One Night Stand With A Beefy Guy

Before moving on to the story, let me introduce my hero to you. Just imagine a 25-year-old beefy guy from the Northern part of Kerala. My readers who have friends from this part of my state can realize how handsome they are. But my hero was sexier and more handsome.

So to add up a little more spice in your imagination, visualize his light brown eyes, naturally pink lips, and hairless masculine body with smooth skin. I have a height of 5.9 feet, and he was just above my shoulder.

Now let’s see the major highlights in his body. He has a toned beefy body, and nipples were pointing out from his ash-colored V-neck T-shirt. He was wearing blue jeans. It had a pretty visible bulge at the front. Though my eyes continuously struck the round ass with a wallet choking in the back pocket.

And finally, he introduced himself as Faizal Mohammed. I got Faizal’s mobile number from the Facebook page. I was searching for an NGO group to make a small contribution towards the flood in Kerala. So this takes to the year 2019 in Bangalore city.

Faizal was a member of a group of techies. They collected food, blankets, and other essentials from the city to donate to the flood-affected people in Kerala. Faizal, who was staying in Electronic city about 50 km from my place, was in charge of collecting the items from our area.

He reached our collection center in his two-wheeler along with Anand, who was his colleague. Anand was supposed to travel to Kerala in the transport vehicle they have booked to carry the essential items. Only three of us were left in the collection center when Faizal and Anand reached our place.

It was late evening, around 6.30 pm. We five guys and the driver loaded all the items in the mini lorry by 8:00 pm. The other two guys left after the loading. But I waited till everything was settled and the lorry was ready to start its journey by 8:15 pm.

“I need to have tea before we start!” It was Anand who seemed to be very tired by the end of the day. We three, along with the driver, went to the nearby tea shop and ordered the tea. “One light please,” it was Faizal speaking to the shopkeeper.

He looked at my face and smiled, “I didn’t have a single cigarette today. It was a too-busy day. Sagar, do you smoke? Shall I order one more!.”I smiled back, sipping the hot tea, and replied, “ I do smoke the same brand. But I already have a packet full in my flat, and I will smoke later.”

“OK, take a puff from mine,” he pointed the cigarette towards me, taking from his sweaty pink lips. I took a puff and exhaled the smoke. I was staring Faizal through the smoke. His nipples were erected, pointing through his wet t-shirt. I just got distracted when Aanand started the conversation.

“It was a horrible day, too tired. I need to travel the whole night to Kerala in this transport vehicle.”

“You need to sleep and take rest in the seat whole night. Can you imagine the struggle I need to take to ride back on this bike to the electronic city? I am exhausted,” said Faizal. “I feel like sleeping in the parking basement and ride back tomorrow morning.”

Faizal turned his back towards me while speaking and kept his empty tea glass bending a little towards the table nearby. I saw the small portion of the bubbly butt in black underwear with a red elastic waist strap. It turned me on.

“If you are OK, then you could stay with me in my flat tonight and leave early morning to the electronic city,” I spoke immediately.

“Wow, thank you very much. But it will be a disturbance for you, and I haven’t carried any clothes to change,” Faizal replied. His large eyes were extraordinarily shining while he was replying.

“It’s OK, man. I am a bachelor staying alone here, and don’t worry about the clothes,” it was a quick response from the side. Anand also encouraged Faizal to stay with me that night.

The collection center was our parking space. I stayed in the same building at Flat No. 402. Faizal and I took the lift to the 4th floor. It is a 1.5 BHK flat provided by my company. The small room is my home office space, and there is no further place to put a bed in that room.

We went inside, and I asked Faizal to sit on the sofa. “Bro, I wish to take a shower before I sit on your sofa, but my clothes are dirty,” Faizal was confused. I took one of my shorts and a t-shirt from the wardrobe and gave them to Faizal.

“You can wear this. But I won’t give you my underwear. Just wear it without undies anyways. No one is there to watch,” I smiled. “Remove your clothes and handover to me. I have my clothes loaded in the washing machine. Your Jeans will get dried by morning,” I insisted on him showing the bathroom.

