Gave Cousin Brother My Virginity Birthday Gift

Hi, this is the first story, in a series. I am Tamanna (name not changed :P), 24 years, fair, tall with a figure of 34-25-35 with cup size 34B.

I am going to narrate this true story of my sexual experience with my cousin, Vinay (name changed). He is 26, fair, and strongly built with a height of 5’11”. We have always been close, and share a  bond. When we talk, we can go on for hours.

He works at Google, Gurugram. I am a student (Ph.D.) in Indore, and occasionally go to IIT Delhi for my experiments. I usually live at my friend’s house in Noida.


We are very close to each other, and talk on a daily basis. When we used to go to dadaji’s house during the summer, he used to tell me about his girlfriends’. I never had a boyfriend, so I used to make up with some names. But he knew because every summer my boyfriend’s name used to change.

He used to tell me how he teased his girlfriends and how he even kissed one of them. I told him I had never done this, even with the fake boyfriends. This way we drew closer, and every time I visited Delhi, I would definitely meet him.

He used to touch me, a little more than a sister, but nothing in a way that would raise alarm. We were close, and our birthdays were very special to us.

This story is about the time when I almost forgot his birthday. Thankfully we were in Delhi, so I decided to greet him in person. But it was late and I did not have time to buy a gift. I bought a cake. I hoped that he would forgive me.

I reached his flat, by 8:00 pm. My cousin is an introvert, so he was celebrating it alone. I felt sad about that. Also, it was the first time I was visiting his flat since he changed to this one. I wished him a Happy Birthday, and to compensate for my lack of gift, I gave him a peck on the cheek.

He was shocked a little but didn’t complain. Then we sat to cut the cake. Since we both were hungry we decided to go to a restaurant. Vinay said, that I was not well dressed.

So, I asked him if he has any dress, maybe of his gf. He said no, as he was too busy at work. But he said that he had a saree, that he was about to give me a birthday present, (our birthdays are close to each other).

He said that the saree was not that good, and he wanted to return that. He said that it’s not fit to be gifted to a sister. I said let me have a look. I took that out of his almirah, and it was a netted saree. I thought I should wear that, in any case, it was better than the one I was wearing.

I asked my brother where are the petticoat and the blouse? He said you need not do this. Also, there was no skirt with this, since it was to be returned. But he had a blouse. I took that and went to another room to change.

I said, “I’ll use one of my shorts to drape the saree.” The blouse was half sleeve and a backless one. This was probably the concern of my cousin. While I was changing, I saw that the door was not properly locked and my cousin was peeping from there. I love it when he does that, and I didn’t mind.

I behaved as if nothing happened and took more time than usual. When I came back, he said, “Dear, you still do not know how to wear a saree. It’s too high above your waist. Even your navel is not visible.” I was shocked to hear this.

But then he sometimes says such a thing. So I went back again, adjusted that, made sure that it is well below my navel. To make it, even more, sexier, I lowered the sleeves of the blouse. I thought he would be surprised.

But when I came outside, he had a good look at me and behaved as if this was normal. He is very conservative by the way, but today that was strange. We stood in front of the mirror, and said, “You do not look like my cousin in this attire.”

I said, “Let me be your friend for today. Anyway, your society has not seen me, and I won’t be here often. And they’ll think that I am your friend.” He said, “You are my cousin so be my cousin. Why can’t a cousin be sexy?” And then he said, “It’s up to you.” And then we departed for dinner.

On our way down, he met his society friends. They wished him a “Happy birthday.” He introduced me as Tamanna, from IIT Delhi. He omitted the cousin part. So I added, “I am his friend,” and smiled.

His friends said, “Nice to meet you. You must be a special friend. Let’s catch up at the party.” I didn’t know that my brother had thrown a birthday party, and he was taking me there. I was trapped because now I have to be his special friend.

While introducing me to others he sometimes, tried to hold my waist, just to show how deep our friendship was, but he let me go as soon as possible. I then whispered to him, “You can hold me. Do not arouse suspicion.”

It was a great party. There was a huge cake. I was asked to cut it and feed Vinay. I did that, and Vinay reciprocated with a smile. But then everybody started shouting kiss her, kiss her. He refused, with his head down and I too refused with a red face.

