The Purification Of A Friend

Hi, readers, my name is Neel Borah. I am from Assam. I am a well-built guy of 6 ft height, a little dark complexion and a tool size of 6. I am currently 22 years old. I am studying in the last degree semester. The incident I am going to narrate happened to me just a week ago.

The first-ever sex of my life. That too with someone I never expected to have sex with. The heroine of my story is Divya. She is my closest friend. She is super beautiful and her figure of 34-26-35 makes her a creation to notice. Our relationship as friends started like this.

When I joined college I had no friends. I was friendly with my new classmates. Everyone liked me as I was an above-average student and was ready to help everyone. I had the technique to mix up with everyone. As normally happens, the students of our class used to regularly bunk classes and go for enjoyment.

But being a boy from the middle class I never did that. So if anyone needed any notes they used to ask from me. Divya was one of the girls who used to regularly bunk classes. So for the notes, she frequently used to ask me. She asked me my WhatsApp number to get the notes. I gave her my number.

She started talking to me more than about classes and notes. She had no friends among girls because every girl was jealous of her appearance and her beauty. So she quickly became friendly with me. I started picking her up for the college and drop her home.

I never had any love interest. I was a middle-class boy and I was aware of my limitations. So I accepted her as a friend. We were quite frank with each other. Also, she had no boyfriends. Our friendship lasted up to the later part of the third semester.

At the time we were strong friends but she was always getting attention from boys. Many boys had proposed her but she denied them all. But there was a playboy from another department and he started taking attention on her. He was handsome and rich. He can win any girl. I was well aware of that guy.

One day that guy named Abhinav proposed Divya and she couldn’t refuse. She was not knowing that he was just playing with her like other girls. I warned her but she said I was wrong and sent me their romantic conversation. It was so flirty that no girl could have resisted a boy who talks so romantically.

I kept on insisting her to break up with that guy. But the fruit was reversed. She abused me and said that I secretly loved her and that’s why I wanted to make them apart. This hurt both my ego and my feelings. I never imagined her as my lover. Now the way she said nearly made me cry.

I had no other friend so I warned her last time and she blocked me. A fit of anger took over me. I blocked her and deleted her number. The next day at college she abused me and almost hit me. I said nothing. I hoped for her good and came back. From that day I ignored her and kept a distance from her.

Her parents knew me and they use to talk to me. But I never told anything to them. It was going all well till the last week. They were in a relationship for so long that I thought that I was wrong and I misunderstood her. But still, I was angry at her and didn’t talk to her.

The last Saturday she came to me. I was sitting in an empty room. It was an off period and was trying to wipe out Pochinki. She called me. But my game volume was high and I was wearing headphones. So I didn’t hear her. She called me again. This time I heard but acted like I heard nothing.

She came furiously and snapped the mobile of my hand. Then pulled out the earphones from my ears. she knelt before me and said, “Neel, forgive me, please. Talk to me.” I had no idea what was going on and sat confused. She thought I was acting like I didn’t know and was not ready to talk to her.

I was about to ask her what happened. But suddenly I remembered what she had done to me. I got up and left for the classroom. She was heartbroken and was crying, covering her face with her palms. I felt bad but my ego took over my emotions and I went away.

That evening I figured out that she had a break-up with that guy. He has cheated on her. I saw him on the bike with another girl. I felt pity for her. I took my mobile and collected her number from a WhatsApp group. I was deciding whether to call her or not and I got a call from her.

I instantly received the call. It was her mother. “Hello, Neel beta. Our Divya is crying in her room since she came back from college. She is not taking her meals. Have you said anything to her or anyone else?” Her mother was in tension because she was the only child of the family.

I said, “No Aunty. I didn’t say anything to her. Is she still crying? How long she has been crying for?”

Aunty: About an hour. Can you come and talk to her. She has refused to let us in her room. We are afraid. But I know she trusts you more than us. Can you come here quickly?
Me: Ok aunty I am coming.

Aunty knew nothing of our misunderstanding and thought that we were still friends like before. I could not have said her no. So I put on clothes and took out my bike. I was afraid that she might try to hurt herself.

I accelerated the bike like an ambulance going for an emergency case. When I reached her house, she was still inside. As I went in, aunty and uncle looked at me and pointed to her room. Her sobbing was heard from outside. I went to the door and knocked. She stopped sobbing and said furiously.

“Mom, I told you not to disturb me. Please leave me alone. Go away.”

I decided to put my ego aside and said, “Dee, it’s me, Neel. Open the door. Or I will break it.” Before I could finish my sentence she ran to the door and opened it. Seeing me standing at the door she pulled me and held me tight. It was such an embarrassment for me. Her parents were looking at us.

Their jaw was wide open in surprise. She then suddenly kissed my cheeks like a mother who is seeing her long lost child after centuries. I tried to calm her down and her sobbing stopped. I didn’t want to let her parents know the reason she was crying.

I said, “Let’s go out. You will feel lighter. Come on, get ready and stop crying like a child.” She silently followed my words. Her parents were gone to the other room and were discussing something. She started changing her dress without noticing that I was still inside her room.