He went inside, removed his clothes and folded them, and handed them over to me. He was in a towel with an awesome body. His nipple was also pinkish and comparatively large like his eyes. I thought he had a strong build muscle with a six-pack, but it was not. His body was strong, muscular, but fleshy and smooth.

He went back to take a shower. My towel was kissing his butts while he walked to the bathroom. I went to the balcony with his clothes and opened the washing machine door. He kept his black trunk hidden inside his folded jeans. I just took it in my hands and smelled the front side of his underwear.

The manly scent oozed through my nose. The smell of sweat in his private area is extraordinarily seductive. There was a tiny drop of pre-cum dried in his undie. I loaded the washing machine and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for both of us.

Oh no, it was 9.30 pm already, and it would take at least 2 hours to cook in my way. It’s better to go out and have dinner. There is a good restaurant within 500 m. I lit a cigarette, removed my shirt and dragged the bean bag to the balcony, and sat down watching the street light.

Faizal came near me and sat beside me. He looked too fresh and hot. “It is a beautiful view here,” he said while adjusting his wet hair with his hands. He took the half-burned cigarette from my hand and kept it in his mouth. I was wondering how come a smoker like Faizal still has lips colored like a strawberry!

“Let’s go out and have dinner,” I said to Faizal. “No, bro, the shorts you have given are thin, and I don’t have any underwear inside. What if I get a boner on the way? It will be embarrassing.”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry; there are no sexy hot chicks in our areas to arouse your cock. This is a dry place.” I looked at him and smiled. “No need of a hot chick, a hot guy like you with this kind of cute smile is enough to give me a boner,” Faizal replied with a smile.

I was still staring at him to see if he had a boner. “Oh, so you are not a Hindu, but a Christian!” Suddenly Faizal changed the topic. “Yup, I am Sagar Alex, and this gold chain with the cross pendant is the only sign to know what my religion is. I even don’t have a Jesus photo frame in this flat,” I replied.

Suddenly he touched my chest with his hand, “So your body is hairy, but you have shaven it, right?” he asked. “ Yes, our hard work in the gym should be visible, and so I shaved my chest.”

I took my phone and opened the Zomato app. We booked some meals in 10 minutes. I told him to take a rest while I take a bath. I took the wet towel from his shoulder and wrapped myself. I just removed my dresses, squeezed them into the already fully loaded washing machine, and switched it on.

I told him that I would take some time in the bathroom because I need to trim my beard. I went inside and started trimming my armpit and pubic hair. Later trimmed my beard slightly to show Faizal that I trimmed my beard and not the private parts.

I came out in a towel after 20 minutes from the bathroom and heard the calling bell. It was 10.10 pm. Zomato guy was scanning my half-naked body. I thought in my mind, “Sorry delivery boy, I am booked today.” I took the parcel to my dining table.

I saw that Faizal took out the washed clothes from the washing machine. He was concentrating on underwear. I had almost 5 to 6 undies in it. I looked at him and said, “Come on, bro, just put your jeans and t-shirt for drying. That is our priority. Rest, I will take care after dinner.”

He put his clothes in the string tied in my balcony went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Dshyoop….the power went off. Poor guy was inside the bathroom, fully dark. “Can you show the mobile torch?” he shouted.

“Oh, come on, it’s not necessary. I know the route. This is my home,” I told him and went to the bathroom in the dark. “Give me your hand,” I told him and extended my arm. “Holy Shit!” it directly touched his front. I felt the soft circumcised penis through his shorts. It was too dark and now silent too.

He caught my shoulder, and we came to the dining table. I made him sit in the chair and went in the dark to my bean bag to take my mobile. I lit a candle, and we started having dinner. Faizal laughed and said, “Candlelight dinner by two horny guys, it’s funny.”

11:00 pm, I sat on my sofa with my laptop. He was sitting beside me, checking Facebook on his mobile. There was an ashtray and the matches on the coffee table in front of me. I asked Faisal if he could take the cigarette packet from my office room table.

He gave one to me and kept the packet on the coffee table. I kept the cigarette between my lips, and Faizal was ready to lit the matches in front of me. He came close to me with the burning match stick and focused on my cigarette. I was enjoying the small movement of his lips. It was sexy.