The roar became louder, and they thought I was blushing. Eventually, he gave in and gave me a peck on the cheeks. But the roar just got louder. They wanted him to plant a kiss on my lips. We both were hesitating. He looked into my eyes, and I just nodded.

He tried to give me a small kiss, but then he didn’t stop until clapping lasted. It was my first kiss ever, and that too with my cousin. As the party progressed, we had to dance. Dancing with saree was a problem, but then I had to since I was a special friend.

There were too many sexist songs, and he touched me here and there. I couldn’t say no. I was trapped in my own net. At last, at 11:30 we reached home. Exhausted, and hungry again. There was our cake lying on the table. We started eating that.

I just joked, “You were enjoying cake there too much,” and he replied, “That’s because it was from your hand. I said, “I can feed here also.” He said, “And there you kissed also.” I just patted his shoulder and gave him a piece of cake.

He took a big piece and instead of feeding me, started putting that on my face. I ran behind, and he pushed me against the wall. He said, “It’s good to see you on my birthday, but where is my gift.” I did not have any. I asked him, “What do you want? I’ll give it to you.”

He was quiet. Then he licked the cake from my face with his finger, and said, “You probably forgot my birthday.” I was caught but I said, “No, I have a gift, but if you want something else I can give that also.”

He again licked the cake from my face, with his finger, and said, “Leave it.” I said, “Just ask for anything bhaiya.” I had the guilt of not having any gift.

He said, “Can you make this cake tastier?” I turned my cheek toward him. He licked the cake with his tongue. My entire face was licked like a dog. He was enjoying every bit of it.

He then said, “Can you make it tastier?”. I took a small piece from my face, kept it on my lips, and said, “Taste it now.” He tasted that. He kissed my lips. I was kissing him passionately, a french kiss, with no intention of parting. I was gasping for breath.

He did not leave. He started sucking my lower lips. I supported him, and we kissed for 5 minutes. As we separated he, winked. He took my pallu, removed it from my shoulder, and said, “Make it a bit tastier.”

Before I could say anything, he lifted that cake in his right hand, put his left hand around my waist, and moved to the bedroom with me. He placed the cake on a stool next to his bed. I moved with my saree sweeping the floor.

There I was in a backless blouse, doing a catwalk with my brother. To keep the sleeves off-shoulder, I had removed my bra. He could perhaps see that. His hand was on my waist, his eyes on me, and had a question, “Can you make this cake tastier, as a birthday gift?” I wanted to say no, but I said yes.

He applied the cake on my waist, on my navel, and licked it thoroughly. I was breathing heavily, and he was enjoying that. During that licking, he opened my saree. There was no petticoat, just shorts. And he placed his hands on my thighs, near my pussy.

Licking my navel thoroughly, he asked one more question, “Can I make it even tastier?” I did not say anything this time. He just stood up and told me to lie on his bed, with my back on top. Before I could do that, he opened my blouse from behind.

I knew my back was next for the cake. But little did I know that the blouse would fall. As it began slipping, I held it with my hand. As I lay on the bed, Vinay asked me to remove my hand. Anyway, I was lying, with my boobs down.

He put the cake on my back and started licking it. Vinay then removed my blouse from both my arms, pinched my back a little, to generate sensitivity. And then again he had the same question. Again I did not answer.

He made me turn and there I was, topless in front of him. He forced me to remove my hand. And put all the remaining cake on my boobs. He licked them. He was licking like a mad dog and without a break ate all the cake.

Now my breasts were clean and shining with his saliva. He was looking at them, without the cake. No reason to touch them. At that moment I said, in a very low voice, “Bhaiya, I really forgot your birthday. I want to give you a gift, which I have not purchased. I can give you this one.”

He looked at me with hope in his eyes, and said, “What can you give me?” I replied, “Take my virginity. I would be yours till the morning. I’ll not tell this to anyone.”


“Make this your special birthday, and take this special gift from me.” He was pleased. He told me to lay on his lap. There was I on his lap, topless, he was looking at my boobs, while his hands were on my thighs. He was fully dressed from the party.

He said, “Let me first un-wrap my gift.” I said, “Yes,” and then he removed my shorts and panty all in one go. Now he was staring at me. I closed my eyes. I lay naked on my brother Vinay’s lap, and he was looking at each and every part of my body.

