Gay Sex With Neighbour Prakash With Big Man-Boobs

Hi, I am Abhijit, 45 years old, a married bisexual guy. I have been reading a lot of gay stories over the net and this is my first attempt at writing. This is my personal real experience.

At that time, I was staying in a LIG colony building of MHADA in a Mumbai suburb. The building where we used to stay had a common gallery for all the rooms on a floor, like a chawl. I was 28 years old at that time, and staying on the third floor with my wife. I was a top gay, and was fucking boys too, unknown to my wife.

I was very much attracted to chubby guys with big boobs and big asses. I used to lust after guys whose nipples would be visible through their t-shirts.

On my floor, a couple of rooms from mine, there was a mallu couple. The husband’s name was Prakash. He was about 40 years old at that time. He was very polite and warm-hearted. We gradually became good friends. Once a week, we used to go to a bar nearby for a couple of drinks and a leisurely chat.

To tell you the truth, I was never really attracted sexually to the mallu guy. It all started when my wife went to her mother’s place for a couple of weeks.

I used to come in the evening from work and used to order dinner from a hotel, as I didn’t know cooking at all. Prakash knew I was alone at home, but we could only meet on weekends as we both were busy.

One day, Prakash declared that he would make chicken biryani for us both today in my home in the coming Saturday. I agreed to get the booze. We started at about 11 in the morning. I helped with all the cutting and chopping of ingredients. Prakash suggested that we start drinking as we prepared the food.

We were cooking, drinking, chatting, and having a good time. Prakash was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Due to the heat in the kitchen, both of us had started sweating.

While moving the rice from the cooker to the biryani vessel, I noticed that Prakash’s face was sweating profusely. I thought that the sweat might fall into the vessel so instinctively, I wiped his face with my bare hands. He was taken aback a little and seemed flustered. I just laughed as I had not intended to surprise him. But the sweat had started playing tricks on me.

Now his t-shirt was moist and I could clearly see the outline of his chest and nipples. The sight of his chest had started to make me hard. It was the point when I decided that I had to have him. I asked him if he used to work out.

My mallu neighbour said, “Yes, I used to, but that was about 15 years back. And know that I have stopped it. I have become fat.”

I told him that the fat looked good on him. He gave me a smile. We were standing close to each other in the kitchen when I decided to touch his ass. I just grazed his ass and behaved as if I didn’t even know that I did that. He realized it but didn’t respond. I was confused now. I didn’t want to create a problem for myself.

I waited for some time and then again, I lightly touched his stomach. This time, he smiled. We were getting a bit high on the booze and our inhibitions were dropping slowly.

“I have to remove my t-shirt, it’s too drenched,” he said. I immediately agreed.

Now, he was only in his banyan. Wow! What a sight! I could have never imagined it, but he had big, big man-boobs. I had never seen such big boobs on a guy, though I have seen my fair share.

He was dusky and his chest was completely hairless. Whenever he brought his arms close to do something, his chest would form a cleavage.

I was horny as fuck and the raging boner in my shorts was not helping. I decided to make a move. As he was leaning on the kitchen counter, I went behind him and held his waist lightly, and pressed my hard dick against his ass. He paused for a second and turning around smooched me.

As he started smooching, I realized that his flaccid cock was pressing against mine. We were passionately smooching each other. “I had always wanted you,” Prakash said. That didn’t love, just pure lust. I grabbed his boobs, which were huge and full. They were full like a female’s but minus the sagging.

I frantically removed his banyan. Whoa! There they were, big hairless beauties. His areolae were big and his nipples were swollen and protruding. I licked him from his neck down, creating a trail of my saliva to his right nipple.

The areolae around his nipple had goosebumps. He was enjoying it. I flicked his nipple with my tongue which made him sigh, “Ahhhhh, yes, love my nipples. Make love to them.”

I was sucking like a maniac, and he was losing all control. He grabbed my dick over my shorts and started pressing it firmly but sensually. I moved to his left nipple as it was feeling neglected. I was sucking on his left nipple while he was pinching and playing with his right nipple.

“I want to see your cock,” Prakash said with an inhuman lust in his voice. I lowered my shorts and my 7″ cut black cock sprang out in the open.

