To New Domventures – Part 2 (BDSM Fantasy)

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Remember, the last time I told you how I met Mini and how we did things the first day in a very romantic way. I told you how she fell asleep in my arms in the last story, and gradually I also fell asleep. But later we fulfilled our BDSM fantasy.

Well, in this part, I’ll tell you how I enjoyed the submissive girl inside her. She was better when being dominated for real. So, in the morning, when I woke up, she was still asleep. I ordered coffee and breakfast in the room itself and waited for her to get up.

About half an hour after everything was in the room, she opened her eyes. Trust me, those messy hairs, sleepy eyes, and innocent face looked so good. She woke up, she still had no clothes on, and nor did I. We cuddled a bit and had long smooch again.

We decided to get fresh and spend some time outside as we had been to Manali for the first time. She went to shower, and I was really getting anxious about not being with her inside. I got up from the bed, wrapped my towel. I went towards the bathroom to ask her if she can open the gate and let me in.

To my surprise, the gate was already unlocked. I pushed it open. And there I could see her, butt naked, standing beneath the shower, water flowing down her white skin, hair all wet. She turned back and gave me a confused look. Now, unable to control myself, I got inside and took off my towel to join her.

I got hold of her by her waist and started gazing at those rose petal lips. The heat between us was growing, and we again smooched for a while. I went down to kiss her neck and suck the water running down her neck. My hands went to grab those softballs while she started stroking my dick gently.

I was in 7th heaven, below the shower with such a sexy girl. I feasting over her lovely sexy body was nothing more than a dream come true. Finally, it was time for me to penetrate her. I really wanted to do so. Then, I turned her around, applied the shower gel over her body and mine.

I gave her a really good massage beneath the hot shower. She was still stroking my dick sometimes in the meanwhile. I was getting really excited, and it was a hard time controlling myself from inserting her. However, after cleaning her body, I cleaned myself and got out of the washroom.

I could see an unsatisfactory reaction on her face. I felt she wanted to say something, but she didn’t. Later we got into the room, got ourselves dressed, and had our breakfast. In the meanwhile, she at times gazed me with an angry face. Trust me, that looked even suitable on her cute face.

After breakfast, we left for some sightseeing and had our lunch outside. Those sexy butts in the blue one-piece tempted me more to spank it and eat it. However, I could intentionally move my hands over her body since I didn’t want to create public scenes.

It was 5 when we decided to rush back to the room. Once we entered our room, I got caught her by the neck and made her kneel down. We had already decided to have a long BDSM session while having conversations and virtual sessions. I ordered her to get on all four with her tongue outside.

I went to the cupboard and brought the collar I bought specially for her. I put the collar around her neck and took hold of the leash. I made her walk around the room while I grabbed the things I needed. Then I went to the couch, took the leash from the collar, and ordered her to stand straight.

Without any hurry, I ordered her to remove her one piece. And there she was, standing still in those black lingerie. I ordered her to take off my shirt. She started unbuttoning my shirt while I touched her boobs over her bra. Those were the softest melons I ever had in my hands.

I then ordered her to take off my jeans but just with the help of her teeth. She had a hard time removing it. But I loved to see her struggle with those buttons on my jeans. After a long 5-7 minutes, she was finally able to remove my jeans. The coincidence was such that even I wore black underwear that particular day.

My dick was already semi-erect in those, and that could be felt. I then told her to lick my dick over my underwear. After a good 5 minutes, I made her kneel down again. I asked her to go to the shelf and bring the ropes and the blindfold. But without touching them with hands. All she could use was her mouth.

Like a good pet, she got hold of those and brought them into me, holding them in her mouth. I then asked Mini to get on all fours with her hands on the sofa. I went behind her and took a whip in my hands to spank that sexy ass. Only after a few spanks, her ass got red, really red.

I then ordered her to get up and raise her hands above her head. I took off that bra and start hitting her boobs with that same whip I had in my hands. I could see the reactions on her face. I loved the pain she was going through. Finally, I told her to lie on the bed.

Just in her black panty, she looked like a real sex goddess. I started tying her hands to the extreme corners of the bed. And then the legs were still free. I started licking her legs from her inner thighs to her toes. And then I caught hold of her legs and tied them to the end corners of the bed.

So there was my princess tied on all four corners of the bed. I started licking her again from her toes towards her lips, going through the breast and finally biting her lips. Now she could only see and feel but couldn’t do anything else than tremble. Now there was my favorite part- Blindfold.

So after putting a blindfold on her, I started blowing air all over her body. I’ll yell how she would feel as if somebody is now about to kiss. Then left her without kissing even after being on the point where the kiss would start.

