Classroom Of Pleasures – Part 1 (The Meeting)

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The day was finally here. The first day of the journey shaped me into who I am today. Looking back at it still gives me goosebumps and sensations I experienced that day.

The classes would commence from 9.30 am, said the email from my college. I was nervous but was fairly excited, too. I knew I would study in this college for only a year.

“It’s already 7.30 Maggie, wake up,” (people close to me call me that) Shouted my mother from outside of my room.

The orgasm I had last night let me sleep so peacefully that my body no longer wished to live the fast-paced life. But then, new beginnings!

I woke up, looked at myself, and exclaimed,

“Fuck, you slept like that?”

All I had on my body was one undergarment. I got down from the bed, tied my hair up in a bun, not realizing I stood beside the mirror. I accidentally took a glance. Something happened. My figure looked picture perfect. Those curves, the thin fabric, the skin, and the smoothness of it, sigh!

I was feasting on myself. Was it narcissistic? Naah. At that age, you are just curious about the developments. Things like these give you confidence. I ran my hands over my skin all over again. While doing so, I had just one thought. I will let all the girls in my college feast over my body as much as possible.

I quickly hit the shower. The warm water only ignited a thousand more sensations. I wanted to masturbate. But I had to control my urges. I dried myself from head to toe and stepped out naked, again in front of the mirror.

Relishing the curves yet again, I took the moisturizer in my hand.  I placed one leg on the dressing table and started rubbing it all over my body slowly. The coldness of the cream only produced more heat in me.

I was getting hornier by the second. Occasionally touching my pussy. Occasionally gliding my fingers over my ass hole. The fragrance of the moisturizer was of no help either. It made me lick my armpits yet again.

“Fucking move, it’s your first day in college. You can’t be late,” my inner voice screamed.

Dejected, I took a deep breath, convincing myself that tonight would be the night of orgasms. Just wait for a few hours till you return from college.

I pulled out a waist chain from the drawer and tied it around. I wore a pair of sexy thin anklets. I pulled out my favorite lingerie. One that fits me perfectly. Deep Blue, transparent at the right places. I pulled out my white shirt. It sat crisply over my full round breasts. I proceeded to my skirt.

Fuck! I exclaimed.

The skirt was way shorter than I had expected it to be. It was several inches above my knees. I looked at myself in the mirror and bent down. It rode up to reveal almost my camel toe. The hormones in me started thinking dirty. I was in no way going to exchange this uniform anymore.

I had a naughty smirk. It was time for some adventure. I wore my earrings, my favorite watch, the perfume that intoxicated the shit out of me, and tied my hair in a ponytail. One last look at the mirror. Sexy! I exclaimed.

I took my bag. I wished mom a good day and set out in anticipation of a happening first day ahead. But what happened in those 8 hours, I never thought, would last a lifetime.

The college was at a walkable distance from my house. I started walking towards it feeling confident, excited, a tad bit anxious, and horny at the same time. The young boys in my locality scanned me from head to toe. So did a few girls. I felt great.

While I inched closer to my college, I saw more girls in a similar uniform, white shirt, navy blue skirt. I entered the main gate and was mesmerized by its vastness. I took a gentle stroll all around the campus as I had reached quite early.

Young faces, all gleaming with excitement, some seniors too. We all looked each other in the eye the first instance and went on to do the girl thing, checking each other out the next instance. There were so many good-looking girls that I lost count by the time I completed my walk. I knew I was in for a thing here.

I enquired on my way back, “Where do I find information about my first-year class?” The senior looked at me for a brief while and had a naughty smile on her face.

“First year, is it? Go to the quadrangle over there. You will find a notice board with your respective classes and names written on it.”

I thanked her with a smile, but her looks got me all curious. The way to the quadrangle had a wide road with trees on either side and strong wind blowing. I started walking. The cold wind hit my skin, and there went my body, sending shivers down my spine.

My skirt rose till my hips, and I had my Marilyn Monroe moment. I was cursing the wind as I found it hard to keep my skirt in place. My panties and my round ass would have been visible from kilometers away. I turned around to look if someone behind would have caught a glimpse.