Without saying a word, Prakash went on his knees, held my dick in his hands and just stared at it for a couple of minutes. He was giving me a slow hand-job with one hand and massaging my hanging balls with the other. I just leaned forward and touched my dick on his lips which magically opened and he licked the head with his tongue. I felt a tingle in my whole body.

Without ever sucking my dick, he went down to my balls directly – taking them in his warm mouth one at a time and moving them to his mouth like a kid sucking on candy. It was an unearthly feeling.

After sucking my balls for an unknown period, he finally moved to my dick. A river of precum was flowing through my glans. He seemed happy on seeing the precum. He just dived right onto my dick and started sucking my dick hard, eating away all the pre-cum like a bitch.

He was such a good sucker that I would have come, then and there, so I stopped him and made him stand. He asked me to remove my shirt.

I am well-built too and have very little hair on my chest. Now it was his turn. He licked and sucked my chest like crazy. That was making me hornier than the blowjob.

As I didn’t want to cum fast, I slowly turned him and started licking my mallu neighbour’s smooth back. Going down his spinal gap, I pulled down his shorts to reveal his heavenly ass. It was a big, black, fleshy ass! His ass-cheeks were so succulent. I was kissing them like crazy.

He then leaned on the kitchen counter and parted his ass-cheeks showing me his asshole. I dived straight in driving my tongue halfway up his ass. He was moaning making all kinds of squeaky sounds, “Lick my man-clit.” he said. I was shocked. Clit?

Then, it hit me. I had brought out the woman in him. He turned around and I saw his semi-flaccid cock. It was big. About 8 inches but flaccid. He didn’t have a rock-hard erection. I moved his foreskin and sucked his cock-head like a lollipop. He was moaning again, only this time it was in a female voice.

“Suck my clit, my love. Ummmmmm my pussy, and clit are for you.” We had to move into a more comfortable position, so we headed to the bedroom.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, my mallu neighbour took position on the bed on all fours, face down with his ass sticking up in the air. Again, I dived in. Only this time, I was licking him from asshole to cock head.

“Make me cum, please. I want to cum baby. Ummmmmm.” He wanted to cum. I started sucking his man-clit with real passion and in a couple of minutes, he came into my mouth. Oh! Sweet..sweet cum. I drank it all down.

He just lay spread on the bed face down, and I lay at his side. I hadn’t come yet and my balls were hurting. After about 15 minutes, he was ready again. He hugged me and started kissing my cheeks. I was lying on my back with both my hands under my head. He started sniffing my armpits.

I think my mallu neighbour guy liked the aroma because he now was licking and sucking my armpits – taking the hair in his mouth and sucking them.

Then he whispered in my ear, “I want you in me.” That was what I was waiting for. As I tried to get up, he said, “No. No. Don’t get up. You just lie down. I’ll take what I want.”

He went down to my groin and gave me a very, very, sloppy blowjob for a couple of minutes. When he took my cock out of his mouth it was all glistening and dripping with his saliva. He then straddled me and tried sitting on my cock. He adjusted my cock to his man-pussy and lowered himself, slowly taking in the head and the shaft.

Wow! What a feeling. I was enjoying every moment.

Once it was in completely, he bent over me and smooched me again. Now he started moving ever so slowly. My cock was moving in and out of his man-cunt. Then he was upright again, and I had the view of his huge boobs in all their glory. I had to suck them.

I got up and now Prakash was squarely in my lap with my dick buried deep in his man-cunt and his boobs in my face, and he had a raging hard-on. His cock was fully erect now and about 9.5 inches. I was sucking on his boobs, he was shagging his cock, and my cock was buried deep in his ass.

I was just on the verge of cumming. I was trying my best not to come but the whole scene was so hot, I couldn’t control it and started spurting all my cum in his ass.

The moment my cock started pulsating in my mallu neighbour’s ass, Prakash started to cum on his belly and mine, creating a gooey bond between both of our bodies.

Prakash lay on me still, with my cock gradually slipping out of his now drenched man-cunt. “You are my husband and I want you to fuck me every day and every night. I am your slut for life.”

For me, that was the best fucking I had in all my life.

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