Kinky Fantasy Comes True – Part 2

Read the first part to know to know what happened between my wife, Neha and Ranidi.

Kinky Fantasy Comes True

After 15 or 20 minutes Ranidi left. I came down and went to the sitting room, where Neha was sitting. I went to her. She was smiling at me. I held her head and smooched on her lips. I tore apart her dresses hungrily. I sat on the sofa and shoved my dick in her mouth.

She understood and sucked my cock like a lollipop. Within 1 or 2 minutes I released my juices. Gallon and gallon of juices I released. I never came like this. She drank all. But still, I was horny. I took her in my shoulder and went to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and jumped upon her.

I was pounding her pussy like a monster. I was shouting Ranidi’s name and fucking Neha very hard. A few minutes later I released my juices deep in her pussy.

After 2 days of that incident, I was sitting in my room thinking about Ranidi. My body took control of my mind. I was so horny about Ranidi and wanted her badly on my bed. I was planning, how should I move forward? Because I wanted to do lovemaking not fucking.

I called Neha and talked with her about our next move. That night I fucked Neha like an animal. But I was thinking about Ranidi. Neha also enjoyed my animal sex. The next day morning I called Ranidi. I knew that Ranidi was alone. Her daughter went to her grandma and her husband went for an official tour.

Ranidi: Hi Rohit, how are you?

Me: I am fine. I am sending one picture to you, just look into it. I will call you back after 2 minutes.

And I cut the phone. I knew Ranidi was a little bit puzzled. I sent one of her nude pictures, lying on my bed, which I captured with my mobile on that day. Immediately after few seconds Ranidi called me back.

Ranidi: What is this? Where did you get this picture? (she was horrified)

Me: That is not important

Ranidi: What do you want?

Me: Now you ask me the right question?

Ranidi: How could you do this to me?

Me: I have done nothing yet.

Ranidi: Please delete this picture.

Me: I will delete it, but for that, you have to do something for me.

Ranidi: You want money?

Me: No sweetheart, you are wrong.

Ranidi: Then what you want?

Me: Now listen carefully. Today you will go to your job wearing your red silk saree with a matching blouse. Put red lipstick. But instead of going to the office come to my home.

Ranidi: No, I will not come.

Me: Sweetheart the picture was just a trailer. I got a full 1and half hour movie. So do as per my instruction. And I hope that you will not tell this to anybody. Don’t be late. I want you to be here like your office timings. I am waiting.

Ranidi: Go to hell. I will not come.

Ranidi cut her mobile. I was smiling. I send a part of their video recording. When she was sucking Neha’s cunt. I was sure that she will come. I was waiting for her. I took leave from my office. After around 1 hour I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door.

Ranidi was standing outside wearing a red color sari and matching blouse, and also put red lipstick what I asked for. I welcomed her. She slowly entered my home. I shut the door. And sat on the sofa. I asked her to come and sit near me. She hesitantly came and sat near me.

I held her head with both hands and looked into her eyes. She tried to look down but I didn’t allow it. “Look at my eyes.” she looked at me. We were looking into each other eyes. Ranidi whispered, “What do you want from me?”

Me: I am crazy about you. I want to make love with you.

Ranidi: Not possible. I love my husband very much. I can’t cheat with him.

Me: You also know that I will not leave you until unless I am satisfied.

Ranidi: Please try to understand. I can’t do this.

Me: But I want you at any cost.

Ranidi: Please Rohit, try to understand. I can’t do this.

Me: First see this video then you decide.

I played the video which I recorded when she was doing lesbo with my wife Neha. She looked into the screen and understood that it was their lesbo video. Ranidi screamed, “Please stop it.”

I switch off the video and looked to her. She was sobbing. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. She couldn’t understand what to do?

Ranidi: Please Rohit leave me.

Me: Ok do one thing. You satisfy me and I will not enter my hard rod in your cunt. That much I can offer.

Immediately I grabbed her head and planted a kiss on her soft lips. Yummy. She closed her eyes. I again put my lips on her lips and started licking and sucking her lips alternatively. I pulled her on my lap. Now Ranidi sat on my lap, facing towards me. She was hesitating.

I wrapped my hand around her back and again put my lips on her soft, yummy, juicy lips. I was sucking and chewing her lips. My hands were roaming freely on her back. I took her lower lips in between my lips and sucked. Then I took her upper lips and sucked. Ranidi was not protesting neither she took part.

I was sucking her both lips alternatively. Sometimes I took both the lips in between my lips and sucked. My hands were moving freely on her back. The bare skin of her back and the waistline gave shivering to both of us. Her smooth skin made my rod hard.

Ranidi understood that because she was sitting on my lap. I also licked and kissed her forehead, cheek, nose, eyes everywhere. Slowly Ranidi was also excited. But she didn’t show to me. I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked. It gave shiver in her spine.

Now I put my tongue in her mouth. First, she wanted to stop me but later she allowed. My tongue entered her mouth and exploring every possible corner in her mouth. She understood what I wanted. She started sucking my tongue. First time I got a response from her. I was very happy.

