Traditional Wife’s Sex Journey

This is Shalini with the next story of my sex journey. I am aged 45. I have a perfect Desi aunty figure, huge boobs, perfect ass, and a sweet face. I am particularly attractive in my saree-clad figure. A saree always shows up my assets. I have always noticed men ogling my bottom. I had few instances when my bottom received attention in a crowd.

I am a Maths teacher. I am quite popular with my students, wherever I have taught, before my marriage with Sanjay. Sanjay is a loving husband and cares for me. His job keeps him busy and on tours.

He has always had sex with colleagues and friends and is very open. He also enjoys group sex. He has been after me to be open. He planned for me a few group-sex and one couple sex sessions. He has written about it in this portal.

I am narrating the incident when he moved to Hong Kong for six months. I had to stay back. After few weeks, I became horny, especially after sex chats with Sanjay. Arvind, the CA, who Sanjay had arranged to fuck me a few times, phoned. We had a sexy chat. But there was no chance of meeting him.

As a teacher earlier, I decided to teach part-time in a junior college. It was a co-ed college, and there were lots of boys. I had before this always taught in girls school only. So this was a slightly strange experience. But, as the principal had told them to behave in my class, there was no issue.

I was particularly warned about one boy, Kulwinder. A Punjabi boy who had already failed twice. He required special attention and was also very troublesome. However, from day one, Kullu, as he was called, was well behaved with me.

He would be extra nice and always sit in the first row and pay attention. I also felt that his attention was more on my well-endowed body. Further, we had started special classes for a few weak students, and Kullu was one. That was a smaller group, and we would sit in a closed circle.

He will always sit close to me and physically touch me on small pretexts. He would stand close to me on the pretext of showing a notebook. He would rub his crotch on my shoulders. I had noticed many times he had an erection.

Having already joined late and failed twice, he was 20. He was a well-built and attractive male. Every evening after the class, he will walk me to the bus stop.

One day we had a special class in the afternoon, and not many turned up. We finished. As we walked to the bus stop, he said, “Ma’am, today’s course I did not follow at all. If you are free, can I come with you home and learn.” As I was free till evening, I agreed.

Though within me, I felt that, by ‘course,’ he means ‘intercourse.’ As I said yes, Kullu lighted up and started walking very close, brushing his body. The bus came, and in the pretext of helping me board, he put his hand under my bottom and felt me. I was also a bit turned on.

Also, after we sat, he kept brushing my boobs and thighs. I could see that he had probably not put on any undies. His cock was erect and quite massive. We reached home, and right through, his intimacy kept increasing.

As soon as I opened the door, he said, “Ma’am, such a nice house.” He hugged me tightly, pressing on my huge boobs. I offered him tea and went into the kitchen, and he followed me. He would stand close and keep rubbing against my bums in the pretext of conversing.

He was almost cuddling my buttocks, and his erection was now showing too much. He would keep adjusting his pants. Finally, we had tea. Throughout, I avoided eye contact and kept conversation to a minimum. We sat on the sofa with a table covering us.

He took out his long book and spread it on our thighs and working notebook on the table. I also noticed that his erection was disturbing his sitting posture. So he had loosened the zip. In the pretext of handling the book, he would keep moving his hand under the book on my thigh.

Over time, it was becoming bold, and he was also trying to reach dangerous spots. I took hold of his hand under the book and tried to push it off. In that process, my hand slipped and moved on to his thigh. It fell on his now fully erect cock, which was now outside his loosened zip and peeping out.

It was thick and firm. Out of instinct, I held his naked cock for a second and gave it a press, and both our eyes met, and that sent electric waves, and Kullu just grabbed me and started kissing. I was also so turned that I reciprocated. In the meantime, he held my hand to hold his erect penis.

I was also mesmerized and gave a loving handjob. As a result of this long built-up passion, he let out a heavy load of cum to my hand and all over his pants in no time. Now, the room was filled with his masculine aroma. My hand and his pant was a mess.

I had to offer him to wash it and dry it. He quickly removed his pants and t-shirt. He was standing fully naked in my drawing room and caressing his hung penis. It was a real turn-on sight. He was a real stud.

His well-structured body, hanging cock, and strong buttocks were a feast, especially his lund. It was again getting an erection once he saw I was enjoying the whole thing. As I was putting his pants inside the machine, he came behind and grabbed me.

He started pressing my boobs, rubbing his naked cock into my huge ass, and kissing me on my earlobes and neck. I just gave in. He untied my petticoat, and my saree fell off with it. Now, I had no panties, and his naked cock was brushing me into my naked ass.

Soon my blouse and bra were off. We were hugging and kissing each other in naked glory. We moved, hugging into our bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my ass. He buried his face and would not let go for quite some time, licking and kissing all over my hotspots.

He put himself in 69 position. His young pink cock, aromatic, coated with cum was a real invite dangling before me. I could not resist and gave him a blowjob. I am a conservative person but was overcome by this youngster. In no time, the slippery cock grew to its massive fullness.

However, our sucking session went on, and I was involved and enjoying oral sex. After quite a while, he grabbed my boobs and kept sucking. Finally, the stud put his cock in my cunt and fucked me to glory. He was a freshly recharged stud. It went on for quite some time, a fuck I would never forget.

I was overwhelmed by the passion and overcome with pleasure. I let him unload his cum in my cunt, and what a load it was. It not only filled my cunt, but overflowed and I had such a huge orgasm. Even today, I remember him every time I fuck, and that is my turn on.

Also, this fuck was special, as, without my husband’s arrangement, I had earned a stud cock. This was very exciting for me.

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