Memorable Experience With A Lady Professor

Hi friends, today I would like to pen down one of my encounters. I remember it well and will be remembering it for a lifetime. Without any further delay, let’s go into my memorable encounter

This encounter happened when I was in B.Tech final year, in the second semester of 4th year. There will be an option to pick a few subjects. I picked a subject where all the girls in the class were there. I, along with 3 more boys had chosen that subject.

So 4 boys and 30 girls in the class and the rest of the boys chose other subjects. The subject which I have chosen is called MS. So a new lecturer was appointed that year to teach us that subject. To my luck and surprise, she is an MBA passed, a cute lady and the age difference is also not much.

Since I am a little naughty, it didn’t take much time to grasp her attention. Moreover, boys are very less in class, and that helped me as well. Slowly, I started asking more doubts in order to get her attention. I used to ask about more and more doubts.

Whenever she takes classes I used to look at her with a naughty smile. She started observing that and slowly used to reply to me with her smiles. This made me move and advance. Slowly our internals started and as I already told you I am poor in education.

I made a bold move and went to her when she was in the staff room. I told her that I am very poor in the subject and requested her to help me. She replied, “You are the guy who used to ask me so many questions in class. I was under the impression that you are a very clever student.”

I told her that I did all to grasp her attention. Since it was internals I asked her to help. She said, “Now there are so many people in the staff room. Call me when you are free,” and wrote her phone number on a slip. She gave it to me when no one was seeing.

That is something which I never expected. Slowly we started chatting. We become close as if we are friends and no more a lecturer and student. One day she asked me how many girlfriends I have. I replied that I have no one.

She said, “You have again surprised me. How come a cute guy like you doesn’t have girlfriends?’ and the chat continued for some days One fine morning she replied saying that she is feeling bored at home. It is Sunday and her family members were out of the station. She is feeling alone at home.

I said, “If you are ok, I can accompany you.” Instantly I got a reply, “Yes.” Until then it was just normal. I never thought that one ‘OK’ is going to change the day. I went to her home after an hour and rang the bell. There came the beautiful lady.

OMG, I was literally spellbound. She got ready in such a sexy way. I was just standing at the door and looking at her. She said, “Will you be staring at me all day or will you get in?” I then got into my senses and entered the home. We randomly started chatting.

After a while, she opened the talk and said, “Raj, I need a favor.”  I readily said just order whatever you want. She smiled naughtily and said, “You have agreed and now you shouldn’t take back your words.” I said, “I will never do that, tell me what you want,” with the greatest confidant.

She said, “Raj, I want my pussy to be shaved and I want you to do that job.” I was shocked by those words and was very happy inside. She then guided me to her washroom. She unbuttoned herself and I too helped her like a hungry dog. She guided me to the razor which I readily picked.

She was standing and I was in a kneel-down position. I slowly kept my left hand very gently above her pussy and started shaving her pussy. I could sense that her body is shivering with my touch on her sensual place. Then once the shave is done, I kept water and cleaned her pussy.

Then I planted a kiss on her pussy. I love eating pussy. Then I got up and had a smooch on her lips. We continued kissing for almost more than 15 minutes. I then grabbed her and took her to the bedroom. I slowly kissed her on her feet and then started sucking her toes.

While I was doing that, she started playing with the other leg toes on my chest. It made me crazier. Then I took her other leg and repeated the same. Then slowly I went a little up. I started kissing her leg and she was in cloud 9. Then I went to her knees.

When I approached her thighs, rather than kissing, I bit her gently. She moaned with pain and she was going crazy. Then I went to her pussy. You know, guys, it makes me crazy when I suck pussy. I was at her pussy and started eating her pussy for a long time.

I initially placed my tongue on her clitoris and slowly came rotated on her pussy. I then stopped at her vagina and planted a kiss on that. Then slowly I started tongue fucking her for a long time. She was moaning loudly with pleasure and all the room was full of moans.

Since I sucked for a long time, she released her cum on my face and cleaned my face with her hand. I went a little up and went on to her belly and kissed her. She was shivering a lot by that time and requesting me to insert my dick in her pussy. I did fuck her pussy with my tongue for a long time.

I then slowly went little above and started eating and biting her boobs. She was not able to control a lot. She was shouting by saying, “You idiot, fuck me, I am not able to take this anymore. Fuck me you bastard.” That was making me aroused more.

Then I went to 69 position. She was sucking my dick and I was once again eating her pussy. Then after a while, I inserted my monster in her pussy and fucked for a while. I started slowly by inserting my dick into her pussy. Later on, I increased the pace and rammed her pussy.

The entire day we did a lot many rounds and explored a lot. Though this incident happened long back I still feel electrified when I think of that episode.

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