She took off her salwar and Patiala pants. She was in black lingerie. I got to see her in her undergarments for the first time. Instantly wrong feelings came to my mind. I rosed up and was about to leave when she said, “Where are you going?”

Me: But you are changing!
Divya: Yes. But I didn’t tell you to go out. Be seated here. I am not going to be naked.

Confused till the core I hastily resumed to my sit. She put on her dresses and washed her face. She turned around and said, “Let’s go.” I looked at her and my jaw dropped. She was wearing short pant and that revealed her white thighs and a tee that not even reached her belly.

I said, “You are going out in this?” She nodded.

“No way. Change it and wear something that makes sense. Don’t be silly.”

She used to hang out in this kind of outfit with Abhinav and everyone had a bad image of her. All the students use to say that she was a slut. So I told her to change it. She thought for some time and did something ridiculous. She put on a grand style saree like she was going to attend a wedding or a cultural program.

It was silly but she was looking gorgeous. She looked like a goddess in that dress. She put a blouse and there she was, a pure goddess. Anyone would fall for such a beautiful lady. I was constantly looking at her. Although she stopped crying till then she was still depressed.

I lead her to the drawing-room. Her parents were again shocked at her dress and asked me in gesture what was the matter. I replied nothing. Then we went out. As she had not taken her meal I took her to a restaurant. I ordered biryani and asked to tell her everything that happened.

She told me Abhinav was worse than even I thought. He had two to three times sex with her and always wanted her in bed. Slowly she got doubtful about his love and she asked it openly. On this Abhinav said a lot of this and that and asked her to break up. She was shocked and decided to say sorry to him.

So she went to his house to give him a surprise and caught him fucking another girl. This broke her heart into pieces. She silently came back and went to me. And I refused to talk to her. I now understood everything and felt sorry for my ego.

She said, “No Neel. I am sorry that I rebuked you. Just tell me if I can repay you.” I said nothing. I said let’s go for a movie and she agreed. After the food, we went to a cinema hall and I got two tickets. The ongoing show ended and we went inside.

I was enjoying the movie so much that I nearly forgot that I aimed to make Divya feel good. I was lost in the movie. She was lying on my arm. All her thoughts were somewhere else. When in the movie, Jacqueline Fernandez showed up with her hot assets, I felt a little aroused.

I looked at Divya.  She was lost in her thoughts. I got on a hard-on seeing Jacqueline’s moves. I needed to adjust my tool but Divya was there at my arms. I got nervous. Suddenly she noticed that I was getting a hard-on as my pant was puffed up a bit.  Her cheeks turned red in shyness.

She got up from my arms and looked somewhere else. I quickly adjusted the tool. She asked without turning to me, “You done?” I said shyly, “Yes.”  She then asked for my phone. I asked why and she said, “ Don’t ask, give it to me quickly,  come on. I have forgotten mine at home.”

I gave her the phone and watched her action. She quickly turned on the camera and started filming a couple. The couple was sitting in the last row in the corner and were having their romance. The boy was pressing the boobs of the girl. The shirt of the girl was removed and her boobs were seen.

The boy was busy eating her pussy. The eyes of the girl were closed in pleasure. I was not knowing why Divya was filming this and asked her to stop. She ended the recording and pulled my hand and said, “Let’s go.” Her eyes were glittering as if she had found something.

The movie was not over so I unwillingly came out of the hall. I asked her what’s the matter. She said she had just filmed Abhinav having sex with that girl. She is going to upload it to the internet as revenge. I got shocked. She said, “Now let’s go home.” We came back to her home. Her parents were not there.

She took me to her room and closed the door. Taking out her laptop she opened a porn website. She was all determined to upload it to that site. She took the file and started uploading. I looked at the video. The passionate sex they had was so arousing that I got a hard-on.

I watched it one more time and dirty things came to mind. Thinking something I canceled the upload. She screamed at me. “What have you done? What are you doing? Are you fucking crazy? I want revenge on that whore. I want revenge on that bastard. Don’t stop me.”

I tried to insist on her not to do so as it was a cybercrime. She now started crying. I kept a hand on her back and patted her to consolidate her. I pulled her to my arms and gave a kiss on her head. Suddenly she stopped crying and asked me, “Neel,  I know you love me. Don’t you?”

I was puzzled. By her tune of asking it was clear that she was not asking about our friends’ love. I clarified her mistake, “I love you as a friend you know that. I can’t go far.” She kissed in my lips before I could have finished my statement. Her lips were so soft. I felt weak.

She kept on kissing me and gave me the pleasure I never had. She took my upper lip and was sucking it slowly rising my blood. My heart went faster. We both knew what was next. We were young and alive. She kept on kissing me till I started responding to her. I was not experienced but she was.

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and moved her hands upon my hard abs. She then completely removed my shirt and slowly climbed on me. She started going down from lips and kissed slowly on my abs and chest. Every touch of her lips on my body felt like someone dropping lava on me.

