Loosing virginity with a lady on my birthday

Hello i’m Sunny, 29 years old working in an MNC. I am 6 feet tall and have 8 inch long dick. This story happened with a lady i met in the hotel.

This happened in 2015. I had to visit hyderabad for 2 days for my office work. I reached the hotel, had my bath and left for office. The day went well. I came back to the hotel.

It was a small business hotel in kondapur. I had my dinner and was sitting on the sofa in the facade. I saw a lady standing at the reception.

She was wearing a formal pant and a shirt and she was carrying her coat on her left hand. She had a dusky complexion and a perfect figure to die for.

After that she went to her room and i went into mine. The next morning i was having my breakfast and she too came. She was wearing yellow suit.

Don’t know how i got the courage and passed smile to her. She too responded with a smile. I was done with my bf and went out for smoking.

After a while she too came out.
She – Excuse me, do you have a lighter.
Me – I didn’t have the lighter but i gave her the matchsticks.
She – Thanks.
She lit her cigarette and said I’m Divya
Me – i’m Sunny. I’m from delhi and came here for office trip.
She – i’m from bangalore and came here for business trip.

Then we had chitchat over a smoke and came to know she runs her business. She gave me her business card. We parted our ways.

I checked out of the hotel as i was leaving for delhi the same night. Two days later i pinged her.

Me – Hello mam. How are you? – Sunny
D – I’m good sunny. How are you?
Me – Glad you remembered me. I’m good as well.
D – Ya i do remember. So how’s life treating you?
Me – It’s good and busy since i’m a fresher so needs to learn a lot.
D – Okay.
Then she told that she’ll message me after sometime.

I didn’t her message for 3 days. On monday morning, I received her message at 7am

D – Good morning.
Me – Good morning mam. Where have you been these days?
D – Got much occupied with the work. Just landed in chennai. Have a business meeting here.
Me – Good good. Someone is busy in earning money.
She laughed.
D – In order to sustain in life we have to do. Btw what you are doing so early in the morning.
Me – Waiting for your message. Lol. I’m in the gym.
D – Good. Continue will message you in the evening. Bye
Me – Bye.

The day went boring as you know how monday treats you. I was eagerly waiting for her message. At 10 pm, I received her message.

D – Are you awake?
Me – yes
D – Calling you.

She called me and we started talking on the phone. She told me that her age is 43 and mother of 3 kids. She got married at an early age. Her hubby was useless therefore she established her business with the help of her dad.

I told that i’m 24 years and living alone in delhi. I was in a relationship before but now i’m single. We spoke for about 1 hour that day.

She requested me not to message her until she pings me. I was okay with that. So, we started talking over the phone whenever she was out of Bengaluru.

We started sharing each and everything. I asked her about her sex life. She told that she is not much interested in sex and had last few months back.

She asked me to which i told her that i’m still a virgin and eagerly waiting to lose it. She teased me that someone is very excited. I told her yes i’m and my 8 incher too.

She said omg naughty boy. She added is your cock really 8 inches. I said yes. I asked her about her size. She said 36D-36-38. You have a nice ass.

After that we started having sex chats over the phone and we used to masturbate together but we never thought of doing it in real.

It was my birthday in march. She fixed some meetings in delhi a day before my birthday. She messaged me that she is in delhi. I couldn’t believe and asked where she is staying.

She messaged me to mhotel address which was in gurgaon. Shd told me that she will be free by 7 pm. I finished my office and left for gurgaon.

We met in the cyberhub. She was wearing a black dress. She was stunning in that while i wore a blue jeans with white t-shirt inside blue denim jacket.

We had pasta and 1 peg of vodka. We smoked there and left for her hotel. We reached the hotel and i was about to leave. She hold my hands and asked me to come upto her room. We reached her room.

She asked me why i was leaving. I told her that i thought you won’t like coming to your room. She said i feel safe with you.

She then went to the washroom to change. She came in a nighty with knee length. I was feeling excited about it and thinking that today i will loose my virginity.

It was 11:30 pm and she took a cake from the hotel fridge. She asked me to cut it. I cut the cake and she clapped and i put the cake on her face.

She also put some cake on my face. She went to the washroom to wash her face. I went behind her. She had bend herself and washing her face in the basin.

Her white florals panties can be seen as her nighty was up. I went near her and placed my middle finger over her panties. She shivered and turned towards me.

In no time she started kissing me. We started kissing passionately licking each other tongue and exploring mouth. She licked the cake from my face and asked me to eat from her face.

I sucked her tongue and my hands were caressing her ass. I slid my hands inside her panties and fingered as asshole. She squeezed her ass.

I cleaned my face and took her in my arms. She was little heavy. I throw her on the bed and removed my tshirt. I came on top of her. We started smooching each other.

I started opening her nighty and found she was not wearing bra. Her dark black nipples on her dusky skin were shining. I took her left boob nipples and bite it. She moaned my name.

I removed my jeans and took my undies out. My dick was hard and i sat on her stomach and fucking her boobs. Her boobs were big and heavy. I was pinching her nipples.

She took some saliva and greased my dick. I was pushing her boobs against each other and stroking my cock hard. In few seconds i cummed and her neck and chin was covered with my cum.

I cleaned her with towel and made her lay on the bed again. I took her panties off and sniffed it. I wore her panties and she laughed me wearing it. Believe me guys woman’s panties are so soft.

I spread her legs apart. Her pussy was fully waxed. Precum was oozing from her pussy forming small bubbles. I licked it and cleaned it. It was so salty.

I took some cream from the cake and put it on her pussy lips. I smooched her dark pussy lips and it tasted sweet and salty. She pushed my face inside her pussy.

I was biting her clit, sucking her puffy pussy lips, fucking her pussy with my tongue. She locked my head between her thighs and put my hands on her big boobs.

I started kneading her boobs while eating her pussy. She raised her ass and pressed my face deeper inside her pussy. She cummed in my mouth, moaning my name.

We got up and i felt my ears were hot. We had water and i took the panties off from me. We laid down and i took cream from the cake and put it on her armpit.

I licked her clean shaved armpit. The taste of cake and sweat were mixed. She got surprised seeing me licking her armpit. She was playing with my cock.

I asked for a blowjob. She told me that she had never done it. She put some cake on my dick and sucked it for one time. Then she didn’t. I was hard again.

I cleaned my dick and she took my dick and put it on her pussy. I started rubbing my cock over her pussy and slap it with my dick. Exactly at 12am i pushed my cock inside her pussy.

She was neither tight nor loose. My dick went inside her pussy easily. She kissed me and i started fucking her in missionary. We fucked in that position for sometime.

Then she came on top of me and started riding me. I asked her to stop and started fucking her from down. I hold her waist and increased my speed.

I was in full excitement and couldn’t hold. I took my dick out and sprayed all my cum over her boobs. My cum dripped from her boobs to her stomach.

I took her mouth in mine and smooched her and started fingering her. I rubbed her clit and started fingering her heavily. She hugged me tight and released her cum in my fingers.

I licked my fingers and kissed her forehead. We slept nude together in each other’s arm. She left early morning next day. So guys this was my first experience in loosing my virginity with a milf.

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