Secret Crossdresser To Full-time Wife

Hi friends, my name is Vaishnav or Vaishnavi or should I call myself ‘Sainaba’ now? Nah, you can decide what should call me after reading this!

Firstly, this is a gay, crossdresser-type story. So, if you don’t like this type of story, then I recommend skipping it.

Let me tell you about me first. I am Vaishnav. I am 23 years old. If you ask me about my body, I am slim, not chubby. My ass is big and round and also, my boobs are big. If I dress in tight shirts, anyone will think that I have boobs. So, I usually wear loose ones. Yes, I am white in color and my lips are also pinkish.

I had my first sexual experience years ago and I had a lot of experiences after that. I like uncles mostly. Oh, I forgot, I am a pure bottom. I have a 2-inch cock but you know there is no use with a 2-inch dick. To pass time, I started to crossdress and ended up liking it. ‘Vaishnavi’ was my CD name. I had sex in dresses also. Sometimes, I go out in girl dresses, not in here but when I go out of state.

So, let’s go to the story.

My parents were divorced and married again. So I was left alone with money only. You can say that was why I ended up like this as no one was there to look after me. When I joined degree, they sent a large amount of money and literally said that they will not contact me anymore and it ended there.

Back to the story. This happened when the lockdown started and I just joined an IT firm. I was in my training period. For an assignment, I was sent to Delhi. As it finished, I vacated my room which was provided by the office early even though my train was the next day morning.

My plan was that I can go around Delhi the whole day and if possible, can have some sex. In fact, it was almost 10 days that I had sex last time.

My plan was at least to find a cock to suck. Else, just sit at the railway station till morning and go back. But it ended as the lockdown was announced. By evening, I got my hand on two cocks and nothing much. But I gave a blowjob to both.

I was so hot after two bj and I was searching for someone for the night when I got an email saying my train was canceled due to the lockdown. It was then I went through the net and found that it was lockdown from midnight.

I ran to the station, there was no train available and both the train and bus stations were filled with people. There was no way I can find a place to stay. I was so disappointed.

I posted some FB and WhatsApp group posts from my personal and Vaishnavi’s accounts. There was no response from my personal account but I got a lot of comments and replies in the other.

I went through it but everything was dirty comments or just talks. I was getting more desperate. I never used to share my CD pic publicly. If I connect to someone, then only I will share y pic. But now I was desperate.

I posted in a gay Delhi WhatsApp group chat saying, “Need a place for stay till the end of the lockdown, low on cash can pay some other way. Me Vaishnavi, CD bottom” with my cd pic which was in saree.

I got a lot of replies but most of it was just talks. Then I noticed a message, “I am 45 years old, now in Delhi. I will go to UP where my house is. I am staying alone.”

I called him and we talked. His name was Aziz, he had a shop in Delhi, near to the place where I was at that time. He stayed alone and had a car.

I went to his shop, which was a dress shop. It was half closed and I went in. There was only one person who was getting ready to close. He looked a little old but not 45, a manly person with a good body and a clean shaved face. But I could see the hair on his chest and hands. I approached him and talked.

He: Oh, I thought you were a full-time CD and that was why I contacted you.

He was looking for a CD who lived like a girl. I was in despair and I really needed to go with him or else I will be in street. If I go with him, I could have a place to stay and a cock to satisfy me.

Me: It’s not like that, I do CD at home when I go out. I was at work so I am like this now. You see, I am good at cross-dressing.

He: It’s not like that.

Me: It’s ok, I can crossdress when I am at your place, no problem.

He: Do you have any girl dresses?

(I keep some girl dresses and makeup kit with me always as we don’t know when we get an opportunity to crossdress.)

Me: Yes, I have.

He: Then go to the washroom, get dressed and come out. If I like you, I can take you.

With his expression and looks, I could clearly see that he will take me but I was scared thinking what if he didn’t?

I went to the bathroom to clean my face and body. I needed to look good. So I started by applying red nail polish. I removed my hair (I forgot to say, I have long hair, I was growing it so long, it is almost below my shoulder and I hide it so that it doesn’t show much outside.)

So it took me 30 minutes. I was in a black panty and bra, with a black blouse and bottom, and a semi-transparent blue saree. I applied a little make-up, red lipstick and nail polish, set my hair. and finally wore high heels. I put sindhoor and a chain around my neck. Most of the Muslim people I had slept with, like this.

I went near him in a sexy way. He was packing something when I came out.

He: You look like a slut!

He came towards me and started to kiss my lips. It went for 5 minutes. He was not kissing but eating my lips. Then he broke the kiss and went to sit in a chair. He pulled down his pants and his 7-inch cock was out. He shook his cock, looking at me. I knew what to do.

I went near him, sat between his leg and took it in my hand. It was 7-inch long but it was more thinker than I thought. I started by licking its top. The dirty smell and the taste of pee was all over my mouth. It was dirty but I was always addicted to it.

I placed it between my lips and started to suck it. I started with half of it and took it all the way. I started to suck it faster as I got a grip on it. I was able to take it all in. It was so hot also. He might have shook it all the time when I was in the bathroom.

It only took me 3-4 minutes to make him cum. But he came a lot. I didn’t move, I just continued sucking and drinking his cum. I drank till the last drop of it and cleaned his cock.

He: You are sooo good. (He was breathing heavily when he said that.)

He rested for 5 minutes and then got up.

He: You can’t come with me like this.

Me: Then I will change and be back fast.

He: No, not that. Remove everything but your bra and panty and wear this.

He gave me a pardha and hijab to cover my face also. It was loose but in perfect shape. When I came out, he was all ready to close. He gave me lots of packets.

“These are your clothes from today onward, don’t wear men’s clothes.”

I took the packets and walked behind him to the car.

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