There she was. The senior I just spoke to stood there with her eyes popping out, hair flying, with a surprised and content look on her face. I could read her lips saying, ‘Fuck.’ Her eyes twinkled. Her face got etched in my eyes. I still can picture every detail of her face from that day.

I felt embarrassed, but then I just let go. I had promised myself that I would explore. I turned back around and let my skirt fly up and down with the wind. I could feel a breeze hit my pussy under my panty. I did not care to turn around if she looked at me. I did not care to see if someone else was looking at me.

I just let my hormones take over. My nipples got erect just with the thought of someone feasting on my body. The show had to stop, though, as I moved through to a closed structure. I walked to the quadrangle.

Almost 10-12 girls were already present, trying to find their names and classroom on the notice board. I decided to join them. The place was too crowded. I could barely get a glimpse of the notice board. Just then, I felt someone come and stand behind me and whisper in my ear

“Nice ass, can I touch them?”

I was shocked. I turned around. There she stood starring straight into me. Deep black eyes, hair neatly tied, wheatish skin tone, a couple of pimple marks accentuated her looks. Full red lips that shouted out to be sucked. She looked serious about her question.

But this wasn’t the senior I met. This was someone else. Who was she? Did she also see me put on a show? I turned away and looked at the board again.

“I am sorry for that. I just got carried away with what I saw. It made me horny.”

She whispered again. I did not turn around. I did not say a word.

“You smell amazing.”

She whispered again. Fuck this shit, I told myself, and I was ready to let myself loose again. My hormones took over. I slightly leaned back, turned my neck around to her ears, and said, ” Feel them. They are all yours. But make sure we aren’t caught.”

She was taken by surprise and started to look down and around as if gathering courage. I was waiting for her to make her move as I saw my breasts going up and down with my fast breathing.

I felt a soft body pressing against mine. Her breasts hit my back. Oh fuck. How soft were they! I could have turned around and sucked them right there. That soft. I could slowly sense my skirt ride up.

I gasped and gulped my saliva. My eyes closed automatically. Her soft hands cupped my ass perfectly. She started playing with them. I lost my senses. She spread them apart occasionally, which made my heart cry with pleasure.

“Fuck I could do them all day long,” she whispered in my ear.

“Stop!” I said softly, barely able to speak.

She went even further. She ran her fingers through the top of my panty over my pussy. I throbbed. As her finger hit my pussy. I held her thigh for support. I knew a few more minutes here, and I would cum loads. I had to do something.

“You are wet down there. I want to taste you!”

I was in utter disbelief. But I wanted to cum as much as she wanted to eat me. I could sense a few girls from ahead moving away. I quickly gathered my senses and moved away from her, panting heavily. I saw my name on the board and the classroom written beside it.

I turned around. Looking straight into her eye, without telling her anything, without asking for her name, I moved away from the crowd. But I knew she was looking at me. I was walking with two minds. I wanted to quench this thirst, but I was too worried about what would transpire if we were caught.

As I walked, I noticed the girls’ washroom signboard.

Fuck! Wrong signs at the wrong time!

My hormones took over yet again. I paused, and I started walking slowly. I turned around. There she was still looking at me with lust. She took the signals my eyes, and the anticipation in them gave her.

I entered the washroom. It was a vast one, and luckily I could find no one there. My heart was pounding. I went inside one of the cabins and locked it from inside.

Fuck! What am I doing? I shut the lid of the commode and sat down. I was nervous as hell. I could hear someone walking in. Oh shit. Is that her? I spoke to myself in excitement and panic. A few seconds later, I heard a couple of knocks on my door.

Fuck. My heart skipped a beat. I knew it was her. It had to be her. The cabins beside mine were all open. There was no need for someone to knock mine. I gently opened the door’s latch and peeped out. There she stood in all her might.