Then after 15 minutes, he said, “I am not getting a good look,” and so I spread my legs. He looked at my hairless pussy, and was smiling.  And then he said, “let’s use the gift from the top.” He moved towards my boobs and began playing with them.

He began pressing them lightly and gradually increased the speed. He was circling my red nipples, with a very light touch, that made them hard. He said, “Let’s enjoy the gift,” and started kissing them lightly, and then started sucking them. He sucked them hard. While sucking one he was pressing the other one.

He bit one of my nipples and pinched the other one, and in such a synchronous manner I cannot tell which was which. And then he exchanged the boobs. He kept sucking and biting.

I was breathing very hard, and this made it more enjoyable for him. After around 10-15 minutes he left them, looking downwards. I was still on his lap, with my legs spread. My pussy was a little wet and shining. He was looking at his gift and smiling.


After my brother viewed me naked and enjoyed my boobs, he decided to pleasure me. I was still on his lap. He put a pillow under my back to raise me and asked me to spread my legs further. Now he was getting a very good view of his gift.

He used his hand to touch it very gently. It gave me a wave of sensation. Then he used his thumb to press it, and touch it more heavily. I was feeling something, I haven’t felt earlier. He then used his finger to spread my lower lips and see them.

He kept titillating them, slowly rubbing his fingers on those lips. He increased the speed of rubbing and started breathing a bit heavily. I tried to catch his hand, but he said that it was his gift, and I let it go.

He said, “The lower lips are better than the upper, and it was too bad that he does not have any cake leftover.” I said, “That if the lower lips were so good, why don’t you kiss it?” He obeyed. He started kissing gently there, and then he used his tongue.

He was right, kissing there was nothing in comparison to kissing on upper ones. He made it all wet. I was now breathing very heavily. Lying on his lap with my legs spread. He could see my boobs going up and down. He then stopped kissing and then started rubbing my clitoris.

After a while, when it was sufficiently wet, he inserted one of his fingers. It was tight, and he inserted it gently. I bit my lips in pleasure. He could enjoy my pussy, and see my whole naked body, and see me enjoying it. He used his other hand to rub his finger on my upper lips, and said, “Don’t worry, if you cannot bite it properly I’ll bite them next time I kiss.”

He started taking his finger in and out, oscillating heavily. He increased his frequency, and I started moaning. He then placed his hands on my left boob, and held my nipple, and took out his finger, just to insert two at a time. He started fingering with two, in and out at very fast speed.

I was feeling a unique pleasure and was about to cum. I told my brother, please give me your dick, I do not want to waste it to a finger. He said that it’s a long night, and you do not worry about it.

I haven’t yet seen a private part of my brother, and here I was, totally naked, about to cum. And in no time, I came, on his hand. He took out his finger and went to the bathroom to wash them. He said, “Do not wear anything tonight,” and told me to wait for him to return. He returned after 2 minutes.


As he came back from the bathroom, I was lying on the bed. I covered myself with a sheet, and the first thing he did was to remove it in one go, and said, “Nothing covering my gift now.” I was standing beside the bed, and I said, “Show me yours.”

He unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I was wondering why he is not removing his pants. I touched his penis, it was a little wet, but still not hard. I started touching it gently, rubbing my hands over it. Slowly it started getting bigger.

He asked me to lick it, but I refused. I said, “I am your sister and I am not doing that.” He accepted that. I said I’ll pleasure you in another way. I started shaking it. Then I started playing with his foreskin, rubbing it, and pulling it up and down. It got hard as a rod.

I had in my hands a huge dick almost 6-7 inches. He said, “Imagine that going through your throat.” I said, “I am not doing it.” I kept pulling and pushing his skin. He was giving some cream. Then I held his dick in my fist and started thrusting it like he’ll do in my pussy.

I was lying on the bed and he was standing there. He looked upwards with his eyes closed like he was enjoying the moment of his life. The first time that night he was not looking at me. Soon he ejaculated, and it was all on my face.

He asked me to lick it. I again refused. I got up and went straight to the bathroom to wash my face. I walked to the bathroom naked, and he smiled while I was walking.  To excite him, I just jumped a couple of times, and noticed his eyes following the motion of my boobs.

