Cuckold Husband Watching A Doctor Fuck His Wife

Thank you, all readers, for sharing your lovely thoughts on my previous stories. It is my pleasure to write on this site about a cuckold husband watching his wife getting fucked.

To all my new readers, let me first introduce myself. I am Raj, a 28-year-old software engineer. I have a little skinny body, and my height is 5.8 feet.

I am married to Vinal, who is a very beautiful, fair, and sexy woman. Her figure is 34-26-34, and her height is the same as mine. It was an arranged marriage. Many people say behind my back that it was my good luck to get such a beautiful and sexy wife.

We both were virgins and never had sex before our marriage. As Vinal is a housewife, she always wanted a kid. It’s been 2 years since our marriage, but I wasn’t successful in impregnating her. She was fed up with this. One day she asked me that we should go to a doctor and check what’s wrong.

I am coming directly to the life-changing incident that we had. One day on a Saturday evening, we decided to go to a gynecologist. We found a good doctor and went directly to his clinic. As we reached his clinic, we had to wait for 10 minutes. Then the compounder directed us inside his cabin.

On entering inside, I could see a huge handsome man in his 40’s wearing a white apron. His chest was so wide and huge as if it was twice the size of mine. He had rested his huge rough hands on his table. As my wife entered the cabin, I saw this man scanning her whole body like a hungry lion.

That day I told Vinal to wear a mini dress. I thought it would be easier for the doctor to diagnose her vagina for any problems. But her short dress had filled this man’s eyes with lust. As we sat in front of him, he could see Vinal’s cleavage and stared at it for a moment.

The doctor then complimented Vinal, “A fit woman like you couldn’t have any problems. I can say that by just looking at you. Then what brings you here?” Listening to this, Vinal blushed and said, “Doctor, we are trying to have a kid for the past 2 years but no success.”

The doctor asked her some more general questions to get a better idea. For the next 10 minutes, they both were giggling and chatting as if they were a couple. Suddenly the doctor looked at me and asked about our sex life. I replied that we have sexy twice a week.

The doctor laughed and said, “Young people like you should have sex at least twice a day.” He said, looking at Vinal, “No problem, I will take a look at what your husband’s problem is and give the best solution.” The doctor said that he would have to do my fertility test, and then he could come to a conclusion.

He further told me that he will require my sperm sample and gave me a small plastic container. I asked him for the restroom. He replied, “We don’t have one, and you need to masturbate here. Vinal, go and give your husband a hand, and don’t bother about me as I am just a doctor.”

Vinal and I were shocked but agreed because of no other option. Little did I know that he was taking advantage of my innocence and will then humiliate me. I then went and slept on the bed and lowered my pants. Seeing this huge hunk sitting in front of me, my penis was shrunk. It was just 1.5” flaccid.

Seeing my small penis, the doctor couldn’t control his laughter and laughed a little bit. Vinal couldn’t understand why he laughed and asked him. To which he replied that he remembered a joke.

Further, Vinal started stroking my penis with 2 fingers, i.e., the thumb and the index finger, and soon my penis became 4.5” hard. As a loser, I cum within a minute because this was a new experience to masturbate in front of a hunk. He was observing this entire act.

Vinal further filled my cum in the container and gave it to the doctor. By looking at the cum, the doctor said, “We will do the further test, but I can say that you are infertile.” My cum was very water-like and transparent. He said that healthy men have thick and white cum.

He further said, “Another factor that can affect pregnancy is the position in which you have sex. I want to see how you have sex.” Listening to this, Vinal hesitated for some time. But it was of no use. The doctor said, “I will be able to give you the perfect solution only after I have diagnosed you completely.”

Vinal and I generally have sex in a missionary position. So I asked Vinal to lie down on the bed. As she was wearing a mini dress, I was able to remove her red panty easily. After seeing Vinal’s panty, I could see a shine in the doctor’s eyes as he struggled to see Vinal’s vagina.

I started to insert my penis into her with her dress on. The doctor immediately stopped us and said, “Do it as you do at home. Forget that I am sitting here. Be natural and remove all your clothes.” Little did I know he was doing all this because he wanted to see Vinal’s naked milk-like body.

Vinal slowly removed her mini dress, and now she was wearing her red bra. The doctor could see the shape of her big round boobs and the pointed nipple inside the bra. I further helped her remove the bra. Now my wife was lying completely naked in front of a stranger.

