Story Of A Cuckold Boyfriend – Final Part

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After that incident, maybe around a week or so, we were chatting. Neha informed me that Anil was in Kolkata for a weekend. Now he wanted to see and experience whatever he had seen on the video call.

We then planned out each and everything. Anil booked the hotel, which was just 30 minutes away from my office. I got there on time and waited for them to arrive. They arrived, and we headed towards the room that was booked by Anil.

Neha was in a single-piece dress that ended right above her knees. She was no less than a sex bomb in that red hot dress. She was in a slutty mood as she left no chance to display her milky white legs and perfect round ass.

We freshened up and settled ourselves on the sofa and started having chit-chat to make ourselves comfortable. Then Neha started to tease Anil and me by biting her lips, followed by a seductive moan. It was enough to turn someone on.

Anil gave me the signal to take her under control. I leaned over and pulled her closer by holding her waist. I teased her lips for a while. My lips were exploring her neck and earlobes. Hugging her tight, I put my lips over the sides of her lips and started exploring her breasts over the dress.

While I was busy caressing her back, she started rubbing her face at my cheeks. We were so lost kissing each other that we almost forgot about Anil. Our tongues started to explore and fight with each other. She made me lay over the bed, my hands started to rub over the sides of her boobs.

She jumped over me, and we smooched deeply. Before I could say anything, she started to move her hips so that she could feel my dick over her thighs. Without wasting a second, she put her hand inside my pant. Feeling my dick, she then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with the boxer.

She then held my semi-hard dick in her soft cold hand and started moving it in to and fro motion. She looked at my eyes and blinked her eye by crushing her lips. She then bent and took the dick in her mouth. She was amazing with her mouth over my cock.

I saw the screen at the door was shaking. Then I noticed Anil watching us with his eyes wide open and his hand busy shaking his dick. Meanwhile, Neha continued sucking me like a pro. I then removed my t-shirt. She indicated for me to remove her dress by lifting her hands in the air.

To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any bra. She left my cock for a brief moment while I removed her dress. She slowly bent forward, dropping her boobs over my face. I held her boobs and started sucking them one by one. While my fingers started messaging her clit over her panty.

I slid her panty down. She lifted her knees one by one for me to lower it and then kicked her panty away.

Neha stretched her legs, which gave way for my fingers to work on her love hole. Her body shivered when I entered my finger into her love hole. I started fingering her cunt while my other hand was massaging her tits and making its mark on her boobs.

I pulled her up to kiss them. Meanwhile, Anil settled himself near the bed. I asked him to join us, but he declined.

Neha:- Fuck off, let him do whatever he wants. But don’t stop sucking me.

She then stroked my dick and opened her legs wide, indicating she can no longer handle it. I immediately got down and started to lick her clean shaved pussy.Within a minute, I felt her flood gates opening. Her pussy started oozing with love juices.

I cleaned her pussy and gave a taste of her juice by kissing her lips. I then slapped her ass a couple of times. Neha enjoyed the way I treated her. She was enjoying the moment. I then pulled her by the neck and kissed her juicy lips passionately. I inserted my dick deep inside her wet pussy in one stroke.

She bit her lips and said, “Oh! Please go slow. You are not small like my boyfriend, and you stretch me a lot more than him.” I was holding her waist with my hands. I slowly started fucking her with smooth slow strokes.

Her mouth was open, and her body was moving in small moves. I lightly started caressing her naked back as I fucked her. She was also matching with every stroke as she moved her ass back and forth. Neha was sighing and moaning with every stroke as cock went in and out of her cunt.

Me:- You are such a sexy bitch. I feel like fucking you all night, baby.

I could smell juices flowing out of her cunt. Her eyes were closed now, and she was turning her face from one side to another. She was gasping and moaning at the same time as I took her cunt harder.

I stopped there for a moment and bent forward, and slowly wrapped my arms around her chest, and grabbed her breasts in my hands. I pinched her nipples hard. After few minutes of fondling, I released her boobs.

I asked her to go on her hands and knees. Then I inserted my dick from the back and continued fucking her harder than before. Her breasts were swinging in the air as her body swayed to deep strokes. Her face was comforted with pleasure. Her moans were getting louder and erotic.

The room was filled with the ‘thap thap’ sound created by our laps while my dick hit her pussy. Suddenly I realized that my dick was stiffening, and I sensed that probably, I was going to cum. I spanked her ass and kept her pounding harder for a minute or two.

As the sperms were ready to explode, I immediately removed my dick from her pussy. She took the dick in her custody and started blowing it slowly and steadily. Within no time, I sprayed my cum all over her face and boobs.

She licked each and every drop of cum with her fingers and smacked her lips with pleasure. As she leaned forward for a kiss, I pinched her nipples hard and slapped them really hard, leaving a love mark on her boobs. I sucked her areola and nipples.

I pushed forward and collapsed on top of her and rested my head on her boobs for some time. We both recovered from breath and cleaned ourselves. After cleaning, Neha gave me a good smooch and thanked me.

Neha:- Your dick is marvelous. I have never experienced orgasms like this. Thank you very much.

Me:- Thank your boyfriend in the first place. He is the one who picked me up for you.

She then turned towards Anil and thanked him for all the pleasure. We then kissed each other and headed towards the washroom to clean ourselves. We cleaned each and every part of our body and came out.

Anil pulled Neha by her waist and started kissing her lips passionately. He then removed her towel and started pressing her boobs one by one. He was so hard on her boobs that she started moaning really loud as it was painful for her.

He then parted her legs and guided his cock deep inside her cunt. Neha dug her nails on the back of Anil and started kissing his neck and ears. He was hard on her as he was drilling her hole. He spanked her ass a couple of times which let Neha moan in his ear. It was so hot to watch her getting drilled by her lover.

To suppress her moans, Anil started to kiss her lips. She was moaning with both pain and pleasure. The room was once again filled with the sound of her ass clapping with the thighs of Anil.

Neha:- Aah! Yes, umm, yes baby, fuck my cunt harder. Umm, yes, Yes!

After 10 minutes of hard fuck in the same position, they both exploded at the same time. Anil released his load deep inside her pussy. Her pussy was dripping through his dick, as Anil didn’t remove his dick from her cunt.

He then kissed her for some time and thanked her for fulfilling his sexual fantasy. Then they both collapsed on the bed.

With this, I rest my story of a cuckold boyfriend.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story of my first time with a couple. I’m open to all kinds of feedback and suggestions. You can message your feedback at [email protected]

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