A Trip To Remember With Two Sisters

Hi folks, Zaee here again from Mangalore. I want to apologize for giving the wrong mail id in my previous post. My mail id is [email protected]. I will wait for feedback. And for those who didn’t read my previous post, read ‘Thrilling Sexperience With Gym Partner’.

Now coming to the scenes. As days passed, I and Shahin was getting too close and were meeting daily. Drive to the beach became a routine and spent a beautiful time together. She came out of depression and gradually forgot about her ex.

She was very kind and kiddish. She introduced myself to her sister and parents too. If she gets a call from her mom when I’m with her, she used to pass the call. Her mom was so sweet and asked me to take care of her.

One fine day her sister had to come to Mangalore and for some reason asked me to meet. I accompanied my buddy, Sam. About Sam, he is a tall, handsome, health-conscious and my partner in all good and bad deeds. We took some time and met them in the evening.

Shahin introduced her sister Suha to us. About Suha, taller than Shahin but slim with zero figure but very kinky doing 2nd year of graduation. We took her out to the beach. Then roaming around the city finally went for dinner. And left them back to PG. It was a kind of a perfect day, we all had a lot of fun together.

The next morning, she had to travel back to Coorg. Suha was so happy meeting us that she immediately started planning for the next visit. She was not satisfied with just one evening. So she planned accordingly for next time. Here the actual story begins.

Suha managed to reach Mangalore after two weeks. We all four left to St. Marys island as we planned. It was a sunny day. Sam was driving and Suha was sitting front. We both were hugging and kissing in the back seat. After reaching the island, both sisters wanted to play in beach water.

We denied coz it’ll be sticky all day. But they dragged us to water and it was good actually, splashing water on each other. I lifted Shahin and threw her in water. Same time even Suha and Sam were doing the same. Then to dry ourself I went and slept in a sun tanning seat.

Shahin joined me by hugging and sleep in the same seat. Now the fire between Suha and Sam also started. I just winked at Sam to have fun and live the moment. Sun is about to set. We had to leave the island around 6. Slowly we drove back to Mangalore.

Everyone was tired and silent. Suha broke the silence showing some random hotel. “Nice hotel isn’t it?” We all looked and replied yeah. Silence again. After 5 minutes again showed the hotel, “This is also nice.” I directly asked her, “What do you want to say?”

Suha is like, “I don’t want to go to PG. Let’s go to a hotel and get fresh and play some games.” I and Sam wasn’t ready coz we didn’t take permission at home to stay out. We drove towards Mangalore. Meantime both sisters were convincing us badly.

I got convinced and now I had to convince Sam. We stopped on the highway and called our parents. Finally, we are up for a night out. Now all are happy and curious about what next. We thought it’s not safe to stay in Mangalore. So left to Chikmangalore. On the way, we booked a farmhouse.

Now all night is ours. Shahin bounced on me and started smooching in the back seat of the car and kissing all over went for about 10 minutes. Suha was like, “Even I want to kiss.” I looked at her and asked, “Who stopped you?” She just gave a kiss on Sam’s cheeks. I asked, “That’s it?”

The very next moment she just bounced on Sam and started smooching like hell. She didn’t even care Sam was driving. Sam had to stop the car to respond to her smooch. Now everyone is comfortable and adjusted to a cozy situation. After an hour I sat on the driving seat and gave easy space to Suha and Sam.

It was a pleasant drive indeed. Around 11 pm we reached the farmhouse. The landlord was staying down and gave the first floor to us. It was 3BHK with a big hall and many indoor games on it. It was an old house but beautifully arranged.

As we entered I thought of getting fresh, coz was feeling dirty of saltwater on the island. I got fresh and came out in my boxer and t-shirt. Sam told us we’ll play ‘Truth or Dare’. I know Sam loves that game and then the game begins. Sam had all the naughtiest questions and then we changed the rules to only ‘Dare’.

First, it was Shahin’s turn. Sam asked her to take her panty and keep it in front. At first, she didn’t agree but later on, she had too. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a net jacket. She went inside the room and took panty and kept it with a shy face.

Next, it was my turn. Suha asked me to remove my t-shirt while smooching Shahin and make Shahin wear my t-shirt without breaking the smooch. Fuck! I told that’s not possible, but I had to do it. Now the game is turning kinkier. Shahin closed her eyes and I lip locked her.

I was trying to remove the t-shirt she was going intense in a smooch. Sam and Suha were cheering me. I finally removed the t-shirt with a lot of struggle and made her wear inside out. That was fucking awesome. We didn’t stop smooching even after.

Now it was Suha’s turn. I had to give a tuff one indeed. So I told it’s a dare to both of you. Suha has to tease Sam and make him hard on without touching his dick. Same time Sam’s dare was not to get hard and shouldn’t close his eyes. This is the time where even Shahin realized how kinky and horny Suha was.

Suha went close to Sam with her killer look and just started to breathe heavily near his ear. Slowly touching his hair and feather touch of her lips on his neck. Sam was trembling but was looking here and there trying hard not to fall for the trap.

Suha is not among the one who gives up. She went behind him and spread her hand near his chest and bit his ears. But Sam wasn’t hard yet. I was hugging Shahin fondling her breast and enjoying the show. Now Suha came in front of him and opened her hair and let it free. She started to touch herself biting her lips.

Then she slowly started to pull her t-shirt up till her bra giving us a clear view of her flat fucking tummy. She was absolutely looking stunning. I was looking at her with my jaws open and badly wanted to have a look at small round shaped boobies. But she let her t-shirt down.

We all left a deep breath. Not done yet. She turned around unbuttoned her jeans slide her jean a bit to show a little piece of the panty. Then removed her t-shirt in one go revealing her back and bra straps and threw her t-shirt on Sam. No one realized Sam was already hard.

We were busy with Suha’s kinky act. We all forgot about the game. Starting the game was fun, but now all are horny. Sam got up and hugged her from behind. Shahin turned around and bounced on me and lip locked even they started to smooch. We were already set in the bed.

Sam took Suha to the other room. Shahin got up and locked our room came back to me in no time. I made her lay on the bed and started to kiss her all over her face while fondling her boobies. She just surrendered herself to me. I was kissing her forehead to eyes and nose and lips and ears.

She felt ticklish when I kissed her ears and was not letting me. Then I went on to her neck giving her marks of a love bite. I went down to her boobs, kissed it over her t-shirt. Then down to her navel, lifted her t-shirt and licked her tummy and navel too. She was trembling with pleasure.

I went still down and ran man fingers all over her thighs till toes. I started to kiss from toe till navel again. But didn’t touch her pussy as I wanted to tease her more. Then I tried to open the buttons of her jeans with my teeth. She stopped me saying she is damn wet and she feels dirty. As if I would care this time.

I just unbuttoned and removed her bottom in a go, she had already removed her panty during playing. She just covered her face and gave me a good view of her wet and clean shaved pussy. I wiped pussy with a blanket started to kiss and lick her pussy.

First, she was pulling my hair, now she is pushing my head hard to her pussy. I was enjoying chewing her pussy lips, made circles on her clits. Yet to use my fingers, she started to vibrate her whole body with pleasure and she came within no time.

I will wait for the feedbacks to continue the adventures night. Tata.

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