This had made me more aroused to have sex in front of a stranger. I inserted my penis into her vagina and instantly sensed that she was also damn wet down there. I kissed her and started to move my penis in and out. Like always, I cummed inside her in under a minute, leaving her unsatisfied and still aroused.

Seeing this, the doctor stood up and came near Vinal’s head. He said, “You have the wrong technique. You can’t make her pregnant like this.” While scanning Vinal’s body, he said to her that “Today I shall give you a good teaching.”

He said, “Don’t take me wrong, but I will practically show it to you to make sure that you are doing it right.” He suddenly pulled his pants down, and for the first time, Vinal and I saw a real black monster dick.

It was 8” in length and as thick as Vinal’s hands. It was circumcised, and we could see the blood flowing hard through this penis. Big veins were bulging out. His testicles were so big that it felts like a big bag hanging down his penis. His penis was directly facing Vinal’s face.

I could see the surprised look on her face. As never before, she had seen a real dick in her life. Vinal couldn’t control herself as she immediately took that monster in her hands and started stroking it. The doctor was sure by now that my wife had fallen for him.

He moved forward and grabbed her boobs with his big black rough hands, and started massaging them. I, like a loser, was standing there and watching my wife about to get destroyed. Soon after that, Vinal started sucking his dick. I could see his dick was not even half inside her mouth.

She was already choking. She was licking it like an ice cream which she liked to eat. The doctor was also aroused as he had closed his eyes to enjoy Vinal’s soft tongue and lips on his dick. This continued for 10 minutes, and then the doctor removed his penis from her mouth.

I could see his precum dripping from her mouth. Vinal then called me to kiss her and taste the true man’s pre-cum. I immediately started kissing Vinal, and the taste of his pre-cum with her saliva was like wonder. Little sweet, little salty.

The doctor was so aroused by now that without wasting any time, he climbed on the bed. He then took a pillow, placed it under Vinal’s bums, and said, “Look and learn how to fuck a woman.” He then removed his apron and shirt.

Vinal and I were astonished by his muscular body. Wide chest with black hair, 6-pack, and huge arms. By now, Vinal’s pussy was already very wet. I thought the doctor’s penis would easily glide in. But I was wrong. He was trying very hard to push his penis into her without success.

He then asked me to give him the oil bottle kept on the table. I wanted this true man to fuck my wife quickly, so I immediately took the oil in my hands. Further, like a loser, I started applying the oil to the doctor’s penis.

The doctor looked at my wife and said, “You have married an impotent man. See how he is helping me to fuck you.” While applying the oil, his precum was on my hands mixed with oil. I was so horny that I inserted my 2 fingers in Vinal’s pussy and started to widen her pussy for this monster.

The doctor took his penis in his hands and rubbed it on my wife’s soft pink pussy 2-3 times. Then in just one thrust pushed his entire cock in her soft pussy. Vinal started shouting, “Ahh!”

For the first 10 minutes, he was fucking her slowly and passionately. But then he started pounding her. His big testicles were hitting her, and many noises were echoing in the room. 20 minutes had passed, and by now, my wife had cummed at least 3-4 times.

I could see that she was in pain, and her legs were shaking. But this doctor was fucking her like a machine and wasn’t stopping. So I requested the doctor to slow down or stop as Vinal was in pain.

He replied, “You loser, this isn’t pain. These are the noises when a woman is fucked by a true man.” He then spat on Vinal’s boobs and said, “Clean my spit, and I will stop fucking her.”

I immediately swallowed his spit from her boobs as I couldn’t see this anymore. He stopped fucking Vinal and removed his penis out. Vinal instantly said, “Baby let him fuck me. I want to become a true woman today.”

Listening to this, the doctor again started fucking her. This time he was fucking her even harder. After 30 minutes, Vinal was about to cum again and this time, the doctor also cummed inside her.

Vinal said, “Wow, for the first time, I feel like my belly is filled with hot cum. Otherwise, it drips off near my vagina.” Listening to this, the doctor slept on the bed, took Vinal on top of him, and kissed her for some time. They both were hugging each other hard like true lovers.

I continued to take Vinal to this doctor every day until we got the news that she was pregnant one day. We thank the doctor for giving us this baby.

This story was a piece of art from my imagination. If you like my cuckold love story, comment and share your thoughts with me. You can reach out to me on my email id [email protected]. Thank You!

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