My First Time With A Couple

I just turned 21 at the time of writing this. I am studying MBBS, and by the way, I am 6ft 6in tall. I am a young guy. So I haven’t explored a lot sexually. I mean I know I love women. I kinda have a thing for older women. But what happened a few months back kinda changed my mindset in a really good way.

So here is that story. I was chatting with a friend in a chatroom when this guy named Ajay (name changed) started messaging me. I like to make new friends so I replied to his message. He started asking me about who I am and what I do. I took it lightly and answered everything.

After about 10-15 minutes of chatting, I asked him why he was messaging me. He said he was a married guy and he had a few doubts he wanted to clarify. I said I am just 20 (I was year younger back then) and I have never been married. So I might not be able to help him much.

He later said to me that he was not looking for marital help but for a more intimate situation. That caught me and I said, “Okay, what do you need help with?” He said he was having a bit of issue with his manhood (poor guy was suffering from erectile dysfunction).

I said it is common in most people at a certain age after their 40’s. He said he was just 33 and it was going on for almost 4 years. He said even though his wife does not say anything, he thought his wife was not very happy with their sexual life. I kinda felt bad for the guy.

I told him not to worry. I would try to help him out as I was studying medicine. I gave him my social media account details to let him have a proper line of communication. I later closed the chat window as I had to go to college. Later that day in evening after returning from college I messaged him.

Initially, he was casual. But a few minutes into the conversation he asked me if I was open minded. I said yes. Then he asked if I am in a relationship. I had recently broken up with my last GF so I said no. I asked him what was going on. He said he is tired of letting his wife down and he wants to make her happy.

I said that it’s good that you want to try. But I cannot do a lot to help. At this moment I was not clear about what was going on. A couple of minutes later he said he would like to let his wife have an affair with someone else. I was kind of shocked for a second.

I have been with a few younger girls and older women since turning an adult. But never have I been with any lady who is married, let alone a couple. I asked him if I he was asking me to share his wife with me. He said yes with a lot of exclamatory marks. I thought for a second and asked why me.

He said it was because I was kind and respectful. He wanted someone like that for his wife. He wanted her to have a long term relationship. I later said all this sound good but why would your wife ever agree to something like this. He said he has talked to her.

And she has not said no until now. She blushes every time and that he was sure it would work out. After thinking for a minutes I said yes and asked about her. He said that her name was Tanya (name changed). She was 29 and was good looking slim and just 5ft 3in.

I said that she sounds lovely and that I would love to meet her. So a week later he actually invited me over for dinner with his wife. He said that he would introduce me as his friend. He would tell her that I was new to this town and would be staying at their place until I get my own place.

I was not sure about this. But I like to be spontaneous. So I said yes and actually accepted the invitation. So I wore casual clothes and packed a small bag for a few days and left for his home. I was still doubtful of the whole thing. But when I rang their doorbell and his wife opened the door, I was shocked.

I mean Ajay said that Tanya was short and good looking. But never said she was hot as hell, cause she was. She asked who I was. I was still in shock and could not answer her. Ajay came running from another room and said this was the friend he was talking about.

He will be staying with us for a week or so. She said come in and take a seat. Until she brought me a glass of water and I drank it I was still speechless. I mean my last girlfriend was very hot, half my college had a crush on her. But even she could not fair up to Tanya.

Tanya was short and slim. But she has very good curves, a very cute smile and a very hot voice. I mean she was really perfect. A few minutes later the three of us started chatting a bit. Tanya told Ajay she did not expect a young guy like me when he said a friend would be coming by.

I said he that I am about to turn 21 in a week and made a sarcastic remark. I wanted to flirt a little. So I also said, “Ajay never told me that he married the hottest girl in town either.” She blushed while looking at me for a second. That is when I realized she had blue eyes too.

I mean come on this girl she just keeps getting hotter by the second. It was late at night so we decide to go to sleep. Tanya showed me to my room and then they both went into their room. Next day Ajay left early for work and I did not wake up till 10 am.

So Tanya came by to wake me up. After getting a shower I sat with Tanya and had our breakfast. We talked for a lot of hours about random things. By time we realized it, it was already time for lunch. After lunch, we watched a movie together. After that, we talked a bit more.

She made comments like I would have to stand on a big stool to ever be as tall as you. Later on we talked about her and Ajay a bit. Ajay was late at night and Tanya said she wanted to go to sleep. She asked if I can wait for Ajay to come. I said of course.

Ajay came at about 11 pm and asked me what happened. I told him everything. Then he said he has a plan in mind, and wanted me to act naturally the whole time. I was not sure what he was planning and I went to sleep. Later on, in the night, there was a power cut in my room.

But somehow in Ajay and Tanya’s room, the power was still on (later on Ajay told me that it was his own doing. He had done something to the main switch box.) Ajay asked me to sleep in their room until the power got restored. I knew this had to do something with his plan so I said okay.

Their room had another small bed close to a king-sized bed and I slept in that. Till now Tanya was not aware of anything. After 10 minutes, Ajay told me to get naked under my own blanket and have an erection. And to act like I was asleep and not to wake up until he said so.

I was a little confused but I did as he said and got naked. A couple of minutes later Ajay called Tanya on her phone which was on the dressing table. The table was on the other side of the bed. Tanya got up and as it was dark did not realize anything yet. My blanket was half on the ground.

When she got up and walked to the dresser she accidentally pulled my blanket off me. She switched the light on and went to attend the phone. Ajay canceled the call then. She kept her phone down and thought of returning the call in the morning. As soon as she turned back, she saw me all naked with an erection.

The room was silent for a few minutes. She went to Ajay and woke him up. She started asking what was going on and why I was naked. He asked her what he thought of me and what she wants to do right now. Also that if she was uncomfortable with me being around, he would send me to the other room.

She said that she liked me a lot. But whatever she felt was not valid as they both were married. Ajay said all he ever cares for is for her to happy. She was shocked for a second. She said, “Are you serious?” He said that he was not joking. She made up a lot of courage and she came to my bed.

She woke me up and laughing, asked me about whom I was thinking about to have such a big erection. I said it was of course her. She said that if something ever had to happen it could not be a one night stand. It would have to be a long term romantic relationship. And I said I would not have it any other way.

Then she went to her bed and made a sexy hand notion as if she was calling me onto her. I went on top of her and slowly undressed her. I found that she was just as hot or maybe hotter naked, as she was when she was fully clothed. Well all I can say is after that we both had a hot 4 or so hours of awesome sex.

And the husband was happy just watching it. That was one of the most fun nights I have ever had. To this day we meet occasionally. I stay at their place for a few days at a time. Every time she says to me she has had a lot of sex before marriage. But none ever came close to like the one she has with me.

I know I made this long. But I wanted everyone to know the details. That was my story of that lovely night. To end this I want to say if you are a married couple or women, you should be open to trying new things and having fun in life. Asking for help is fine.

That is why I am going to leave my mail id here for anyone to contact me. It is [email protected]

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