Bubble Ass Guy Fucked By Two Muscular Men In Lodge

Hello ISS readers. This is Rahul again with another story. All stories I post are real incidents and not fiction. Till now, I have become a boy whore and got fucked by so many men so far. I lost the count. Anyways, let’s get to the story.

First, a small introduction about me. I possess a tempting girlish body. It is a slim and silky smooth body without any hair. And I have a tiny small bubble ass. I am always attracted to old mature men with thick mustaches and hairy beefy bodies. Young boys are simply not for me.

This incident happened sometime back when I was studying in Bangalore. I used to stay in PG and used to go to spend nice time with many men. My last story was about how I got banged by an army officer.

This happened somewhere in October 2019. I was getting very horny and wanted to get banged. On weekends, I used to desperately check all the gay dating apps but most of the time with no luck.

Most of the time, my inbox used to be full of messages from young and teen boys which I always ignore. I had clearly mentioned in the profile that I was only looking for old men but even after that, the stupid boys would disturb me!

One Saturday evening, I was so frustrated and hoping to find someone. I came across a profile that said, “Two tops looking for a submissive bottom” and it also mentioned that they had a place.

It was around 5 pm and I immediately dropped a “hi” message to that profile. That guy was online but even after that, I didn’t receive any response. I waited for 10 minutes and dropped another message describing myself in a slutty way. But that was also of no use.

I was desperately waiting for a reply. Finally, an hour passed and still no response. So I posted my nude body pics and then within a few minutes, he replied with a big message that they were two guys visiting Bangalore and staying in a lodge and both of them were top.

Their area was within a 10-15 minutes walk from me. So, I got excited. He wasn’t showing much interest and probably was frustrated. He messaged me that only if I am serious to meet, then I should come to their lodge. He then posted the body pics of both of them. They were in the age group of 30ish.

I usually don’t meet 30ish boys but my ass was on fire and I wanted some action! Their bodies looked average with decent dicks. I wasn’t impressed but anyways, I confirmed that I wanted to meet. I told them that I would be there between 7:15 to 7:30.

I was damn excited to be banged by two top guys and I went to the washroom. I shaved my face and ass. My chest is anyways naturally smooth. I took a shower with hot water and then applied moisturizer which had a very nice smell. Then I wore a jeans and t-shirt and out I started walking towards the lodge.

I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I just messaged him that I would be there in 15 minutes. When I reached that location, I messaged him and in 5 minutes, that guy came down to pick me up.

The lodge room was on the second floor and it looked a shady one. I got scared while going up and also thought of running away but didn’t dare to do that. Also, that guy looked older than the 30s, probably 35-36 in age. Let’s call him “A”. I was happy with his uncle-look.

Finally, we reached his lodge room and inside, the other guy was just finishing his dinner. That other guy looked a little younger. Probably, 33 age. Let’s call him “B”.

They both had muscular bodies so clearly, the pics he had sent to me were fake ones. After the second guy finished eating, they dimmed the lights and told me to sit on the bed and both of them sat next to me. I was in between them breathing heavily.

Both of them were looking at me with lust and I was so nervous with their looks. Finally, they started the action and started roaming their hands over my shoulder and back. I also got a little relaxed and started touching their thighs and cock over their shorts.

After some time, they asked me to remove my clothes. I removed my jeans and t-shirt. They were mad looking at my hairless chest and small petite boobs. They also got undressed. Now, all of us were just in our undies.

They pushed me back so I fell on the bed and they both jumped on me and started pressing and kissing my boobs. I started enjoying it. They were madly kissing my boobs and started biting over it. This was so rough and they were like wolves over me. Their bites were so rough over my nipples that it was full red and love bites all over.

The two top gay men started going down, biting on my stomach and navel. Then they turned me, removed my undies and started spanking and biting my butts very hard. This was the first time two men were biting my nipples and butts at the same time. I was in full pain but wanted it so much.

Finally, they came in front of me and asked me to start my part. I removed both their undies and god, their dicks were so big and thick (this was a pleasant surprise). Clearly, the pics he sent were fake ones.

I started sucking both cocks one by one, taking turns. I was feeling like a bitch in front of these two monsters. After around 5 minutes, the first guy stopped and went out from the bed to get a condom. I continued sucking the big dick of the second guy.

The first guy put a condom on his cock and went to my back. He spanked my butt, put some saliva over my hole and started inserting his cock inside. In one jerk, the head went in and I cried in pain. The second guy pushed his cock in my mouth as I cried in pain.

The first guy gave a hard jerk and his full cock went in. This was so rough that tears came from my eyes. He started giving hard strokes right away and with full pace. I was helpless with one cock in my mouth and another in my ass.

The first guy continued fucking me in doggy style for some time and then slowly, he decreased he pace and finally removed his cock from my ass. Now it was the second guy B’s turn. He also wore a condom and asked me to lie on the bed and took both my legs over his shoulders. He put his full dick inside with just one jerk. I again cried in pain.

B’s cock was bigger and thicker. He started fucking me as he saw me crying. I couldn’t believe I was crying with real tears in my eyes! I had only cried when I was fucked for the first time. Anyways, B continued fucking me for some time at full pace and then slowed down.

I thought they were done but then again ‘A’ came forward and asked me to turn around and sleep with my stomach down. He slept over me and again inserted his cock in and started fucking me. This was so painful and I was crying when they were fucking me.

After around 5-7 minutes, he increased the speed drastically and finally came inside. Then B came and asked me to ride over him but my legs were too long that I couldn’t sit over him. So, he lifted me and fucked me like that for another 5 minutes. Finally, he also came inside and I was so relieved.

When I looked, there was blood coming from my hole. I couldn’t believe it. These guys thought I was a virgin and were damn happy to have deflowered me! Only I knew that I had slept with just too many men!!

Then I went to take a shower. When I went in light, I saw in the mirror my full body had turned red. My boobs were full of love bites. I was so bitch that I didn’t even ask their names and neither they asked mine. Just two total gay top strangers fucked me. I returned to my PG fully satisfied I wish I get pounded every weekend.

So, guys, I hope you like my story. If those two guys are reading this, please contact me.

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