Trust me, I loved to see her like that – the complete white body with just a black panty on and a black blindfold. It was time for some action. Leaving her tied, I moved to the table, brought some ice cubes. I started rubbing it over her lips, through her neck, over her breasts.

But I made sure it didn’t touch her nipple. Then again through the cleavage over the navel and to her inner thighs. I rubbed it for a while, then pulled a panty a bit down and rubbed it on her lips. In just a few secs, she started moaning. I pushed the ice cube in her pussy. And put back her panty on.

Again took one more ice cube and again put it directly in her pussy. I could see her helplessly trying to push the ice cubes out but haha, of no use. Her moans were erotic. Those slow moans made me madder. Now, time for some wax play.

I lighted a candle and started dropping it’s wax on her nipples, making a wax cover over those perky nipples. Now her condition she was feeling extremely cold in her pussy and extremely hot on the nipples. I started choking her neck in the process, making her beg for breaths.

My cock was now very hard and was unbearable in my underwear. I took it off, and now it was time to give my dick some lips. She was still trembling with the hot and the cold sensations in her body when I pushed my dick in her mouth. Oh, that inner walls of her mouth felt so good around my dick.

I started pumping it in and out of her. I could feel her all over my dick now. She started enjoying the dick, and yeah, I had to tease her. I again took it out and waited for secs to start searching for the meat when I again pushed it in. In this process, I took off her blindfold, and our eyes finally meet.

So this was the same girl who had been so romantic yesterday and now was a sex slave to me. While she was sucking my dick, I was busy removing the wax from her nipples. When this was done, I went down to see the black panty’s condition. It was all wet and felt so cold outside.

I untied her legs and took off her panty. There was my feast so good, so clean and so red, inviting me to eat it like anything. I started kissing her inner thighs and started pinching her nipples while moving to her pussy. Now it was time for me to eat her, and I saw her closing her eyes in excitement.

Leaving the pussy again, I jumped on her nipples. I started biting one while turning and twisting the other. She opened her eyes in shock and dissatisfaction. I knew what she wanted. I asked her to beg for it while I continued feasting on those great boobs.

She started like, “Master, please eat my pussy. Fuck me hard. Please, I can take no more. Please fuck me.” Trust me hearing those lines from such a hot and cute girl made me even hard. I directly jumped on her pussy. With my hands, I stretched her legs apart and started inserting my tongue deeper.

I could see her pulling the ropes with her tied hands showed how much she was enjoying it. In the same stretched position, I pushed my dick inside her and have a hard jerk. Her expression felt like she had taken a dick for the first time. She felt so cold inside, guessing the ice cubes did their assigned jobs very well.

I started pumping gradually, and gradually she started increasing her moans. After around 10 minutes, I finally untied her hands and ordered her to turn back into a doggy position. If you haven’t tried doggy yet, I’ll tell you, must try once. The depth you’ll feel here will be immense.

I started pumping her in doggy while spanking that sexy ass harder with every stroke. Within 5-10 minutes, her ass was all red, and she was moaning in her loudest voice. Anybody in the nearby rooms would have got excited listening to her.

Finally, I laid on the bed. I ordered her to ride me in a cowgirl position such that her thighs shouldn’t touch mine. She looked confused, yet she did her best to do that. And let me tell you, she succeeded. Now I was about to cum, and so she knelt below the bed.

I told her to give me a blowjob. After about 5 minutes, I felt shooting all my cum in her mouth. Like a good slave, she drank all and cleaned my dick after. Now coz she had not cummed I ought to give her that pleasure and relaxation. I pushed her back on the bed and started licking her pussy hard.

After almost 15 minutes of continuous licking and fingering her, she cummed on my fingers and in my mouth. Trust me, she tasted so sweet I could eat her all day. And in the process, I again got hard. My dick was so erect that it again needed the pussy.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and started inserting my dick inside. Because she had just cum, she was lubricated well, and it took very less effort for me to get inside. The continuous fucking again went on for almost 30 minutes. Then I felt her pussy contracting on my dick.

I knew she was about to cum, and even the pressure in me was building up. I just asked her where to cum, and she instructed me to cum inside itself. By the time she came hard, and even I felt myself shooting in her.

We then cleaned ourselves, and while cleaning, I could see her ass and boobs really red and swelled up. Her pussy was also swollen. There were marks of the ropes on her hands and legs.

After cleaning, I picked her in my arms and carried her from the bathroom to the bed. I made her lay and brought her some chocolates again. It was not dark since she said she didn’t like chocolates. I got into bed. We were inside the blanket cuddling when she fell asleep, and so did I.

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