His brown eyes were golden in the burning match stick. His mild beard was more visible when he came closer to me. The matching stick went off with the hot air from my nose, but my cigarette was already burned. “You can make one for yourselves if you need to smoke,” I told him.

“Nah, I will take 2 puffs from yours.” The saliva was like a pre-cum sticking between his upper and lower lips when he smiles.

I told him that I would watch the climax episode of Game of Thrones. I asked if he is interested in watching it with me.  I had a clue about the climax, but I want to watch it myself without any spoilers.

“I want to watch it with you, but I already watched it. Let me tell you the story in short,” Faizal spoke with a naughty face. “No,” I shouted by keeping my laptop on the coffee table jumped over him. I strongly held him and shut his mouth with my right hand.

We both lost balance and fell to the sofa. I fell on my butt, and he was over me. My hand was still over his mouth. It was wet and warm. His butts were over my cock, and I started getting a small erection. We stayed in the same pose for about 40 sec. I felt as if he was kissing my palm.

Suddenly, the power came back. The hall was fully bright. All the lights were on. Faizal suddenly stood up with an embarrassed face. “Now that the fans are running, I prefer to go and sleep,” said Faizal.

“Of course, we will share the bed today. You might go and sleep. I will complete the episode and come to bed,” I said.

“Is there mosquitos here?” before I answered him ‘No’ he had removed the t-shirt already and lay on his stomach on the bed. His right arm was kept folded near to his face in the pillow. The left hand was kept loose on the bed downwards towards his thighs with his palm facing up.

The bedroom door was opposite where I was sitting. My eyes were frequently getting distracted from the laptop screen. I could see him sleeping in the same position. His butt crack seems to be wider when he sleeps, folding his right leg towards his stomach.

I lost my concentration in GOT and shut down the laptop by 11:30 pm. I locked the main entrance door, took a water bottle from the purifier, and went to bed. I felt to pee and went to the bathroom. I pulled my foreskin and found that my cock was oozing out pre-cum.

I just cleaned it and wiped it with the bath towel, and went to my bedroom. To avoid my lungs catching a cold, I never removed my t-shirt while sleeping. Even though mostly I was naked downwards. But today, I have a hottie pie sleeping in thin white shorts and shirtless next to me.

I, too, removed my t-shirt. My underwear was already removed from the bathroom when I went to pee and was only in my shorts. The bedroom light was switched off. Faizal was sleeping in the same position without even moving his finger. I assumed that he was asleep within 30 minutes.

I was lying in bed facing the ceiling. Now I changed my sleeping position to sideways facing Faizal. My cock was about 15 cms from his left hand. Gradually, I started positioning myself so that finally, the tip of my cock touched his fingers through my shorts.

Initially, I felt the sensation of his finger at my cock tip. But later, my cock started growing harder and harder. I lost the feeling of his fingers touching mine. I could only realize that my cock was having an unusual hard-on. I could feel the power of blood pumping through my veins.

But after a minute, I could experience huge pressure on my cock and felt like reaching an orgasm. I looked downwards, and through the moonlight coming through the windows, I could see that his fingers were constantly rubbing my dick head. He was squeezing it in between.

Thus I was feeling a heavy pressure. I never want to cum so soon and hence gently removed his finger from my cock. After a few seconds, he too started side sleeping, but his butt was facing my cock this time. I could realize that my cock was already too wet with pre-cum.

But I notice that it had unusual strength and became like a hot iron road. I masturbate at least 4 times a week but never felt my dick so hard. I felt the power like it could easily penetrate a beautiful masculine butt within seconds. Gradually I could see his ass moving towards my penis.

It was like traveling a cm every 30 secs. I could feel his body heat and the scent when he was approaching nearer and nearer to me. At an instant, my dick touched one of his butt cheeks, and then he stopped moving. Oh my God, his butt was not as hard and masculine as I thought.

But it was very smooth and spongy. My cock is always thirsty for such a beautiful erotic ass, and it started growing more and stronger and harder punching his butt. When he realized the heat in me, he just changed his position and turned towards me.

