Spy Sex In The World War

Antonio was Italy’s most trusted spy. Italy and Germany were allies, and hence Hitler asked Antonio to enter Paris and help, and even use spy sex if needed. Antonio was of average height with a good physique. He possessed a sharp face cut and wore long hair that carelessly fell over his broad shoulders.

Antonio entered France by boat from Normandy. He posed as a Spanish captain of a harbored ship. For days and weeks, he kept a watch on Jacqueline. She was the daughter of French General Hugo. Strangely enough, she was engaged to Major Philip.

Philip was the head of the French tank regiment and was 15 years older than Jacqueline. Antonio knew that the engagement was related to the military on Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was a regular visitor to the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. She was always surrounded by 4 guards from the French army. When Jacqueline came to the bartender to get her drinks refilled, Antonio tried to start a conversation.

Initially, Jacqueline didn’t respond much as per the army protocols, but Antonio persisted. At one point, Jacqueline got disturbed and said her guards would bash him if he continued persisting with her. Antonio said he could take out Jacqueline without being noticed.

Jacqueline said she liked the confidence, but that was impossible. French soldiers couldn’t be fooled. Antonio excused himself and said he would return after few minutes. The dancers in the cabaret were also spies and were under his command.

He returned to Jacqueline and asked her to wait for a minute. Soon they will be out of the club without being noticed. The cabaret dancers stated a peppy dance number. They promised they would flash boobs, but only to soldiers. In those days flashing boobs weren’t common.

Jacqueline’s guards got carried away and went near to the performers. When the entire cabaret audience, including the guards, were engrossed in the boob show, Antonio walked Jacqueline out of the pub quietly. Jacqueline started having fun in this hide-and-seek game.

After coming out of Moulin Rouge, she asked Antonio, “Now what?”

Antonio took her to the back alley of the club where a Willis Jeep was parked. He asked her to get on it. Antonio drove the jeep to the highway. Once they reached the highway, he accelerated the speed. Soon they were driving by the coastline on North-Eastern France.

Jacqueline was impressed and almost in love with this Italian. Antonio guided her towards the freedom she had been waiting for. Jacqueline’s eyes were glittering with excitement and a sense of achievement.

Antonio said that the first time he saw Jacqueline on the river seine banks and was in love with her. He said he was driving to Normandy. They were already driving for an hour. In a gap of every 15-20 minutes, an army truck was passing by.

Antonio went off the highway and entered a small village. While driving, Antonio decelerated the speed of the jeep. He looked into Jacqueline’s eyes and swiftly slid his hand under her cotton long skirt. Although Jacqueline was surprised by Antonio’s unexpected move, she didn’t object.

Antonio started moving his hand all over Jacqueline’s thighs under her skirt. My fingers crawled on her thighs and touched her black satin panty. Antonio’s hand reached the crotch panel over Jacqueline’s panty to press her cunt. Antonio stopped his Willis jeep in front of an old deserted lighthouse.

Antonio moved forward and kissed Jacqueline on her lips. He could taste the fragrance of French perfume and champagne on her lips. Antonio sucked her lips initially one after the other and then bit her lips lightly and then sucked them again.

Antonio found Jacqueline’s lips trembling with apprehension. He again pressed his lips on her and started kissing more passionately and vigorously. He whispers into Jacqueline’s ear, “Que se passe-t-il?” (What is the matter?)

Jacqueline smiled back, saying she was worried about her father sending men from the French army to look for her. Antonio assured that his yacht had wireless, and she could inform them once they reach the yacht. Antonio continued kissing Jacqueline after he saw her relax.

Antonio held her by her arms and made her sit on his lap with her legs on either side of the seat. Jacqueline’s long skirt was tight and was making her uncomfortable. Antonio lifted the skirt up to Jacqueline’s belly to expose her black satin panty.

Antonio reclined himself on the seat behind the wheel to make more space as there were no reclining seats in a vehicle in those days. Antonio started to unbutton the buttons of Jacqueline’s pink shirt with maroon stripes.

After unbuttoning the top 4 buttons, he parted either side of her shirt in the opposite directions to expose her brassiere-covered tits. Jacqueline was from an economically strong background. The quality of her black, satin lingerie said it all. The brassiere had embroidery over the cups and their borders.

Jacqueline had soft but plump boobs, which she used to wipe with perfumed water before stepping out. Antonio pulled out one of the mangoes from its embroidered bra cup and sucked Jacqueline’s light pink nipple. While sucking one, he pulled out the other ‘mango’ from its cup and started fondling it.