I came out of the bathroom after 5 minutes. He was on his phone, starting his laptop.


I said, “What are you doing?” and he said that he had a scheduled call with a client, in the US, and hence he was dressed. So I asked, “Is it over?” He said, “Hell no, it is just a matter of 30 – 45 minutes. I tried getting my clothes and he said, “That’s not on the table.

He told me to go to another room and wait for him. I was supposed to kneel facing the door, and wait till his call is over. I did that. He turned on the AC and set it to 16. Soon it was very cold, my nipples were hard, but I could do nothing but wait.

He came after 15 minutes and said that due to network it is going to be an audio call. So I can be there in the room too. He sat there on the chair, and keep ogling at me. He even touched me with his feet and played with my boobs. Since he was on call, I was not supposed to utter a single word.

He then rubbed my bareback. I shivered. I do not know from where but he brought a peacock feather and used that to touch me. He rubbed that over my back and my boobs. Muting the phone for a second, he told me to lay down and spread my legs, which I did.

He used that peacock feather to rub my pussy, and I bit my lips very hard to stop from moaning. He then signaled me to sit down again, but this time it was time to remove his pants. I did that while he was talking to his clients.

Now he was half-naked and again he wanted me to pleasure his dick. He held my head and kissed my lips with his dick. He then touched my entire face with his rod. And then I started playing with his balls. I was seeing them for the first time.

I cupped them and rubbed them gently. I used another hand to play with his foreskin, as it was very hard again, and my pussy was wet. Then his called said let’s schedule another call.

He signaled me to open his shirt and lie down on the bed. I did. Now we were both naked for the first time. He asked me to spread my legs, and he came over me. As soon as his call got over, he threw his phone and thrust that hard long rod in my pussy.

I was not aware he could time two things so brilliantly. I had no time to realize when my cherry popped. I just screamed. And all he said was, “The entire society knows that I am with my special friend, so there is no restriction on screaming.”

I asked him about protection. He smiled and said, “Do you think I am a womanizer or a lot of girls come here?” I knew he was an introvert and was a virgin too. He said he had no condom, and he couldn’t find it with his gift.

His dick was half inside me. He thrust it hard again, and I screamed again. I said, “Please, not anymore, I cannot handle it.” He stopped for a moment, kissed my upper lips, bit them hard, and said, “Remember I told you I’ll bite them next time I kiss them.” He then did just that. He waited again for a few seconds until I calmed down, and then I said, “Go for it.”

He began thrusting slowly, and I began screaming and in no time he was in full swing, but my screams died after a while. Now I was enjoying this too. I was moaning after a while and kept looking at him. I caressed his hair, while he was fucking harder and harder.

Then he kissed me again and pinched my nipple. I was about to cum again and told him I was coming. He said he was coming too, so I replied, “Do not do it inside me.”

He replied, “I have the gift for the whole night. Whatever you can do to protect yourself do tomorrow. Tonight I am going to deliver inside you.” After a few moments we both came together and he lay on top of me. We kissed for a while and slept in that position.

I woke up in the morning, and tried to get my clothes from the next room and he again stopped me and said that he’ll be free after we shower together. Then he fucked me there as well. There was less pain this time. I came out of the shower in a towel and began dressing.

He said he’ll repack the gift himself. He made me stand in front of his mirror and slowly put the panty on my legs and pulled it up. He did this while kissing me all the way, and a big kiss on my pussy. I looked at him and thought he was doing this because its the last time he could see it.

He did that with all the clothes, and looking at me in the mirror. At my boobs, he bit both the nipples. After an hour I got ready to go back to IIT Delhi. I said goodbye, and said that nothing happened last night. We’ll not repeat this.

He smiled and said yes. I boarded the metro for Hauz Khas. There I got a message from my brother, that he has sent me a video. I looked at it, and it was a recording from last night. Apparently my brother has a cc TV installed in his flat as his maid comes after he goes to the office.

He had used that to record everything. There was another message, which said that either I’ll have to do it once more or he’ll put that online. I said, “Please do not do it to me,” but he did not budge. In the next part, I’ll pen his next demand.

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