He came very closer to me. His dick was pressing my stomach, which was very hard like mine. Meanwhile, my cock was punching his hot fleshy thighs. His lips came close to my lips. I could feel the warm breathing on my face. He gave a cute smile and said, “I am hungry. I want to eat your mushroom.”

I smiled and closed my eyes and said, “Agreed, you can suck mine, but before that, give me an intense kiss with all your tongue and lips.” He didn’t give me a chance to open my lips. Before that, he swallowed by mouth inside his mouth. It was the peak pleasure in my lifetime.

The saliva in his mouth had a sweet taste and was like a Viagra for me. I also realized that his left hand was inserted inside my shorts through my thighs. He was massaging my dick gently. I slowly removed his shorts down and saw a pink circumcised dick head smooth and shining. It was wet too.

I held it in my hand and pressed his dick head with my thumb. “Of,” he screamed. Suddenly he took his hand out from my shorts and then lowered it to my knee. We were still kissing each other while we removed our shorts completely using our legs.

“Now let me suck it,” he whispered and went downside towards my cock. First, he licked the pre-cum completely and took my cock completely into his mouth. “Hmm, it is a hard wooden mushroom with the scent of a real man,” he said while sucking.

He was continuously sucking and giving small bites in between. I hold his waist and pulled it towards my face. His cock touched my nose. But I never gave a blow job to anyone in my life. While his cock was touching my face and thriving to get inside my mouth, I concentrated on caressing his ass.

It was like a silicone sex toy butt with human flesh inside. I gave him pressure between his balls and butt hole, and he started mourning with my cock inside his mouth. He seems to be an experience sucker. I was never expecting a manly hunk like him could do a wonderful blowjob.

All of a sudden, I felt like I might cum in his mouth and suddenly pushed him away. I bit his ass cheek and asked him, “Faizal, can I switch on the light? I wish to see your naked body.”

“Hmm, OK,” he replied. I went naked toward the wall and switched on the light, and turned back. It was Faizal standing facing me. He pushed me to the wall and hugged me tightly. “I liked your body very much. You are very handsome,” he whispered in my ears.

I removed my cross-chain hanging in my neck and grabbed Faizal with my hand. Holding his ass with my right hand and my left hand around his shoulder, I lifted him. Faizal was the most handsome man in my life who was lying in my arms like a newborn baby.

But I could not bear his weight for a long time and threw him to the bed. He was lying on his back, and I sat over him. “I was targeting your nipples from the evening. I want to suck it like a baby,” I said. “Take it, man, bite it,” he replied.

I was continuously sucking his nipple, and he was doing the handjob with my dick. “I never sucked anybody’s cock, but let us do a 69 position this time. I want to experience with you today,” I told Faizal. Immediately he rolled over and caught my dick inside his mouth.

I squeezed his butt and pulled his waist towards me, and put his cock inside mine. The pre-cum was tasty, a bit salty but more with the ecstasy of love. I tried my level best to play with my tongue and gave him more pleasure. The more I seduced him, the harder he took my dick in his mouth.

Naturally but unknowingly, I started fucking his mouth. After a minute, I shouted that I would come, but he held my butt and pushed the cock tightly inside his mouth. He was not allowing it to slip out from his mouth. Finally, I cum in his mouth, and he was sucking it like a vacuum cleaner.

Never during my masturbations had I felt that pleasure. I was at the peak of orgasm and felt very thankful to him. I made him stand in front of me. Inserting my ejaculated wet cock just between his butt cheeks, holding his penis from the back, and giving him a hot handjob.

His sperm flowed out within a few seconds. It was all over my hands. I wiped it with my shorts and then lay naked with Faizal in the bed. “I expected to do more, but my cock lost control. I thought of having anal with you. Yours is a very sexy and soft ass,” I said to Faizal.

“Picture abhi baki hai, bhai,” he smiled and said. We made the spoon position to sleep. “I don’t have a condom in stock,” I whispered. “Who cares,” he smiled with his pink sexy lips.

The above story is not a real incident. It is just a story about a one-night stand with a handsome guy. Please comment below if you need a continuation of this story.

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