For the last time, I said, “Dee, this is wrong.” She placed her palm on my mouth and gestured me to keep quiet. I kept quiet. My mind kept saying it’s wrong but I didn’t resist her. She then took off her blouse slowly. She wanted me to get mad in lust and she was succeeding in it. I closed my eyes in shy.

She bent and let her body touch mine. I could feel her heart beating faster against my chest. She whispered in my ear, “Don’t you see porn? Don’t lie. I know if you fucked me it would be a love session. And I will feel purified. Go on, Neel, purify this dirty body of mine. Touch my boobs and shed the dirty touch of that bastard on me.”

I opened my eyes. I imagined her being my girlfriend, not a friend. All my shyness was gone. I kissed her neck as I saw it in porn movies. She gave a whispery moan. Hot air came out of her mouth and touched my chest. I started touching her ass and squeezed it a little. I let the devil inside me come out.

She felt it and responded with another moan. I started removing her saree. But I was not experienced so I was struggling with that. She removed her saree. Then she pushed me on the bed and started removing my pants. I felt ashamed because I never shaved. But she didn’t care.

She removed my pants completely and lowered my underwear. My tool sprung out and hit her face. She looked at my face and winked at me. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that she had such a lusty and horny side. She kissed my cock and smelled it like it was a perfume. She gave a little handjob.

I somehow controlled myself and didn’t cummed. I thought she was going to blow but she didn’t. She again climbed up on me and said, “You are the leader now. I am all yours. Do whatever you want.” Saying so she lay on the bed. I didn’t know where to begin.

I wanted to squeeze her boobs so hard but didn’t even touch her. She was surprised and asked, “Neel, you never had sex?” I said no and she guided my hands to her boobs. I requested her to remove her bra. She said do it yourself. I tried to unhook her bra.

But after some struggle, I just tore her bra straps and removed her bra. And there it was, her precious puffed boobs were naked before me. I grabbed one of them and started sucking the other one. She kept in moving her hand I between my hairs and pulling it gently. She tried to give all the comfort I may need.

I started licking her nipples and they became hard like small rocks. Her nipples were dark-colored. I was kissing her boobs and one of the hands was exploring her whole body. Then it reached her panty. It was all wet. I quickly left her boobs and just tore her panty.

After removing her panty her pussy was inviting me to destroy it. Seeing me interested in her pussy, Divya said, “Neel, if you wanna make me feel good you can show a little love to me as well.” I felt awkward to suck a pussy. She guessed it and said, “Let me show you how it’s done.”

Then she went to 69 position and without any hesitation took my cock in her mouth. Her pussy was just above me. But I didn’t touch it. She started blowing me harder. She was a pro in it. In the flow, I started eating her pussy. I opened it and gave her a tongue fuck. We both were about to cum.

Our movements became faster and we both had our first orgasm at the same time. She squirted all over my face and I drank a major part of it. And she drank all my cum. We both took a rest but we were not done. She was ready but I was not getting a second hard-on.

So she sat on the lap and started rubbing her ass against my cock. While biting her lips she placed my hands on her boobs. She told me to squeeze it as hard as possible. I did so, I squeezed her melons with all aggression and it was red. Then she suggested me to slap her ass and said it would give me a hard-on.

I squeezed her left melon with my hand and slapped her butt with the right hand. With every slap, her ass formed waves and bounced like balloons. This fucking scene gave me another hard-on. She wasted no time. She spat on my cock, rubbed all the spit in my cock with her boobs and got on top of me.

It was my first time entering a girl so I felt a slight pain. She started riding in cowgirl position. Only her long moans and the sound of her ass crashing in my cock was heard. I got lost and started thrusting her from below. She was having her fun and I was having my fun. She kept moaning.

Then I made her lie and got on top of her. I released all my body weight on her to crush her and kept fucking her slowly. The pace slowly changed and with every push I gave her boobs bounced like water balloons. They were soft and good.

I said, “Oh honey, it’s so good. You are such a slut. You horny bitch.” She replied in pleasure, “ Yes I am a slut. I am a bitch. I am a whore. I am everything for you. Make me your wife and your sex toy. I am all yours. I love you. Punish for my mistake. I am cumming. Don’t stop!”

I was about to cum too. I increased the pace and the sound grew louder. I was about to cum so I wanted to pull out the cock. But she held me so tight that I ejaculated inside her pussy before I could draw out the cock. She also cummed at that time.

We both moaned and then I got aside from her. She got up and sucked my cock clean. Then she climbed on me and slept on my chest. I asked her about the cumming. She replied that she just had her periods a few days ago so there was nothing to worry about. I got relieved.

She proposed to me. And added, “Just think before you say no. You will not get a slut like me to fuck off. I am the best for you.” I smiled and said, “Let it be. But don’t think that I will be marrying you. I can love you physically but emotionally you will be my friend always.”

Divya: We will talk about that later.

When I got dressed up and was leaving her she said to me, “Listen, Darling. My parents are going to visit my aunty tomorrow. Are you free?” I understood what she meant but said nothing and only smiled at her. She understood the reply.

Please send your feedback at [email protected] if you liked the story. What you think should be best for us, remain friends with benefits or get in a relationship. Signing of. Bye-bye.

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