A few minutes later I was sucking her upper lips while she was sucking my lower lips. We were sucking each other lips. Almost half an hour gone and we only sucked each other lips nothing else. But I didn’t want to leave her juicy lips. I continued my smooching.

On the other hand, I held her pallu (loose end of the sari) and removed it from her shoulder. Ranidi didn’t notice. I knew that her red matching blouse was a deep neck cut. Slowly I moved to her neck and shoulder and kissed and licked there. Slowly I moved down and kissed on her upper chest. Licked there.

I moved to her cleavage. Her deep cleavage was every man’s dream. I gave a soft kiss there. Then I put my tongue and start licking her cleavage. Ranidi held my hair and tried to stop me. I got angry. I held her blouse and in one go tear that apart from her body.

Ranidi cried loudly, “What are you doing?” I held both the melons above her bra and start pressing them very hard. With full of intensity. Ranidi was screaming, “Please leave me. What are you doing? Oh, Rohit please leave me.” But I was not ready to listen to her words.

I was pressing her boobs and licking her cleavage. I took her in my shoulder and moved towards the bedroom. Ranidi tried to stop me but in front of my manly power and my excitement, she failed. I put her on the bedroom floor. She was standing in the middle of my bedroom.

I closed my bedroom door. She wanted to hide her juicy round globes by her sari. I move forward and held her sari.

Ranidi: Please Rohit leave me.

Me: I told you that I will not enter you. But else everything I will do. Even you will give me a blowjob and satisfy me. I want to see you nude. I want to kiss and lick every part of your body. If you are not ready then I will fuck you forcefully. Otherwise, co-operate with me and enjoy as you enjoyed with Neha.

Ranidi was sobbing. I felt bad for her. I hugged her with a lot of passion and love. She was not responding. I slowly whispered in her ear, “I won’t force you but please allow me to show my love for you. I promise I want to kiss and lick your boobs nothing else. Please, Ranidi allow me.”

Ranidi looked at me. I kissed softly on her lips. I took her and placed it on my bed. Before that, I removed sari from her body. She didn’t object. I came upon her and placed my lips on her. We were now kissing and licking each other lips one by one. It was full of love and lust.

Ranidi also became horny slowly. She held my hair and kissed me forcefully. We were smooching with each other. I licked her entire face which was glistening with my saliva. Her cheek, chin, eyes, nose every part I licked and kissed. Ranidi was now moaning softly.

I slowly moved down and licked and kissed on her neck and shoulder. She was moving her body with lust and excitement. I was now licking on her cleavage. Oh, the softness of her boobs and her bodily aroma made me crazy. I licked her cleavage with full of intensity and lust.

She was moaning and holding my hair tightly. I wanted to fuck her boobs. I whispered, “Ranidi I wanted to put my cock in your cleavage.” Ranidi didn’t answer but blushed shyly. I hurriedly opened all my clothes. My 8” hard tool now dancing in front of her eyes. She was mesmerized to see my cock.

She slowly held my cock and uttered, “Beautiful.” I sat on her upper chest and put my dick in her cleavage. Still, she was wearing a bra. I pushed my dick in her cleavage. My saliva and pre-cum made easy to move my dick inside her cleavage. I can’t express the feeling in the word. I just loved it.

I held both her boobs in my two hands and pressed them and fucked her boobs. Ranidi was licking my ass hole. I was in heaven. But I knew I couldn’t hold my juices very long. Within a few minutes, I understood that I was going to release very soon. I took out my dick and turned towards her face.

Ranidi understood that I wanted a blow job from her. She pushed me on the bed. I was lying on the bed now. Ranidi came over me and took my entire cock in her mouth. She was a pro. She took my cock in her hand and circled my dick head with her tongue.

Then she took the entire length in her mouth and gave me a deep throat blowjob. I was in heaven. I held her head and fucked her mouth from below. I grunted and released my load in her mouth. She took my entire load in her mouth and ate completely.

I held her and brought her face near me. We were now kissing. I wrapped my hand around her and opened her bra hook. I took out her bra from her body. Ranidi hugged me tightly to hide her boobs from me.

Ranidi: Rohit, please now leave me.

Me: Ranidi I will leave you and not enter in you. But allow me to drink milk from your juicy milk jug. And you gave me a nice blowjob. Now I must satisfy you at least orally.

Ranidi: Please, no.

I placed her on the bed again and took out her bra. Oh my god. Her juicy soft boobs with erect poking nipples stand straight in front of my eyes. Ranidi looked at my facial expression and blushed. She held my hair and pulled my face on her boobs. I held her melons and pressed them tightly with full force.

I kissed and licked her entire boobs. They were so soft. I was going crazy. I was pressing them hard and sucking them. Made them red. I gave several bite marks on her boobs. I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked with full intensity. Her big juicy boobs were mine. My dream was fulfilled ultimately.

I tried to take her full boobs in my mouth. But it was impossible. I didn’t even take half of her one boob in my mouth. But my invasion made her hornier. Her moaning sound was increasing. She moved her head from right to left with ecstasy. I put my one hand in her panty and held her cunt.