I looked around quickly. There was no one. I pulled her inside and locked the door. My heart burst into fire. I was gasping for breath. I looked down to gain my breathing back. She kept her bag down beside mine and kept staring at me as if this was completely okay for her.

She came close to me, took my hand and pulled me closer to her, and hugged me tightly. Our breasts were crushed. Her warmth made my heartbeat go down. I hugged her back tightly. Only when I got back to my senses, I feel how soft her skin was.

She ran her hands over my body to calm me down. The smell of her perfume, slightly mixed with that of sweat, made me hornier. I pulled back and looked at her face And in one swift motion, we held each other’s faces and started kissing like mad long-lost lovers.

Fuck, my pussy leaked like crazy. I hadn’t even had an orgasm. Her lips were so full and soft that I couldn’t let them go. I pinned her to the wall and kept sucking her lips like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues danced to the tunes of lust.

She meant business right away, knowing that we couldn’t stay here for long. She grabbed both my ass cheeks from under my skirt tightly. She started tearing them apart, kneading them, pinching them over my wet panty as if it were her birthright.

I gave in. I wanted her to do all that she could. She pulled me by my hair and started sucking my earlobes, my neck pain, my face. She licked every bit of skin she could see above my shirt. I was drenched with her saliva. I wanted to scream in pleasure, but the situation we were in didn’t let me.

She pulled my shirt that was tucked inside the skirt and unbuttoned them in a jiffy. My breasts bounced, and she pounced, right on them. She pressed one, ate the other, then switched sides. I was going crazy with pleasure.

“Oh god, please don’t stop,” I mumbled silently.

I pushed her face on my breasts to eat more. She licked my erect nipples in circles, bit them, chewed on them while her hands took care of my ass. Fuck I wanted to cum right then and there.

She turned me around, pulled my skirt up, and pulled my panty down to my ankle in one swift motion. I rested myself on the wall. And held the bar where clothes could be hung for support. My breasts on those cold tiles ignited a different sensation.

I spread my legs, one on the commode and one wide across. She dug herself into my ass, tearing it, licking it, sniffing it, biting it. She was literally fucking me with her mouth. My orgasm was building up like a volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.

She licked and licked and licked everything she could see. I was dripping with every lick she gave me as if it were an endless loop. “Make me cum,” I screamed. I couldn’t take it any longer.

She stood up and pinned me to the wall completely from behind. Her face was right beside my neck. She pulled my shirt towards her so that she could get more access to my skin. She slid her hand from beside my hips and into my wet pussy.

I shouted with a muffled voice. She started to finger fuck me as she licked my neck and bit my earlobes with one hand over my mouth to control my moans.
Her fingers were magic. She kept going deep inside as if it had no end. My pussy made squishy sounds each time she dug in.

“Yes, yes. Please,” I kept saying on her palms. She started pressing my breasts now, while her finger fucked me black and blue. I was almost there. “Yes, yes, don’t stop.”

Aah, I came. I erupted in pleasure. I fell on her. My legs shivered. I was not in this world. I cried. I just lay there motionless, getting back to reality. I fell on my knees. She hugged me from behind. We both sat on the floor. I couldn’t look at her. I gathered my breath back.

She moved in front of me and sat right opposite me. I was surprised. I opened my eyes to look at her. She had a smile of having achieved something. But it looked beautiful. She had a dimple too.

“Are you back to this world?” She said slowly

I had a giggle and shook my head in negation.

“This is not how I imagined my first day,” I said.

“Me neither!” said she.

I took a deep breath. Before I could say anything further, she leaned towards my face and held it softly, kissed my lips, and said, “I am Radhika.” I kept staring at her eyes as she went on to say, “I don’t know your name or your classroom, but I am going to find you and fuck you. Every time.”

I laughed at her style and charm. She quickly picked up her bag, unlocked the door, and stormed out of the washroom.

There I was, completely naked, on the floor, not knowing how to react. Dumbstruck as to what just happened. I locked the door again and slowly started dressing up. I looked at my watch, and it read 9.29.

Fuck! I screamed within.

To be continued.

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