Antonio’s eyes fell on the tattoed heart with a banner on her left shoulder. The banner had the words ‘suce to.’ “What’s this? ” Antonio asked. Jacqueline said her father and fiance got this tattooed before they went to war.

Antonio wanted to know something more. But just then, Jacqueline pressed her open lips over his lips. Sealing his mouth and suppressed the words. After being totally satisfied with fondling Jacqueline’s boobs, he brought his hand back under her skirt.

Antonio’s fingers danced on Jacqueline’s thighs again and this time infiltrated the borders of her satin panty’s leg opening. He straightened his middle finger and inserted it inside Jacqueline’s pussy. Jacqueline’s body shuddered with pleasure.

Antonio pulled out his fingers after measuring the narrowness of Jacqueline’s pussy. He straightened his middle and index fingers and then inserted my middle and index fingers together inside again. He continued to send currents of pleasure with his fingers inside Jacqueline’s clits.

He whispered, “Suece toi? Tell me about it.” Jacqueline wriggled with pleasure and moaned, “Suece toi, means more tanks on the North Eastern France borders.” Anthony moved his fingers in and out and continued sucking Jacqueline’s boobs.

Jacqueline lifted her buttocks over Antonio’s lap by pressing her hands on his chest. She tucked her hands downwards and worked them to unbuckle his belt and then unbutton his terylene trousers. She started unbuttoning Antonio’s shirt and soon completed the mission. She pulled his shirt out away from his body.

Now Antonio was sitting with his vests on. She bent forward and kissed Antonio’s shoulders. Jacqueline continued sitting on Antonio’s lap while licking, sucking, and mock biting his biceps. While she was doing this, Jacqueline felt the hard dick of Antonio pressed against her pussy.

Antonio left the boobs and then swiftly pulled down his trouser. The tight Frenchie (underwear) together down till his ankles. Antonio’s hard, and fat cock stood straight and pricked Jacqueline on her crotch.

Antonio pulled the border of her black satin panty to one of the sides. He exposed her vagina, which was covered with a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. Antonio played with her blonde pubic hair for a while.

Jacqueline placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted herself a little again. She guided Antonio’s dick with her hand and placed her cunt just above his dick. When Jacqueline was satisfied with the position of Antonio’s penis outside her clit, she sat back on his lap again.

Antonio’s dick slithered inside Jacqueline’s pussy like an anaconda making its way inside a crevice. Antonio’s dick was long and thick, while Jacqueline’s pussy was not as elastic. His dick entered slowly, rubbing against every inch of Jackqueline’s internal vagina wall.

“Ca fait mal,” (it hurts) whimpered Jacqueline as Antonio’s dick made its way into the deepest parts of her pussy. Antonio placed his hands on Jacqueline’s curvy waist and made her move up and down. She felt every inch of his thick dick inside her while Antonio got back to sucking her boobs.

Antonio played with his tongue on her boobs by measuring the length and breadth. By rotating, pushing, revolving his tongue around each of the light pink erect nipples. Jacqueline tightened her thighs around Antonio on the seat, to which her pussy griped Antonio’s cock tightly inside her clit.

Jacqueline pushed her pussy forward, taking Antonio’s dick deeper inside her, and then arched herself backward, pushing his chest with her hands. Jacqueline had her first orgasm. While she was nearing the orgasm, Antonio too felt the pressure inside ten veins in his dick.

Jacqueline accelerated the momentum of her bounces on Antonio’s lap. Her boobs bounced in sync with the rhythm of her bounces. Antonio reminded, ‘suece toi’ while sending torrents of pleasure currents inside Jacqueline.

Jacqueline whispered, “France will soon attack Germany from its North Eastern borders. This is the code to call for more forces in that portion.” Antonio lied, “I hate the sadistic Germans. I want to kill as many Nazis as possible.”

Jacqueline liked the spirit. She splashed on Antonio like a catfish getting his dick slashing inside her like a sword. Antonio couldn’t hold it anymore and released his sperms when his dick had just touched Jacqueline on her g spot.

As soon as Jacqueline felt Antonio’s warm and thick sperms gushing in like molten lava. She, too, released her juices, which she was holding till then. Jackqueline and Antonio’s cum cocktails with each other.

