Anal With A Sexy Assamese Girl

Hi folks, thank you so much for showering love on my last story. This time, I will describe my adventure with a sexy Assamese girl, which happened around 2020 fall.

So I reached Pune new city’s new lifestyle. Damn, it felt good, except I was on a dry spell for the last 8 months. I tried Tinder, but nothing was working out for me. One fortunate day, I saw a big ad board featuring a new app, Bumble. I installed it right away, thinking no harm in trying.

I made a couple of right swipes, and boom, I saw an Assamese beauty Anandita. She was 4’9 milky white complexion, straight, silky hair with big 34DD boobs, big round specs and a nice round ass. She looked like a cute and hot bombshell.

I wished that we could right-swipe each other. I was daydreaming about banging her. When I instantly matched with her. For me, it was like even the universe gave me a green signal. So we started texting, and texting changed to sexting within one night.

We had a lot of things in common. To my surprise, she used to stay in a p.g. around 2 km away from my p.g. However, we were not getting the chance to meet because of lockdown, and our sexual frustration was at peek. One night around 1:00 am, she said she wanted to go out and feel the wind.

It’s been too long, and she feels like a bird in a cage. I casually asked her, what if I take out right away? What will I get? To my surprise, the reply was, “I will do whatever you say on the street.” After listening to this, I only replied to her, “I am on my way to make you regret it.” I disconnected the call.

Within 5 minutes, I was standing on the front gate of her p.g. and called her to come downstairs. She was shocked and asked me to return as cops might catch us. We might get penalized for breaking the rules. But I was in no mood. I insisted she come.

She came down in a loose t-shirt and track pants. She came with a smile and hugged me. I felt those 34DD melons. I felt like squeezing them right there. But I controlled my desire. We went for a long ride.

After half an hour, we took a halt near WTC around 2:15 am. We lit up a smoke. We chatted a bit while smoking, and she started getting close. I took it as a signal and said, “Since I completed your wish, it is your turn to fulfill my wish.”

Before I could say anything, she lifted her top along with her bra freeing her juicy melons. She replied, “Is this enough?” and winked at me. I was starstruck and excited.

At the same time, I was confused about what to do. I grabbed her right boob, pressed it hard and said, “For now, yeah.” We smooched, and I dropped her back at her place.

The next day my roomies called me and informed me they would not return to p.g. They were going to a house party.  I was damn happy. I called Anandita and said, “I have a surprise for you for tonight.” She asked me what, but I refused to tell her and eagerly waited for the night.

Usually, my p.g’s caretaker sleeps by 11:30. Since it was a lockdown in my p.g., there were only 7 people, including me. 2 were my roomies, the rest 4 were Tamilians, and we never had any conversation. But I checked they were not asleep.

So I called Anandita and asked her to be in a jacket or hoodie with a hood to cover her hair. She was confused but agreed. Around 1:30 again, I called her. She was ready and waiting for me. I went to fetch her. She was in a hoodie and track pants.

We hugged, and I rode us back to my p.g. We silently entered our p.g. then my room. As soon as we entered, we took a deep breath. Then she asked why here? I only replied to collect my reward. I grabbed her from her chin and kissed her. She was responding well.

She came closer to me, and we started kissing like mad dogs. In one go, I removed her hoodie. Underneath it was only a bra. I pushed her against the wall and pressed her boobs while kissing. After 15 minutes of feeling each other, I removed her pants.

She was in her blue pushup bra and blue panty. I love kinky stuff. So I blindfolded her and tied her hands with whatever I found. I kissed her from top to bottom. Anandita was going crazy and moaning lightly. When I reached her panty, I kissed her wet spot.

She jerked and asked what am I doing. So I tore her panty and started touching her pussy. She was taking a deep breath and enjoying. I started kissing her pussy. She was ecstatic and only kept asking me, “What is it, Roger? What are you doing?” gasping for air in between.

She was on cloud 9, shoving my head to lick deeper. But I surprised her with 2 fingers while licking her pussy. Within 4 minutes, she came and was gasping. After this, I untied her hands and made her stand. I kept kissing her and took her to my balcony.

I made her stand on the balcony, and I started spanking her juicy ass. We were both naked. She was blindfolded in my p.g’s balcony around 2:30 am. It was a hot scene. After spanking her, I positioned her in the doggy style and entered from behind.

She let out a big sigh mixed with a moan like, finally, she was going to get fucked like a bitch. I started slow and kept fucking her after 7-10 minutes. I increased the pace. The whole area was echoing from our fucking sound. I suddenly removed her blindfold.

She opened her eyes. She was shocked and thrilled at the same time that we were fucking on a balcony. She tried to push me but couldn’t because of pleasure. I whispered in her ear, “Is this enough for you, little whore, or do you want something more kinker?”

All she could say was, “It feels cold and fucking sexy like this.” I lifted her left leg and started fucking her with all my might. We both came after 20 minutes, but I was still hard. I stopped, lifted her in my arms, and took her inside the room. I put her on the bed.

Her ass was facing the ceiling. I don’t know what possessed me. I told her to wait. I opened my cupboard and brought the coconut oil. I sat on her back and said that if you trust me, relax and stay calm. I poured some oil over her asshole. She was frightened and said no.

But I calmed her down. She agreed but was hesitating. I poured more oil and started massaging her asshole. I put my thumb inside. She was in pain a bit, but she adjusted the size. I positioned my 6.6 inches dick on her asshole’s entrance.

She was begging not to fuck her ass. But I said, “It will be fun, relax and do not push my dick out.” And before she could reply, I shoved my dick in her ass, and only the tip of my dick went in. She was in pain. I calmed her down and gave one more thrust with all my might. My whole dick was inside her ass.

She grabbed a pillow from her teeth to keep her voice down and clenched the bedsheet. I waited for 3-4 minutes to adjust and kept kissing her, encouraging her. Then I started fucking her ass slowly. I kept kissing her by turning her neck back.

After 7-8 minutes, I asked her, “How does it feel?” She said, “Weird and kinda good,” which is all I wanted to hear. I started ramming her ass in full force. She kept moaning and saying, “Roger, yes, give it to me fuck. This shit is good, fuck my ass, baby.” I kept fucking her ass for another 20 minutes.

We switched positions, and I was about to fuck her pussy in missionary. But she only wanted me to fuck her ass. Oh my God, I was surprised. I lifted her legs, spread them wide apart and shoved my dick in her ass. I kept fucking her. She was lying on the bed.

I was standing and holding her legs wide up in the air while fucking her ass in front of the mirror. Damn, we both looked fucking hot. After 20 minutes, I flooded her ass with my cum and lay down beside her.

We both drank some water. She was in a bit of pain. So I helped her with the washroom. Later I dropped her back to her p.g. around 4 am.

We had one more session but not anal. After dropping her, I came back and texted her to rest. I will call her tomorrow. Around noon the next day, I woke up from her call. We talked about casual stuff, then she said, “Last night was damn hot.”

She was feeling sore in her ass and sent me a couple of pics. To my surprise, her ass turned red because of spanking, and her boobs were full of hickeys. I instantly got a boner.

Then she said, “Damn, I love the way you fucked my brains out, but next time I want you to lick my pussy on the roof or balcony.” I replied, “Sure, love,” and disconnected the call. After this, we had a lot of fun, but we lost contact then.

So this is how I got to bang an Assamese girl asshole. I hope you liked this story. Please give me feedback at [email protected] Btw I am available too for lovely ladies and housewives.

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