Sexual Chronicles Of Joytsana – Part 3

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Before continuing my story I would strictly suggest you read the earlier parts. Now coming to the story. So after our rendezvous on the terrace, I and Joytsana went to our respective houses. I was quite excited to be seeing her tonight in her house.

Joytsana’s parents were leaving that evening so she had invited me to her house to spend the night. I went home, took a shower and lay down on the bed still thinking about the events that had unfolded earlier. As I was tired after our fucking session in the sun, I decided to take a nap.

I knew that it was going to be a long night. I woke up around 8 in the night. I took a quick shower, ate some energy bars and got dressed ready for a wild night. As I rang her doorbell and her door opened, the excitement within me turned to depression.

Joytsana’s mom had opened the door. She recognized me from the morning and asked me to came inside. I told her that I have to discuss something related to my bank account with Joytsana. She went inside to call Joytsana after asking me to sit. Joytsana emerged from the bedroom and immediately caught my eye.

She was dressed in a red one-piece dress looking smokin’ hot. She came and sat beside me, asking me to show her my phone for details of my account. I got my phone. My phone out and started showing her some random things. Joytsana was sitting right beside me looking sexy as hell.

But I couldn’t do anything as her mother was in the room. Suddenly Joytsana’s mother’s phone rang and she went inside to pick up the phone. As her mom left the room, I immediately planted a kiss on Joytsana’s lips. She pushed me away telling me to control myself.

But I started pressing her boobs over her dress and navigated my other hand over her pussy. As I was slapping her pussy from over her dress I realized that she was not wearing any inner-wear. Then suddenly we heard someone coming to the hall, we split apart.

It was Joytsana’s dad. She told her dad that my problem was sorted. She was getting late for the party so she will also be leaving. Then we both exited her flat and proceeded to enter the lift. As we got on the lift I asked her what the hell was going on, why weren’t her parents gone.

She told me that she was getting ready for me. Her parents returned because their train had been canceled. She told them that she was going out for a party as she was completely dressed until then to avoid suspicion. I told her to come to my flat as it was empty.

But she told me that if her parents will see her car in the parking they will become suspicious. She asked me if there was any other place. I thought for some time. Then I suggested that we go to a hotel. But she told me that hotels were not a safe option as someone might see us there together.

Then she told me to wait for some time in the parking till she drives out of society so that no one will see us leaving together. Once she left the society she gave me a call and I joined her in the car. After getting into the car I saw her sitting on the wheels.

Somehow her sitting on the leather seat in that red one-piece dress made her look even hotter. I couldn’t control myself and started rubbing her thighs, pulling her dress up from her knees to her waist. Joytsana told me to not distract her while driving. But I knew she was enjoying it too.

Moreover, the colony road leading to our society is generally deserted at night. I moved my hands up her thighs to her pussy and started fingering her slowly. Then I increased my speed. Joytsana made a loud moan and stopped the car as she couldn’t concentrate on driving.

She preceded to park the car on the deserted roadside. There was nothing in sight except a closed public toilet. As Joytsana parked the car, I grabbed her neck and started kissing her lips and neck vigorously. I slid my right hand in her hair and pulled her leg over the gearbox with my left hand and got on top of her.

As I got on top of her she noticed my erection and undid my pants, stroking my cock with her hand. I started kissing her lips and massaging her boobs over her dress while lying over her. Then suddenly we heard a car coming and immediately went back to our seats.

Joytsana told me that it was quite risky having sex in the car on the colony road as someone might see us and recognize us. At this point, I was super horny and didn’t want to wait any longer. So I went out of the car to see if the doors of the public toilet were open and if anybody was there.

I found nobody there and the doors open. So I went back to the car and asked Joytsana to follow me. I took her hands and we walked towards the toilet. She was hesitant to go inside but I assured her that it was empty. Then we got inside and tried to switch on the light.

Thankfully one of the light was working and it produced enough light for us to see around. It was a dirty place and looked like it was not used for some time. The dirty place somehow aroused Joytsana. She grabbed my neck and started kissing me while asking me to fuck her vigorously in every corner of this dirty place.

Her words made me an animal. I started kissing her vigorously while grabbing her ass. Then she started undoing my clothes. I was standing fully naked with my rock hard dick in a dirty public toilet. I grabbed her arm turned her back towards me and started massaging her boobs.

The light of the bulb hitting her body made her look even sexier. I couldn’t control myself and grabbed her dress and ripped it from the front exposing her boobs. Her one-piece dress had become like a shirt torn from the front hanging by her shoulder. I started biting her nipples until they were red.

Joytsana was enjoying too much to feel the pain and was moaning heavily. After biting her nipples red, lifted her into the air in my arms and carried her to a toilet compartment. I placed her one leg on the commode, spit on my dick and started fucking her wildly from behind.

She started moaning louder and louder as I increased my pace. Somehow the fact that we were fucking in a dirty public toilet turned Joytsana even hornier and wild. She started screaming loudly as I started ramming her pussy. While doing her from behind I spit on my fingers.

I slowly started playing with her ass. Joytsana was too lost in the moment to notice this. Then I suddenly pushed my middle finger in her ass. She tried to shout in pain but I put my other hands on her mouth to lower her voice. I took her torn dress and shoved it into her mouth.

I started finger fucking her ass while ramming her pussy with my dick. I could tell that Joytsana was in some pain as her face had become red. But to my surprise, she told me to use her in whatever way I would like too. This gave me the green signal to fuck her ass too.

I lifted her again and put both of her knees on the toilet seat and bent her forward. I started licking her ass with my mouth until it was wet. Joytsana was enjoying this too much. I could tell that she had never had a dick in her ass. Joytsana removed the piece of cloth from her mouth.

She asked me to go slow as she had never had anal sex before. But I was too horny to listen to her. I tried to insert my full dick in one go. But her ass was to tight for that and I couldn’t impale her fully at first. As I inserted my dick in her ass Joytsana shouted and moaned simultaneously.

After going slow at first I started increasing my pace. I increased my pace. Joytsana started moaning harder and harder. It turned me into and an animal. I started ramming her ass so fast that the toilet seat collapsed and Joytsana fell to the floor in a pool of dirty toilet water.

But I was in no mood of discontinuation. So I picked her up in my arms, got out of the toilet compartment and made her lie on the floor. She was almost naked (except what hung from her neck) with her boobs touching the floor. I asked her to lift her ass into the air.

I got on top of her and started ramming her pussy and her ass alternatively. As I continued fucking her on the floor, the water from the broken toilet started filling the whole floor. Soon we both were fully wet in the dirty toilet water. I continued fucking her while we both were soaked in our sweat and the dirty water.

As the water made Joytsana fully wet, she started looking even hotter. I started fucking her faster. Joytsana was moaning very loudly as I rammed her pussy and her ass. Ultimately we both cummed and I kissed her on her back as I lay on her back.

After some time we got to our senses realizing that my clothes were all wet and Joytsana’s clothes were all torn. I thought to myself that how are we going to go back to our place as we couldn’t go naked. But to my relief, Joytsana gave me her car keys and asked me to get her spare clothes from her car.

I asked her what about me. She replied that she did have some clothes for me too as she knew that we might land up in such a situation. We laughed at the situation and I kissed on her lips. Then I went out carefully as I was still naked and got our clothes. Thankfully no one was on the street.

Joytsana dried her hair a little and we went back to our society. We were still a little wet and smelled funny. So Joytsana decided to take a quick shower with me at my house before leaving. While leaving she gave me her torn dress to me as a gift.

What happened next? How she gave me a blowjob in the shower?

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