Fucked My Married Ex-Girlfriend

Hi guys. I am Kingkong2 (Keshav) here with a story. I was enjoying my fuck with Pinky. She was giving the best physical satisfaction I’ve ever got. I was also doing the save. In fact, she was living my cock and always hungry for my meat.

But as every story has an ending. Pinky’s fuck relation with me also got abruptly ended when she shifted to another city with her family. I missed a woman’s physical touch and was getting very restless the same as a drug addict. I was in a dire need of a fuck.

One day I had to go to Hyderabad for some office work. I was staying at my friend’s house. This was so that I can get a girl and satisfy my hawas. I was in my office and that day was a fashion day. All the ladies there dressed up in such sexy attire.

Most of them wore skirts and dresses about 4-5 inches longer from their pussies. Their dresses were tight and the asses were popping out like round water balloons. Seeing that my little guy rose into action and started to make me restless. He wanted to desperately enter a cave.

I couldn’t control this urge and went to masturbate. Later after the party, most of my friends went with some girls to have fun. But I was missing Pinky very badly.  I came out to have fresh air, it was 8 p.m. Suddenly I see a lady who resembled my 1st girlfriend.

I went near that lady and I approached her. the smell of her perfume made it clear that it was Priya (name changed). I was seeing her after 5 years.
Me: Hi Priya.
Priya: Oh! Hi Keshav.

Me: It’s been so long. How have you been?
Priya: I am doing great. What about you?
Me: I am also doing great.
Priya: What brings you to Pune?

Me: I came on some official work.
Priya: Great. Let’s meet someday then.
And saying so she gave me her phone number and left as she had to attend her son. Priya had a raunchy figure of 34-32-36 with a bra size of 34D.

Her panty size is 10/3 XL. Her ass was round like a water balloon and boobs were soft like milk packets which we get in the market. She is 30 years old now and is looking like a lusty bitch. I was already fucking her in my mind. Oh god, I was already horny before meeting her.

Now I was not able to control myself. Memories of us making passionate love during our days were making eat into my mind. My little guy was scratching my underwear so that he could taste a pussy after a long time.

The next day I took early off from my work and texted her and asked if she was free to meet. Her office was two blocks away from mine. She instantly agreed to. We met in Starbucks and had some casual chat. She asked me if I have a girlfriend to which I said no. The moment I said no, I could see a spark in her eyes.

Me: Are you and Praveen planning for a second kid?
Priya: Yes, we are.
Me: Great. When are you sharing the good news with me?
Priya: Soon.

I was begging God to make me her second kid’s father. Soon days passed and nothing interesting was happening. On the other hand, Priya was wearing sexy dresses and sarees daily. She was making me regret my decision to leave her.
So one day I decided to pay a surprise visit to her house.

I reached the flat and saw a pair of dirty shoes and the door was not locked. I slowly opened the door and went inside. I was able to hear some noises and moans. I was thinking that Praveen and Priya were in kid manufacturing mode. But the reality was completely different.

Priya was not wearing anything and her saree was lifted till her stomach. I saw that a young, 19 years old boy was licking her pussy. I decided to record this and made a 25 minutes long video of it. Then I left the apartment and once I reached home, masturbate 3 times thinking of the situation.

The very next day, I came to know that Praveen was going to an office in Africa. So I decided to have Priya for the next 4 days. I took the video and asked Priya to meet me in Starbucks in the next 20 minutes. She came there and got settled.

Me: How is your sex life?
Priya: Giving a puzzled look, it’s wonderful.
Me: How is it with Praveen?

Priya: What do you mean by that? Obviously, I will only be fucking Praveen. What else would you think I would be doing? Don’t you have manners? Don’t I know how to talk to a female?

Me: Calm down. Yesterday I came to your house and saw a scene.
Priya: What did you see?
Me: Everything my dear.
And then I showed her the video.

Priya: Please delete the video. It was a mistake by me. Please don’t let Praveen know about this.

Me: I don’t want to create problems in your life. Whatever you do with your personal life is none of my business until the main door is locked. Now that I have a video of yours and can leverage it for anything. I need something in return from you.

Priya: (after thinking for 15 seconds) Ok I will do as per your wish. But I need the video deleted the moment I get naked in front of you.

The word naked made my precum release and made a patch in my pants. I took Priya’s hand and kissed and started to suck one finger. She started to get aroused. She told me to take to her home and we could continue our remaining project there.

We reached her apartment and the moment I licked the door. She jumped like a hunger tiger on me and started to chew my lips. I was shocked and was responding with the same vigor. The whole room was filled with sexual kisses and their noises.

I broke the kiss and pushed her towards the wall. I started to chew her left boob over her kurta and pressed the right boob while poking my dick on to her pussy. She got very very horny and started to moan.

Priya: My darling, please treat me like a menu of your cheap bitches. Satisfy me the way you do to your lusty one-night stand bitches.

She started to give me a handjob and I cummed in 20 minutes. We got very excited and could not wait anymore. She caught me by my collar and dragged me to her room. She pushed me on the bed and started to tear off my t-shirt. When she saw my hairy chest she said.

Priya: My baby, where have you been so many years?

I badly miss the hairy chest. Saying this she started to lick my chest and armpits. She continued to do the same on my whole body. After some time, I started to smell her saliva. Now we both got naked and got into 69 position and she got my 6.7-inch pole into her mouth.

She started to suck it as if there is no tomorrow. God, she has perfected the art of sucking in the past 5 years. Even Johnny Sins would not last 5 minutes by her sucking. I cummed 3 times in 15 minutes. I was also eating her pussy like a hungry lion who has not eaten food in many days. She was moaning.

Later I turned her around and started to pump her pussy. Guys let me tell you, the moment I entered her pussy, I felt like I was in sexual heaven. This was never the case even when I was dating her. She has perfected the art of sexual satisfaction.

I started to fuck her like a hungry animal with giving her hard thumps in doggy and riding position. The whole room was filled with our sounds. I was making rough sounds and she was reciprocating by saying.

Priya: You fucking bastard. You left me for a sluty bitch and now how I am satisfying you. Fuck me bastard madarchod fuck me like your cheating wife.

This continued the whole night and early morning when I woke up. I saw she took a bath and got ready like a typical south Indian lady. She sat beside me on the bed and started to suck my cock. Later we kissed and fucked in many positions in many places including anal sex.

After one month she even got pregnant with my kid. Those stories will be posted later. Thank you.

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