza, wore someone’s shirt and saw everybody sleeping. After some time, I saw my crush watching me. He was my favorite from yesterday; too bad he dozed off early. We sat on the swing, flirting and making out.

I wanted him to be my first morning fuck. He had a better idea for waking up everybody. So I sucked his morning wood in the bedroom next to the one everybody was sleeping. He moaned loud enough for them to wake up.

Just then, another guy entered. He went down to love my pussy. I couldn’t resist being the alarm clock for the house. I squealed and squealed. He was a good fucker. I was naked in no time. They fucked me on the floor. I had one on my upper body and the other on my pussy.

At a point, both sucked on one breast of mine. I was having the time of my life. I closed my eyes, enjoying it. Suddenly I felt a dick enter me and simultaneously finger enter my ass. I opened my eyes to three boys fucking me at once.

The third guy shoved his dick in me. The guys continued to touch me and kiss me wherever they could find me. I have no idea how long we remained like this.

Just then, someone banged on the door. “Seriously slut, what did I tell you?” yesterday’s last heaviest guy entered. I think he was dominant in the group. All three left me alone as he came. He made me stand, shoved me on the wall and fucked me standing up.

I don’t think he had touched his morning wood at all. I had to do the calming down. I held him for balance. He fucked me once more on the bathroom floor. He lay on me on the wet bathroom floor and grunted like a wild boar as he came inside me. I was glad I was on birth control.

We left the shower on to drown out the noise. He took the hand shower and went to town on my pussy. He was the roughest and horniest on me.

And that’s it. It was time for us to leave. We all left separately and met halfway to the city to avoid suspicion. I reached home that day feeling like a glorious whore. I ended up being friends with my crush and getting fucked by 4 guys whose names I don’t know to this date.

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