Jacqueline waited till the last drop of Antonio’s sperm was out. Then slowly lifted herself. Antonio slowly pulled out his dick, kid her cunt. After the sex was over, Jacqueline realized that she had blown out army secrets to Antonio. Jacqueline begged Antonio to forget what he had just heard.

Antonio assured him that he was safe and will keep this to himself. Antonio was convinced that he, too, was a hater of the dictators. However, he still asked for a prize from Jacqueline to keep the army secrets to himself. Jacqueline realized that Antonio was mocking.

But still bent down, bringing her face near Antonio’s dick. She took his dick inside her mouth and using her tongue. She licked the cocktails cum off it. She clamped his dick with her lips and touched the tip of his dick with the tip of her tongue to taste the last few drops of his sperms.

After sucking the sluggish dick of Antonio, she kissed him back on his lips. Jacqueline got down from the Willis jeep after opening the door at her side. She walked around the jeep from its front and came to the door on Antonio’s side.

She was walking around the jeep by swaying her buttocks and shaking her boobs dangling out of her open shirt. Jacqueline bent down over the door at Antonio’s size and opened the door for me. She said, “Donne m’en plus.”(give me more)

They could hear the sound of the English channel down below the cliff where the lighthouse stood. It was midnight, and the village road was deserted.

Around 200 meters away, they could see the highway on which army trucks and jeep were occasionally passing by, throwing light on them. Antonio got down from his jeep. Buttons of this terylene trousers were open, but the pant was tight around his firm thighs and held it up.

Antonio held Jacqueline’s arms and walked her to the boot of his jeep. Jacqueline kneeled down on the ground in front of his jeep and pulled down his pants again. She worked towards teetering Antonio’s dick that was limp again after his first release.

She clutched Antonio’s dick between her fingers tightly and started moving it back and forth. Antonio’s dick hardened a bit from Jacqueline’s touch. But she needed a fully erected dick. Jacqueline pushed Antonio’s dick upwards and brought her face between his thighs.

Jacqueline sucked his testicles while still moving his penis in her hand back and forth. Antonio’s dick started getting harder and harder every second within the tight enclosure of her fingers. While Jacqueline was doing all this, Antonio stood by, placing his hands on his waist.

Jacqueline stopped sucking and licking his testicles when she realized that it had reached the peak of its hard-on moment again. She again took his thick and long penis inside her mouth and gripped it tightly with her lips. Jacqueline sucked his dick while playing with Antonio’s testicles and pubic hair.

Antonio’s dick was ready and hot again to piston Jacqueline. Antonio pulled out his dick from her mouth. Her saliva trickled down from his cock. Antonio supported Jacqueline to stand. The pink dickhead of Antonio’s hard dick peeped out of his foreskin.

He placed his hands under her back and lifted her in his arms. He carried her in his arms and placed her on the seat behind the steering. He kept the door of his jeep open. Jacqueline realized what Antonio wanted to do and pulled up her skirt herself with her hands.

Antonio pulled down her black-satin panty away from her legs in one quick move. Antonio gripped Jacqueline by her cuff on the legs and parted the legs away to either side. Still holding Jacqueline in that position, he moved a few more inches inside, between her thighs.

He parted her legs a bit more to make more pace between her legs. Antonio pressed his face to Jacqueline’s pussy and rubbed his lips against her pubic hair. He parted her vagina with his fingers and moved his tongue inside. He licked the drops of the cocktail of his sperm mixed with her cum.

His tongue moved swiftly inside the clit while she whimpered and wriggled by the tickle. After tongue fucking Jacqueline for a while, he stood up straight and now brought his waist between her thighs. Antonio raised Jacqueline’s legs a bit higher. He placed her legs on his shoulders.

Jacquelin’s buttocks convexed outward in this position and made it easier for him to search the hole. He guided his dick with his hand and placed it outside her pussyhole. Antonio pushed his already lubricated dick inside her vagina, to which she moaned.

Jacqueline’s raised legs were hurting, so she took them away from his shoulders and wrapped his thighs around Antonio’s waist. She clasped her thighs tightly again while Antonio moved his waist back and forth. His thick dick rubbed inside the narrow alley of her vagina.

It moved like a serpent moves inside a burrow. ” Oui, oui, oui (yes, yes, yes),” moaned Jacqueline as the pain turned to extreme pleasure. But with every forward thrust, it moved deeper inside. Antonio’s cock now reached the deepest part of her vagina and touched her g spot again.

She acknowledged the pleasure that she was getting with a series of back-to-back, “Oui, Oui, Oui (yes, yes).” Puffs of breeze from the English channel cooled their sweat as both the bodies were beating against each other.

