Sex With A Modern Housewife

Hi Friends, I am Rahul from New Delhi. I am bringing my second story wherein I became friends with a modern housewife and had amazing sex. I hope you like it.

So as I mentioned earlier, I am from Delhi. I have been married for the last 12 years and have two kids. However, post-pregnancy, my wife has slowly lost interest in sex, leaving me high and dry.

Also, most married readers would agree with me that monotony sets in after a few years of marriage. You start wanting something outside marriage, something different. Due to the same, I started accessing dating sites.

I met a few girls there but could not progress ahead as most were paid services. I believe that sex should be consensual between two people and not a paid affair.

One day I matched with a lady. Let’s call her S (name not being shared due to privacy reasons). She was married too. About 35 years of age with two kids, her husband was in the marketing field. He generally used to be out on tours for one or two weeks every month.

She was getting regular sex but also wanted to try something new, some new experience. So we started chatting regularly and shared our details except for personal details. Both of us wanted to be first sure about each other for safety reasons.

After chatting for about two weeks, we graduated to calls and then video calls. We shared each detail, sexual preferences, body details, everything. Our chats were getting steamier every day, and we desperately wanted to meet. But we were not sure about the place being our first time for such an encounter.

Finally, we decided to meet in an upscale hotel slightly away from both of our locations. We could meet in the daytime only as she had to get back before her kids returned from school. I had booked the hotel, and we checked in.

We both were nervous about the check-in procedure. What if someone recognizes us? How will we handle it? But believe me, the urge for forbidden sex is so strong that you are ready to take all risks. We quickly checked in and moved to the room.

For precaution, I was also carrying two luggage pieces to pretend as if traveling from outside. We quickly moved to our room and, immediately on entering, started hugging and cuddling. Both of us were extremely horny after so many days of chatting and started exploring each other.

Now I was able to have a good look at her after so many days of meeting online.
She was wearing a dark-colored suit which further highlighted her fair color. She was average-looking but had a great figure – full boobs, wide ass, and fair color.

I was horny like hell and started hugging her wildly, caressing her back and ass. She was also aroused and was responding by kissing and touching me everywhere. I started kissing her earlobes and neck as she had told me earlier that they were her weak areas.

Slowly I started to kiss her lips. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and explored her tongue. We kissed passionately for a long time. I could also keep my hands off her big boobs and started pressing them on top of her kurta. She was responding well and told me to press harder, which I happily obliged.

Slowly I started pinching her nipples, and her moans increased. We quickly removed our upper clothes and came into inner-wear. I was lost seeing her inner beauty. Fair boobs covered in black bra looked ravishing.

I quickly started kissing her cleavage area and made her stand up in front of a mirror. I wanted us to see each other in the mirror to shed all inhibitions. I hugged her from behind, looking in the mirror, pressing her boobs in front, and teasing her nipples.

Then I opened her bra, exposing her boobs for the first time. They were a little sagging but full and round. Dark nipples and big areolas accentuate the look. I was kneading her boobs like there was no tomorrow. She wanted me to go wild on her, and I was more than happy to do it.

Then we removed our balance innerwear and became fully nude. She was dripping wet by excitement. We were super horny and just wanted to fuck and hence moved on the bed. I started kissing her from top to bottom, covering her entire body.

I didn’t leave any part untouched. I kissed her eyes, ears, nose and sucked lips for long. All the time. I was playing with her boobs and caressing her pussy with fingers. Then I focused on her boobs. I was kissing one nipple and twisting the other one.

I sucked her boobs for a long changing between sucking and teasing. She cried in pleasure when I licked her nipples only by the tip of her tongue. Slowly I moved down, kissing through belly and navel, and reached her pussy. It was dripping wet.

I started licking her inner thighs but purposefully didn’t touch pussy to make her wilder. She was writhing in pleasure, moaning loudly. As soon as I touched her pussy with my tongue, she started squirting, shaking her body. Slowly she became normal and was smiling blissfully.

She said it was her best orgasm ever as her husband never tried new things. She was ready to return the favor and came on top of me and started sucking my dick. It was about to explode with so much action. She was sucking me deep, and believe me. She was doing it well.

My wife doesn’t like oral, so it was an amazing experience for me. After about 10 minutes of sucking, I was about to cum. So I stopped her, came on top of her, and spread her legs to enter. I rubbed her pussy opening with my tip and, looking in her eyes, slowly pushed it in.

As she was already wet, it went in smoothly. I let it be there to feel the experience. Then I pinned her hands on top and started fucking her slowly to enjoy the experience. Her clean armpits were exposed. I started licking them, inhaling her musky scent.

I was also sucking and licking her boobs simultaneously. Slowly I increased the speed, and the entire room was filled with our moans and smell of fucking. It was awesome. We were getting wilder with each minute, and I was going deep n fast in her pussy.

I lifted her legs and kept on my shoulder for deeper penetration, and started pumping harder and deeper. Slowly our orgasm was building up. She now changed the position and came on top. It was an awesome sight. She was juggling boobs and messy hair all around.

I was squeezing her boobs and nipples hard. After about 5 more minutes of hardcore fucking she started coming. I also could not hold much longer and come inside her in deep spurts. We were not using a condom as already decided to take a pill.

We wanted to make it more pleasurable and memorable being our first time together. Slowly we regained our breath and slept talking and cuddling. We woke up about an hour later, ordered some food and freshened ourselves.

After food, we again had one more steamy session and finally checked out of the hotel. To date, we are in touch and fuck regularly, taking all precautions.

I hope you liked the story. Do give me your feedback on [email protected] Any lady, girl, or housewife interested in chatting and meeting, please mail me on my email ID as mentioned.

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