Hot Shower Sex On A Rainy Day

Hello World! Thanks for showing so much love to my previous stories. To all my new readers, let me introduce myself. I am Raj, a 25-year-old software engineer living in Mumbai.

It has only been two months since my marriage. I had many sexual fantasies before marriage, but my story was the same as every engineer’s, i.e., virgin and afraid.

I am married to Mansi, who is 24 years old. Although it was an arranged marriage for me, it was love at first sight. Not because of her looks but because she has a beautiful soul. If you want a physical description of her, close your eyes and imagine your Mansi (girl of your dreams).

Let’s now fasten your seatbelt and move directly to the story. It was Sunday and pleasant weather outdoors. Mansi and I decided to go and take a walk in the garden. As we reached the gardens gate, the weather began to take a turn and started to drizzle slightly.

Mansi and I love to get wet in the rain as it is very romantic, so we decided to continue the walk. Soon after 15 minutes, it started raining heavily. Mansi held my hand. We looked at each other as if it was a scene directly from a movie.

We continued the walk for another 15 minutes and decided to go home as we both started to shiver. After reaching home, we both wanted to rush and take a hot shower. So, we decided that we both should go together to take a shower as one will have to wait outside shivering.

This was the first time that Mansi and I were going to bathe together. After entering the bathroom, we started to undress and got completely naked. We were looking passionately at each other’s wet bodies.

I could see her nipples had become hard and pointed because of the cold. We both came closer to each other, grabbed the soap, and turned on the hot shower. As the hot water touched our bodies, we were relaxed. She took the soap, rubbed it on her hands, and started applying it on my chest, stomach, and back.

Next was the turn of my penis, which the warm water had made bigger, and my testicles under hanging like a big bag. She holds my testicles with her left hand and started rubbing the soap to my penis from the right hand. This action made me a little bit hornier, and my penis started to become a bit hard.

I then took the soap from her, turned her around, and pulled her closer to me. Her butt was touching my semi-erect penis. I further applied soap on her back and moved to her stomach. I then moved up to her hanging boobs and started massaging them.

I didn’t take much time to make my penis hard, which was poking her butt. She realized that I am hard, and she also got aroused by that. By now, we both knew that this isn’t just going to be a regular bath but an amazing sex experience.

She further bent slightly, placed both her hands on the wall, and spread her legs wide apart. I was so aroused by this that I started rubbing her pussy and quickly increased the speed. She couldn’t control it and started shouting, “Ohh!Ahh!”

I further inserted my finger into her vagina and moved it in and out to widen it and make room for my penis. I then put the finger in my mouth as her juices taste amazing. I quickly grabbed her butt and pressed them.

With one hand, I grabbed my penis and guided it to her vaginal hole. Now in a single hard thrust, I inserted my entire penis in her vagina, which made her shout in pain, “Ah Darling, slowly.”

The hot shower water had made my penis even bigger and harder. I slowly moved my penis in and out of her vagina as I grabbed her boobs and rubbed her nipples. I knew she was getting more aroused as her pussy was becoming tight around my penis.

It was the most amazing feeling I had ever got while fucking her. Further, I increased my speed, and she started to shout in pain, “Oh baby fuck me hard.” I continued to fuck her for the next 20 minutes.

Now her legs had started to shake as she moaned, “Baby, I am cumming.” We both cum together. My cum was so huge this time that it began to overflow from her pussy.

She then turned around and started to kiss me passionately, and we both said, “I love you,” to each other. Now she closed the shower and sat on her knees to clean my cock in a standing oral position.

She swallowed all the remaining cum from my penis. This made a slight moment in my penis, and it again started to grow. She continued sucking my penis, and it was even harder this time as I was ready for my second fuck.

This time I picked her up, and we were in the ‘Upstanding Citizen’ position. It was the first time I was trying it, and it was more difficult than it looks. I was holding her entire weight with my two hands. She was sitting on my cock inserted into her vagina.

She then started to bounce up and down, and this time I was in pain. She was enjoying it very much. We both cum again after 15 minutes. I put her down as we both were tired.

We cleaned ourselves, wrapped a towel around our bodies, and came out of the bathroom. It was one of the greatest fucking experiences I had with my wife. That day Mansi was very happy and even made my favorite food and said, “This is the reward for your efforts.”

This story was a piece of art from my imagination. If you like this story of the true nature of my wife, comment and share your thoughts with me. You can reach out to me on my email id [email protected]

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