Antonio pushed himself forward to penetrate into the deepest parts of Jacqueline’s pussy. His balls used to fling upward and kiss Jacqueline on her arsehole. Jacqueline looked upward at the sky and saw a shooting star streaming across.

Although many French army officers had fucked Jacqueline before, none were as good as Antonio. On the other hand, while Antonio was banging Jacqueline. He wondered where the other code was to command France’s South Eastern borders. Italy was planning an attack from that portion of France.

Antonio withdrew his dick from Jacqueline’s pussy and made her turn around. Jacqueline bent down and placed her upper body on the driver’s seat. She kneeled, keeping her knees on the ground and keeping the portion of her lower body between her thighs and waist in the air.

Antonio pushed her left leg aside with his left leg and again lifted her skirt over her waist to expose her sweet, swelled-up buttocks. He tucked her skirt under the skirt’s tight borders around the waist.

Antonio found another tattoo on her right bum. It was a similar heart with a banner that said ‘Suce Moi'( suck me). Antonio asked what was ‘Suce Moi.’ Jacqueline request Antonio to fuck her instead of getting involved in army secrets.

Antonio placed his hands on her fleshy buttocks and gripped both the bums with his fingers, and searched for the pussy below the arsehole with his dick. Jacqueline didn’t know what it was like to get a penis inside her pussy from behind.

Antonio placed his dick in front of her pussy opening and pushed it inside. She whimpered like a puppy. Series of ‘Ouch’ were the only sounds that could come out of her mouth as Antonio’s broad dick entered her cunt slowly from behind.

She pleaded as she felt his dick much tighter when entering from the rear than entering the vagina from the front. Antonio had already placed his hands on her buttocks and pushed hin self harder and faster. Jacqueline’s whimpering now turned to moan after a dozen repeated thrusts from Antonio.

Her sounds were an intoxicating mix of moans and whimpering. Antonio assumed that Jacqueline was weak and over-sensitive when her g spot is touched. He pressed his upper body on her back, thrusting his penis deeper inside so that it touches her spot.

Antonio whispered while licking her earhole and then sucking her ear lobes, “What is suce moi?” Jacqueline moaned, “If the Italians attack, this code will be used to call more forces to the south Eastern borders.”

Antonio listened but kept his thrusts continued. He had to keep the sex going till the full information was out. Antonio left Jacqueline’s bums and inserted his hands inside her shirt from its lower end. He squeezed his palms beneath her boobs. Now Jacqueline’s boobs rested on Antonio’s palms.

He groped her boobs while pushing his waist back and forth. Antonio’s small penis hole kissed Jacqueline’s spot like a woodpecker repeatedly. Antonio asked why these codes were on her body. Jacqueline moaned that only her father and her fiance know these codes.

He was commanding the French army on these fronts. Even the French army was full of spies, so in case a third officer from the central command was in charge suddenly in the war. He would have to come to Jacqueline first and ask her to remove her clothes to get these codes.

He would take command of the army posted in the borders. Antonio was fucking Jacqueline from the rear for quite some time now. His cannon was ready to shoot another round of sperms.

Antonio lifted Jacqueline’s upper body in the air, supporting her body on his strong arms, and continued pushing his dick more vigorously. Soon Antonio’s thick sperms flowed out of his dick into Jacqueline’s pussy.

Her pussy was overflowing with his sperms inside and dripped down on the seat of the jeep, and some flowed down her thighs. After a while, Antonio took his dick out of her pussy. He wiped his dick with her satin panty hanging over the jeep’s gear.

Antonio drove Jacqueline to his yacht. She forgot to inform the French army about her location. Antonio and Jacqueline slept naked inside the yacht cabin. While Jacqueline was asleep, Antony relayed the necessary information to the German and the Italian army commands.  I went inside the car.

The next morning Jacqueline woke up in front of the 4 French soldiers guarding her. On seeing them, she covered herself with the blanket and looked around for Antonio. Antonio was nowhere to be found. The soldiers drove her back to Paris. She did disclose about Antonio, but he was never found again.

Rest is history. On 3 September 1939, the French army declared war on Germany after the German army invaded Poland. Although France began the war on Germany, with the codes’ help, the French had been made to withdraw to its borders and then defeated.

The Germans further invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands on 10 May. Again the Italians entered the war on 10 June 1940 and occupied the South Eastern portions of France.

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