It was flowing with her love juices. Immediately her back jumped in the air. I took out her panty from her body. She didn’t protest. She now only wants to reached her climax. She was horny like hell. I sucked her left nipple. I tickled her right nipple with my left hand and massaged her clitoris with my right hand.

Ranidi was screaming and moaning with pleasure. I pushed my finger inside her cunt. Immediately she jerked her body with full force and released her juices. She was releasing a gallon of her hot juices. I moved down and sucked her all juices. It was tasty.

I cleaned dry her pussy with my lips and tongue. Ranidi was gasping for breath after this tremendous orgasm.

Ranidi: Rohit, thank you. You made my day. I never felt like this.

Me: Ranidi…

Ranidi: Call me Rani.

Me: Ok. Rani, I want to suck and lick your pussy and want you to reach your second orgasm.

Ranidi: No, please now stop.

Me: Please Ranidi allow me.

Ranidi didn’t object anymore. I was now licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris with full intensity. Within a few minutes, Ranidi again moved her body slowly. I knew she was again horny. But this time I wanted to go cautiously otherwise I couldn’t fuck her.

I licked her clitoris and fingered her cunt hole. But when she was reaching her climax I stopped. 3-4 times I did the same thing. Ranidi got frustrated and irritated.

Ranidi: Why you stopped?

Me: Nothing.

Ranidi couldn’t control her emotions. Her body took control of her mind. I again pushed my finger in her pussy. I moved up and kissed her lips. We both became furious and tried to eat each other lips. My hard cock was poking on her pussy lips.

Ranidi felt that and grabbed my cock with her soft fingers. I looked at her. She smiled and placed my dick in her pussy hole. I kissed on her lips. She whispered, “Rohit fuck me, please. I want to feel your hard shaft in my pussy.” I understood that my plan was successful.

I pushed my cock in her hole. But her pussy was very tight. My cock mushroom head just entered in her pussy. She bites my lips very hard. I knew that she tried to control her pain. I was licking and sucking her neck and earlobes. After a few minutes, I took my cock out and again pushed her pussy.

This time my cock went half. Ranidi was screaming in pain. But I didn’t bother this time. I again took out and pushed hard. My full cock went inside. Now I started fucking with full force. She was screaming. Slowly her screaming changed into moaning. She was feeling tremendous pleasure.

I held her hands above her head and put my lips on her. Her big soft boobs pressed under my muscular chest. And I was fucking hard. The room was filled with our grunting and moaning. Finally, I was fucking my dream lady Ranidi. It was so tight but lubricated with her juices. I felt immense pleasure.

After some time, we changed the position. Now we came into doggy style. I was pounding Ranidi from the back holding her large soft boobs in my hands. And at the same time licked her back. I pressed her boobs hard. With every thrust, she moved forward.

I left her boobs and now held her waist and fucked. Her hanging boobs were moving pro and back with my every thrust. I got excited and spanked her ass hard. Her ass got red.

We changed our position again. This time Ranidi was riding on my cock. Her juicy boobs were bouncing in front of my eyes. Oh, it was a scene to enjoy. I held her hanging boobs again and pressed them. Ranidi was almost reaching her orgasm.

I pushed her and placed it on the bed. She became very horny. Immediately she pulled me on her. Again, I was fucking her in missionary position. I was also reaching the climax. I told, “Ranidi I am coming.” Ranidi replied, “Come deep inside my pussy.”

I pushed my hard dig for some time and then finally pushed hard deep inside her pussy. She also arched her back and reached orgasm. We both reached our climax. She was releasing her love juices and I released my hot juices jolt after jolt in her pussy.

We both exhausted. We were lying side by side on the bed. We both were breathing heavily. After 1 or 2 hours we got up from the bed and went to the washroom. We both entered the bathroom. We were hugging each other under the shower and kissing passionately with full of love.

I took the soap and applied to her body. I rubbed my hand on her chest and pussy. I lubricated my finger with soap and entered her pussy. I was tickling her g-spot. Suddenly I pushed my middle finger in her ass hole. Ranidi screamed but I finger fucked her ass.

Ranidi looked at me and told, “I never took dick in my ass.”

Me: Try once. You will love that.

Ranidi didn’t protest but took the position by holding the bathroom wall. I rubbed soap on my dick and positioned on her ass hole. I pushed a little. Ranidi immediately tried to stop me. But I held her tightly and pushed my dick in one go with full force. Ranidi was screaming with pain. But I didn’t stop.

I opened the shower and now under the shower, I was fucking her ass. It was great. I held her both hanging boobs in my hand and fucked her ass hole real hard. Slowly her screaming turned into moaning. She was enjoying now. For half an hour, I banged her ass with full force and released my juices in her ass hole.

We both were exhausted totally. We had our bath together and came out of the bathroom. Suddenly her mobile rang. She picked up the call wrapping only a towel on her body. It was her husband. I moved to her and put the mobile in speaker mode. I heard their conversation.

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