The Stranger On The Beach

My name is Anuj with a story about a stranger on the beach. I am 29, 6 feet tall, chubby, very fair, and smooth. I have very little hair on my body and have baby pink lips. I am a huge fan of action in public. The adrenaline rush of being enjoyed by a stranger in public is extraordinary.

I stay in Vizag. On one fine humid evening in Vizag, I decided to try my luck and explore other gays in the city. I wore a loose white t-shirt and black shorts. Underneath, I wore a maroon panty to excite myself and whichever lucky soul I was going to find tonight.

I went to RK Beach and was taking a stroll. Then I found a secluded corner and sat on the sand. I could see couples cuddling at a distance as it was getting dark. After a few minutes, I saw a man approach me. He was tall, dark, and muscular. He introduced himself as Kiran.

Kiran sat along with me, and we started having a small chat. He was on a business trip and was staying in a hotel. After a couple of minutes of chit-chatting, Kiran came closer to me and whispered in my ear, “I like the color of your panty.”

I was shocked. I didn’t realize that I was sitting cross-legged, which meant my t-shirt had gone up from the backside, and my panty was slightly visible. I felt ashamed but slutty at the same time. He noticed my face go blank.

Immediately he apologized for making me uncomfortable and said he liked what he saw. I blushed, and he brought himself close and was hugging me from the side. He placed his hand inside my t-shirt and held my love handles. He started slowly caressing my smooth tummy.

I let out light moans and sighed. His hands were big and rough. He was trying to be as close to me as possible, and then he placed his hand on my navel. A current went through my body, and I jerked. As I jerked, my face turned towards his. Our lips were around 5 cm away from each other.

As an instant reaction, I took my lips closer and started kissing him. His hands let go of me, and he held me by my face. We kissed like wild dogs. Our tongues clashed. We exchanged saliva, and this process went for some good 30-40 seconds. Then he let go of the kiss and bit my lower lip.

He started sucking, biting, and pulling my lower lip towards him. I was in seventh heaven. While biting my lip, his hands let go of my face and went inside my t-shirt. I could feel the rough hands making their way towards my man-boobs.

He pinched my nipples hard. I immediately let out a cry, and he placed his lips back on mine to suppress the cry. Then he made me lie down on the sand, looked around to confirm no one was watching, and sat over me. He lifted my t-shirt and dived inside my cleavage.

He slowly took turns to bite and suck both my nipples one by one. At this point, I was extremely horny, and my hands reached his crotch area. He got up and stood while I came on my knees. We looked around, and then he opened his zipper and took his dick out.

I was shocked. His dick was a monster. It was some 8 inches long and extremely thick. I looked sluttily at him, I bit my lips and charged at his cock. I smelled his dick from base to the tip, then started licking it from top to bottom. I could sense he was losing his mind it.

Then I opened my mouth and tried to take his dick in. I took my time, took parts of his dick inside, and lubricated them well with my saliva. He was moaning freely without caring if anyone could notice. Then suddenly, his hands reached the back of my head, and he pulled me closer.

I was choking on his cock as he let out a huge moan and came inside me. I was choked and coughed the cum out of my mouth. He held my neck by one hand, brought me closer, and kissed me, exchanging the cum while doing so.

I was sad that he came so soon. He put his cock back inside and asked me to come along with him. We walked, holding hands as he took me to the extreme corner of the beach. There was a huge group of stones at the edge. The stones were around 9-10 feet tall and had formed a little cavity at the beach mouth.

He told me that no one could see us there and that we should wash. I climbed one of the rocks and noticed the cave-like space between the 2 rocks. I jumped inside. He followed me soon. Inside, it was a world of its own. There was no way anyone could see us here.

There was absolutely no light. Just the moonlight was falling on us. He took his clothes off and went a little ahead and started washing. I took my t-shirt off and joined him. Kiran sat in the water, and I started washing him by taking water in my hands and rubbing his chiseled body. I was sure he was enjoying it.

After some time, he turned around and took my shorts down. He was amused to see me fully naked, with a smooth body and a maroon panty shining in the moonlight. I knew he was getting turned on again, so I started playing with myself. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him.

He made me sit as if I was giving him a lap dance. My hands were around his neck, and he was using his hands and mouth to explore my entire body. He licked every surface he could find. I was enjoying lying in his arms like a slut.

Kiran then told me to get up and get on my knees facing the beach. I obliged. He went on his knees behind me and lowered my panty. I then felt wetness on my asshole. I looked behind to see Kiran had dived in my ass. He was licking my hole.

He put his tongue deep inside and kept licking till the time I let out a loud moan. That was his signal. He got up. Placed his monstrous cock on my hole and started shoving in. He put both his hands on my shoulders to arch my back upwards. He took his time, so I don’t feel the pain.

Slowly, it took him some 1-2 minutes to shove 3/4 of his dick inside me. Then he came closer, held my shoulder with one hand, and put his other hand on my mouth. I knew what was going to happen. The hand was to suppress my shout. With a jerk, he inserted his full dick inside me.

I shouted in pain, but my voice was muffled. He stayed like this for some time. When I stopped shouting and was a little relaxed, he held my ass and started fucking me in slow rhythmic motions. His every thrust was accompanied by my “Aah, Ooh, Oh yes.” which made him all the hornier.

I enjoyed myself as well, as this was the first time I felt a cock this deep inside me. I could feel my ass being torn apart. He fucked me like this for good 5 minutes. Then he made me lie on my back in the sand. He jumped on me and, this time fucked me in missionary style.

While doing so, his hands grabbed my boobs and squeezed them. I then wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him onto me. He gave me a nasty wild kiss and, with a huge jerk, came inside my ass.

His cumming went on for 20 seconds. He came so much that as he brought his cock out of my ass, my hole overflowed with all his sperm. We kissed and lay in each other’s arms in the same position for a couple of minutes. For the next half an hour, we sucked each other, and we both came again.

That’s how I enjoyed gay sex with a mature guy.

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